Two Naughty Kittens

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“I can’t believe you two.”

He was standing over them, face stern, eyes hard, arms crossed. They stared back, frozen where he had found them.

It was Friday, but a lazy day. They had slept late, had a leisurely breakfast. He had some errands to run, so he gave his kittens some tasks and told them he would be back in a few hours, and they could go into town that evening.

Of course, he had just gotten into town when he realized he had left some papers he needed at home. Damn. So, he had to turn around and drive back.

He had been gone about forty-five minutes. Since he was only going to run inside and back out, he parked in the driveway rather than the garage and entered through the side hall. But when he passed the door to the kittens’ playroom, he stopped short. Those little minxes, he thought. They were active, but definitely weren’t doing their chores.

The playroom, as they called it, was large and airy, with plenty of light. The French doors opened onto the patio and pool. To one side was the large, comfortable bed the kittens shared when they were good. Against another wall were the two cages for when they weren’t. Their food dishes were side by side nearby, although he had let them have breakfast in bed with him this morning. There was a sofa, a low table, and boxes for their toys and other belongings. The kittens had a double bathroom, with large vanities for doing their hair and makeup, and plenty of closet space for their clothes, not that they usually wore any in the house. The temperature was kept perfect for them, and the thick carpets made it comfortable for them to crawl around as well as walk.

He watched them now as they played. Taco was lying back on the sofa, Churro half on top of her. They were kissing languorously, one of Taco’s hands was reaching up to Churro’s breast, the other in Churro’s hair. Churro’s hand was rubbing Taco’s pussy, making her squirm. Then Churro moved down onto her knees on the floor between Taco’s legs. Taco’s head arched back–her red collar clearly visible–as Churro began licking her clit, sucking on it, and running her hands over the glistening lips. From behind, he had a perfect view of Churro’s ass and tight, pink pussy. How well he knew those pussies. Churro’s had a dense, musky smell and positively gushed when she was aroused. Taco’s scent was lighter, sweeter, and her clit was a little more exposed. They both fitted so tightly around his cock. Yes, he knew every bit of those pussies, just as he knew every other bit of their delectable bodies and–more important–the cues and words that could bring them maximum arousal.

Something else he knew, he thought as he watched them, were their mouths. Those lips and tongues. He had taught them to suck, and lick, and swallow, and now they were experts at pleasing his cock. They could lick fast or slow, kiss gently or suck hard, lick or fondle his balls. Though they couldn’t quite take every inch yet–Churro was ahead there–they were close, and when he gave them his cum, they lapped it up eagerly.

As he watched, Taco, raised herself into a more sitting position, lifting Churro by the black collar that matched her hair. Taco Elvankent Escort reached down beside the sofa and picked up a blue vibrator, one of the stronger ones. She reached it up her mouth and sucked on it, then brought it down between Churro’s legs. It could have them both cumming in minutes, he knew, but right now he wasn’t going to allow that. That was when he stepped into the room and spoke.

Now they were staring at him, panting with arousal heightened by fear. The vibrator was buzzing softly in Taco’s hand.

“When I give you chores to do, I expect you to do them.” They knew not to speak.

“Taco,” he said, “I told you to practice your blowjobs. Using your dildo.” Taco lowered her head, but still looked up at him.

“And you,” he said to Churro, “you were supposed to shave; you let your pussy get prickly. And you both were supposed to tidy up your playroom.” He didn’t have to look around at the scattered clothes, dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, and other playthings he had gotten them.

“Come here.”

They jumped up and stood side-by-side, hands behind their backs, eyes looking down. Damn, he thought, they really are fine.

He reached down and grabbed a wet, dripping snatch in each hand. “Who do these pussies belong to?”

“They belong to you, Daddy,” they said in unison.

“That’s right. They belong to ME. And whose permission do you need to touch them?”

“Yours, Daddy.”

“Apparently you need to be reminded of that.”

He put a hand on the back of each of their necks and walked them ahead of him into the front hall. Here was a long table, currently bare. He stood one of them at each end and bent them over, facing; their breasts and bellies pushed into the cold surface. Their faces were inches apart. “When you get in trouble together, you get punished together,” he said. “Hold hands.” They reached out and grasped each other’s hands.

He rested one hand lightly on Churro’s back, at the base of her spine. “So you just couldn’t wait to play with my pussies,” he began, brushing his hand up Churro’s back to the back of her head, leaving a trail of goosebumps. He trailed his hand over Churro’s hair to Taco’s, then down her back in the same way. She squirmed minutely, but that was all. He came to the middle of the table and grabbed a handful of hair in each hand. He turned their heads enough so he could see their faces, full of trepidation and…yes, excitement. The shuddering breaths, the blush that told of the throbbing in their pussies. They knew they needed a lesson. They were eager for it.

He let go of their hair and moved to stand behind Churro, her round, luscious ass quivering. “Churro,” he said.

“Yes, Daddy?”

“Are you a naughty kitten?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

Smack. His hand landed on her left buttock, and she yelped. He followed with one on the right. “Why are you a naughty kitten?”

“Because I’m a whore.”

“That’s right.” Smack, smack. “And whose whore are you?”

“I’m your whore, Daddy.”

“Then say so.” Smack, smack.

“I am Daddy’s whore,” she said with each pair of smacks. At first, Beşevler Escort she kept her eyes closed, gripping Taco’s hands, but after a few rounds she opened them, looking at Taco with bright eyes, and panting hard. Daddy saw it. “Do you want to kiss her?” he asked.

“Please, Daddy.”

“You may.”

The kittens leaned into each other and kissed as they held hands, interrupted by Churro’s gasps as he finished the set. When he was done, he rubbed Churro’s red, sore bottom gently. He slipped his hand between her legs to her pussy and found it gushing, as he knew he would. She moaned. “Are you going to be a good whore, Churro?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Are you going to let Taco play with my pussy without permission again?”

“No, Daddy.”

“Good girl. But you let my pussy get prickly, so I am not going to fuck you from the front. Stick my pussy out for me.”

Churro raised on her tiptoes, arching her back and presenting her throbbing slit to him. He removed his pants, freeing his proud, solid cock. He stood behind her, placed his hand on her right shoulder, and placed the tip of his cock against her. Then he entered her, smoothly and fully. Churro moaned and leaned into Taco as he fucked her rhythmically, keeping her on her tiptoes and rocking her with his motion, filling her completely. In a few minutes he came, flooding her with his cum. As was his habit, he held himself all the way in her as his last spasms subsided. Then he withdrew, leaving her flushed and panting.

He walked to the other end of the table, trailing his hand along their backs like before. Now Taco was the one with nervous anticipation in her eyes. He began the same, weaving his spanks in between his questions. “Taco,” he said.

“Yes, Daddy?”

“Are you a naughty kitten?”

“Yes, Daddy.” Smack, smack.

“Why are you a naughty kitten?”

“Because I’m a slut, Daddy.”

“That’s right.” Smack, smack. “And who are you a slut for?”

“I’m a slut for you, Daddy.” Smack, smack.

As alike as the kittens were, they had individual quirks that he was careful to accommodate. Taco, although usually better behaved, took a firmer hand when she stepped out of line. Even now, as he punished her, he could see the slight grin on her face that only began to fade as her cheeks developed a pink glow. Soon enough, though, she was gripping Churro’s hands just as Churro had gripped hers minutes earlier. They still kissed, in between pants and moans. And when he checked, Taco’s pussy was as wet and pulsing as Churro’s. He stood back to look at them.

“Are you going to be good kittens now?” he asked sternly.

“Yes, Daddy,” they said together.

“Taco, are you going to let Churro play with my pussy without permission?”

“No, Daddy.”

“And how are you going to thank me?”

“I need to practice my blowjobs, Daddy.”

“Come here.”

Daddy guided Taco from the end of the table to the floor beside it and gestured for her to kneel. He stood in front of her, hands on hips, and she obediently began fondling his balls and cock, which was again rock-hard. She licked the Cebeci Escort tip, then began taking it in working back and forth, sometimes turning her head to the side and licking down the entire shaft. He stood, eyes half-closed, while Churro, still bent over her end of the table, watched the muscles in his back and ass hungrily. Every dozen strokes or so, he would grab Taco’s hair and hold himself deep in her soft, warm mouth an extra moment, then release her to gasp and return to her rhythm. In seeming no time at all, Taco felt his belly muscles clench and his scrotum tighten, and he released his hot flood down her throat. She swallowed it all, careful not to lose any, and like before he held himself in place until he was completely drained. She licked him softly, then rested her head against his upper thigh.

“Both of you, go to your room.”

They dropped to their knees and crawled to their playroom. He followed watching the sway of their bright-red asses. He ordered them to get up on the bed as he settled himself in the armchair. “Show me how you want to play with my pussies.”

The kittens knew he loved to watch them. They stood on their knees on the bed, kissing passionately, their hands on each other’s breasts and hair. Churro–generally the more aggressive one–pushed Taco onto her back and went back down between her legs where she had been when he had surprised them. In no time, given how primed they were, Churro had Taco in a frenzy, thrashing on the bed until her moans became a scream that announced her orgasm. They collapsed together, panting, until Taco sat up, clearly prepared to reciprocate.

“That was very good,” Daddy said. “I think Churro deserves an extra treat. Use the strap-on.”

Without hesitation, Taco picked up the harness with the orange dildo attached–one of the toys they had left lying around–and slipped it on. Churro lay back, and Taco began with slow strokes that quickly became pounding, holding on to Churro’s hips. Churro’s eyes were half-closed, her breasts bouncing. Damn, he thought again, I am the luckiest man in the world.

“Make her cum,” Daddy said. Without changing rhythm, Taco reached down and pressed Churro’s swollen clit. Churro howled with pleasure, her breathing hard and ragged, and lifted her hips into Taco’s strokes. After a moment, they collapsed together again, spent.

He waited a few minutes until they started to stir, then stood up. “Excellent.” He looked down at them with love and pride; they looked back, disheveled and adoring.

“Now clean yourselves up, and then tidy your playroom. When you are done, get in your cages and stay there until I get back.” The kittens hung their heads and crawled off to their bathroom.

He went to his own bathroom and dressed, then left for town again, remembering the papers he had needed earlier.

When he got back home, he didn’t look in on the kittens. He knew this time their room would be clean and they would be where he had told them. He put away the things from his errands, took off his shoes, stretched, and sat down in the middle of the large couch in front of the equally large TV. In the playroom, he heard them, knowing that it was now safe to do so, come out of their cages and crawl into the living room. They knelt at the end of the couch, licking their paws; after a moment, he patted the cushion beside him. They climbed up, one on each side, and lay their heads in his lap, purring contentedly as he stroked their beautiful hair.

“My good little kittens.”

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