Twin sisters abducted and brutally raped

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Twin sisters abducted and raped !!
WARNING: This story contains highly graphic content that can offend people. It contains death,
torture and blood and is extreme
In the planet of Halwats, a hundred galaxies away from Planet Earth, two male convicts were punished in a brutal, frustrating manner. They were drugged to increase sexual feelings and then locked in a spacecraft alone and it was projected into space. After a thousand years the spacecraft drifts towards Earth and crash lands in an isolated country side in England.
Meanwhile in the same place two 18year old twin sisters Susan and Megan cycle alone into the woods in the name of adventure. Susan is an adventurous girl who loves teasing around while her twin sister Megan is the complete opposite. Both twins were very identical and the only difference was that Susan had larger breasts.

They come across a spacecraft amid smoke and fumes in the barren land on the other side of the woods. Susan excitedly says ‘Megan! Look there. Some kind of spaceship. Let’s go see’. Megan was scared ‘Let’s go tell mom and dad’.
Oh come on. No harm in seeing for ourselves.
After some persuading from Susan, they go towards it and find it lying in a wide crater. They fiddle with the series of buttons present on it’s door. Suddenly a red light starts blinking rapidly and the door begins to open. The sisters step escort aside for the door to open. Once the door completely opens, they step inside much to the worry of Megan. As soon as they go inside the sensors close the entry door and they are locked inside.
Megan: How are we gonna get out?
Susan: Come let’s go in and see. Maybe there are some controls inside.
The spacecraft was very wide and empty. It wasn’t damaged a lot. They go into a room slowly and Megan begins to cry. In the room they find two alien creatures about 8 feet tall, lying dead on the floor.
Megan: Let’s get the hell outta hear.
Susan: Easy Megan. They look dead.
The creatures come alive from their sleep to Megan’s loud wailing. Slowly both the aliens come to their feet. They looked just like humans with a greyish shiny skin. However they were made of something rock hard and were stinking. One of them
was taller and bulkier than the other and had an strange marking on his chest. Both the girls start running the other room with fear. The aliens with sexual frustration and hunger lasting over a thousand years get aroused at the sighting of a female species. The girls are cornered by the two, in the room.
Susan: Please leave us. We meant no harm. Megan, what do we do?
Megan: It’s your mistake that we are here. There is no way we can over power them.
The escort bayan smaller alien catches hold of Susan and ties her wrists to a metal wire dangling from the ceiling. Both girls begin to scream on top of their voices for help but in vain. Then the bigger on(let’s call him X and the other guy Y) grabs Megan’s hair with one hand and rips her shirt with the other. Y tears away her skirt and panties in no time. Megan notices an erection in both the creatures and begins shaking her legs and cries in horror. Their penises were easily 10 inches long and looked to be made of stone like substance. They small sharp needle like things all over them. Without a second thought, X thrust his penis into Megan, the whole of it. It ripped her Vagina apart and it started bleeding profusely. He held Megan in the air with strong shoulders and then from the other side Y put hip penis into her ass. Megan began shouting in pain, she was a virgin and never expected something so painful. Both the creatures began fucking her at a great unimaginable pace. With all the blood oozing out of her, Megan was hoping for death. Then X bites her nipples making them bleed. Finally both reach a climax and cum in Megan with very high intensity. The sudden load from X blasts into Megan and forces itself up all the her food pipe and she chokes it out of her mouth and falls to escort bayan gaziantep the floor dead.
Susan been watching all this and crying with her hands chained. Then both X and Y turn towards Susan. The floor filled with a pool of her twin’s blood.
Y then roughly cut through Susan’s clothes tearing apart her shirt, bra, shorts and panties in no time. Then the creature removed the wire tied to her wrists and threw her to the floor putting her on her knees like a dog.
X caught hold of her long blonde hair and forced his penis into her mouth choking her and the needle like things on his penis making her bleed and cutting the insides of her mouth. Meanwhile Y thrust his into Susan’s vagina and rode her like a horse while she tried to scream in pain but couldn’t.
After face-fucking her, X turned her upside down with Y still riding her. Then he positioned his penis inbetween her breasts and brought them closer onto his thick penis and then started moving it up and down in rythmn. This cut through her large breasts with skin coming off and blood oozing. Then Y reached his climax and cummed in her but not as intense as X. Soon X shot a load of cum all over Susan. Both the sisters were lying on the floor totally covered in their own blood. Susan suffered pain until slow death.
X then walked to the door and tried opening it. When it did not open he broke it open, thus triggering a bomb that blew the entire spacecraft.
This is my first story ever. I agree it is a extreme but hope you liked it. Please feel free to comment on the story as well as my writing credentials. Suggestions are welcomed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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