Uncaged Ch. 07

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Standard disclosure: all fictional characters, all over 18. This is a personally produced work. Any questions, contact the author. Enjoy!


I was pretty much speechless in response to Jade’s question as to what to do next. Her and Ben were both looking at me as I slowed my stroking of Ben’s cock. He started to look disappointed, but Jade wasn’t going to let me get away so easily. Her hand covered mine, and she guided me to begin stroking him again. She was doing most of the work, while Ben smiled and enjoyed his girlfriend and I was slowly but steadily working his hard shaft. I didn’t have any particular desire for his dick, but I did realize a small pang of enjoyment from making him so excited. I was really starting to get into my role as a sextoy for the both of them, but still wasn’t sure how far I was going to go.

Ben piped up eventually, sensing my reluctance. “Well, if you can’t decide, then there’s still one little slut here who hasn’t came yet. Why don’t we fix that while we think about it?” I bit my lip and nodded to that, slowly prying my hand free from the both of them. Jade was on her knees beside my chair, I leaned over to her and began to kiss her, trying to bring my thoughts back to my beautiful semi-secret lover. In the meantime, Ben grabbed a blanket from our supplies and laid it out in our campsite. Jade guided me to it and pulled me down on top of her. It was beginning to get a little colder as the sun set, and her warmth just enticed me all the more to stay close to her.

Ben must have realized that in order to keep two women naked for very long, he had best keep them warm, so he left us alone for a minute to light the firepit. I appreciated the limited privacy that gave Jade and I, as it helped me to get my mind off the thick cock I had been stroking, and the conflicting desires that were coming with it, as I kissed every inch of Jade’s lips, cheeks, neck, and shoulders. I couldn’t get enough of this girl, she just melted my brain into a lust-filled happiness.

As the fire caught and grew, Jade’s body became bathed in the light of the flickering flames, making her seem even more of a mythological goddess lying there. Her body was perfect, from her small round tits to her long, athletic legs. I lowered my mouth to her perky breasts, teasing her little pink nipples with my tongue. Without warning, Ben joined me on her other side and took over on the left while I was too enthralled to slow my kissing of the right. Jade moaned and squirmed beneath us. Even though Ben was there naked with us, I didn’t mind at all as long as he wasn’t getting between me and my prize.

However, he began to brush my hair back as so to not block his view of what I was doing to his girlfriend. I didn’t mind that either, I liked the attention, even from him. I felt myself hoping that I did a better job than him, and that he was getting jealous of how well I could treat Jade. If he showed that, it wasn’t obvious, but he was still hard enough that it was obvious he was enjoying the show. He wanted to see more though, and began to lightly guide my head lower down Jade’s tight stomach. I followed along eagerly, wanting it as much as he did.

I kissed all the way down to the inside of Jade’s thighs, as she squirmed her hips to try to get herself right under my lips. I knew what she wanted but I wasn’t going to give it to her just yet. Together, we were driving her crazy with desire and I loved making her wait and beg for it. “Ben, please, I need it, make her stop teasing…”, she whimpered. Ben was happy to oblige, he tangled his fingers in my hair and firmly guided my mouth in between Jade’s widespread legs. I didn’t resist, I had already promised to obey with anything I was willing to do and eating Jade out more than qualified.

“Fuck…yes…” Jade moaned out as I began licking. She was sprawled out wide for us, giving us access to whatever we wanted from her hot body. I nearly forgot about Ben after a minute until he began to run his hand across my shoulders and lower back, and began to kiss the back of my neck as I worked on Jade. I had to admit, it did feel nice, even from a guy, and I wasn’t allowed to stop him anyways unless I was completely opposed to what he was doing. This sure didn’t count yet, so I was going to let him go and enjoy it. Jade tasted so good that I couldn’t think of much else anyways, if I’m being honest. His hands began to caress the sides of my body, and I found myself propping myself up enough to give him access to my hanging tits. He took advantage right away and was quickly squeezing them firmly. He was kneeling behind me at this point, I was basically on all fours with my head down licking away, and briefly smiled at the hot show he must be getting.

Jade noticed what he was doing, and managed to gasp out at him, “Keep going baby, she hasn’t said no…she promised…” It was anal yapan gaziantep escort true, I promised everyone, even myself, that unless I truly couldn’t make myself do it, I was actually enjoying my new openness and freedom of letting myself go like this, and I was grateful for all their help and direction. Ben wasted no time in starting to caress my ass as well, I rocked back a little to encourage him, anything that didn’t involve his cock inside me was now open, I decided, and maybe if it finally felt right, who knew…

Ben and I had basically the same thought at the same time. I slid one finger into Jade’s slippery pussy, meeting no resistance, just as Ben did the same to me. She lifted her hips up, and I rocked a little backwards as one, filling ourselves simultaneously. I began to moan into Jade as I fingered her, stuck in the middle of these horny lovers. I couldn’t see Ben’s face, but he must have been watching, because as I added a second finger to her warm cunt, Ben was only a second behind with his own, filling me even further. He was moving slower than I was on her, but giving me the same treatment nonetheless. Soon, both us girls were moaning and gasping along with each other.

I was starting to feel dirtier now, and had to keep pushing myself farther. Hoping (and slightly nervous about it) that these amazing feelings could only improve, I added a third finger to Jade, slowly pushing them deep inside her. She groaned in ecstasy the entire time, it was slower going, but she took it and was loving it. Ben was still watching but he was gentler. He pulled his fingers all the way out, then placed what had to have been three just to the opening of my pussy, lightly tempting me. He didn’t push them in, but I knew what was expected of me. I wasn’t about to disappoint, I braced myself and pushed back on his hand.

His fingers stretched me like nothing else had never had, I had never had anything inside me of this size, but I was too wet to be stopped. My tongue stopped moving on Jade as I let out the longest, loudest moan I could have imagined. It didn’t stop until I was all the way down. I was officially stuffed. I expected that Ben would give me a second then begin thrusting again, but he didn’t. He just held his fingers deep, leaving me slightly confused until he whispered in my ear. “Don’t deny it, I know you want it. Fuck yourself.” I did want it, and I didn’t care who knew it.

I rocked forward, eyes closed, until I could feel myself almost empty, then slowly pushed back all the way again. I felt so filled up and I loved it. My hips rocked harder and harder until I was violently throwing myself back to be fucked like a lust-fueled bitch. I forgot completely about anything but the sensations in my pussy until Jade got impatient and pulled my head back down to her soaking cunt.

“Fuck her!” Jade practically yelled. “Fill her cunt until she makes me come!” Ben didn’t need the direction, I wasn’t going to stop yet, but I did continue eating Jade out. She didn’t take much longer. Jade came screaming, wrapping her legs around my head as she did, trapping me to be soaked as she came. Her juices flooded my face as I fucked myself back on Ben’s fingers. Her screams echoed through the evening, luckily we were remote enough that nobody else came to investigate.

Jade released her hold with her legs as she came down from her orgasm. She pulled herself up to her knees as she watched me take her boyfriend’s fingers in me. I was nearly limp at this point, my face on the blankets, arms spread with my ass in the air pushing my cunt back and forth. I was going to come soon, I was babbling nearly incoherently about needing it, needing to come, begging and swearing back and forth. Jade soon recovered enough to take back control of the situation. “That’s enough baby, don’t let her come yet, we’re not done with her.”

Ben pulled his hand away to a desperate plea from me to not do so, but Jade grabbed me and rolled me over on my back before I could stop her. My protest was stopped by Jade lowering her pussy back down onto my face, silencing my cries. “Keep licking Kat, you’re our toy and we’re not done playing with you.” She was kneeling over me, looking down my body, I obeyed immediately, and she said, “Mmmmm…good girl…” as she reached down to circle my clit with her own finger, making my hips buck and jump immediately. I was so close to the edge.

“Ben, get over here,” Jade said, holding my legs spread. “You need to get off again, don’t you?” Ben agreed eagerly and knelt between my legs. I turned my head sideways to complain, but before I got more than a word out, Jade interrupted roughly, “Shut up, he’s not going to fuck you, just do what we tell you and you’ll be fine.” I wasn’t so sure, but I trusted her and continued licking as I felt anal yapan gaziantep escort bayan Ben settle into place. Jade leaned over until she was on all fours on top of me, and soon I could hear the sounds of her sucking him off again. She was sucking his dick while he knelt between my legs, slurping loudly away while still rubbing my clit.

Soon my muffled moans got loud enough that Jade knew I was close. She took her mouth off Ben and began to lick my clit as I reached the start of my orgasm. Just as I began, she took Ben’s cock in her hand and began to stroke it, slapping it up and down against the tip of her tongue and my clit over and over! By this time my screams were unstoppable for my full-out orgasm, there was nothing else except Ben’s cock slapping into my clit again and again, not stopping until I was lost in my ecstacy. The slut had made me come by having my pussy cock-slapped! But how could I complain? My body made it obvious that I loved every second of it.

I had stopped licking, but Jade’s pussy was still maybe six inches away from my mouth. She whispered something to Ben, but I couldn’t make it out through my come-drunk haze. I figured it out soon enough though, as he knelt behind Jade, and in one smooth stroke, was balls deep inside her tight cunt. I laid there in stunned silence, watching her get fucked up close and personal. He was thrusting all the way into her with every stroke, pulling nearly out before starting over every time. Both their grunts echoed through the night as they fucked like I wasn’t even there. I couldn’t have gone anywhere if I wanted to with her weight on top of me, but I was mesmerized anyways. His cock seemed so big inside her, and I didn’t really understand how she could take it, but there was no hesitation whatsoever on her part.

Ben asked Jade breathlessly, “Did she say no yet?”

“Fuck no, no she didn’t.” Jade replied.

“Good.” Ben reached down and took my hair, spreading it out under my head and back down the ground towards his body. He then brought his knees forward until he was pinning me down by my hair, preventing me from moving anywhere. He pulled out of Jade’s pussy, gravity bringing his cock down to slap the shaft across my closed lips. “Taste her,” he said, “If you meant what you fucking said, taste her now.” Fuck. I did mean it. He knew I meant it from the start. My tongue nervously emerged to lightly lick his shaft, tasting Jade on it. His dick was completely wet from that horny fuckslut. I don’t know if he expected more but he was clearly satisfied. With a quick moan of “good girl…” he pulled his dick away and plunged back into Jade again. I licked the taste off my lips as I lay trapped, wondering just how far he was going to push me. But I was proud of myself, I hadn’t said no. Jade was yelping again as she was getting fucked from behind, but Ben decided to reward me, I assumed, as I felt Jade’s head pushed down between my spread legs. She wasted no time in licking me again, nearly making me forget everything else that was happening. Still, I was able to reach her to return the favour, leaving us locked in a 69 while her boyfriend took her hard.

I could barely concentrate on what I was doing, with the distraction of Jade’s amazing mouth on my pussy, but I was dedicated to showing I was more skilled than she was. I let my tongue go wild on her, trying to bring her to orgasm first, when Ben pulled out of her. I was half-expecting him to leave his cock there in my reach again but he stepped totally away from her, leaving me free to continue eating Jade out. Soon however, I realized where he had gone when I felt a second tongue dart inside my pussy while Jade licked away at my clit. They were working together to make me come and I was stuck underneath her unable to say a thing about it. I wouldn’t have anyways, it was too good, but they kept on with their plans of not giving me a choice!

Before long, I was too lost in the sensations to continue on Jade. I was lying limp, overwhelmed by the two of them working together. They were both alternating between their fingers and mouths until Jade made room for Ben while she came up to kiss my neck and caress my body. Her lips and hands were all over me, it was a never-ending sensation of touches driving me out of my mind. My hips were bucking and I started to announce my orgasm coming until a whisper from Jade caused Ben to slow to a crawl, keeping me close but not pushing me over the edge.

“You know, for a girl that’s supposed to be our toy for the weekend, I think she’s getting way too much for herself.” Jade said to Ben.

Slowing his fingers down, Ben agreed, “You’re right, I think she’s starting to get spoiled here…”

“Maybe we should stop? I don’t know if she really wanted this anyways…” I was barely listening escort gaziantep anal yapan to the words, all I knew is that I wanted to come and they were stopping just before I could. “Yeah, we should probably stop taking advantage of the poor girl, don’t you think?”

“Good idea,” Ben replied, “let’s just go in the tent, she can catch some rest out here, it’s been a long day.”

I finally paid enough attention to the words to get their meaning. “What?? Fuck! No! Keep going!” I pleaded.

“Nooo… we couldn’t do that to you, it just feels wrong when you don’t want it.” Ben answered.

“Fuck that, I want it, keep going! Please?”

Jade continued, “I don’t know, I’m not convinced, are you sure you’re up for this? Seems like we’re pushing you too far. I don’t want you to regret anything.”

I was almost frantic now. “You’re not! I love it! Please keep going! I don’t want to stop! What more do I have to do to convince you?”

Jade giggled before answering, “Well, this poor guy keeps stopping and starting, to make you happy no less, I think he’s going to want to fuck me next. He might need some help…”

I didn’t get the meaning, but fucking Jade made sense, I answered with confusion, “Sure, whatever, I can help, I don’t know how, but I’ll help you next, just please finish me first…please…”

Ben piped up, “So…if we let you come, then you’ll help by getting her wet and ready for me?” I was trying to touch myself at this point to push me over, but he was easily keeping my hands back while occasionally teasing my pussy himself.

“Fuck yes I will, you know that!” What was the point of this? Of course I would. Hadn’t I proved that already?

“What about me?” He asked next, “I’ll need to be hard and slippery too, anything you can do there?” Shit, now I understood.

I stammered, “I don’t know…I can…maybe…”

“Never mind,” Jade broke in, “she doesn’t have the guts to go that far, the little prude. Let’s just leave her here and go in the tent by ourselves. She might not have promised everything, but we didn’t promise to baby-sit a chickenshit girl all weekend.” I knew she was just taunting me and wasn’t really being mean, but she was making a point. They didn’t promise anything about making me feel good, but they had been doing so over and over.

Ben started fingerfucking me quickly for a few seconds then stopped just as I started to moan again. “Yeah, if she’s not up for it, that’s fine, let’s go have our own fun.”

“Wait!”, I cried, “The deal was that I didn’t have to do anything I didn’t want! You can’t stop yet!” They were keeping me so close it was driving me crazy.

“Perhaps,” Jade started, “But I don’t remember anything saying we had to do whatever you wanted.” She had an evil look while she said this. Clearly she was trying to remind me who was actually in control here, despite all the freedom I had lately. “Pretty sure we can just go have our own fun without you if we like.” She gave me a last kiss and started to stand.

Shit. Shit shit shit! “Ok! Fuck you! I’ll do it, I’ll help, I fucking promise, but please stop teasing me and make me fucking come already!”

Jade smiled and told Ben, “Sounds good to me baby, why don’t you let me finish the job then we’ll see if she means it?” Ben shrugged and moved out of the way. My legs were still spread wide open as Jade descended, her tongue snaking out to my clit without delay, circling and flicking as I lost myself again. Ben moved beside me, and began lightly nipping at my nipples with his teeth, not quite painful but making me jerk nonetheless.

Ben was positioned right beside me, and I’m sure intentionally, he let his cock fall onto my open hand. It wasn’t very hard yet, there had been enough time elapsed since being in Jade, and enough talking, for it to soften somewhat, but I let my fingers close lightly around it. I didn’t do much, just slowly slid my hand back and forth, but it clearly satisfied him for the moment. As I started to moan louder, my mouth opened wide, and I felt Ben place two fingers on the inside of my lip, I opened my eyes to see him staring down at my expectantly, I knew what he wanted. I closed my mouth on his fingers and began sucking them slowly as he lowered them in and out. My tongue started to move nearly as fast as Jade’s, her eating me out as I sucked Ben’s fingers, even nervous as I was that it was just a sign of things to come.

After all the teasing, my orgasm came hard and fast. “Fuck! Oh fuck! Ohhhhh…yes! Oh God, I’m coming!” I screamed out around Ben’s probing fingers. Jade didn’t let up until I stopped screaming, taking me all the way through my orgasm. She eventually pulled back, showing me her beautiful, smiling, and most distinctly, wet face. Ben moved to her to kiss her as I lay exhausted on the blanket on the ground.

They were still making out as I caught my breath and pulled myself together. Jade saw my recovery and came to me, grabbing my hair in her hands and pulling me to her for one last, long kiss, her tongue deep in my mouth. “Now, we’re all going into the tent and you’re going to keep this promise. If you don’t, then I swear we’re going to have to tie you down and spank that tight ass of yours until you listen, got it?”

I took a deep breath, and replied…

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