Under a Suburban Moon

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Note: All of the characters in this story are over the age of eighteen. This does not represent any real people or groups. It is a fantasy. Look at the story tags. If you don’t like those things you should move on. I did set this during the height of the lockdowns. I honestly don’t like writing about that time, but this is how the story came to me. Please enjoy.

I was upstairs hard at work at not writing my supposed “novel” when I heard Kelsey in her parents’ backyard. Truthfully: I had no idea that it was her at first. Kelsey has left for school years ago. Back then she was a teenager who used to come over and hangout with my ex-wife Claire and I. This young woman looked to different now. Her breasts had filled out and threatened to burst through the swimsuit she was wearing. It was a red two-piece swimsuit and tightly held every succulent curve of her, which told me that she was wearing a suit that was too small for her. The so-called “freshman fifteen” must have been more than fifteen and had definitely held on longer than her time at college. I wasn’t complaining. She was the kind of plump that guys like me find irresistible.

I moved away from the window. Terrified that I would be caught. That was unlikely. The neighborhood could be oppressively quiet. Sometimes part of that was the lockdowns and the Covid paranoia, but most of it was just good old-fashioned suburbia. No one wanted to sully themselves with their neighbor’s dirty business.

And mine was certainly dirty. I was fifteen years older than Kelsey. She was a grown adult woman of course, but fifteen years…what was I thinking? Even though I wasn’t looking she was still domination my mind. I just had to poke my head out again. She had dropped her phone onto her father’s lawn, and was bent over to pick it up. The view of her plump ass straining against her swimsuit bottom was something that most men had to go on the internet to find. It was such as good thing that it hurt me. In a time of depression, her bubble butt pointing up at me was a symbol of hope.

I was hooked then. I could already feel my cock stirring within my pajama bottoms. My reverie was finally when Kelsey suddenly turned around and stared up at me. There was a glint of anger in her bright blue eyes at first, but then it softened. She laughed and said something to the person that she was on the phone with while brushing at her wet brunette hair. I was just another perv, I thought. Kelsey probably didn’t even remember me.

Then Kelsey did the unthinkable. She set down her phone, and then while looking directly at me, she flipped up the top of her swimsuit to flash me those large creamy white breasts that I had been ogling. My mouth was left agape, and she reeled back laughing. Desperately getting back to her phone so she could brag to her friend about the game she was playing.

She succeeded.

I knew what I was going to be jerking off to later, and Kelsey lost interest in me altogether. She went back to her cooler full of White Claw and her inflatable swimming pool. I had been just a minor distraction to the completion of her day.

I retreated from the window. Nervous, ashamed, and yet very excited. I was quickly developing a better errection than I’d had in a while. When I lost my last job before the pandemic, I thought that surely, I’d be drinking and jerking off more than ever now that I was stuck at home. Claire had already left me, and to be honest: our intimacy had declined immensely in the years leading up to the divorce. Yet, all of the free time had resulted in very little vice. Mainly I’d been reduced to watching videos on the internet, which just seemed sadder.

I walked over and sat down on the bench portion of my bench-press set. I’d converted the extra bedroom into my home gym/writing room–believing that if I could link the two activities together that would somehow help both of them. I don’t think that it did, but the good news was that by frequently not eating out of disinterest I’d remained in decent shape, whereas the joke was that everyone else was blowing up from staying at home.

I was grateful for that.

I’d been planning on really pushing my writing that afternoon, but from then on, the only thing on my mind was the beautiful Kelsey. I was ruined for the rest of the day. Even jerking off and drinking a glass of my over-priced bourbon didn’t help.

A few hours later, I was aimlessly walking around my house. My usual worries were all there. Steady work had been gone for months by then. The lockdown wasn’t going to make that any easier. Yeah, I wanted to believe that I could make money with my writing, but the fact was that I hadn’t managed to pull it off after years of trying. Fortunately, I’d been successful early on in life and I actually owned my house. However, like a lot of people it looked to me like the writing was on the wall when it came to living in California. San Diego was definitely better than the waking nightmare that was L.A., but even it was beginning to collapse.

I knew that my life was a hot mess, but Hd Porno I had no course correction for myself. No worthwhile ambitions. Kelsey still came to my mind. I envied her. Not that I believed that people her age were going to have an east time of it. Hell, the opposite was more likely than not. But…they never seemed to display any knowledge of that impending doom. I didn’t know that if it was admirable or foolish.

There was a knock on my door. Loud. Insistent. I turned towards the sound. I didn’t get many visitors anymore except for people trying to sell me stuff and this was after dinner time.

I answered the door, and to my rather horrifying surprise, it was Kelsey’s father George.

He said, “Jeremy, good to see you. How you holding up?”

“Good as I can. What’s going on, George?”

“Well, I’m not sure if you know but Kelsey came back home.”

“She did?” I could still see her ripe tits in my mind.

“Yeah. The missus and I are happy about it…mostly, but uh…the thing is…we kind of made some changes to the house after she left and aren’t exactly equipped for it. Anyway, what I’m getting at is that I gotta have one of those towable storage containers out here and there’s not a lot of room with the motorhome and such.”

“Alright. I think I get it. You want to park this storage thing in front of my house?”


Now, the old me probably would’ve played up some of the inconvenience bullshit up in hopes of securing a favor later on. Part of living in the suburbs is not wanting people to park in front of your house despite the street parking being “open to all”. At that time, however, I barely gave a shit about most things. Claire would’ve hated having some ugly container parked out front, but she’d left a while ago.

After a moment, I said: “How long?”

George was smiling. He figured that he’d already suckered me. Maybe he did, but the vison of Kelsey was worth it, and I had the prospect of more.

She’d flashed me. What did it mean? Solving that mystery may have been worth it.

“Not long,” said George. “When we get enough stuff loaded in there, they’ll tow it to a yard or somewhere. It’s actually a really good deal if you should ever need to it yourself.”

I nodded.

Most people in the neighborhood assumed that I was doomed to downsize and retreat to some apartment somewhere. The loss of both your job and your wife is difficult to keep a secret for long. Those are the two things that define many modern men. People were not mean about it. I’d just been reduced to a sad cautionary tale.

I said, “No, worries, George. Anyways, it’s good to see that Kelsey’s back. Been a while.”

“Yeah…” George sighed. “Kids…let me tell you…I don’t want to say how much I spent on that girl’s education, but it wasn’t a small number. Now, she’s back and it may have all been for naught. If you get what I mean.”

I wasn’t entirely sure that I did, but I said, “Sorry to hear that. They say that college isn’t what it used to be, right?”

He nodded. “Yeah, that they do. You’re not that much older than she is. You made it work.”

“Well, the nineties were different time.”

“I guess. Thank you, Jeremy.”

I shrugged. “No problem.”

George left and he was probably happy with the deal that he made. I didn’t mind. George was from a different generation than mine. Men who were taught that their job and destiny was to conquer the world, and by God if a lot of them didn’t do it. He was technically “retired”, but he moved more money within the stock market and now with Crypto than I could ever hope to see. I’m sure that some people just saw him as another “old guy” in the suburbs, but he was more than that. I respected him greatly.

And damn I really wanted his daughter.

I went back upstairs and found some odd motivation to work out suddenly. Maybe it was the idea of sex or the notion that I might physically be judged, but I had a better workout than I’d had for a long time. It felt great. I was basking in the post-workout feeling when I heard a text message go off on my phone. I picked it up off of my writing desk. I didn’t recognize the number, but it was local.

“Look out your window,” it read.

Of course, I was going to be a little paranoid. In the modern day: how can you not be? Everyone is afraid of being “doxxed” or cancelled. Yeah, there were times when I worried about that. If I was going to be successful as a writer then I wanted some level of control of my image. Not that there was too much to find on me.

Determined to be brave as some aspect of my best self, I walked over to the window to look outside. Sure enough, I spotted Kelsey in George’s backyard. George did have one of those amazing backyards that people in the suburbs dream of: grass was thick, dark green, and trimmed to perfection. There was a very developed patio with an outdoor kitchen and good lighting. George and Mary had gone for the hot tub instead of the in-ground pool, and that was why Kelsey must’ve brought Türkçe Altyazılı Porno the inflatable pool.

Kelsey didn’t have the lights on, but there was still enough residual glow from the neighborhood to make her out. She was pacing about in a white, cotton bathrobe. I could only imagine that she’d bathed and smelled amazing. When she finally noticed me, she stopped.

Kelsey looked around–to make sure that no one was watching. Then she opened her robe to display the fullness of her naked form. Her large breasts were just as succulent as I’d seen before. It was the most difficult thing in the world not to be able to touch them. My eyes rolled down her chest and over her cute little belly to the treasure that she hid between her legs. It looked swollen and luxuriant. A trim and conservative slit with only the faintest traces of hair at its outskirts.

She quickly closed the robe and scanned the area again to make sure that no one had seen her. My mouth was left agape again, and once again Kelsey reeled back with laughter. She whipped out her phone from her robe, and texted me again.

“Come down here,” it said.

Direct and to the point. She had me well-hooked by then, so I left the loneliness of my inner sanctum and went outside to join her under the dull light of a suburban moon.

As I walked to the fence that separated our yards, I felt so exposed. My eyes darted here and there. Certain that this was some kind of obvious ambush, and that I was a sex-starved fool for walking into it. I still had vivid memories of so-called friends pranking me in high school and college. Some of those people I would still run into, and many of them didn’t change. We all got “old” but some people would never grow.

Kelsey poked her head up over her parents’ expensive fence as I approached. She said, “Hey there, Jeremy. It’s been a while, hasn’t it?”

“It has. Surprised that you’re back. I seem to recall you complaining about living with your parents back then.”

She laughed. “Yeah. The more things change the more they stay the same. I heard about you and Claire. Sorry that things didn’t work out. You guys were a cute couple.”

“That’s what people said.”

It was true. Everyone had been so hopeful about our marriage. If only we had. Kelsey caught on that it wasn’t a good subject. She said, “What brings you out here tonight?”

“Well…I think you know.”

She giggled. “Do you like what you saw?”

“I came out here, but Kelsey…”


“I mean…”

She sighed. “I get it. It’s some shit to put you through, but you liked it, huh?”


“I knew it.”

Kelsey checked her surrounding again. Then she put her foot up on the cross-beam of the fence and hopped over. Damn, I thought. I wish I could be young again. I played at catching her as she landed.

“Aww,” she said. “Thank you.” She looked around my yard. “Jeremy, you probably need to clean up back here.”

“It’s a work in progress,” I said. Much like my life as a whole.

Kelsey smiled at me. “I showed you mine,” she said. “You could be a gentleman and show me yours.”

That only made me more nervous. I took a deep breath. This was me living in the moment, I thought. It was the “young person” thing to do. That had to make it better. I pulled my pajama bottoms down along with my boxers–grateful that I’d been giving some time for my cock to get a little excited. It was at least in that state when Kelsey laid eyes on it.

“Nice,” she said. “Better than I thought.”

That was a relief for me to hear.

Kelsey went to her knees, and before I could say anything she inhaled my cock. The hot, wet confines of her mouth were enough to make me grit my teeth. She sucked with such force that it was almost painful. I looked around in a daze. Concerned that someone would spot me and point out the whole show to the neighborhood. A foolish thought, but that’s what I feared.

Yet that melted away as Kelsey’s expert mouth worked on my cock. I hadn’t experienced such a thing for the longest time. Claire had been rather frugal when it came to oral sex, and not really interested in doing it. Kelsey was literally rewriting the history of blowjobs as far as I was concerned.

She forced the head of my cock against the roof of her mouth, and pulled it across. The feeling was so intense that I almost started shaking my knees became weak. My cock almost burst in her mouth right there. Kelsey seemed to notice this, and kept going. She pulled at my cock hard–sucked at me more intensely. I actually asked her to stop for some foolish reason. Being alone had left me a little too coy perhaps. Not long after, I felt the burning in my cock and my orgasm took hold. Better than any that I’d had in a long time. My cock exploded into the hot confines of her mouth. Pulse after pulse of hot cum shooting into her. Kelsey took all of it. Eventually, she pulled away, and one last bit of my seed spilled out onto her chin.

I looked down at Kelsey and Brazzers saw the most wicked smile on her face after she swallowed my load. She wiped up the last bit of my cum and licked it off of her finger.

“That was satisfying,” she said. Kelsey stood up. “Unfortunately, I’m going to need to go. My mom’s been on my ass lately. I wish I was your age.”

“No, you don’t.”

“You’re not old. Jeremy. Your cock told me that much. Fifteen years isn’t that far apart. Anyways, I have to go.”

I don’t know why, but I grabbed her hand. Kelsey took a moment to look at what I was going and smiled.

She said, “What’s up, Jeremy?”

“Uhh…what does this mean?”

She looked down at my spent and now shrinking cock. “You might want to cover up.”

I quickly did so, which made me let go of her hand. When I tried to grab it again, Kelsey kept it away.

“Not yet,” she said. Kelsey sighed. “I’ve gone through some shit recently. I wasn’t sure about coming home, but where do you go when you got not where else to go?”

“I know the feeling.”

“I need to go,” she said. Then she grabbed my hand, and held it between her legs beneath her robe. “Touch it,” she said.

I did as she ordered. My fingers feeling at the creamy velvet of her hot pussy lips. Just barely putting my fingers in I so I could feel so much of her slick heat.

Kelsey smiled, and then pulled my hand away. She said, “If you’re good that’s where you’re going next. Are you going to be good?”

Of course, I nodded. What kind of fool would I have to be not to?

We said our “goodbyes”, and then I gave Kelsey a boost up over the fence so she could return to her parents’ backyard. The day was finally over for me, and I could hardly believe what had transpired. I stood there questioning all o it, and eventually retreated back into my empty house and after a long time to the embrace of sleep.

The next morning was suspiciousy quiet. I drank my coffee–lied to myself that I would finally do some writing, and forced myself to eat my “healthy breakfast” of yogurt and grains. Some of the changes that Claire had to my life were not going away anytime soon. My cock still ached from the previous night, but in a good way that I craved. Good sex stuff usually hurt later.

George didn’t waste time at all. The storage container was offloaded by a truck in front of my house. It was bigger than I thought it would be, and nearly edged into my driveway. Leave it to George to take full advantage of someone’s kindness. Maybe I didn’t feel so bad about what I’d done with his daughter. In fact, I was definitely committed to being whatever Kelsey was going to be define as “good.”

The text message from her came around noon. It read, “Be dressed. I want to get some lunch.”

Kelsey arrived at my door wearing a cute little white top and an intense pair of leggings that she called “Tick Tock pants”. I didn’t know what that meant, but these “pants hugged every curvy inch of her lower half. When she turned around, I could see every line of her plump ass. Back in my day, girls would never wear shit like that. I did still feel privileged that I’d seen everything that was beneath that piece of skin-tight material. I felt like an explorer who had ventured to exotic and beyond the normal world. It was curiously rewarding.

She handed me two big glass jugs and told me to put them in my car.

“What are those for?”

“The liquid part of lunch.”

“I’m not really sure where we can go,” I said. “Everything is closed.”

Kelsey held up her phone. “Not really. I just needed to look around the area. Text a few people. And now I have a plan.”

Doubtful as I was, I reminded myself that I was going to be “good” for her and I agreed.

I drove her out to a craft beer bar in El Cajon that I’d been to a long time ago.

Kelsey explained, “You see, they’re still able to operate for a few hours every day because they have a kitchen. County regulations have it that they can sell off the beer remaining in their draft lines at discount in order to facilitate the ‘shut down’. So, grab a jug and get ready to order food.”

It a strange thing to be inside of a bar that been closed for over a week with little prospect of opening soon. Like I could feel all the old energy from the people that used to have fun within those walls. We had the jugs filled with some delightful IPAs while our food was being made. I learned that Kelsey was a big fan of craft beer. I definitely had been before the divorce, and being there with Kelsey I could feel that old interest and energy coming back. Once we had our goodies we retreated back to my house. It was a simple thing, but it was with her and that meant something.

I had one of the best Reuban sandwiches that I’d had in a long time, while Kelsey had fish tacos. After we ate and drank down one of the jugs to its end, we got to talking.

Kelsey said, “I’m glad to have found you back here, Jeremy. I was nervous about coming back home.”


She scoffed. “You know…You leave for school and people expect you to conquer the world or some stupid shit. The fact is: I got my degree. The ‘Big D’. I got it. Then I went and got a job with it. It took a while to realize how miserable the whole thing was. Years…I was depressed. So, I quit everything. Came back here.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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