Under The Coat

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Big Tits

Because of the insomnia and all the thoughts running through my mind I decide to go to an all-night supermarket and that’s when I see the tall naked woman.

I cannot see her naked body. She is wearing a long coat buttoned up to the neck. All I can see is her face. It is very pale. Her hands are pale too. And her feet. Her feet are bare and look as if she has recently had them pedicured. I think to myself that the soles of her feet must feel very cold as she walk along the aisles of the all night supermarket. She is like a marble statue.

I decide to follow her. There is no logical reason for my decision. I try not to make it too obvious but to be honest i don’t think she would notice. A woman who decides to walk through an all-night supermarket whilst naked beneath a long coat is totally immersed in a world of her own. At least that’s what I think but maybe i am wrong. Maybe she is trying to find a place in the world. You can never be totally certain about people and their reasons for doing certain things. Everyone is lost to a certain extent.

She continues to walk. She has a basket in her hand. In the basket there is a loaf of whole-meal bread, six oranges in a string bag, a tin of salmon, a tub of yogurt. She likes to eat healthy I surmise. But Kartal Escort again I could be wrong.

I wonder what her story is or if indeed she has one. She must have a story or is she just an aimless character wandering through a story? And is that the way she feels? That she has no real purpose in life? That walking naked through an all-night supermarket gives her life some meaning in purpose? Does it make her feel brave, powerful, sexual?

I want to say something to her but have no idea what it is so I just continue to follow her. She puts some more items in her basket and goes up to the check out. I go to the checkout beside her. I do not want to stand behind her. I pay for the items I have in my basket, Put them into a paper carrier bag and then I go outside to my car.

I decide to have a cigarette. I roll down the window. The tall naked woman is standing in the middle of the car park. She is looking around. Her expression is vacant. I take another drag on my cigarette as I observe her. Is she waiting for someone? A man perhaps? Maybe that’s why is naked underneath her long coat. Some erotic game. A form of foreplay.

Then she turns her head and looks directly at my car. Directly at me. Her lips move as though Kartal Escort Bayan she is about to say something but no words come out. She just continues to look at me.

“Are you Okay?” I ask her.

She speaks: “I think so.”

“Are you waiting for somebody?”

She shakes her head.

I finish my cigarette and stub it out in the car ashtray.

“Do you need a lift somewhere? Do you live far from here?”

“Is there a hotel nearby?” she asks me.

I think for a moment. There is a hotel but it is one of those hotels that rents out rooms by the hour. Is that the kind of hotel that she wants?

“There is one,” I tell her “But I’m not sure if it will take reservations this late.”

“Can you drive there. Please? I’m very tired.”

I wonder then if maybe I should driver her to a hospital. Instead I open the passenger door. “Yes, I can drive you there.”

She gets into the car.

The hotel is still taking reservations. The desk clerk smirks as he hands her the key to the room.

“Can you come up to the room with me?” she asks. There is an almost pleading tone in her voice and she looks at me as though nothing in the world makes any sense to her.

I hesitate for a moment then agree Escort Kartal to go up to the room with her.

When we are in the room she closes the door. Then she unbuttons her coat, slides it over her shoulders and lets it fall to the floor. I look at her naked body.

“Are you shocked?”

Her flesh is very pale. I am aroused by it.

“No,” I tell her.

She smiles then and moves towards me. She grasps one of my hands and places it against one of her breasts. Then she strokes my cheek. Her breast feels cold against my hand but her hand against my cheek feels warm.

“I have never done anything like this before,” She tells me. “I have never been with another Woman like this.”

She kisses me then. I respond to her kiss. I wonder if maybe I have fallen asleep and if this is all a dream.

She leads me towards the bed. Then her hands are up upon me. Her lips, her tongue. She glides her tongue across my breasts, between my legs. I moan softly.

“Shhh” she says. She kisses me again. I shiver as I feel the heat of her touch. Her fingers penetrate me and she moves them gently at first. Then faster.

She kisses my toes and I shiver. A tear trickles down my cheek. I taste the saltiness of it.

I close my eyes and the world seems to have some meaning or maybe I have just made sense of meaningless?

When I open my eyes again, the floor is cold beneath the soles of my feet. I have a basket in my hand. My coat is buttoned up the neck. I can feel my breasts pushing against the fabric of my coat. Somebody is watching me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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