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Belle Delphine

My name is Gerard Hildebrand and I work for Rhodes I should not have paid any attention to this… cockroach at all.

“Jesus, you’re such a prude, Gerry!-“

“Gerard.” I corrected, as I despise being called Gerry. Though I hate to admit it, he’s right… sort of. When I’m in a relationship, there are periods where the poor girl won’t get rest, but outside of one, I’m relatively chaste. Just the mere mention of sex in any crude or direct manner will make my cheeks a little pink. It’s quite pathetic, but…

“I get why you don’t want to be in a relationship-“

“Never said that,” I denied, trying but failing to focus on the same page I’ve been on all this time because of that pestilential Vaughn.

“Whatever. Listen to yourself! You’re wound up so tight you’re like a corkscrew. I’m saying this all in the spirit of companionship, brotherly love and honesty- you need to-“

“-Get laid, yes, you’ve told me that at least a hundred times over the last week.”

“Do you ever let me finish my sentences, Gerry?”

“I’m due in court next week, Jackson. I have to read this.”

“Yeah, yeah, I’ll let you in a sec… but seriously, there’s no need to be embarrassed. Everybody has a “dry” period. Well, except for me, of course.”

I’m glad that somebody out of the two of us is amused. I couldn’t help but smile a little bit at his over-the-top confidence. In truth, I envied that about him… sort of. The only place I’m highly confident is at work, since it’s important in lawyer-to-lawyer “gamesmanship” and to reassure my clients. “Did you actually want anything other than to annoy me?”

“I thought it would be nice of me to give you first dibs,” Jackson excitedly told me; like he was making an announcement of some kind. I knew it was just another one of his juvenile jokes or whatever, so I didn’t reply. Unfortunately, he took this as a sign of intrigue, and continued. “Y’know, on that incredibly hot accountant that started two weeks ago. God, you should see her. She’s an eleven out of ten! Just looking at her is like…”

Please stop talking, Jackson.

Jackson plonked himself down on the two sofas opposite to my desk- that’s usually reserved for people that aren’t a waste of time, like clients. “Anyway, her name is Ashlee Lulling… but guess what?”

No really, I beg of you.

“I saw her eye you. Y’know, the eye. Like the “Holy Cow Look How Hot Jackson Vaughn Is!” eye.”

“So I look like you now? Despite me being brown-haired, you being a blond, and me being green-eyes, and you being blue-eyed?”

“You should be flattered. I’m a hit with the ladies, you know,” Jackson shrugged smugly. “Anyhow, you should go for Ms. Lulling. If I were you… oh, boy…”

“What else do you want?” I answered, giving up on the notion that he would get back to work.

“Tina Underwood,” Jackson laughed at his own comment, probably thinking he’s funny. Okay, it was funny the first time, but he’s completely killed it by repeating it about a thousand times.

I sighed for the hundredth time this week, shook my head for the thousandth. “Alright, get out. Ms. Lulling is hot, duly noted. With that, I’m sure I’ll win my class action suit.”

“How many of your clients are single, hot women?”

“Get. Out.”

Jackson snickered again and finally left my office. I’m beginning to wonder if he actually does any of the work Mr. Rhodes and Mr. Admon dumps on him. It’s a miracle he’s still employed.


It was now 1:20pm, and surprisingly, Jackson is late to our daily outings to for the one-hour break. I can’t wait any longer, so I grabbed my coat, keys and wallet. Just when I was about to get up to leave, I heard a soft knock at the door. Okay- just now, I have ruled out Jackson in an instant. There’s no way he’d knock. “Please come in,” I permitted; straightening up my green tie. The door opened slowly, and in timidly came a beautiful, long-haired brunette woman. I could tell she was younger than me, but probably not by that much. My heart skipped a beat… her expressionless face gave her ocean-blue eyes an ethereal gaze that stabbed through my chest and grabbed my heart.

Unlike most of the women in the firm, she wasn’t a bunch of well-placed twigs in overpriced Bostancı Escort sacks that were their dresses. She wasn’t as robustly voluptuous like say, Marilyn Monroe, but just enough that gazing at her curves made me feel… tantalised. I hate to say it, but the first thing I wanted to do was stand behind her and glide my hands over those delicious curves. She didn’t smile nor frown; it was like her soul had been sucked dry out of her. If she didn’t blink, she could have been the world’s most beautiful zombie.

“What is it?” I asked her as gently as I could. I’m genuinely puzzled. Her left hand was balled into a fist, and she appeared to be carrying no files or whatever.

She loosened the fist, and on the palm of her lovely hand was a crimson USB. She stared at me, I stared at her. She brought her outspread hand up higher, so that I would hurry up and accept it.

“Thank you,” I tried to smile, in spite of those striking yet oddly hollow blue eyes carving into me. “What’s on it?”

She looked nervous, which was the first emotion I saw in her throughout our little meeting. She never looked me in the eye, ever. Making sure I took it out of her hand, she scuttled off out of my office and almost bumped into Jackson on the way out, who was probably ogling her backside the whole time. I swear he had hearts floating out him, and stars in his eyes, like a cartoon character.

“That’s her! That’s Ashlee Lulling!” Jackson slammed the delicate door shut behind him and was about to jump for joy. He was acting like a 15-year-old girl that had spotted Justin Bieber. “Isn’t she hot?”

If I admit anything REMOTELY sexual, Jackson will just rip me to shreds- you know, in a supposedly loving way. I put the USB in my desk drawer and grabbed my things again- this time, hoping to leave for certain. “I really want to eat, so no skirt-chasing on the way out.”




By the time I got home, it was 12:40am. Which sounds late to a lot of people, but that time was relatively normal for me. I threw my jacket on the left side of the sofa, and dropped like a dead fly on the right. “Ar!” I winced in pain as I felt something dig into the side of my thigh. I just remembered that I took home the USB Ashlee Lulling gave to me. My personal laptop was on the coffee table, still connected to the charger. I better have a quick look at whatever’s in here, and go to sleep. As soon as the laptop detected the USB, I booted up its content to see what Ms. Lulling wanted me to inspect.

The USB only had one lone, Windows Media Player file labelled “Untitled.wmv”. I got straight into it, assuming it was a very important piece of evidence that couldn’t even be titled due to the risk of exposure. After just three seconds into the video, I immediately knew the location. “My office…?” I mumbled to myself in surprise.

Then I suddenly felt afraid. What did she find out about me? My instant thought was that she was some attractive blackmailer. I checked the timestamp of the video file. Tuesday, March 16th 2010, 8:36pm. I pressed the space bar to resume play of the video. “March 16th? That’s about two weeks ago… roughly,” I recalled, also remembering how that idiot Jackson mentioned that she started working for Rhodes fidgeting her fingers into a knot in apprehension. She looked like she was at a job interview for the very first time. “Mr. Hildebrand…”

I can’t lie; I was taken aback by hearing her talk- strange, I know, but she didn’t even make a vocal sound when she gave me the USB. I found myself gently biting my lower lip as my mind travelled from “Innocent Explanations for This Strange Video” to “Holy Shit I Think She’s Coming onto Me.” My head and heart felt like they were at war, and made things more confusing. I can’t deny that this is… stimulating, in some manner or another.

“I-I have trouble communicating with people… so this is the best I can do…” Ashlee spoke to… me. She looked sideways like somebody who was about to cross the road, and refocussed onto the camera. “I’ve been attracted to you since I started working here… but I just can’t tell you in person… I honestly don’t know how.”

An electrical jolt of pure Bostancı Escort Bayan lust coursed through my body when what I unmistakably heard- despite my lack of practice of late- was a zipper being pulled down. I felt like I had gulped a golf ball whole as my head lost the battle and my heart took over without delay. Like it had a mind of its own, my right hand was already resting on my inner thigh in dirty anticipation. Loosened, Ms. Lulling’s skirt slid down her long legs like the skirt suddenly became ten sizes too big. In spite of her extreme timidness, her ocean eyes never glanced away from me, or well, the lens.

My head was drowning in sexual fantasy; every last one of them starring Ms. Lulling. I never figured her to be the “going commando” type, but this was a pleasant “twist” of the movie. Unfortunately for me, despite the quality of the video file, I couldn’t see her wonderful slit in all the perfect detail my sexually-decayed mind so desired.

Every fibre in my body began to ache in craving when I noticed that even her pussy was how I liked it- her lovely chocolate locks looked like a landing strip, but currently more like an arrow that said, “come inside here.” Almost as though she could see exactly how I’m reacting (which I’m glad she can’t); Windows Media Lulling approached the camera so that it was like it zoomed in on exactly what I was ogling at.

Lulling leant down and faced the camera. Somehow I managed to push my grimy thoughts way towards the back of my mind and focus on how truly beautiful she was. There wasn’t a single flaw on her peachy face. Her nose was chiselled, but had that natural asymmetry that’s oddly appealing. Her cheeks were a bit rosy from being just a little cheeky in front of the camera.

It was so strange, but her eyes were locked into mine- maybe because I was looking at them, but I felt so close that if I insulted her, maybe she could slap me through my monitor. “When you’re at work, I don’t wear any panties… but… you didn’t even notice I exist until today, didn’t you?”

“That’s true…” I muttered in defeat; having no rebuttal in the face of the indisputable.

Ashlee then gently removed her blazer to reveal a very, very thin white blouse. Of course, the only thing I was drawn to were the two black spots around her chest area. As she unbuttoned the blouse from top-to-bottom slowly, I could see her lovely chest in a black, lacy, shaping bra that created the most tantalising cleavage I had seen in probably years.

Her breasts didn’t appear to be that large- I remember all too well how deceptive a bra can be. Not that it bothered me terribly. I’ve never really been a fan of massive breasts- they’re kind of off-putting after a C-cup. Anyway, I could see the flesh of her breasts through the bra, but it was so thin that not everything can be seen; like the bra was trying to tease me too.

It didn’t take long for Ashlee to take off her bra. Maybe it was an illusion, but I think I saw her smile- just a little bit- for the first time ever. She tossed the bra towards the camera, and asked, “Do you want me, Mr. Goodie-goodie lawyer?”

The bra eventually slid and stopped obscuring the lens. She held each wonderful, firm breast in either hands; forming a hand bra of sorts. She let go of her chest, and set them free. Her nipples were well-proportioned compared to the size of her chest; coloured like a milky cup of fresh coffee. I was beginning to wonder if they tasted anything like a tasty espresso. Hell, I just wondered if they tasted as good as they looked.

“Oh, God… you have no idea…” I exhaled. It’s a shame how quickly I buckled helplessly under her unleashed, raw sexual energy. Despite being in the comfort of my own home, I looked around as though I blurted it out in public, and felt a little embarrassed. By now my right hand gripped firmly on my quickly-hardening penis. Again I bit my lip a little on continued to enjoy the virtual show.

By the time I had completely refocused, Lulling was lying down on the office carpet with her legs bent and spread apart. She appeared to stretch over to grab something off-camera. She was holding a black jacket that would have belonged with a suit. Clearly Escort Bostancı it wasn’t hers, as I recalled her all too well taking off a blazer. She sat up to show me the jacket; flapping it in the air so that its sleeves would straighten out.

On closer inspection, it had white pinstripes. They were mine… “Like the practical, good boy you are,” she began; bringing my favourite jacket to her chin so that the collar was just under her nose, “you have a spare tucked away in this wardrobe here. I can still smell your cologne… I can smell you… If I close my eyes, it’s like you’re right here, fingering me.”

Her long, slender fingers slid between her slit. She brought that hand upwards, so that the camera can capture it clearer. She pushed her thumb lightly against the finger that slid over her pussy, and slowly parted them so that she could show off the slightly sticky substance that comes from a pussy in heat. I eyed the stringiness of the discharge longingly, believing it was only a matter of time until I could smell, see, touch, taste it for myself.

“Mmm… just smelling you makes my pussy nice and wet…” Lulling cooed to me, and loosened the suit jacket from her grip. Again, she stretched over to grab something that was on the floor- away from my viewpoint. With a little touch of magenta on each cheek, she coyly looked at me. She was holding a dildo up towards the camera; waving it around a little. “I wish you were here, Mr. Hildebrand.”

Ashlee let out an adorable, small moan as she pushed the dildo inside her tight pussy. I could tell how excited she was, as her cunt was glistening and her chest would rise up and down from her rapid breathing. She craned her neck upwards so that she could face the camera; face me; as she slowly pulled the dildo back out.

Without warning, she suddenly started to thrust it in and out so aggressively; satisfying her desperation to have a dick inside her. With each thrust it was like that desire was fulfilled over and over and over again. There’s no way I can just sit idly by and watch such an attractive woman masturbate to orgasm. My right hand got to work as I pumped it up and down my shaft, using pre-cum as a lubricant.

Her body loosened up in the throes of pleasure, and she fell completely flat on her back. By now, her moans were louder, longer and more carnal; her mind fixated on orgasm and orgasm alone. It looked almost self-injurious in the way she slammed her pussy-juice coated dildo in and out of her hungry hole.

She quickly moved on to using her free hand to fondle her clit, which was dying for attention. The pad of her index finger rolled around her rock hard clit; heightening her pleasure to the absolute peak. The airy quality of her moans left and was replaced with shouts; no longer being able to hold anything in.

“I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” she cried out to me, her luscious legs outstretched and trembling in imminent orgasm in the air.

“So am I…” I breathed; raspy from losing myself in the pleasure. It had been a long time since I had masturbated, as sex honestly never came to mind due to my larger interest in my career. My teeth were clenching; imprisoning any loud groan that threatened to escape. I feel like such a loser when I masturbate, so I hate hearing myself do it, you see. Like something in me snapped, I ejaculated with a long, stifled groan of satisfaction, just moments before Lulling had. Still with my hand in my pants; heart racing, I watched Ashlee climax…

She let out a breathy “Ohw…” kind of shout and pressed the dildo firmly inside her throbbing, wet pussy. She let the dildo go with trembling hands as the juice-coated toy slid out of her hole. Her muscles still struggling to stiffen, she sat up with heaving breaths- with an effort that seemed as though she weighed like stone.

“That was amazing…” she panted, and looked down at her glistening pussy; her hard work. She picked up a small remote control, which was for the video camera, and chuckled breathlessly, “Don’t worry; I’ll take your lovely Armani suit to the dry cleaners… as always.”

As always?! How long has this been going on? How delightfully risqué it was of her to use my spare jacket as a masturbatory aid in the hopes I won’t need it the next day. The video then turned to black, indicating its end. It took all of the effort in the world, but I made my way to the bedroom, and collapsed in exhaustion- looking forward to the next time I’m at work so I can ravage her over and over again.


To be continued…

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