Uncommon on the Common

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Journal Entry

6 – First Night in Connecticut

Hi Journal!

Well, I have another one for you! I’m in New Haven, Connecticut, scouting colleges (or at least that was the excuse I gave Daddy for the trip. It’s my first real trip out completely on my own, which I think is important at this point of my life.

Enough boring stuff, you know why I’m here.

Yesterday I drove into Connecticut from New York. The roads here are so pretty, but the freeways (they call them highways) are miserable! I swear I never saw more than two lanes each way! They do have these cool little places where you can exit to get McD’s and gas and then pull right back on to the road. I wish we had more of those back home.

I got into New Haven after passing through a nasty looking place called Bridgeport (more on that later) and eventually found my hotel.

I checked in and went up to my room where I unpacked, took a looooong bath, and then took a nap. When I got up I was so hungry, so I threw on some shorts and a tank with sneakers and went down to ask where I could get some food. The clerk (cute, but more later) told me about the hotel restaurant, but I asked him about other places. He gave me directions to a diner near “the Common” which was nearby.

I guess it was nearly four, and the streets were pretty crowded. This didn’t look like too good of a neighborhood, and I started to get worried, but then figured the buildings and streets were just old, not bad.

I noticed that all of the girls were dressed in skirts and they all wore tights. Not going to see that in California any time soon! I couldn’t figure out why, since it wasn’t even cold, but I guess it’s just the fashion.

I found the little restaurant the clerk had told me about and went inside. I didn’t have to wait too long for a table, and the food was excellent. The service wasn’t great, but maybe I just got a bad waitress.

Anyway, when I finished I went back out and down the street, where I found a great big park right in the middle of everything, surrounded by buildings and the University. I decided that this was where I was going to run the next morning, and I visited a few bookstores just to see what was up.

I was looking through the magazines when I saw this guy looking at me. He was at least 6’4″, built like a football player, and had long shaggy brown hair and a long beard and mustache. He was dressed in a flannel shirt over a T-shirt and jeans, and he smiled at me with the biggest, most beautiful smile I’d seen in a long time.

His big brown puppy-dog eyes were so soft and full of warmth that I couldn’t help but stop and smile back at him. When I did he stopped smiling and looked down, and then shuffled away.

I saw that he was heading for the counter, so I grabbed a couple of magazines and chased after him. I guess I wasn’t paying too much attention because I found out later in the hotel that I bought an issue of Guns & Ammo and Field & Stream. I got into line behind him and waited patiently before dropping one of my magazines next to him.

Being the gentleman I knew he would be, he stooped and picked it up and then turned to hand it to me, getting a long look up my legs and past my chest at my smiling face. After a second I crouched down with him and took the magazine and said thank you. He laughed really loudly, a pleasant strong laugh, and he stood up. His eyes were twinkling when he said, “You’re very welcome!”

I told him my name, and he said his was Jeff. I told him that I was in town to visit the University and I asked him if he was a student. He confirmed that he was, but of the community college just a little ways from New Haven.

I asked him what he did, and he blushed. I expected him to say he worked in a porn shop or something, but he said he worked in a comic book shop.

I said that was cool, and he looked like I had just took the world’s troubles away from him. I looked at the book he was carrying and it was some kind of paperback about Batman. I asked him if Batman was his favorite. THE Batman, he corrected me, and then he went on to tell me that his favorite character was Hulk. I told him I saw the TV show on reruns, and he said that it wasn’t like that at all.

Just türkçe altyazılı porno when he got to the front of the line I asked him why he liked Hulk, and he looked me straight in the eyes and said, “Sometimes it feels good to see the big guy cut loose and let out all of his feelings, and nothing can stop him, you know?” I got wet and my legs went weak in the knees.

After I bought my magazines I raced out and saw him walking (it really did look like he was shambling, but how do you describe that?) across the street and into the park. It took me a minute to get across the street because of traffic, but once I got across I went running after him as fast as I could.

I found him sitting back against a tree reading the paperback and he looked surprised when I ran up.

“Are you stalking me?” he asked, looking bewildered.

I leaned on my knees and said that I kind of was. I told him that I was just visiting for a couple of days, and that he was the first really nice person I’d met. I asked him to have dinner with me.

He looked around like he expected guys with cameras to jump out, and then he said he had a girlfriend.

“It’s just for a couple of days and then I’m gone. She never has to find out.” At this point in every story I’m always torn. A part of me wants them to jump up and say, “Let’s go!” But there’s a big part of me that enjoys it when they say, “No, I love her and wouldn’t do that.” He picked the middle.

“Okay, but just dinner and talking, right?” he asked.

“Sure,” I said, and in my mind I knew that if I didn’t have a piece of this guy that night I’d never feel right about myself again.

We walked over to his car, a beat up little Toyota, and he drove me back to the hotel. He seemed really nervous going up to my room, but once we were inside he sprawled out on the bed. I asked him if he knew anyplace nearby to eat and he said he knew a place. I asked him how I should dress, and he just looked at himself and told me to dress casually.

We had pleasant chitchat about the world and where we fit into it, and where we didn’t. He was a really sweet guy, and I could see myself falling for him if everything ever worked out that way.

It was nearly seven when he asked if I was hungry yet, and I said I was. I changed (in the bathroom) into jeans and a sweater with heels and he whistled when I came out. I ran over and kissed his fuzzy cheek and he blushed beet red.

We went down to his car and he drove us back down the highway to that crappy looking city I mentioned before, Bridgeport. We parked in a neighborhood I wouldn’t have even slowed down in with my Lexus, and he escorted me into a little Italian restaurant.

It was so loud, big guys in work clothes drinking and laughing and watching sports on a crappy old TV over the bar. The waitress, who looked like she hooked on the side and didn’t charge much, sat us and after a few minutes the waiter came over. Jeff ordered Chianti and garlic bread, and we settled down to talk. I do not know why I wasn’t carded, but it was a good thing I wasn’t.

Jeff was telling me about Hulk again, about how the world didn’t understand him, and how his rage was uncontrollable because of it, when I brushed my foot against his ankle. The first couple of times he moved his leg out of the way, but as he talked he became more intense and I was able to run my foot up and down his calf.

When dinner came the conversation switched to me, and I almost slipped and told him about my journal and my studies, but I knew he wouldn’t approve. The food was amazing, and the Chianti was a perfect compliment.

One of the drunks from the bar walked past our table on the way to the toilet and said something about Jeff being a “fucking hippie queer.” Jeff sunk in on himself and took it without comment, looking more embarrassed that I had heard it than by the insult. On his way back though, the guy stopped at the table and leaned on it, staring at my tits.

“What are you doing with a creep like this? Come on over to the bar and I’ll show you a real good time,” the drunk said, finally looking up at my face.

I said, “No, thank you,” and half expected the guy to leave, but he just xnxx leaned closer and said, “Come on, I can show a cute little thing like you a thing or two,” exhaling beer fumes at me.

I didn’t see it happen, but the next thing I knew Jeff was up and leaning across the table with the guy’s wrist in his hand, and the guy was on his knees next to the table.

“Leave the lady be and get the fuck out of here!” Jeff growled (and I DO mean growled). His face was twisted with anger, his soft eyes sharp and dangerous, his whole body like a weapon, tensed and ready to fight.

He let go of the guy’s arm and the guy scrambled halfway to the door before he got to his feet and ran the rest of the way out. Jeff was sitting again, but his face was red, his eyes closed. His body was shaking with fury, and then – it stopped.

His color went back to normal, and when he opened his eyes they were soft and loving again. I felt a cramp and realized my butt and thighs were tight and clenched, my knees pressing together hard. He hadn’t done anything to me and I felt like I was about to come! God I was wet. Jeff looked away from me, embarrassed, and I looked down and saw that my nipples were hard and erect and clearly visible beneath both bra and sweater.

“Take me home,” I said, and even to me it sounded like I was purring. We paid and went out to his car, and while he drove I snuggled in close to him. His only concession was to drape his arm over me. I had such a hard time keeping my hands off of his lap. I wanted to feel his cock, to take it out and stroke it. Hell, at that moment I would have climbed on it while he drove!

He parked at the hotel and I had to beg him to come up to my room. He escorted me like a gentleman and once we were inside I hugged him, pressing myself against him.

I looked up at him at the same time he looked down, and his face descended on mine. First I felt his whiskers and then his soft, warm lips. When he kissed me I melted, but his big arms were wrapped around me so I knew I wouldn’t fall. We kissed with just our lips for a long time, and then I felt his tongue brush my lips and I parted them.

The moment his tongue slipped into my mouth it was like everything went into fast-forward. I was pulling his flannel shirt off and he was pulling my sweater over my head and I was pulling his T-shirt off and he was running his thumbs over my nipples. I pushed him back onto the bed and I climbed onto him, kissing his hairy chest before moving up for more of those lips and that tongue. I felt his big hands on my ass, and then they slipped around and unbuttoned me.

I got up on my knees and pushed my pants down, and then rolled over and kicked them off. When I rolled back I saw that he had pushed his pants down to his knees, and I yanked his underwear down to join the pants. I had to untie his shoes and pull them off before I could get him totally naked (well, except for his socks).

God, he was hairy! His whole body was covered with brown hair, making me think of Bigfoot or one of those things from Star Wars. And standing up in the center was a fat, beautiful cock. The head was broad and the shaft rippled with fat veins. Guessing I’d have to say it was close to the biggest dick I’d ever had, at least ten inches long but still looking squat because it was so fucking thick. There was a steady stream of clear pre-come running down his shaft.

I stepped back into my heels and walked around the bed, looking him over like a plate of French truffles and giving him a show in my bra and panties. His big hand wrapped around his cock and he pumped it slowly, the stream of pre-come running over his fingers.

I unfastened my bra and let the girls free, and then I hooked my fingers in the waist of my thong and turned around. I bent at the waist and pulled them off. I stood and was turning around, ready to tease him when his big arm swung out and he grabbed me, pulling me back onto the bed. He threw me down on the mattress and when he came down on top of me it was like a mountain descending on me. He kissed me hard, and beyond his hand squeezing my tit I felt his cock pressing against my thigh.

He kissed down to my tits and took a turn with each, his lips and porno izle tongue driving me crazy, and his beard and mustache tickling and scratching. He kissed down over my belly and then ran his tongue along my pussy. The tickle from his soft whiskers made everything he did that much more fabulous, and he went down on me like a pro, or actually much better than most of the pro’s I’ve been with. After only a few minutes of tongue and light finger action I was squealing and bouncing like a virgin.

Jeff put his hands under me, under my back, and he leaned back, lifting me up. The next thing I knew it I was sitting on his face, my legs wrapped around his neck, and he was on his knees, supporting my body with his hands.

I don’t have to tell anyone reading this journal that I have never done anything like that before!

I was completely at his mercy. I could only move how he let me move, or else I would fall. His tongue was whipping me up into a frenzy, and I had a major, tummy-clenching come that ended up with me rolled up around his head, hugging it.

Jeff slammed me back onto the bed and rushed up to kiss me, but not before I could notice my come beaded up in his beard. At that moment I would have killed somebody to make him fuck me.

After some really amazing kissing he sat back on his heels and pulled me up to him again, but this time he was moving me just so, getting ready to impale me on his monstrous meat. I felt his head spread me and push against my little hole, and then he pushed on my back and hip and was inside me.

I saw stars and I felt my pussy stretching around his meat, feeling it pulse inside me. I was wailing and I knew it, but I couldn’t stop. I felt tears run down my cheeks but I wrapped my legs around him and moved my hips to take more of him inside me.

Once he was firmly buried in me he leaned forward and put more of his weight on me, pinning me to the mattress. My toes were pointed at the corners of the room and I was whining and scratching at him when he started to fuck me. He started out slowly, sliding a bit of his beautiful cock out and then firmly running it back in. He slowly built up the strength and the length of his strokes until I couldn’t see straight, and he was pounding into me hard.

He was whispering about how beautiful I was, and I was whining about how big he was, and the sound of our slapping, sweaty skin filled the room. I couldn’t help it. It wasn’t because I was in pain, though I was, and it wasn’t because I was overwhelmed by emotion, though I was, but I started to cry, sobbing while he fucked me. He kissed my face, kissed my tears while he fucked me, and I scratched at his chest and his sides.

And then his hands planted on either side of me and he pushed up, mostly off of me except where he was sliding into and out of me. His face twisted again, looking like he had when he had hurt that guy in the restaurant. His mouth opened wide and he bellowed, screamed – no, he roared. I felt his cock straining inside me, felt his come pulsing and flowing deep within me. I think that roar, along with his powerful orgasm was what sent me over into mine.

His heavy, sweaty, hairy body collapsed onto me, and I really couldn’t breathe. He was dead weight on me, panting and shaking, and I couldn’t move a muscle. Just when I was about to panic he lifted up slightly and rolled over, carrying me with him until he was on his back and I was sprawled across him. We lay like that for a long time as I drank in his heat.

After a while though, nature called and I had to go answer. I climbed down and after a quick peck on those delicious lips I went in and sat on the toilet. It took me a while to get cleaned up, since I could hardly stand. Have you ever ridden a horse hard for a whole day? Imagine it with a giant cock shoved up between your legs and you’ll know what I felt like.

When I was done I went out and found Jeff sitting on the edge of the bed, tying his shoes. I asked him, no, shit. I begged him to stay the night. He wouldn’t though. He said he shouldn’t have been with me, that he had been unfaithful to his girlfriend.

I couldn’t argue, and I was grateful that he kissed me one last time before he left. He apologized for seducing me, and said he hoped I’d be okay. He said he hoped I wouldn’t hate him.

And then he left.

I’ve slept with a lot of men and women, but that was the first time I ever cried myself to sleep after. Damn it, I could have fallen for that big guy.



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