Unexpected Visitor

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What a trip. I can’t believe it. I survived 2 weeks with the family. Without a cell phone. Nothing. No internet. I can’t do this again, I will die if aunt Lisa comes up again with one of her crazy schemes to go hiking. We got lost for 2 weeks.

It was a rush in the beginning but that got old pretty quick after the first 2 days. I’m not gonna lie, I would not mind repeating some things but others, I can live without.

I’m just glad Jessica was there with us. Cousins in war time.

But now, I can’t wait to get home and just take a long nap next to Liz. She will be surprised to see me. I was supposed to arrive tomorrow but she will be glad to see me.

Let me see, IL just take a uber home.

30 minutes later, I was walking thru the building lobby and taking the elevator to the 8th floor.

OK I got my keys here. Let me be a bit quiet, I don’t want her to think I’m some thief breaking into the house.

Ok, slowly. Yes. No noise from the door.

That’s odd. I don’t hear her anywhere. But what’s is this in the sofa? A skirt? And some shorts. Jeez, this girl is messy. Must’ve gone shopping while I was away.

Wait, what was that sound? It’s coming from the bedroom. It’s faint, like a scream. Oh no, liz!

What is this??? I can’t think. My mind is blank.

I can’t move. I just have a burn sensation in my chest. But its, it’s making me…

I can’t believe my eyes. illegal bahis What’s going on in my bed… it’s. It’s liz. But. She’s not alone.

There is someone between her legs. Liz didn’t see me. She has her head stretch back. In lust.

They have not noticed me. I tried to say something but nothing comes out.

All I see are lizs legs wide open and some women between her legs, eating my wife’s pussy.

But this women. Has her legs dripping also, with a perfectly shaped ass. I can’t believe what I’m seeing.

I noticed this women look back at me and smile. She noticed me there. Why I’m I hard… what’s going on. What’s happening to liz.

She wiped the juice from her face and at that moment liz noticed me there.

She didn’t say anything. No words came out of her mouth.

This women looked down and noticed my huge hard on.

Liz faced turned red. She didn’t say a word. She looked like she had cum several times. She was drenched. Sweat was dripping from her face.

Her friend got up. Wow. She had perfect breasts. They were perky. Perfect.

Why is she coming towards me…

She moved gallantly towards me. Does she not know that she just ravaged MY wife??

I tried to push her away but my hands didn’t move.

She got close enough that I could smell liz on her.

She looked at me, sized me up and then. Kissed my lips. Shoved casino siteleri her tongue down my throat.

I froze. I couldn’t move.

She stopped. Pull her tongue out mine, got next to my ear and said” how does your wife’s pussy taste from my lips?”

I couldn’t believe this.

This women grabbed me by my neck and dragged me to my bed, threw me into my bed and I couldn’t even fight her off. I was paralized. In shock.

I look at liz and she couldn’t believe it either. She closed her legs and huddle to the side of the bed.

This women got on top of me and kissed my ear, so softly and licked my neck.

She had a smile and a smirk on her face. She was enjoying this.

She took my belt off and unbutton my pants. Liz just stood by looking in horror.

What was she doing i somehow managed to ask.

She said “the same thing I did to your wife.”

That was the last thing I saw before her head disappeared and then I felt her soft lips on my skin.

She started licking my cock balls and then took the tip of and rubbed her tongue around it.

She looked up at me and gave me a smile before making my hard cock disappear in her mouth.

She grasped for air after coming back up, looking at liz told her smiling “why didn’t you tell me you had this to play with???”

Liz was in shock of what she was seeing. She couldn’t say anything. poker siteleri She just watched.

This woman kept sucking my hard cock, each time taking it deeper and deeper. She made her hands disappear between her legs and then placed one of them back into my lips, she pushed them into my mouth. Wow. She tasted like sweet honey.

She got up and grabbed my dick, I think she’s going to try and mount me. She place one leg next to mine and aimed the tip at her pussy. She was completely shaved.

Her pussy was touching my cock when liz somehow pushed off to the side of the bed and told her no.

She was surprised by this and said what are you doing?

Liz said no, you can’t.

Liz put two fingers inside of her pussy and took them both out drenched in juice.

She placed them in my mouth and just said “taste this, it’s because of watching you get your dick sucked by her”.

She placed her vagina on top of my cock and slowly inserted my hard dick inside of her.

It went in so smooth. Her pussy was burning hot. She moaned loudly when I was fully inside of her. She had a face of ecstasy.

She grab one of her breasts and place another hand on my chest while she rode me.

Each thrust made her move harder and faster.

I looked over and saw this women spread her legs and started rubbing her clit. That smile, that look she gave me. It burned into my soul.

She opened her mouth slightly and her body shook just as Liz was also shaking.

Liz grabbed me by the throat and slapped my face. She started to ride faster and faster, she let go of her breasts and was now choking me while she pushed her pussy up and down on my cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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