Two Thighs Ch. 01

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Chapter 1 Thighs on the Menu

Author’s Note

Like the other stories I have posted here, including my other multi-chapter story, A Swinging Odyssey: A Couple’s Journey into Sensuality, the following multi-chapter story, Two Thighs, is fiction. Its characters are not modelled on anyone I know.

To readers who have read A Swinging Odyssey and liked it, I thank you. I enjoyed writing the story and am pleased that at least some of you enjoyed reading it.

My readers will notice right away that the two main protagonists, Aiko and Gerald, are the same two characters who were featured in A Swinging Odyssey. Several other characters from my earlier story also make their appearances in this story.

I have written Two Thighs to make it a completely independent stand-alone story. In other words, reading A Swinging Odyssey is not a prerequisite for reading Two Thighs. In cases were references are made to events that took place in A Swinging Odyssey, I have worked in very brief summaries of those events into this story.

Finally, this story describes episodes of unprotected sex that, in real life, are risky and could result in an unwanted pregnancy or a sexually transmitted disease. Fortunately, this is a work of fiction. I have the power of the pen to write such inconvenient problems out of the story.

* * *

It all started with two thighs exposed in a restaurant.

‘What a lovely woman she is,’ Gerald thought, looking at a woman sitting at a table on the opposite side of the restaurant.

What captured Gerald’s initial attention was her fully exposed smooth and flawless white thigh. She appeared to be unaware that her dress had ridden up her thigh when she slid onto the bench to face her partner. The sight of it caused a stir in his loins. He had a strong urge to take possession of her thigh, to stroke and kiss it.

Wanting to know who the thigh belonged to, Gerald turned his attention to the whole woman. She had blonde shoulder-length hair, blue eyes and a cute snub nose. Her sundress seemed to emphasize her soft, curvaceous, almost plush, features. They made her look both cute and scrumptious at the same time.

Gerald estimated that she was slightly taller than his own wife, Aiko. Her most prominent feminine features were her breasts and her ass. Although her breasts would look generous on a taller woman, on her, because she was relatively short, they actually gave her a luscious buxom look. Her thigh, he finally noticed, was attached to wide baby-bearing hips and both were attached to a delightfully ample but firm ass. The general effect of her features was to make her look compact, soft and curvy. He found her to be exceptionally sexy.

The blonde was conversing with a man sitting opposite to her. Their body language told Gerald that they were probably a married couple. He guessed that they were in their early thirties.

“Sir, do you prefer breast or thigh?”

Aiko could tell that her husband was lost in thought. A kick in the leg jolted Gerald into the realization that the waitress had come back.

“Uh, I’m sorry,” he mumbled.

“I just need to clarify your grilled chicken order,” the waitress explained. “Do you prefer breast or thigh?” she repeated.

“I think he wants thigh,” Aiko answered for him.

The dry way she made the statement made it clear to Gerald that he was ‘in flagranti delicto’. His wife had caught him staring at another woman’s thigh, obviously lost in thoughts of sex. He was embarrassed but then smiled. Gerald knew his wife actually did not mind his open admiration for other women’s physical attributes because she herself was not above admiring delectable male flesh.

Aiko and Gerald loved only each other but they also had an honest and open relationship that allowed them to appreciate members of the other gender without fear of jealousy from their spouse. After all, they were swingers.

What actually embarrassed Gerald was the thought that someone in the restaurant other than his wife might notice his lust-driven admiration for another man’s woman. Socially conventional people would not know or understand the unique relationship he had with Aiko, his wife and the mother of their two children. Such people would conclude that he had no respect for his wife when in fact the opposite was true.

He tore his eyes away from the unknown woman’s thigh to look at his wife. She had that knowing look in her face. He saw no jealousy. In fact, there was no room for jealousy in their relationship. They belonged to a swingers’ group of four couples who were more or less in the same age range. Jealousy was incompatible with partner swapping.

“Yeah, thigh,” he answered, keeping a straight face while trying to will his cock to soften.

After the waitress left, Aiko leaned over to get a view of his crotch. She saw that it had gone back to its normal limp state. “I bet you’d like to serve that blonde some sausage,” she declared.

Aiko sat back down into her seat. “But she is quite beautiful,” Aiko added, “although men who like their women tall, thin and long-legged, would probably hd porno consider her almost dumpy. She seems to be your type though. Am I right? You know, cute-as-a button, short and voluptuous with curves in all the right places.”

Gerald laughed. “You got me sweet heart. She has a nice thigh, a pretty face, and her sundress barely hides the fact that she has generous curves in all the right places. She defines voluptuousness.”

“I guess you used your masculine X-ray vision to imagine what lies underneath that sundress.”

“Touché,” Gerald answered. “Score two for you. And what’s your opinion of him?” he wondered.”

Aiko licked her lips. “He’s pretty good-looking too, you know.”

“Is he?” Gerald countered. “I’m not gay so I didn’t notice.”

Aiko kicked his leg again.

“Okay, okay, he’s not bad looking,” Gerald conceded.

“Not bad looking? He’s a hunk,” she emphasized. “If you weren’t so busy gluing your eyes to her thigh, you would have noticed her partner caught my attention too.”

The man was similar in build to Gerald and appeared to be fit. He had curly dark-brown hair and dark eyes, an aquiline nose and olive-coloured skin, features stood in contrast to Gerald’s blond hair, blue eyes, strong slightly bulbous nose and naturally whiter skin. Compared to Gerald’s squarish look, this man had a rounder head that seemed to soften his face somewhat. Gerald took him for a Mediterranean type.

Then Gerald turned his thoughts to his own wife.

Although Gerald had had a preference for the type represented by the blonde when he was single, he ended up marrying Aiko, a petite Asian woman with the classic Japanese facial features. While she could be described as skinny before their marriage, after the birth of their two daughters, she had filled out and became curvier, much to Gerald’s delight.

‘Marrying her,’ he thought, ‘was the best life-altering decision I ever made.’

Aiko interrupted his thoughts again. “Now what are you thinking about?” she asked.

“I was thinking about you and our life together. Marrying you was the best decision I ever made,” he said sincerely. “No one is more important to me than you are.”

Aiko grabbed his hands into hers. “I love you too,” she declared smiling broadly.

They leaned over the table and gave each other a little kiss.

Gerald looked at the other couple again. “They look like they’re having a, uh…” Gerald tried to pick the right words and finally decided, “a difference of opinion now.”

They were too restrained to characterize theie animated discussion as a fight. Of course, it was possible that their restraint was influenced by the fat that they were in a public place.

Gerald was also puzzled. “I wonder what that was about.’ He was positive that neither had seen him gawking at the blonde’s exposed thigh. “What gives?” he wondered.

At that moment the pretty little blonde said something to her partner that caused him to stop arguing. He looked toward Aiko and Gerald and made eye contact. He realized that Aiko and Gerald were watching them have their quiet argument. He looked embarrassed. He waved with his hand in an apologetic manner but his wife still seemed to fume about something.

Both couples resumed their meals.

“That’s kind of strange,” Gerald said. “Why is he apologetic us when I’m the one who is being naughty?”

Aiko giggled. “I got revenge.”

“What are you talking about, Aiko?”

“While you were thinking your lovely thoughts about me, I ‘accidentally’ on purpose exposed my thigh for her husband to see. It caught his attention.” She smiled as if she were proud of herself. “A few seconds later, she noticed he seemed distracted. She followed his gaze and realized he was looking at my thigh. She got pissed at him for looking at another woman.”

“You’re a little vixen, Aiko,” Gerald chuckled. “Knowing you, I’m sure you were happy with the result.”

Aiko smiled. “It’s only fair,” she pouted. “You’re attracted to that cute little blonde and so I made it my mission to tease her hunk of a husband.”

“Well, I couldn’t help myself,” Gerald admitted. “She looks so mouth-watering delicious.”

Once more erotic images entered his mind. His cock twitched again in response. He made a conscious effort to chase them away lest his now flaccid surged back to full life.

A few minutes later, the blonde and her husband got up to leave.

As they passed Aiko and Gerald’s table, the man apologized. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to offend.” He addressed most of his remark to Aiko.

His wife stood several steps back keeping an eye on Aiko and her husband.

Aiko pretended to be totally unaware of her exposed thigh, hoping that the blonde would conclude that she was totally unaware of it.

“What for?” Aiko asked.

“Your thigh is exposed,” his wife said from behind him.

“Oh, really?” Aiko said pretending not to know. She looked at her exposed thigh. “Oh, thank you for noticing,’ she said.

Under the table, Gerald kicked her softly on the leg, letting her know that he knew she was making a sly sex izle double-entendre.

The man blushed as Aiko re-adjusted her dress to cover her thigh again.

The couple then left the restaurant.

Aiko and Gerald finished desert, paid for their meal and then left the restaurant to return home.

“They actually seemed like a nice couple,” Aiko said as they drove home. “Maybe I shouldn’t have done what I did. I got him into trouble with his wife.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Gerald commiserated. “She started it. Maybe his wife is a jealous type. She’s hypocritical too for showing off her thigh while berating him for admiring yours. As he has a jealous wife, he should have been more discreet in his lechery. It isn’t the first time a husband got in trouble for something like that. It won’t be the last time. She’ll put him in the doghouse for a while and then she’ll get over it. Once they get laid, they’ll be okay,” Gerald opined.

Aiko wanted to kick him in the leg for the third time, but he had his foot was on the pedal. Instead, she poked him in the shoulder. “You’re an idiot,” she laughed.

“It works for us, doesn’t it?” Gerald said smiling. “There’s no reason why it couldn’t work for them. Love conquers all and sex is its lubricant.”

“Oh god,” she moaned, “sometimes you say the dumbest things.”

He smiled broadly. “I’m a guy. What do you expect?”

While driving, Gerald noticed that his wife was thinking about something. “What’s on you mind?” Gerald finally asked.

“Well, something about them keeps nagging me,” Aiko said.

“Yeah, what?” He trusted his wife’s intuition about other people.

“Hmm, let me think. Let me think.”

After a few moments of thought her mental light bulb turned on. “I know!” she burst out. “I remember him. He moved into the house across the street and about four houses down from us last weekend. Remember? The house that was sold about three months ago.”

“Really? We’ve got new neighbours and it’s them? I hope it doesn’t get too awkward when we introduce ourselves. Sooner or later, we’re going to meet them.”

“Let’s not wait, hon,” Aiko suggested. “Let’s just get it over to their house and introduce ourselves. I don’t like to be on bad terms with our neighbours.”

“Okay,” Gerald agreed.

* * *

Aiko and Gerald made a point of looking down the street to see if their new neighbours were at home. A few days later, a Saturday, they saw them leave in their car and then come back about two hours later with a load of groceries and other supplies for their home.

About an hour after that, Gerald saw him on the front yard. “Aiko,” he called, “he’s mowing the lawn. It might be a good time for us to go over there and introduce ourselves.”

“Okay, hon, I’ll be right with you. Just let me get changed.”

When she came down the stairs, she wore a white blouse, which allowed some cleavage to show and white shorts that, along with her white running shoes, bookended her smooth, lithe flawless legs. Her black hair, which barely reached her shoulders, framed her Asian face in a way that emphasized her natural exotic beauty. It was the most daring she allowed herself to be without raising major eyebrows among their mundane neighbours.

Gerald wore shorts that ended just above the knees and a T-shirt that seemed to mould around his fit body. He was still in good shape for a guy who was in his mid-forties.

Both were dressed on the borderline between casual and sexy. Fortunately, the day was hot and seemingly justified their sartorial choices.

The couple walked down the street to the new neighbours’ home. Gerald approached the man mowing his lawn.

Seeing someone from the corner of his eye, he stopped the machine to see who it was. He stopped in surprise when he recognized Gerald as the same the blond man, with his Asian wife, who he had met in the restaurant in less auspicious circumstances.

“We’re neighbours,” Gerald announced extending his hand. “I’m Gerald. I’m pleased to meet you.”

They shook hands.

“And this is the love of my life, my wife Aiko,” Gerald said. “She’s not only the most beautiful thing on two legs, she’s also very clever. She put two and two together and realized you and your wife are the new neighbours.”

“Don’t believe him,” Aiko said. “I’ve got other parts besides my legs.” Then she winked at him.

“I’m Ryan,” he replied as he extended his hand. Ryan could not help himself. He gave Aiko a quick once over, then blushed when the expression on Aiko’s face indicated that she had noticed.

Instead of taking his hand, Aiko stepped right into him and hugged him as if he were a friend she had not seen in years. Aiko hung onto him for a few extra seconds. The effect on Ryan was immediate. A bulge developed in his pants and pressed against Aiko’s belly.

“Nice to see you Aiko,” he managed to say thoroughly flustered.

“Don’t pay any mind to my wife,” Gerald said fully aware of the effect that his wife was having on their poor new neighbour. “She can be a tease,” he added.

Aiko smiled sweetly to him altyazılı porn as Ryan finally managed to pull himself out of her embrace.

“And now you get to see more of me,” Aiko smiled. She stepped back away to reveal her cleavage, her bare arms and shoulders as well as luscious legs and her enticing thighs once more. “Ta-da,” she said. She opened her arms and hands as if to show herself off.

“And now you’ve been in touch with him too,” Gerald told Aiko.

The innuendo made Ryan feel uncomfortable. Aiko’s obvious flirtatiousness toward him had already unsettled him. Gerald’s remark increased his discomfort. ‘Oh god,’ Ryan thought, ‘I think they must have noticed must my reaction. This is so awkward.’

He hesitated for a moment and then recovered his composure. “Would you like to meet my wife?” he finally offered. “She’s in the backyard doing some gardening.”

“Oh yes, please,” Aiko urged.

Ryan led the couple to the backyard where his wife was planting some flowers. She was on her hands and knees facing away from them. She wore very short shorts. Aiko and Gerald stopped while Ryan approached his hard-working wife.

Gerald’s eyes were fixated in the blonde’s ass. ‘Nice,’ he though, “I love those wide hips.’

Aiko elbowed Gerald in the ribs. “Down boy. Behave yourself,” she whispered.

“Nora, darling, we’ve got some visitors,” Ryan announced.

Nora looked up. She was just as surprised as her husband had been to see that it was the couple from the restaurant.

“This is Gerald and his wife Aiko,” Ryan said.

Nora removed her gloves and stood up to shake their hands.

The effervescent Aiko moved quickly. Catching Nora off-guard and smiling, she kissed her cheek. “Let’s be friends,” she said without preamble. She stepped back and then took Nora’s hands. “You’re so cute and beautiful. Don’t you think, hon?”

“Yes, she is,” Gerald said trying to sound as if he was just being agreeable like any normal loving husband would be to any equally normal wife.”

Nora turned to Gerald. He shook her hand firmly but gently while looking into her eyes. He saw a twinkle in her eye, which he recognized as a sigh of attraction to him.

“Don’t be shy. Give her a hug, Gerald,” Aiko urged. “You don’t mind, do you?” she said addressing Ryan.

Ryan was caught off-guard. Gerald did not wait for Ryan’s answer. He pulled Nora into his arms, kissed her cheek and pressed his body against her and embraced her for a few seconds. He was careful to make sure that he kept some space between his stiffening cock and her belly. His instincts told him not to repeat Aiko’s deliberately provocative hug. The couple was shy. Aiko could get away with her hug because she was a petite Asian woman. He could not do the same, he surmised, because Nora would likely take offense to such intimate contact on his part.

Aiko and Gerald offered to help their new neighbours. Nora and Ryan insisted that they could handle everything themselves. They said that did not want to impose on their neighbours. Aiko and Gerald insisted that helping them was no imposition. It was the neighbourly and therefore right thing to do. “We would feel like we’re being bad neighbours if we don’t help, even a little bit.”

The new neighbours acceded to them. Aiko helped Nora finish the gardening and set up the kitchen while their husbands moved furniture and performed other heavier work inside and around the house.

By late afternoon, after several hours of working in the heat, the couples were tired and sweaty. They decided to call it a day.

“Thanks a lot,” Ryan said sincerely. “You saved us a lot time.”

“No problem,” Gerald assured him.

“We’ve all put in a lot of work this afternoon,” Aiko chimed in. “I don’t feel like cooking. Do you?” she asked Gerald and their new neighbours. Before they could answer, she added, “Let’s get washed up and eat out. I think we deserve a break. Let’s go back to the restaurant where we met. This time we’ll sit together and get to know each other more. Okay?”

“Our treat,” Gerald added.

Nora and Ryan exchanged glances.

“What do think, darling,” Ryan asked his wife.

“Sure,” she agreed, “but I think we should treat them because they helped us. It’s only fair.”

“I agree with her,” Ryan said. “We’ll go to the restaurant on the condition that it’s our treat. Agreed?”

Gerald shrugged his shoulders. “Who am I to argue about free food? Are you okay with that?” he asked Aiko.

She nodded her agreement.

“Why don’t you guys come over around 6:00?” Ryan suggested. “That will give us enough time to wash up. We’ll go together in our car.”

* * *

A while later, the two couples found themselves in the restaurant. They discussed a wide range of topics during a long leisurely dinner. Nora and Ryan were about ten years younger than Aiko and Gerald.

Ryan was an accountant in another nearby city while she worked locally as a law clerk. They had rented an apartment located roughly halfway between their two work places. Because their workplaces were now in the same city, they decided that now was the time buy a house, partly as an investment, but mostly to reduced their commute. Aiko and Gerald gave them all kinds of suggestions and tips for living in a house, which Nora and Ryan greatly appreciated.

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