Valediction Ch. 02

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Vanessa Lee shuddered as she lay back in her tub, wondering how she had gotten herself in this mess. Jason had just tossed her a towel to clean herself up, which she did in quiet embarrassment, trying to not think, or look at the petrol pump attendants who had these huge grins on their faces, and were high-fiving each other long after Jason had pulled out of the gas station.

He had driven them to Professor Tan’s house, leered at her as she got out, and didn’t even attempt to help her as she tried to drag the professor’s body out of the car. His wife was out of town, but a very disapproving maid made her way out to assist her. Vanessa had grabbed a cab home, resisting all the while the temptation to touch herself in full view of the cabby, and trying in vain to ignore her damp panties, and even damper pussy. The moment she got home, she rushed to the bathroom, drew a bath, and fingered herself to an orgasm the minute she hit the water. Now, thinking back on the evening’s events, she held the shower spray under the water, directing it towards her cunt, and juddering as she replayed the scene, over and over again.

Jason Rodriguez was a bastard, no doubt about it. But he had given her the strongest orgasm she’d ever experienced, and he hadn’t even touched her while doing it. No, all he’d done was dominate her, while she sucked on that big beautiful cock of his. Was he done with her, or was there more to come? Didn’t he say that they’d have so much fun together? She half dreaded what that could mean.

The next morning she found herself waking up an hour earlier than usual with butterflies in her stomach. She found herself wanting to reassert the confidence that had been in short supply the previous night. She chose her ‘no-fail’ outfit, the one that always got heads turning. A short flared denim skirt that came to just below her butt, which would have given half the staff and students a heart attack had she bent down to pick something up, and a tight tee with five buttons, the top three of which she left unbuttoned, showing more than a glimpse of her lacy demi-bra. Slipping on a matching pair of white thongs, she checked herself out in the mirror and instantly felt better.

Knowing Jason, he would probably have spread last night’s deeds to all and sundry, but as she strode into school, the (still) admiring looks she got from just about everyone told her that her reputation hadn’t suffered all that much – yes, Jason had gotten the better of her that one time, but every red-blooded male still wanted to fuck her, and every girl still wished they could be her. Heads turned as she made her way to class, and Vanessa revelled in the attention. As she approached the school building, she saw Jason, his back facing her, even as the jocks he was with openly leered at her, sliding their tongues out and making lewd remarks. Jason didn’t turn around at all, and she inexplicably found herself in a bad mood as she sat at her desk.

That morning, she couldn’t focus on her lessons, and though she amused herself by teasing the new teaching assistant by letting her legs drift open as the lesson progressed, she quickly realised by lunch that the one person she wanted lusting after her was acting as if she didn’t exist at all. She decided she’d had enough, and cut afternoon class to go the college gym to work off her frustrations. Changing into her white tee and altyazılı porno short shorts, she made her way down to the gym, which she knew would be practically empty this time of day. She limbered up, looking around at the machines and trying to mentally work out her schedule for the day.

Starting with the bench press, she got on her back, grasping the bar with both hands, and inadvertently found herself thinking how similar Jason had felt in her hand the night before – smooth and hard. Instantly she felt a little moisture creep between her legs. Stop it, Vanessa. Just write off the damn incident, and thank your lucky stars he didn’t try anything else. As she lifted the bar off its rest, a figure came into her view, and she started, almost dropping the weight in the process. Jason caught the bar, and gently lifted it back onto the rest.

“Damn you Jason! I could have dropped the bar on me!” Her anger ignited as she recovered, and realised how close she’d come to harm. She was further incensed by his grin, which showed no trace of apology. He merely spread his legs on either side of the bench, so that his crotch was almost directly over her head as he bent down, and spoke to her.

“You’ll need a spotter. I’ll help.” He lifted the bar once more, and kept his hands on it as she grabbed the bar, and slowly eased it to her chest, breathing in deeply as she did so. She couldn’t help noticing the smell that emanated from his shorts, the one that had intoxicated her the night before. It was just inches away, his manhood, and she could make out its faint outline – twitching slightly? – in his shorts. She tried to focus on the weight in her hands, and did so with a modicum of success, but performed the exercise fairly routinely, all the while very much aware of Jason’s cock just hovering out of reach. She had to squirm slightly as her panties grew damp again.

Apart from his eyes straying occasionally over her body as she heaved the weight, Jason hadn’t behaved inappropriately at all, and she was experiencing mixed feelings as she ended the routine. He directed her silently to the free weights, where he chose a set of dumbbells for her. Vanessa faced the huge mirror that ran alongside one entire wall of the gym. Looking at herself, slightly sweaty from her efforts, and cutting one hell of a figure in the tee that now clung to her body, and the shorts that showed off her beautifully smooth legs to great effect, she knew it would be one strong willed man who wouldn’t want to jump her. But Jason merely took his place behind her, holding both elbows close to her sides, as she did her arm curls. She could feel his soft breath on the back of her neck, and as the strain of the dumbbells began to tell, he moved in closer, so she could hear him breathing; he used some of his strength to help her with the weight, and she could feel his muscular arms tightening around her, almost in a an embrace that might have come across as suggestive had they not been in a gym.

She could also feel something else. Pressing against her lower back. Insistently, with a heat of its own. Instinctively she arched her back and pressed her ass back against him, gyrating almost imperceptibly, squeezing her thighs as she felt her desire spread throughout her body. Still Jason did nothing, and it was a pattern that repeated itself over the next hour; him putting her through zenci porno her paces in the gym, holding her waist and hips, brushing his hand across her exposed tummy, stretching her legs, and running his hands up and down her thighs – all to ostensibly make sure the proper form and posture was kept as she worked her body. Her body was burning at the end of the hour, and she was very sure most of it wasn’t related to the strain from the weights.

She went off to get some water, and when she returned, Jason was seated at the instructors’ desk on the second level, which overlooked the entire gym. She walked up to him, and rested her arms on the metre-high partition that separated the instructors’ corner from the rest of the gym. Over the loud music blaring from the speakers, she saw him mouth some words, but couldn’t make it out. Leaning forward, she motioned for him to repeat himself.

“Get over here and suck my cock.”

“What?” Stunned, she just stood there staring at him dumbly. She couldn’t believe what he had just said, and looked at him uncomprehendingly.

“Get. Over. Here. And. Suck. My. Cock. Now.” He leaned back in the chair, hands behind his head. “We both know you want to.”

Shaking – from anger? From fear? Lust? – Vanessa’s mind went blank. He was crazy if he thought she was going to give him a blowjob in the school gym, with the ten or so people scattered across the large room. Last night was one thing, but this was…

“Now. I won’t tell you again, Vanessa. Come over to other side of the partition and get on your fucking knees.”

Unbidden, she obeyed him, a maelstrom of lust and anger whirling inside her. She gave a quick glance around at the others in the gym – mostly buff male homosexuals preening in front of the mirror – and walked over to the desk. A few metres away, she stopped. And knelt, unsure of what to do next, and if she was really going through with this.

“Take your shirt off.” She complied, tossing it onto the floor beside her. “Good girl.” He spread his legs. “Crawl over here and take my cock out.” Vanessa moved gingerly on her knees over the 2 metres or so that separated them, and placed her hands on his thighs. Undoing the sole button on his shorts, she reached in with her right hand and drew his tool out. In the light, it looked even larger than she remembered.

Without waiting for his bidding, she leant forward, and was on the verge of taking him into her mouth when he grabbed her hair roughly, holding her a few inches away from his cock. “Beg for it.”

Resigned, she proffered, “Please.” “Not good enough.” She sighed inwardly. She knew what he wanted, and was initially loath to give in to him, but figured he wasn’t going to let her get away with it. “Please Jason, let me suck your cock.”

He relaxed visibly, and let go of her hair, though he still kept a hand on her head. She bent to her task, opening her mouth as wide as possible to receive his monster dick. He slid in more easily than she thought he would, and the taste of his cock enveloped her mouth, and whole being, as she sucked on him, torn between taking her time with his stunning cock, and wanting to get him off as quickly as possible in case anyone approached the desk.

In any case, there was no hiding the pleasure she obviously derived from having him in her mouth, and she was glad that aldatma porno the loud music drowned out her groans as she reached her hands behind his back, pulling herself onto him, and swallowing more of his cock than she thought humanly possible. Inch by inch, she took him, suppressing her gag reflexes until she felt his pubic hair tickling her nose. She was drenched in sweat, and the realisation of the gratification she was providing him, and she found herself desperately wanting to please him, and give him a blowjob that he wouldn’t forget in a hurry. Caressing his scrotum lightly with her long fingernails, she felt a familiar twitch, and a tightening of the grip on her hair. “Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum – I want you to suck it all up…”

She redoubled her efforts and was soon rewarded with a gush of hot semen in her mouth, which she tried her best to swallow. But there was too much, and some dribbled out of her mouth onto her chest. Jason scooped up his cum from her chest with two fingers, and directed them towards her mouth, which accepted his fingers readily, and Vanessa continued sucking on his fingers long after they had been licked clean. Obediently, she buttoned him up, and put her t shirt back on, but remained on her knees, her eyes locked on his.

“Get cleaned up, and meet me in the men’s shower room in five min. I’m not done with you yet.” Jason stood up, and walked off, leaving Vanessa on her knees.

Shortly after, she entered tentatively into the shower room, which was empty except for one cubicle, from which she heard the sound of water running. Making her way to the cubicle at the end of the room, she peered in and saw Jason naked, showering, the soap and water cascading off his leanly muscular frame, his cock that had lately been in her mouth jutting out at an angle. He opened his eyes, and crooked one finger at her. Without even bothering to take her clothes off, Vanessa walked into the shower cubicle, the strong warm spray soaking her immediately from head to toe. Grasping her shoulders, he pressed her against the wall and kissed her roughly, one hand pulling her head towards his, the other at the small of her back, pressing her body to him. She placed her hands on his shoulders and wrapped her legs around him, feeling lightheaded as he jerked forward, his cock forcing itself against her covered cunt. Even through the material, she could feel the heat and the pressure of his cock, and as he ground his crotch into hers a few more times, the desire that had been threatening to spill over from the moment she had seen him that day, burst forth, and as she came, hard, she released her mouth from his kiss to groan incoherently, muttering “oh god” over and over again. He didn’t stop his thrusting, and had her cumming two more times in the space of a minute as he clamped his mouth on the nape of her neck, biting down with savage pleasure as he felt her trembling, shivering body shake violently with the force of her orgasms.

Setting her down, he let go of her when her feet touched the ground, and let her crumple slowly to the floor, the shower beating down onto her exhausted, spent, quivering form. Jason laughed, and walked out of the cubicle, drying and dressing himself. Squatting down beside her, he lifted her head up towards him, noticing with satisfaction the occasional spasm that racked her body. “This is turning out to be a lot more promising than I had thought, Vanessa. Friday night, there’s a party at Deidre’s. If you’re a good girl, and do exactly as you’re told,” Jason grinned, staring at her as she fought to catch her breath, “I might just give you what you want – I’ll fuck your brains out.”

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