Vacation to Mexico

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Vacation time. We spent a lot of effort selecting a location and ultimately decided to head to Mexico. A chance to visit the temple ruins and the modern day resorts. Little did we expect the reception that awaited us!

We arrived at our all-inclusive resort and took the shuttle to our bungalow to unpack and settle in. A quick shower to freshen up and a little time to plan the evening. As we did not intend to leave the resort, that was pretty simple. We dressed and headed to the main complex for supper. We expected it to be great food, drinks and fun. It turned into so much more.

Soon after we arrived at our table in the restaurant, I noticed an immediate change in my wife. She went from talkative to very reserved in a matter of seconds. This was out of character and while I didn’t immediately comment on the mood swing, I tried to discern the source of the problem. She seemed to be glancing at a particular table with a very good looking couple about our age. Since I was certain we didn’t know anyone at the resort, I continued to observe her glances and it became quite clear it was that particular table.

I decided I had to find out what the issue was and put a stop to the distraction. The bombshell dropped. Apparently the man involved used to be her boyfriend 25 years ago! While I had never met him, I seemed to remember that he had just left her without even saying goodbye. This might not turn out well.

I asked if she wanted to change seats. She said no. I asked if she wanted to change tables. No again. I asked if she wanted to leave. She said definitely not. Now I am totally baffled, realizing there must be a plan for revenge forming in her mind. At this point, I am hoping it doesn’t become physical, since again I seem to remember he was a bodybuilder and certainly looks like someone I don’t care to mess with.

We order our meals and while I enjoy my fish, she picks at her food and mostly moves things around on her plate. She orders another wine, drains it quickly and orders one more. This is not good. While I like her tipsy because she loses her inhibitions, she can be a mean drunk. She has not hardly eaten anything and the alcohol is starting to take effect. The waitress comes and clears my empty plate and asks my wife if something is wrong with her meal. She says she was not very hungry and orders another wine.

A little trio starts to play in the ateşli gaziantep escort corner of the room and she wants to dance. I never particularly care to be the first ones on the dance floor, but hey, someone has to be. She is clearly feeling the wine and grinding to the beat, putting on quite a show. She is cupping her tits as she dances and eventually reaches down and rubs my cock. Yeah, I really do like her tipsy. A slow song starts and after all this, she walks away from me, up to her former boyfriend and asks him for the dance!

I retreat to our table, not sure what to think or do. I order a double bourbon, preparing for the firestorm I expect to come. I am intently watching them dance, ready to step in when the trouble starts. Except it doesn’t. They dance over to a corner, start to kiss and I can see her hand stroking his cock. Not sure what her plan of revenge is, but I wasn’t expecting this. I order another double.

The band takes a break and I expect her to return to our table and explain what just happened. Instead, she follows him back to his table, he apparently introduces her to his wife and she sits down with them. They have a bottle of wine on the table and pour her a glass. He excuses himself, comes to our table and very graciously asks me to join them. I start to protest and he assures me he will explain it all. I slowly meander over to their table, staring daggers at my wife.

Long story short, there is a partial takeover of the resort by a lifestyle group and they are part of it. My wife has always said she is not interested in multiple partners or actually having sex with anyone else. And as vindictive as she can be, I have a hard time believing she would even acknowledge him. This guy must be pretty addictive.

We start to chat. Amicably. His wife, who to this point has been largely ignored, is beautiful. Dark hair, big brown eyes, about 5’7″, maybe 130#, what I judge to be 34C tits. Now my wife in contrast is blonde, with hazel eyes, 5’4″, about 140# and 36DD. The bottle of wine has disappeared, the bourbon is gone. They ask us to their bungalow.

Many mixed emotions. If these were random people, I’d feel better about it. The fact my wife is not acting out in some way concerns me. His gorgeous wife intrigues me. They are in the lifestyle, we are not. We have all been drinking ateşli gaziantep escort bayan and inhibitions are low. We accept the invitation with the premise that nothing may happen. Unless it does.

We walk to their place as couples. They open the door and we are in a living room with a full bar. It appears there are bedrooms off both sides of the common area, which feels strange. A bottle of wine is opened and we all enjoy a quick toast to new friends. Hmm, not everyone is new.

His wife quickly engages me in conversation and steers me off to a sitting area. I am not clingy and will usually leave my wife alone in a group party situation. It didn’t hit me at first, but this was different. Damn double bourbons. These were experienced people and were “splitting us from the herd”.

She looks me deeply in the eyes, then leans back and starts to unbutton her top. She takes it off, reaches around and undoes the clasp to her bra. Her breasts appear and they are spectacular. I am mesmerized but manage a quick glance toward my wife.

Her ex boyfriend has come around the bar and is undoing her top. Her effort to stop him is apparently to stick her tongue down his throat. Doesn’t slow him and her bra is gone. He breaks the French kiss and attacks her nipples. She is not far behind and getting rid of his shirt. She rakes his nipples with her fingernails. His groan announces his approval. She undoes his belt, dropping his pants to the floor and she follows them down. On her knees now, she pulls at the waistband of his boxers and immediately takes the head of his cock in her mouth. I am pulled back to my encounter when a nipple rubs my lips. I instinctively open and start to suck. I can’t resist feeling her boobs. As I do that, she unbuttons my shirt. I switch nipples.

So now 3 of us are naked to the waist and 1 is totally undressed. My wife grabs her naked partner by the hand and asks which bedroom. Off they go to the left. I realize that we could also have more fun on a bed than where we were and head off to the right.

His wife quickly stripped the rest of her clothes off and I did my best to try keep up. As she lay back on the sheets, I received a view of her nicely trimmed pubic patch. I quickly dove in and attacked her clit. Her response was to grab the back of my head and push me down ateşli escort gaziantep harder, something my wife doesn’t like. Not much later and she was writhing with an orgasm. I love making women come. I crawled up the bed and we snuggled.

Now I’m not that well endowed, about 6″, but apparently that was not an issue with her. She rolled over, straddled me and sunk down on my cock. Hot velvety walls enveloped my penis and she rocked forward and backward. Of course this is where every breathing male reaches for tits. I rolled her nipples between my fingers. She was really working me, so I decided to try change the game up and see if I could get her off again.

I moved my right hand from her nipple to an unhappy sigh, brought it around behind her, sliding my middle finger into her ass. She was loose and asked me how I knew she would like that. Sometimes you just know things, sometimes you guess. I pulled her down to get that lonely nipple into my mouth. Her pussy clamped down around me as she came hard. I couldn’t last anymore, spewing my load into her.

I began to wonder what was going on in the other room. I suggested we go spy on our spouses who used to be lovers. We pad silently out of our room and across the common room to find the door slightly ajar. Soft music is playing and the drapes are open to the view of the ocean, allowing the moonlight in. We slip in.

We watch as he pounds into her, clenching his ass. My wife is stroking his pecs, occasionally flicking a nipple. He adjusts ever so slightly higher, stimulating her clit. She begins to reach around and pull him closer, wrapping her legs behind his and starts to cum. Another half a dozen strokes and he explodes into her.

They roll apart, spent. I look at his wife, she looks at me, and we slink to the bed to take over. I have had time for recovery and just watched live sex, so I sink into my wife’s sloppy hole. His wife is on the other side of the bed, trying her best to suck him back to life.

I am a man possessed, reclaiming my wife. She has rarely had multiple orgasms, so I was in this only for marking my territory. To my surprise, she started to respond and we had wonderful sex until we both came again. Exhausted, we all four lay on the bed.

About 10 minutes passed and I had to use the toilet. Double bourbons. I had padded back across to the other bedroom to not disturb the others. As I came out, I was met with a passionate kiss which I quickly returned. Initially I assumed it was my wife, but it soon became apparent she was taller and thinner. She grabbed me by the hand and led me to the bed. We kissed and spent time feeling each other, but we both were exhausted and eventually faded off to sleep. Before I drift off to sleep, I can’t help but wonder if I have been set up.

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