Up In The Air

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Up In The Air

An Erotic Series

Everyone likes to think if you’re attractive, you could get anyone to go home with you. Treating you godlike. But I’d like to tell everyone, especially on the internet, that a handsome guy doesn’t have the world in the palm of their hand. Especially someone like me.

It’s mostly due to my work. You see, I’m a pilot. Not the one you see in movies who have people flock to them. I mean more of the kind people don’t think twice about. Greet you on the plane, get you from A to B, and give a warm goodbye. I get a few looks from how huge I look in a small plane but I laugh to myself to be honest.

Someone who looks kind of like a bodybuilder, but most of it is in the height. Not heavy muscular but ‘thick’ looking as others put it. I’ve had a friend joke about me being a wall that could kill someone smaller than me. All while being 6 feet and 6 inches, or 198 centimeters. I wonder if I scare men off that way. But I promise I won’t eat you. Not at first at least hehe.


In my dating history, it’s… well… a long list of trial and error. For a time, I dated women but never felt enticed. Not that I hadn’t cared for them, part of me couldn’t confirm physically that I did. When this became a recurring problem, I opened the thought of dating men. At first, I thought things went well until I ran into the next block on the dating path.

What you do for a living.

Before getting my wings, I had a bit too much free time. I worked full time at a specialty leather shop and had a few hobbies. Though guys never got over me using my hands for a living compared to having a job that made money while I slept. Being a millionaire does sound tempting, I’m happy being able to fly and keep my hobbies. Even if flying took up 90 percent of my time.


I mentioned being 198 centimeters tall and thickish. Sometimes I think that’s what scares dates off other than what I do for work. My frame is big and I’d hate to be the lanky one so I try to cope through sleeplessness or boredom with working out. Working at the leather shop, I was thicker and felt that added to why I felt passed over. As I got heavier, I hated that life enjoyed torturing me. When I saw my doctor, he’d never seen someone so huge be so healthy. The extra weight was from gaining muscle.

The level of facepalm wasn’t adequate enough when I didn’t put that together. So other than me not understanding the body, I’d found a comfort level with my body, knowing I enjoyed where I worked, and being in the company of men. Although, being a secret hunky pilot didn’t get easier.

To complicate dating, I was away from home for a good portion of the week. I sometimes saw girlfriends or boyfriends between flights through videochat, or before lodging for the night at a long haul layover. Being with them physically didn’t happen often, but whenever it did, it was a nice dinner, personal time, and passionate fucking if we weren’t too tired. And as we were cumming, that’s usually how I found out who filled the gaps while I was gone.

I’ve been called Jason, Kaden, Paul, Isaac, John, Gordon, and the list goes on. None of those are nowhere close to the letters that spell or sound like my name. My last name is on my name tag if we meet while I’m in uniform. Captain Mikel. As for my first name, it’s Caleb.

Caleb Mikel.

198 centimeters tall.

Thick yet muscled body.

95 centimeter waist.

If it seems like a weird number for a waist size, you can say it’s tough to find pants. Custom alterations or fitting start at 290 Euros… Imagine a dress shirt. But all these random thoughts didn’t matter once the landing gear was up and we were gliding through the air.


Like most people, I wanted to travel but thought that making all those trips would be a fortune. So when I found that I wasn’t into working at the leather shop anymore, I thought to go to flight school on a whim after seeing a flier for a new extended program. Didn’t expect that I’d have the same excitement like Tom Cruise’s character in Top Gun. Instructor said I took to flying kinda quick, even though other students seemed promising at the start. The first three years after graduating, I paid off most of my loans by living at low rent apartments with punched out walls and mostly ramen noodles and frozen food.

It’s been four years since I became a Captain at the grand age of 38. I didn’t think it’d take as long as it did. But I see in hindsight what it meant to be seasoned. I wasn’t living fancy but I was definitely happy. The money was rolling in more now so I got out of my cold apartment in Canada and moved to Ireland for higher pay. From there, I saw China, Japan, Australia, Scandinavia, Italy, France and Demetevler Escort I was always happy to be back and see them.

Call it optimism when I took a picture in front of the Eiffel Tower ten times and still smiled as I ate a crepe. Or having a cup of tea with a view of Mount Fuji. Or even just listening to the waterfront at the arches of Sydney Opera House. All the while, I kept trying to have a normal life while standing out as a tall, thick pilot with a boyfriend every so often.


I’ve been steady lately with a guy who doesn’t mind me being long distance a lot of the time. A barber by the name of Mark Fredrickson who had a rather nice shop in New York. I’d finally been able to have a gap in my schedule with three days off to stay near him and spend some time together. Checking into my hotel, I hit the bed and sighed. It felt great to have a bed that wasn’t in an airplane. And to stretch! Oh god… stretching my legs was great. I’d get to do more stretching when I saw Jack.

I know he wouldn’t mind me being a bit scruffy but a shower would be a nice way to greet my sweet guy. Hopping off of bed, I started to undress and pile them on the vanity while the shower was running. Some hotels, this one included, can have the water run a little cold at first so it’s best to wait. Giving myself a once over, I thought to make a plan of what hair-scaping to be taken care of in the shower.

The bit of bush around my cock had to be trimmed surely… Can’t have something too unkempt. Chest hair needed some fixing too. Beard is a given. Grey is sexy but not unwashed. I do need a haircut… so why not use it as an excuse to just ‘drop by’ after hours? Still looking over, I flexed. Have to keep the physique and all. Running my hand along my body, it wandered down my stomach, through the curls of my bush, and to the skin of my shaft. Guess the excitement of seeing Mark was getting to me…

Sighing, I wrapped my hand around, flinching at the hot chill that ran through me. Fuck… I was more excited than I thought… With another deep breath, the chill lingered everywhere as my hand did as it pleased, tugging at the hard on as it ached for release. As the bathroom fogged, the heat stirred me more… hand touching across my chest, through the hairs to pinch my pointed nips.

Oh Mark… you have no idea how much I want this load in you…… fuck… fuck….. I missed you………… How good you feel…… ughhh… every drop is yours… fuuuuck…….

Imagination is a helluva thing when you’re far away from the one you love. Ended up with a thick mess on the vanity and sink… Just glad I started the shower beforehand. Wiping up for the moment, I hopped in the shower to get on with trimming, washing, and feeling somewhat human before seeing Jack. Being in your 40’s is a grey area in the middle that most men navigate the same yet different when they reach it.

You want to keep your young spirit but know you’re not that same 20 something. You want to settle down and have a stable home when you need to be grounded. Keep your wits while not being boring or turning into someone’s ‘dad’. All while wanting to stay loose, ready for any challenge, but also not break something that’s not covered by insurance. God I’m already my father… think I lost this one.


Coming out of the shower, I dried off, still kind of tingly, but satisfied that I looked presentable out of uniform too. I got worried that it’d be glued to me forever, even in my nightmares. As I dressed, clothes felt snug, which is good and a bit concerning. Probably needed to get some workouts back in the next three days. Passing some cologne over my hands, neck, and collar, I checked the time on my watch and rushed to get going. Jack’s Place was not far so thought I’d walk in the April briskness. Seeing him about to lock the door, I strolled up with a smile and tapped the glass.

Seeing those eyes light up made me smile… and his lips puckered a little as he opened the door to let me in. Once it was locked, he ran into my arms and gave a good hungry kiss to me. Squeezing him in a hold, I returned the favor and got a grab of his ass while doing it. Fuck… Jack in my arms… never ceased to make me happy.

When we thought to actually talk, we shared a good laugh. Mark cooed, a hand on my chest and the other round my shoulder as he greeted me.

“Hey there handsome. So glad to have you with me in person this time. Started to think you might really be a dream.”

“Well, I had to come see my boyfriend. One thing I care about more than flying is you.”

“Mmmm… Did you come for a haircut Sir?”

“I’d love one. So long as the owner doesn’t mind.”

“Oh… Otele gelen escort pretty sure he’d let this slide. So long as you leave a good tip after your cut.”

“I see. Hope that this cut is worth the wait.”

As I let him down, Mark bit his lip and led me by the hand to a chair. It was an old fashioned kind, one that wasn’t exactly fitted for a custom guy like myself. Especially at 136 kilos I don’t think. Though as I sat down, nothing buckled or broke so I felt a bit better. Draping a cape over me, he kissed behind my ear then my neck, snaking a shiver down my arm. With a deep breath, I tried to play off the pain in my cock from just that. Taking that shivered hand, I adjusted myself in my dress pants, and it felt like fire.

My fingers lightly passed over the length, relaxing and riling me up at the same time as his light touched did his work. Having a mix between Jack, cutting my hair, and not being anywhere else… you can’t always find words for that. He likely saw what my hand was occupied with and chuckled before muttering sweet nothings.

“Miss me that much baby?”

“Course I did.”

“Hehe felt tempted to pull you in the back for a quickie first. Taking things slow when I see you… feels better.”

“I agree with that. Then we’d be thinking about dessert at home.”

“Always love a double dessert after dinner Sir.”

“Hehe glad to hear that.”

As the cut was finishing up, I pulled the zipper of my pants down, my hardness peeking out a bit. With some tugging, the cape tented, even as I pulled down a bit and stroked carefully. When Mark slowly pulled the cape off, he was greeted by the pole under the tent and licked his lips. Swallowing composure, I grinned and reached to grab his wet patch. Mmmm such a firm cock that’s mine… Staring at him, he started to whimper and shake the dropped his scissors.

“I really love the cut sweetie. Hope that… this tip is big enough.”

“More than enough Sir. Mind if I take it?”

“Thought you’d never ask.”

My hand left his firm wet patch and he knelt down to start dragging his tongue on my shaft. Uuuuuuhhhh Mark… the real you is better… Reaching my tip, I groaned as he tasted me, lips softly slipping over and bobbing slow while staring at my red face. Curling my fingers into his hair, I helped him along in enjoying me, more shaft going down his throat. He kept whimpering, panting, whining and I still had more to do with him.

Pushing Mark off carefully, his eyes were wide and in need, spit down his chin, and chest going up then back.

“Maybe we should go somewhere with a sturdy surface. I think you’d enjoy your tip better.”

With some nods, he stood up with me after him, hand around my cock as we walked somewhere comfortable and out of view. With the door slamming, I grabbed him again, legs hooking around my waist, hardness still springing around as I set him on the table. Both of us made clothes hit the floor, but didn’t forget to have fun too. I got a good taste of his skin, lips, and knelt down to know how sweet he got while I’d been gone. No top is above sucking their boyfriend off, especially with a soft skin, full balls, and happy moaning.

Moving away again, he groaned again at how ‘far’ I was but closed the gap as I put two fingers in my mouth, lubing them and rubbing his asshole. Mmmm good baby to shake… Around then inside how tight he wanted to be for me… Fingering him, seems I didn’t forget his spot as his leg kept wiggling and ass pushed against them.

“Fuck me daddy. I want it…”

“Shhhh. What’s the word you need?”

“Please. Make me a bitch.”

A grin curled on my lips as I slipped my fingers out and let my cock give him what he needed. God… this moment made me want to cum already. But I had to last for him. Couldn’t spoil Mark that easy. I’d gone deep enough as he dripped precum on my thigh and bottom of my stomach. That’s it… Show me. His legs hooked again, back slamming the wall as I grabbed and curled down to him, thrusting over and over despite the desk slamming against my legs.

This load was his… and he’d get all of it in person.

I growled, pulling Mark closer, making sure he remembered he was for me… The scratches told me he knew and his moans begging for more said the same. Panting, I couldn’t want anymore and let cum spill inside him, some leaking under him and onto my dick. It didn’t stop him from loving it and cum shot and dripped on his chest, stomach, thighs, chest and onto my stomach. My body said stop but I wanted everything in him and not on the ground. He bucked against me like he read my mind, more kisses as I felt softer inside his ass but gave a good smack before I Balgat Escort left him.

Between kisses, he bit his lip and giggled, a used mess.

“Mmmm way better than my dreams Caleb.”

“Feels good to be home Mark. Especially when haircuts end like this.”

“Anything for my Captain hehe.”

“Let’s get you cleaned up. I’m not all about feeding you one way and not the other.”

“Hehe such a gentleman. I am real hungry.”

Finally relaxing, we separated, walked to the customer bathroom, which is pretty clean given what I sometimes see on planes… With warm wet washcloths and some lukewarm ones left in the tiny heater. The smile on both of us reminded me of the dream I had years ago. Settle down, have some dogs and adopt some kids, maybe even get married. We wouldn’t have to but… it’d be nice. Helping each other dress up, he tightened my tie, and I fixed his collar, sure that his coat was on to keep him warm. I could handle a chill but I love Mark being bundled up to not catch a cold.

Walking arm in arm, we took in the city lights and each other’s company. Getting to the restaurant, it was slightly packed but waiting never hurt anyone. Getting near the front host podium, I felt eyes staring at me from somewhere but didn’t know a lot of people in New York for someone to recognize me. Putting my curiosity to bed, some guy strut over looking a touch red with a rock face smile. He forced a laugh as he burned a hole in my face then started talking to Mark.

“Mark! Crazy seeing you here.”

“Uh… hey Joel. Nice to see you. What’s up?”

“Not much. Just working an extra shift. Who’s your friend?”

The guy, Joel, went back to staring a hole in my face, though his neck got tired and he aimed at my chest. Clearing my throat, I extended my hand to shake his. You know, the polite way of doing things. I’m kind of a die hard for that stuff, depends really.

“I’m Caleb, Mark’s boyfriend. Good to meet you.”

“Boyfriend? He never mentioned you over dinner.”


“Well, it can be hard to bring up when I’m gone for work.”

“Hey baby. Mind if we go to Five Guys? I’m craving burgers.”

“Tell him Mark. You’ve canceled a few times already.”

What’s this guy on about?

“I’ll see you another time Joel. We gotta go.”

“We? You weren’t saying that a few nights ago when you had your dick in my ass, fucking away.”

Sighing, I cleared my throat again, hand slowly reaching up to rub my forehead. You gotta be fucking kidding me… Again? For God’s sake, something’s gotta give. Looking over at Mark, the look on his face was shame, embarrassment, and guilt. His eyes hoped I wouldn’t leave but my arm getting stiff told him I made up my mind. Slipping my arm out of his reach, I turned without saying anything and remembered to duck a little going through the door.


Shaking my head, the briskness felt heavier but held that weight high. Mostly because if I looked down too long, I’d fall over. Can’t say I’m not hurt by Mark cheating on me. We’d been together a year and some change at this point and it was a slap to have that cashed in for quick company. I know it’s tough to be apart for a while but at least tell me with a phone call to save us both time and don’t lie that we’re fine when it’s not between us. I’m getting too old for dating from scratch over and over.

Stopping for a light to cross, my stomach gurgled as I put my hand over it. Seeing the time, it sat after 10 p.m. and I hadn’t eaten since… maybe 1 this afternoon. My mother would be pissed if she knew I didn’t have something so I checked the street I was on and walked to the nearest light food place: an Asian food market and dine in. One thing to love about New York was the dive restaurants that pop up when you need them, even better when their food is worth eating late night.

Walking in, the bell above the door clinged, and the two women at the front counter smiled when they saw me. I’ve been here a few times and I guess they liked me. Bowing a bit with pressed hands, I said hello and asked if they had anything light on the stomach and warm for a long night. Thinking a moment, one of them lit up and went to the back while the other rang me up for 12 dollars. Shrugging, I figure it’d be good for tomorrow if I didn’t finish. 12 dollars can be a lot of food.

Giving a 50 dollar bill, I winked and told the cashier to use it for something nice. With a small blush, she bowed and said thank you for being so generous. Shaking my head, I said it was no problem. Turning to check out their drink options, I was looking for anything discontinued that wasn’t terrible. You drink a lot of soda and coffee on all those flights. Concentrating on my search, I heard a loud commotion in the background that didn’t calm down.

For my umpteenth sigh today, I wondered why loud voices were following me around. Not one to ignore a heated situation, I went to diffuse what I could and not need the cops called. Shockingly, it was two younger men, one with a mask and the other with a droopy hoodie. And by the sound of it, another lover’s quarrel.

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