Two Consenting Adults

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My God, he looked so gorgeous. His big hard penis stood away from his stomach, pointing up at the wall, and his smooth, toned body was so inviting. For the last four weeks, I had made love to this man every night and tonight would be no exception. I slipped off my panties, enjoying his stare, the same look of admiration and wonderment that he wore every night that I undressed for him.

Tonight, there was a surprise for him, for that afternoon I had shaved my pussy baby-smooth.

“Whoa,” he exclaimed. “That looks awesome.”

I climbed onto the bed beside him and swung my leg over behind his head, turning to face down his body in one move. His big hands corralled my thighs and brought my hot pussy down close to his face. I was ravenous for his tongue; I had known it on several occasions and every time, it inspired in me the greatest orgasms.

His tongue came out and licked on my freshly-shaved flesh, a new sensation for both of us and one which gave me chills. He drew down to the top of my Kolej Escort slit and his hot, wet tongue blazed a path over my clit hood and down the very center of my pussy, lighting my senses afire. I’d hardly had time to settle down on his body before this assault, but his exuberance and energy were part of what I loved about him so much. I leaned forward over his body as his tongue began its second wave. He held me firmly in place and was able to bathe my pussy with his mouth at will. I reached down to his shaft, taking my weight on my elbows to free up my hands to grasp him. I took him in one fist, feeling the manly power he wielded and leaned further down to bring my mouth down to him. I opened up and took the first two inches in one gulp, closing my lips tightly about him and applying suction to keep him there while I cleansed him with my tongue as he was continuing to do to me.

We fought the Battle of Sixty-Nine, one gaining on the other, and then Rus Escort the other regaining the upper hand. He was expert with his tongue and I had to concentrate deeply not to succumb to his devilish skill. I panted and gasped but kept my mouth over his penis as best I could. When he flagged for a second, I jumped in to pump him with a hand and wash my tongue round and round on his glans. Back and forth we tussled, two lithe bodies engaged in sexual combat for the title of first orgasm.

There were no winners or losers; if I made him come first, his pleasure was over but mine was yet ahead, and the same in reverse if he made me come first.

Tonight, it was a close call, but in the end, I couldn’t hold out. My hips pulsed at his mouth relentlessly, beyond my control, and my orgasm overwhelmed me with a rush forcing me to release hold of his cock. I panted as my body shook and quivered, his tongue gentle now during that super-sensitive time. He felt Yenimahalle Escort the wave pass and drew me slowly back down onto his mouth, holding his tongue steady against my clit and feeling my whole pussy still pulsing with the aftershocks.

I went back to work on his penis, and he relaxed to let the orgasm build within hm. I knew what was coming and steeled myself for the onslaught. Moments later, he grunted and I felt him contract and harden into a steel rod. The moment was here. About eight times, his hips jerked up and back, spewing jets of sticky white semen deep into my mouth, spraying my cheeks with his seed. I took it all, sucking out all I could of what remained in him. His body relaxed and collapsed onto the bed, spent and satisfied. I sat up and lifted my knee across his chest, swallowed all I could and bent over him for a long kiss. Remnants of his semen mingled in our mouths with my salty sweet nectar and we laughed shamelessly as our bodies glistened with sweat from the exercise.

“I love you,” he said as I settled beside him to snuggle for the next 20 minutes or so.

“I love you too,” I replied, and truly I adored this man, one who would battle for me to orgasm first and then would lie with me in complete silence to let me drown in his affection and care. I was already drifting in ecstasy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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