Twin Sister’s Secret Sex Party

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Disclaimer: All characters involved in this story are over the age of 18. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

This is my first ever story. I’m a 19-year-old girl in college in the states and thought this could be the perfect way to practice! Please let me know if you have any comments, feedback, or requests!


My 19 year old twin sister Sara and I have always got on well, and we do almost everything together. There’s no doubt she parties more than me though, and I’ll often help her sneak into the house the following morning. There’s a reason she goes out more than me as well — she’s an absolute smokeshow, with an athletic body toned from volleyball, and long waves of perfect blonde hair. As far as I knew she was extremely guarded about sex, and she’d never even brought a guy around to the house. I was soon to learn that there was more to her sex life than I ever could have imagined.

Tonight was our 19th birthday, but our parents had organised a party for us on the weekend when they got back from Bermuda, so I was just chilling in my room. The clock was slowly drifting past 7pm, and I was slowly drifting off to sleep, when my sister burst into the room.

‘Hey Paul’ she said softly, ‘are you asleep?’

‘Almost! How come?’ I said, rolling over to face her. My eyes almost popping out of my head when I saw that she was in nothing but sheer panties and a red Victoria’s Secret Bra. I instantly became hard and had to stop myself from drooling. I’d never seen her in anything this revealing before.

‘I’m having a small party in the basement tonight; would you mind staying up here for it?’ she asked sweetly. Unable to say no, I just nodded in agreement, trying to stop my tongue from falling out of my mouth.

‘Thanks! You’re the best’ she sang as she skipped out the room, her tits bouncing as she did so.

I sighed with relief as she left, happy that she hadn’t noticed just how attracted I was to her. I’d never thought about her in a sexual way before, but now my head was full of images of me fucking her in every room in the house, ravaging my sweet innocent sister. ‘Stop!’ I whispered to myself, ‘this is incest… it’s not right… it’s illegal…’, but this did nothing to quell the images.

Taking desperate measures, I walked into my shower, blasted the water on cold, and stepped right into the stream. It felt like fire burning my skin, and I could hardly breathe, but it at least stopped the thoughts. After what felt like an eternity, I got out and dried off. Figuring I could just sleep it off, I headed back to bed.

I don’t know how much time passed, but when I was awoken by a soft knock on the door, the outside world had turned to night. I köle escort scrambled into my clothes, expecting it to be my sister again, but when I finally got to the door it was my sister’s best friend Hannah. Her hair was tousled, and rivulets of sweat were running down her slender torso.

‘Look Paul, I don’t have much time before they notice I’m gone — wait up here for 20 minutes, then come to the basement, you won’t regret it’

With a wink, she disappeared back downstairs. I had no idea what was going on, but I knew I’d have to listen to her — not least because she was almost entirely naked, dressed, like my sister, in just her underwear.

The next 20 minutes were the longest of my life, and I just stared at the clock, waiting for the minute hand to creep by enough for me to go down. I didn’t know what to expect, maybe it was all a big practical joke? But, somehow, I knew that it was going to be worth the trip, even if Sara would be annoyed that I didn’t listen to her when she asked me to stay upstairs.

Finally, 20 minutes had passed.

I walked downstairs, getting closer and closer to the basement. As I stepped into the stairwell, I suddenly heard muffled moans, and they got louder and louder as I approached the door. With bated breath, I clasped the handle, and pushed the door open.

My jaw dropped.

Bodies were cavorting everywhere. Two cheerleaders from my old school were 69’ing on the sofa, lapping each other up, while simultaneously being fucked my two muscular guys. There must have been 20 to 30 people, every single one of them engaged in acts of sexual pleasure.

I didn’t know what to do, but Hannah jumped out from the side, cum leaking out of her bald pussy.

‘Hey Paul! I didn’t know if you were going to come!’

I could hardly reply — I was in shock.

“I know, it’s a lot’ she said with a smile, ‘but I think you’ll enjoy this’. With that, she gestured to the middle of the room, and I saw Sara there. She was face down on the rug, enthusiastically going down on another girl.

I couldn’t believe it — I thought she was sweet and innocent, but here she was, centre of attention in the middle of an orgy!

Hannah took my hand, and told me to strip, and I did, fumbling out of my clothes. I felt self-conscious at first but swelled with pride when she gasped at my erect penis.

‘Look, your sister always stopped me from getting with you, but tonight, I want you to have a good time’ she said and kissed me on the lips. I was stiff at first, but melted into her, our tongues intertwining in the most passionate kiss of my life. Slowly, she broke away from me.

‘Whatever I tell you tonight, can you promise me you’ll do it? I’m scared köle escort bayan that you won’t, but I need you to’ she said with a surprisingly serious tone.

‘Of course’ I breathed, excited for what she meant.

‘You promise? Cross your heart, hope to die?’

‘I promise’

She quickly kissed me again, then started dragging me the middle of the room. I was scared Sara would see me, even if she was completely absorbed in the other girl, and I resisted.

‘You promised me Paul, that means doing anything I want’

I realised she was right — I had no choice. But my heart was pounding. I was getting closer and closer to my sister, and I had a perfect view of her shapely ass, and her shaved pussy was peeking out from underneath her.

Hannah dropped down and put her mouth to my sister’s pussy. Sara groaned, as Hannah licked her deeply, grinding her tongue against her clit. I didn’t know what to do, but Hannah grabbed my dick, and pulled me down next to her, and kissed me.

She was alternating between my sister’s pussy and my mouth, and I could taste Sara all over her tongue. She was delicious, but this was wrong. So wrong. And yet… it was the single hottest experience of my life.

Sara had no idea I was there, and if she saw me she’d kill me, but I knew I couldn’t leave. Things were getting more and more intense, and I felt my cock getting harder and harder. Hannah saw this, and smiled, and leaning into my ear she whispered: ‘now you’re going to fuck her’.

‘No!’ I half whispered, half shouted, knowing this would cross a line.

‘You promised! And if you say no, I tell Sara right now what we’ve just done’

I knew I had no option.

Hannah lined me up with Sara’s vagina, and as she did so, leant over sara, and said ‘I have a strap on, I’m about to fuck you right now’.

‘Fuckkkk yesssss’ growled Sara. I wondered if they’d done this before.

Sara started bucking back against me, desperately trying to be penetrated. I was resisting, but I could feel how wet she was against the head of my cock, and every time she went back against me, I was poking into her, dragging my cock against her entrance. Suddenly, Hannah grabbed my hips, and thrust me forward.

Sara met my thrust, and in an instant, I was inside her. She was so hot and tight, better than anything I’d ever experienced before, and all my resistance collapsed. I grabbed her hips, and took full control, thrusting deeply. Sara’s moans amplified, and she went wild.

‘Yes Hannah, fuck me hard baby’ she groaned, clearly completely unaware that it was me, her brother, fucking her brains out.

‘I wish this was a real cock, so you could cum inside me and get me pregnant!’ she shouted.

I escort köle had no idea my sister was this filthy, and it only made me harder. She tried to turn around, but I knew that if she saw me, it would all be over. But Hannah had this taken care of. She grabbed me, let Sara flip herself around, and sat on her face, blocking her view.

‘I fucking love incest, this is so fucking hot’ Hannah exclaimed, before kissing me passionately. I could feel myself getting closer and closer to orgasm, and didn’t know what to do — what if she wasn’t on birth control? What if she worked out I wasn’t Hannah?

It’s almost like Hannah could tell what I was thinking, because she looked into my eyes, and in a sultry voice she said:

‘Sara isn’t on birth control, if you cum inside her, she could get pregnant… I need you to come inside her’

I couldn’t do this! I started to pull out, but Hannah grabbed me — hard.

‘You promised!’ she shouted and thrust me deeper into Sara than I’d ever been before. I could feel that I was about to come, and tried to pull away, but Hannah was too determined. She was struggling harder and harder, and my balls were getting tighter and tighter, the tide of my orgasm overtaking me. I almost made it out, I was so so close, but I wasn’t close enough. Just as I was about to make it out, my sister came, screaming with pleasure as her pussy clamped against my cock. I couldn’t take any more, and collapsed in orgasmic pleasure, my cock exploding inside her pussy. I pulsated again and again, filling her fertile womb with hot, potent cum.

I’d never come harder, and it felt like the whole world collapsed to a point as I impregnated Sara. Hannah writhed in ecstasy on top of her, before bending down to pull my cock out of Saras pussy and start licking the cum out of it.

My post nut clarity kicked in, and I realised what I’d done. I’d just come inside my sweet, innocent, unprotected, 18-year-old twin sister. I realised just how many people might have seen me, and I knew I had to leave.

The following morning I woke in my bed, and at first I thought it must be a dream. I smiled, knowing it wasn’t, and slid my hand down to my hard cock. For the second time in 24 hours, I froze. My sister’s juices were dried on my shaft. It was real. I’d really impregnated my twin sister.

And with a dawning realisation, I became aware that I never collected my clothes from the basement last night… my sister would know I was there if I didn’t collect them…

I sprinted down the stairs and burst into the basement. I looked everywhere, turning the room upside down, but my clothes were nowhere to be seen.

‘Shit’ I thought, and from behind me I heard Sara’s voice

‘You looking for these??’


To be continued?

I wrote this in an afternoon while horny, so it might not be the best. I love the idea of impregnation and know it’s not for everyone. For my next story I want to proofread it and work on it more, but I was scared that if I thought about it too much I’d never post it :/

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