Two for the Price of One

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It was the long holiday between school and University. Guy and Billy had come back from back-packing round Europe together, and were now completely broke. They had bumped into Gemma and some of her friends in a pub in town, and over a few cocktails (for which they had to scrounge some of the money), discussed their various experiences since leaving school, and what they were planning to do next.

The following day Guy got a call from Gemma. “If you really are, like, broke, my mum needs some DIY work doing. Just assembling some flat-pack furniture and stuff. She says she’ll pay you and Billy fifty quid each to do it. She was going to get someone in to install it, but this’ll do you a favour and probably save her a bit of dosh. What d’ya fink?”

In their current financial condition, Billy and Guy had jumped at the opportunity, and had turned up at the door early the following morning, armed with a toolkit borrowed from Guy’s dad. Guy had hoped that Gemma would be there, but after introducing the boys to her mother, Sue (or ‘Susie’, as she’d insisted she be called), she announced that she was off for a day out with her buddies, and duly disappeared. Guy had let out a frustrated sigh as he watched the Gemma’s cheeky little skirt, barely covering her pert little bum, disappearing down the street.

“Right. All of the flat-packs are here. The wardrobe is in that one, the dressing table’s here, that’s a cheval mirror, and over there by the far wall is the new bed. They’ve all got instructions in them. The wardrobe goes in the corner, the dressing table there, and the bed goes against that wall. Call if you need anything.”

Susie smiled at them both, and left the room. “Fancy her?” said Billy when she was out of earshot.

“You’re joking!” Guy snorted. “She’s Gemma’s mum. Do you fancy my mum?”

“You’re missing the point. She may be Gemma’s mum, but she was about 17 when Gemma was born, so she’s a good 10 years younger than either of ours. And did you see the arse on her? And those tits? I bet she could do you a few favours, mate! She looks like she definitely goes!”

“If you like that sort of thing. I prefer Gemma, myself.” Guy glumly started to open the first flat-pack with a screwdriver blade.

“Yeah, but I’ll bet her mum could teach her a thing or two in bed” Billy replied, helping to lever out some more staples.

The two boys worked solidly for several hours. It was hot work, and both of them had removed their t-shirts and opened the windows. By midday they had built and fitted the wardrobes, and had most of the dressing table assembled. They were just in the process of gluing the drawer sections when Susie walked in. She looked around, admired what they’d done so far – and Billy felt sure that she’d also furtively checked them out – and suggested they break for some lunch in the garden.

The boys grabbed their t-shirts, washed their hands in the bathroom and headed downstairs. Outside in the sunshine it was still too hot to put the t-shirts back on, so they threw them over the backs of their chairs. Susie had prepared some sandwiches, crisps and 3 beers.

“Hope you like lager.” She opened a bottle and took a sip, resting the cool glass against her cheek and neck. They gratefully opened theirs and swigged thirstily, then set to on the food.

As they ate, Susie asked them about their holidays, their university places – idle chat, but Billy couldn’t help noticing the way she was looking at them. He was also aware that she was bra-less under her tight t-shirt, and her nipples were clearly visible. Her short blonde hair was shaped in a perfect pageboy bob, and Billy saw for the first time the subtle but flawless make-up, including the nail varnish. Her tight shorts accentuated her slim legs and trim bottom. He also realised that she’d varnished her toenails, and was wearing open wedge sandals – he was sure she’d been in trainers this morning. Despite himself, Billy was definitely getting turned on by this self-assured older woman. He also noticed that she kept looking at him – making eye contact rather more than necessary, scanning his bare torso, taking in his shoulders, chest and arms (broad and quite muscular), and occasionally moving south.

Billy stood up carefully – watching Susie over lunch had given him a hard-on – slung his T-shirt over his shoulder and said “Right, Guy, back to work.” He glanced at Susie, and saw her eyes widen as she took in the bulge in his jeans. So he’d been right – she was definitely interested. Well, if Guy wasn’t, he’d have to make his own arrangements.

Back in the bedroom, they completed the assembly of the dressing table, unpacked and assembled the cheval mirror, and then cleared away the packaging before starting on assembling the bed. The brass head and foot sections were wrapped in polythene, which they had to rip away. Fitting the central section was tricky, and they had to call Susie in to hold the brass foot end section steady as they positioned the heavy metal frame. They then unwrapped antep escort the large mattress, and the three of them managed to drop it into place. “Wonder why she needs a bed this big for just her” Billy thought, already guessing what the answer might be.

Susie looked around, and smiled. “Well done boys. I’ll get you another beer while you clear the packing away. I’ve put some towels for you in the bathroom. I suggest you take a shower while I hoover round – leave your shoes here so you don’t mess the bathroom carpet. Then I’ll sort out payment for all your hard work.”

In the bathroom, Billy finished the last of his beer while Guy showered. “Did you see those jeans she was wearing?” said Guy from under the gushing water. “When she was standing by the bed-head I caught sight of her crotch. The jeans were moulded to the contours – I swear she couldn’t be wearing knickers – you could almost make out her slit! Jesus, it gives me a hard on just to think about it!”

“I told you so,” said Billy, putting down his beer bottle and removing his jeans. Guy turned off the shower, and Billy passed him the towel. “D’ya fancy her now?”

“Well” – Guy paused – “Let’s just say that if it was on offer, I wouldn’t say no.” Guy stepped out of the shower with the towel around his waist. Billy removed his underpants and stepped into the shower cubicle.

“Jesus!” exclaimed Guy “Are you sure there’s room for both of you in there?” Billy’s penis, though only half-erect, was impressive to say the least. It hung thickly from a sparse bush of curly black hair at the base of his flat abdomen. Guy had seen Billy in the shower before, after games lessons, and the size of his cock had attracted some ribald comments from the rest of the boys. Looking at it now, it seemed unfeasibly big.

“Stop staring at ma willy, you honky faggot!” Billy retorted in the fake ‘nigga’ accent he often jokingly used, and slid the shower cubicle door shut.

“OK, but mind you don’t topple over in there!” Guy laughed back. The boys put their jeans back on, but the t-shirts still smelled of sweat, so they hung their towels around their necks and went back into the bedroom to collect their shoes.

The room had been tidied, the bed made, and Susie had moved some of her things in. There were a few feminine touches added, including flowers, candles and perfume bottles on the dressing table. The cheval mirror had been repositioned, angled to face a corner of the bed. But the thing that surprised them was that on the pillows were handcuffs – the sort with leather wrist straps, joined by a long chain threaded around the middle upright of the brass bed frame.

“Hi boys. Nice shower? I thought after all that hard work you deserved a treat.” Susie stood in the doorway, dressed for rape. She had on a sheer black lacy camisole which tied up the front in little bows. From the bottom hung suspenders to which were attached black shiny stockings, framing her naked, smooth, hairless slit. The outfit was set off with black, high-heeled sandals with straps above the ankles, and to crown it all, a black leather studded collar with a chain which dangled between her breasts. The boys’ expressions must have been a picture, because Susie laughed – a sexy little giggle that made the boy’s excitement even worse.

Susie strolled – or rather wiggled – past them to stand by the side of the bed. “Boys! I thought after all that exertion, you deserved to unwind a little. A nice shower, and then slip into something more comfortable – ME!” She opened her arms expansively, and giggled again.

“Don’t worry – I won’t resist. I have these little toys” – she pointed to the cuffs – “which aren’t just for show.” She slid onto the bed. “You see, when my hands are in these” – she slipped one hand into a cuff – “I’m quite unable to struggle. And when I use this” – she clipped the chain on her collar onto the brass bed frame, rolled onto her back and slipped her free hand into the other cuff – “I can’t even move my head very far. I just have to take whatever’s coming to me! Why a boy could do unspeakable things and I’d only be able to submit to the outrage and cry out feebly.”

She smiled, a picture of total sex and debauchery. “Now boys, what do you think of Susie’s little show. Get your clothes off – I think I’ve made your nice young cocks hard, judging by the bulges in your jeans, but I want to be sure.”

Guy immediately unzipped his jeans, and peeled them off with his underpants. (“That’s good” Billy thought, “for someone who wasn’t interested a few hours ago!”) His young cock was rigid, upright and throbbing gently, almost brushing his belly just below his navel.

“Mmmm, nice!” Susie purred. “Come over here and let me have a closer look.” Guy obeyed, moving to the head end of the bed. The cuffs gave Susie just enough movement to reach out, and take hold of his cock. She stroked him gently with her manicured fingers, and his cock twitched with pleasure, making him moan antep escort bayan out loud.

She pulled him towards her, and he climbed onto the bed, leaning over her. She drew his cock towards her mouth, lying back on the pillow as he pressed closer. Finally she smiled, pursed her lips, pulled it up against her mouth and kissed the tip. Then she looked up at his face, licked her lips very seductively, and then slowly slid her mouth around his cock, sucking him in.

He gasped as she strummed him with her tongue. His cock began twitching in her mouth, so she pulled back. “Easy tiger! Are you ready to come already?”

“If you do that much more, I will!” Guy gasped.

“OK” she smiled, then immediately pulled him back into her mouth.

Guy moaned loudly, as she stroked up and down his shaft with her wet mouth. He leaned forward, pushing his cock into her throat, and Susie didn’t seem to object. When she used her tongue again, he began crying out. After about a minute, she slid her mouth right onto his cock, until his balls touched her chin, sucked gently and swirled her tongue around him.

“I’m coming, I’m coming” Guy cried out. Susie laughed, the sound muffled by his throbbing cock in her mouth. The first spurt hit the back of her throat, then another and another. Guy was moaning incoherently, gripping the bed frame tightly with both hands. As his spasms subsided, she pulled back, allowing his still-twitching cock to emerge, and a dribble of semen escaped from the corner of her mouth. She grinned up at him, then opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, showing him a pool of his juices, which she then swallowed.

Guy, still gasping, pulled back and knelt on the edge of the bed. “Isn’t that better, now you’ve off-loaded all that pent-up cum? Why don’t you put your fingers in my pussy, and see how wet I am? Then you could try licking me for a while and make me even wetter. Now” – she turned to face Billy – “how about you, black boy?”

All through this display, Billy had been watching, fascinated. As Guy began first to stroke and then to lick Susie’s pussy, Billy moved up the other side of the bed.

Susie gazed up at his smooth, dark chocolate body with its firm muscles, broad shoulders and tight, narrow waist, with undisguised lust. Their eyes locked, and she licked her lips, which were still coated with Guy’s semen. Then her eyes fluttered closed and her mouth opened in a gasp as Guy obviously hit the spot.

“Oh yes, Guy. That’s just what I want!” She looked up again at Billy. “God you’re gorgeous. And what are you going to do to me, black boy?” she whispered.

“Ah’s gonna fuck you, white lady” he responded, deliberately adopting his ‘nigga’ accent.

“Oh God yes!” she sighed – though whether this was in response to Billy’s words or Guy’s tongue wasn’t clear. She looked Billy in the eye. “Hope you’ve got a nice, big cock, black boy. Have you? A nice big, black nigga dick to fill little Susie up?”

Billy leaned closer, climbing onto the bed. He gently cradled her head in his hands and kissed her mouth very softly – tasting a little of Guy’s semen. He then proceeded to lick her neck and eyelids, and slide his tongue in her ear.

“Ah’s sure the lady won’t be disappointed” he breathed, and Susie smiled. He sucked and nibbled at her earlobes and then returned to her neck. The unexpected tenderness surprised Susie, and mixed with the raunch of the situation, she became even more excited.

Between her legs, Guy was stroking her thigh with one hand, whilst he had two fingers of the other one inside her, swirling around. His tongue made long licks along her slit, sometimes grazing her clit, sometimes deliberately missing it. It was driving her wild.

Billy sat back and began to unlace Susie’s camisole top. She gazed up at him, at the beautiful muscle definition in his shoulders and chest, at the long dark braids surrounding his face, at his big brown eyes. She regretted the cuffs – she wanted to run her hands over that dark, dark body. She contented herself with holding his arm and feeling the hardness of his muscles. Slowly, tantalisingly, he undid each bow, then spread the flimsy garment wide, on either side of her full breasts.

Guy now changed position. “Throw me a pillow, Bill” he asked urgently. Billy obliged, and Guy lifted Susie’s hips up and slid it underneath. He then knelt between her thighs, and made a strong stoke with his tongue tip, down from the front of her slit, between her outer lips, and around and over her clit (she cried out). Then around her inner lips twice, dipping into her vagina like a miniature cock (she moaned). Then over her perineum to her tight little anus.

“Oh! Oh yes!” she gasped. He tongued around the tight hole for some time, before slipping a finger slowly but insistently into it. “Yes – yes – oh yes!” Satisfied with his experiment, Guy slid two other fingers back into her pussy and dipped his head to encircle her clit with his escort antep lips.

Guy sucked Susie’s clit, strumming the tip with his tongue, while his fingers in both holes twisted and slid in, out and around. He then set up a rocking motion, probing deep into her sphincter with his finger whilst his thumb rubbed and pressed on her perineum. Meanwhile, Billy sucked on each nipple in turn, licked around each breast, pressed them together and licked the crevice between them, and then up to her neck again.

As he began kneading one breast firmly, brushing the nipple with his palm, he could see she was clearly about to come. Her patent stiletto heels were pressing hard into the bed, her knees wide apart as she tried to thrust her clit deeper into Guy’s mouth. Her head was rolling from side to side, and she was moaning continuously. He could see her ribcage pumping like bellows, as her breasts rose and fell under his palm. He nuzzled in close, pressing his body against her and sucked her earlobe. He probed her ear with his tongue, and whispered “And now, ah’s gonna fuck you, white lady, with my big, black cock!”

Susie felt the orgasm start somewhere behind her navel. Her whole insides seemed to contract, while little sparks of lightning flashed back and forth between her clit and her nipples. Then the rest of her pussy and her anus joined in, rippling and throbbing in a wild vortex of sensations overwhelmed her body.

Susie cried out. “Oh! Oh! Ohmygod! Oh God! OH!” Her head twisted and turned, restrained by its collar and chain. She screamed, and her whole body bucked wildly. She kept coming for almost half a minute, with Guy still sucking strongly on her clit, and finger-fucking both her holes.

“Aah! Stop! STOP! PLEASE! Oh God!” she gasped at last. Guy stopped his ministrations and came up for air, leaving his fingers still embedded in her. Susie lay there, gasping for breath, while the world stopped spinning.

Billy stroked her hair – which was soaked with perspiration – and gently kissed her face and neck, as little aftershocks rippled through her. She cried out again as Guy finally withdrew his fingers from her vagina, then tantalisingly slowly, the digit embedded in her anus. The two boys then lay either side of her, holding her and caressing her gently as her breathing slowed, and she regained a little of her composure.

“Guy – that was fabulous” she panted. “You’ve paid me back for the blow job. I’ll give you some more in a minute.” She turned her head. “But first Billy – you’re a shy boy, aren’t you, still in your jeans. C’mon – you promised me your cock!” She pronounced the last word with a wicked relish. “Is it as big as you say? Show it to me! Now!”

“Whatever the white lady wishes. And after she’s seen it? How does the white lady want me to fuck her with it? In her mouth? In her juicy cunt? In her tight little pink ass?” Each phrase ended with an upward inflection, stressing the obscenities with an insolent leer.

“Oh you rude nigga! Show me your cock and you can fuck me how you like” she said, defiantly. “OK white lady, you asked for it” he leered back

Billy climbed off the bed, and slowly unzipped his jeans. As he peeled back the denim, Susie gasped. He wasn’t wearing underpants, and his cock sprang up hard and strong. “Oh my GOD! You lied! That’s not big, it’s enormous! Oh Jesus Christ!” Billy’s cock was certainly impressive – a good 10 inches long and thicker than Susie’s wrist. He stepped out of his jeans, and moved back onto the bed. “Take a close look, white lady. This is what you wanted. This is what you gonna get!”

With Billy’s cock only inches from her face, Susie’s excitement became tinged with more than a little worry. She’d had big cocks before, but nothing like this monster. Even the other black guys she’d gone with weren’t hung like Billy. She reached out and wrapped her fingers around it. They didn’t meet! God, how was she going to deal with this? “Er – maybe Guy should fuck me first?” she said in a slightly nervous voice.

Billy smiled. “No, white lady, you said ‘show me your cock and you can fuck me how you like!’ Even called me a rude nigga. I think yo’ white ass needs to be taught a lesson!”

He took her hand from his cock, placing it back on the pillow. Then he slipped his arms under her body and lifted her down the bed, until the chain between the cuffs was taut and the one on her collar almost at the end of its travel. Then he smiled up at her.

“‘Fuck me how you like’ – Hmm. OK white lady, git yo’ mouth around this!” He straddled her body, then leaned close with one hand on the bedstead, the other pressing the tip of his cock against her lips. Pinned down, and barely able to move either her head or her arms, Susie had no choice but to let the monster probe her mouth.

His pre-cum was salty, and she had to stretch her jaw and push her chin right back to allow him access. He eased it in very slowly, until she began to panic, her cry muffled by his cock. A little more rapidly than he had entered, he pulled out. There was a smear of lipstick and saliva for several inches along his cock, and he smiled with satisfaction.

“Not bad, white lady. Looks like you can handle mo’ black dick than you thought!” he grinned. “Wet me up some mo’, missy. Then this is gonna go somewhere tight and juicy!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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