Tybalt and Juliet Ch. 14

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Big Tits

It was very hard following Amy as we ran through the Dorset countryside that morning. Literally. From the moment she’d pulled on her skin-tight shorts and pink crop top, I’d been reduced to a drooling, jabbering wreck.

Whenever the footpath narrowed, she’d insisted on going in front, swaying her hips, thrusting her bottom towards my face, leaving me gnashing my teeth in frustration.

I’d tried so hard to resist, to rip my eyes away from the curves that she swung so provocatively in front of me, but to no avail; she’d reached into my skull, disconnected my brain and jammed the bare wires leading from my balls into the open socket. The swelling in my shorts told her she’d succeeded. Running with a boner is no fun, especially if your girlfriend is silently mocking you for it.

Of course, she knew what she was doing; that demure pout, that look of feigned innocence, all too easily betrayed by that wicked smile. She was high on the power she had over me; I was putty in her hands. With her wiles she’d banished Sensible Jake; I’d regressed to a grunting pubescent.

And I hated myself for it. Hated how easily she could exploit my puerile masculinity. She’d cast her spell, turned my hormones against me. She’d tortured me until my defences were broken and my honour was ablaze with lust. She was leading me home with my tongue hanging out and I was powerless to stop her.

The prim and proper Amy calmly unlocked the door to the cottage, smiling innocently at me as if we’d just returned from a respectable Sunday stroll. She made a beeline to the kitchen sink, and I watched, mesmerised by her perfectly shaped butt, as she reached up on tiptoe to pick out two glasses from the cupboard.

She turned on the tap to fill them with water. That was my cue, the routine we’d rehearsed so many times. My cock strained against the tight confines of my compression shorts.

I moved behind her.

“Hello sexy,” I growled softly into her ear. I let my left hand tease the exposed flesh at the base of her buttocks and I slid a fingertip under the tight lycra of her shorts.

“Oohh geddoff,” she teased playfully.

I leant forward to kiss her on the side of her head.

“Ewww!” she pushed me away with her hand. “You’re all sweaty!”

“But I’m so horny,” I moaned pathetically.

“And whose fault is that?” she asked in her strict-schoolmistressy voice.

“But you’ve been teasing me all morning,” I bleated.

“I just went on an early morning run with my handsome young man,” she replied unimpressed. She turned off the tap and set the glasses down on the worktop. “It’s not my fault you’ve got yourself overexcited,” she scolded.

I had two hands on her butt now and she was trying to press back against me. I ran my hands round to her hips and let her push against me. She gasped as she felt my erection pressing snugly between her buttocks.

“You’re telling me you didn’t mean to get me all excited with these tight shorts and this little top?” I answered accusingly.

My girlfriend spun round, pushing me backwards slightly.

“I made you excited?” she asked in mock incredulity. “What about this?” she tugged at the new compression shirt that I was wearing. “Or this?” She grabbed my cock through my shorts. “I’ve been wanting to drag you behind a bush ever since we left the house!”

“You like that?” I taunted her.

She nodded, mute, eyes shining with lust. My erection throbbed painfully.

“You like feeling my hard cock?” I asked.

She nodded again.

I lifted her chin with my fingers. “Let me hear you say it,” I ordered. “Tell me you like my big, hard cock.”

“Oh Jake!” she growled in protest, squeezing me harder, as if to punish me for my demand.

“Let me hear you say it!” I insisted.

She shook her head and tried to lift the hem of my shirt, but I dropped my arms to my side preventing her from doing so.

“Say it,” I growled.

Thwarted, Amy beat her fists on my chest in frustration.

“Yes Jake, I fucking love your big hard cock,” she shouted. “Happy?” She gave me a withering look. “Now let me get your fucking top off!”

I bent forwards and took a step back, letting her pull my shirt from me. She flung the garment sideways and it caught on one of the pegs by the front door.

For a split second she hesitated — maybe we were moving too fast, maybe we shouldn’t be doing this downstairs in full view of the kitchen window. I stayed still, standing maybe a metre from her, giving her the space to run her eyes over my body. Behind her, the sunlight played through her hair, a golden halo framing her illusory innocence.

Then she attacked, launching herself forwards, wrapping herself around me, trapping my arms by my sides and driving her head into my chest. I felt the aggression of her kisses as her lips roamed frantically across my skin; I’d have a string of hickies in a few hours — no doubt about that. I slid my hands over her butt, pulling her even more tightly against me, letting her feel Bostancı Escort the hardness of my steel against the smoothness of her abs.

Amy bent her head lower, taking my left nipple into her mouth. Delicately she closed her teeth around the sensitive flesh and pulled, sending sparks skittering through my core.

“Fuck Amy!” I cried.

She pulled harder, biting just a little more firmly, letting me teeter on the knife edge between pleasure and pain. Then, with a final, punishing nip of her incisors, she released me and looked up, pleading for approval with her puppy-dog eyes.

“That felt so good,” I groaned.

Obediently she dipped her head again, but I was too quick for her — I thrust my arms out, caught her by the waist and lifted her upwards.

Instinctively she wrapped her legs around me as I held the pert globes of her butt in my hands. Her eyes were ablaze with passion — she could feel my hardness wedged against her sex. I could only imagine how wet she’d be.

A vision of me pole-fucking her flashed through my mind – standing erect, holding her as she bounced up-and-down, squealing with pleasure as she drove herself onto my spike. There was that wanton smile again – perhaps the same thing had occurred to her!

“You make me so fucking horny,” I growled.

She attacked my mouth with hers. Our tongues wrestled for dominance. She was breathing heavily now; the room rang to her yelps and grunts as she pressed ever more tightly against me. Thank goodness we were in the middle of the countryside – there was no one to hear us for miles around.

We broke apart, each gasping for air.

“Fuck Jake, I love you so fucking much!” Amy groaned. “You’re so big and strong. I love this.”

“Yeah?” I grunted in reply, “you like that?”

“Yeah, how you hold me like this. I love your muscles and your arms and this fucking chest. Fuck you’re amazing.” She squeezed me again with her legs and her mons crushed against me. Her mouth bombarded mine with a barrage of kisses. “And this cock!” she cried, sightless with lust.

“Yeah, you like my big cock?” I demanded.

“Yuh, yuh,” she gasped, fighting for air as I nibbled at her neck. “Feels so good when you press against me!”

An idea sprang into my head. I carried her across the room and pushed her back firmly against the wall. Another squeal of delight escaped her lips and the flames of desire leapt ever higher in her eyes. Now she was trapped between my body and the brickwork. I pressed my forehead against hers as she gyrated her hips and rubbed herself against me.

“You’re so hard!” she moaned. “I’m so fucking wet for you. You turn me on so much.”

“Yeah?” I gripped her butt ever tighter. “Fuck, Amy I’m so hard for you!”

“I want your cock!” she growled. “I need your cock. Please Jake, I need you!”

She unhooked her arms and legs and slithered down my body to stand on her feet again. She pushed me back slightly and began to sink lower. I knew instinctively where she was heading. Spitefully I wanted to deny her, to deny myself – to prove that I was the one in charge, that I, the alpha male, would decide when she could pleasure me.

I let her slide my running shorts down my legs, but as she leaned forwards to plant a kiss on the bulge in my underwear, I caught her by her shoulders and pulled her upwards. She raised her lips in anticipation, but I twisted her sharply, spinning her so she faced the wall. Her yelp of surprise became a groan of frustration as she realised what I’d done. Then, before she could stop me, I’d ripped her pink running top from her body.

I stepped forwards again and swept my hands across the tight sports bra that imprisoned her breasts. I tested her pert mounds; her nipples were hard, rock hard. She hissed at my touch and bucked her hips forcefully, driving her bottom upwards into my crotch. Her small hands reached behind me, one on each globe of my butt, pulling me even more tightly against her.

I planted three sharp kisses on the top of her head. Kiss. Kiss. Kiss.

“So fucking sexy,” I growled. “You’re so fucking hot!”

Kiss. Kiss. Kiss.

I pinched her nipples tightly, surprising myself with my own aggression. Amy threw back her head towards me in a silent scream.

“Aaaaaaah, yeah!” she managed to croak hoarsely.

I grabbed her jaw, twisted it sideways and brought my mouth down to meet hers. Our tongues attacked each other again. My girlfriend was whimpering and moaning like never before. She was enjoying this powerplay as much as I was.

I pulled back. We were both panting. Amy was trying to slip her hands across the front of my compression shorts. I wasn’t having that.

I caught her wrists in my hands and moved them upwards, holding them together above her head. I grabbed her jaw again and she gritted her teeth in frustration.

“You want my cock?” I taunted her. “That’s what you’ve been thinking about all morning. All that innocent ‘just going for a run’, ‘let me put on Anadolu Yakası Escort my sexy lycra’ — you had it all planned — you little minx.”

“Please Jake, please,” she whimpered helplessly, “I need you, I don’t care what you do to me, I just want you now!”

I ground against her butt.

“You want me so bad!” I growled in a low voice, just above her ear. “You’re so wet for me. I’m gonna slide into you, let you feel every inch of me, feel how hard I am for you.”

“Yeah Jake! Please Jake, please!” she begged.

Still pinning her wrists above her head, I spun her round so her back was against the wall once more. Her eyes shone brightly – she was loving this. I bent to kiss her again, as my saliva-coated fingers dived past the waistband of her tight running shorts. Her body jolted as I made contact with her sex; I was right – she really was dripping wet.

“And I’ll fuck you mercilessly,” I continued, pressing my forehead against hers as I brushed my fingertips over her gaping lips. “And I’ll make you cum, you’ll cum so hard.

“And then I’ll flip us over – make you ride me, ride me like one of your stallions. And then…”

Amy roared and broke her wrists free from my grasp. She grabbed my cock with one hand and my jaw with the other.

“Jake,” she screamed, “this is torture. If you don’t fuck me now, I won’t ever talk to you again!”

“Yeah? You wanna fuck?” I barked. “Tell me what you want. Tell me what you want me to do!”

“I want you to fling me over your shoulder,” she growled, “toss me on the bed and ravish me with your big hard cock. I want you to fuck me into the middle of next week. Please Jake, stop fucking around. I need you. I need you now!”

Amy’s POV

Jake charged up the stairs with the roar of a raging bull. I’d never been given a fireman’s lift before, but as I swung across his back and the blood drained to my head, I was consumed by the euphoria of my triumph — thrilled that my plan to seduce him had worked, thrilled that I’d aroused his most intense passion, thrilled that I could wrap him so easily around my little finger. I was playing the Bitch Queen his mother warned him about. And now he’d wreak his revenge with his cock – I wanted him hard, fast and angry — I couldn’t wait!

He didn’t exactly throw me on the bed, but he didn’t set me down gently either. He let me drop onto my back – not so it hurt, but from high enough to let me feel some force as my torso hit the mattress. I gasped appreciatively and smiled up at him.

I’d landed with my lower legs hanging off the side of the bed. He stepped between them and leaned forwards, anchoring his powerful arms either side of me. I stared up at him, my body craving his. I was in awe of him, in awe of his effortless physicality. He held still as I lightly ran my fingers over his abs and his pecs – that treasure he hid so convincingly under his school uniform and his farm clothes – the treasure he’d saved only for me.

Gently he lowered his body to mine, letting me feel a little of his weight as my breasts pressed against the soft hairs of his chest. His power surrounded me, holding me, protecting me. My hopes, my fears, my anxieties were falling away as I lay beneath him – I was lost in him and him alone.

I moaned a little into his mouth as his tongue caressed mine – his kisses were light, tender this time. He was changing the pace, dialling it down a little. I’d come to realise that these moments were important to Jake; no matter how wild the passion beforehand or the ferocity of the lovemaking to come, it was his chance to affirm the depth of his love for me – simply, sincerely, honestly; an almost spiritual moment before our bodies joined.

Time slowed as we held each other still. Our breathing synchronised as we gazed into each other’s eyes and our souls connected to the rhythm of our heartbeats. His skin was cool against mine and his warm breath gently caressed me as he whispered sweet nothings in my ear. My heart swelled with love for him.

I slid my hands cautiously down his back and over the stretched material of his underwear, savouring the firmness of his buttocks. He clenched a little for me, letting me test the power that would soon be thrusting into me.

“Oh Jake,” I sighed. “Why are you so perfect?”

He kissed me again on the lips, lifting up a little to give him space to reach between us to my running shorts. He began to stroke me through the tight material, building the fire of my passion within me.

I broke the kiss and pushed him back, desperate to catch a glimpse of the proud swelling in his lycra. My heart pounded in my chest. I could see his erection, perfectly silhouetted by the stretched fabric. It’s one thing to have a man with Jake’s physique in love with you, but when he’s so visibly turned on, you can’t help but melt for him. My exhilaration was palpable.

I sat upright and pressed my face against his body, covering his abs with frantic kisses. His strong hands reached Ataşehir Escort down and he peeled my bra from me, finally liberating my throbbing nipples. I leaned forward again and nuzzled his hardness. His scent was intoxicating — man, sex and sweat — mmmmm!

I ran my fingertips along his length, feeling the steel ridge that wan up the underside. “He’s so big!” I whispered.

I flipped the waistband of his compression shorts over and his glans popped eagerly above the parapet. I licked the tip, tasting his tangy sweetness for the first time that morning, the heat of my own sex burning ever more intensely.

Jake helped me to slide his underwear down his legs. Instinctively, I reached out to grasp his bobbing shaft, desperate to feel his weight filling my hand. But he denied me – he pulled his hips away at my touch and bent to cradle my face in his hands. His forehead grazed lightly against mine and he looked deep into my eyes.

“I fucking love you, Amy,” he growled. “You’re so fucking sexy!”

Suddenly the room was ablaze with passion; he was on top of me again, pressing down on me, dominating me as he had before. His mouth covered me in a frenzy of kisses; his tongue attacked my nipples with delirious hunger. This wasn’t the Jake I’d thought I knew; I’d played with fire and released the monster; gone was the conscientious schoolboy whose only concern was my pleasure – this savage animal was set on one thing and one thing alone.

I writhed beneath him as his lust supercharged my arousal. I clawed at his hair, shoulders, buttocks, trying to bind him fast to me. I gasped, moaned, grunted as every part of my body responded to his. I begged, pleaded, demanded that he ruin me. My nipples throbbed, my lips were drenched, my cunt gaped. I wanted him hard, fast and rough. I wasn’t his princess, I was his whore, his common little fuck doll; the deafening barrage of filth that spewed from my mouth left no doubt.

With a booming roar he ripped away my shorts and flipped me onto my front. I screamed, naked, defenceless on the bed. He threw himself on top of me, sinking his erection into the valley between my butt cheeks and crushing my rib cage into the duvet. His fingers tangled in my hair and he rolled my head sideways to growl into my ear.

“You want my cock?” he snarled. “You want my big bad cock?”

I whimpered my agreement, not daring to answer.

“You wanna get fucked by your big boyfriend and his big fucking cock?”

I squealed and jerked my head in a submissive nod.

“All that innocent good-girl bullshit,” he mocked. “One taste of my dick — that’s all it took. Not so fucking angelic now are we?”

I shook my head and tried to push my bottom more firmly against him.

“‘Oooh let’s go for a run,’ ‘let’s get some exercise,'” he trilled in sarcastic imitation. “The only exercise you want is riding me!”

“Yeah Jake, please Jake, please,” I wailed.

“I’ve a good mind to tie you up and lock you in here till teatime. Punish you for being such a tease!” he sneered, giving my hair a twist.

“No Jake, no, no, no,” I begged.

Then, suddenly, he was gone – disappeared; one moment his heat on top of me, the next my back felt the cold emptiness of the room. I turned my head frantically, searching for him. Had he gone for a condom?

Then I saw him, a metre or so away, almost directly behind me, leaning against the wall, stark naked, slowly working his glorious erection, eyes transfixed by my butt. Six feet of masculine perfection, were entranced, enthralled, enraptured by my body. I licked my lips greedily and a shiver of delight ran through me. Fuck me he was hot!

He slid sideways, moving a little further from me, taking in more of my body. I bent my knees upwards and kicked my legs in the air, playing the not-so-innocent little slut. I stuck the middle finger of my right hand into my mouth and wantonly teased the tip with my tongue.

Jake groaned. A look of anguish swam across his face and he tilted his head back a little against the wall. I saw the weakness in his knees, the desperation in his eyes – for all his strength, he was mine to command.

I sucked my finger into my mouth, lavishing it with my attention of my tongue. The room rang with the sounds of Jake’s moans.

“Fuck Amy!” he gasped.

I shifted a little on the bed, bringing one knee forwards, arching my back to spread myself as wide as I could. I looked back at his face. The poor boy’s eyes were out on stalks, transfixed by the sight of my pussy stretched open before him. I snaked my arm down under my body and began to stroke my lips.

“Do you like what you see?” I purred seductively.

He nodded enthusiastically.

“Do you wanna fuck me? Do you wanna cum inside me?”

I teased the entrance to my vagina, then slipped a fingertip inside. I closed my eyes. That felt so good, but with my boyfriend watching it was even better. I moaned with pleasure.

“Look how open I am for you, Jake. I’m all wet. All wet for you – that’s just for you!”

Boldly he stepped forwards and ran his hands up the back of my thighs. I moaned again as his hardness brushed against the side of my raised buttock. I was sure he could hear just how wet I was. He squeezed tightly, massaging the firmness of my bottom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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