Valentines Week: Tuesday

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Tom woke up in a wonderful mood. He had good reason after all. His wife Dawn had surprised him the night before with a sensual striptease, and then had fucked his brains out afterwards while he was still fully clothed on the couch. Best of all, Dawn had hinted that this was only the beginning of their Valentine’s week sexual journey.

Dawn had already gotten up, by the smells coming from downstairs, he assumed she had the coffee ready and was cooking something up for breakfast.

Tom got out of bed and walked to the top of the stairs. “Honey, do I have time for a shower before breakfast is ready?” Tom called out.

“Make it a quick one, you have about 15 minutes.” Dawn answered.

Tom hurried to the bathroom and started his morning routine. Soon he had his teeth brushed and had shaved. He turned the shower, stripped of his briefs and jumped in. After about 5 minutes, he had washed his hair and body thoroughly. He had just rinsed off and was about to turn off the water when the shower door opened and in stepped Dawn, naked as the day she was born.

“I came up to check on you, breakfast is ready, but when I saw you’re cute butt I just had to join you!” Dawn said.

Tom smiled. “Where were you 5 minutes ago, I could have used some help washing my back.” He said.

“Well, I’m here now. Maybe I could wash your front!” she said.

“Well, I did finish it, but if you wanted to inspect to see if I missed anything, go right ahead.” Tom said.

Dawn smiled. “Your chest and stomach look pretty clean, but maybe I should inspect a little lower, huh?” she said.

Dawn grabbed the shower jell and knelt on the shower floor at Tom’s feet. She squirted a generous amount in her hands, then grasped Tom’s soft dick. She stroked it a few times, feeling it grow harder in her grasp. It didn’t take more than a few minutes of Dawn’s stroking and pumping for Tom’s cock to grow fully erect. Tom looked down at Dawn and saw her looking back, her eyes full of love for him.

Dawn looked back down at the cock in her hands, surprised to see the head had already swollen Ataşehir Escort and had an almost purplish color to it.

Dawn looked back up at Tom. “Are you gonna cum for me baby?” she said.

“It’s not gonna take much more, I’m close.” Tom moaned.

With that, Dawn knew his explosion was just a matter of seconds away. She removed one hand from his cock and reached down to give his balls a gentle squeeze before reaching behind them with her fingers and started rubbing the sensitive spot between his balls and asshole.

That was all Tom could take. His balls tightened, and he felt the cum leave them and travel up the shaft to spurt from the swollen head.

Dawn squealed excitedly and angled her husband’s cock till it was pointed at her tits. She kept stroking thru Tom’s climax, feeling spurt after spurt of his cum coating her tits and nipples.

Dawn smiled up at Tom. “There, that ought to hold you till tonight.” She said.

“What about you?” Tom asked. “After last night and now this, you must need some release too.”

Dawn got up and stood under the shower to rinse herself off. “Don’t you worry about me baby. I have plans for you tonight. You’re gonna take good care of me; you owe me at least two orgasms. Believe me, my time will come. Pun intended,” Dawn said laughing.

Husband and wife were both soon out of the shower and dried off. Tom went back to the bedroom and got dressed for work

He made his way down to the kitchen to find Dawn still naked, laying on her back on the kitchen table, feet up on the table, her legs spread. She had one hand between her legs, softly caressing her pussy.

She looked up as she heard Tom enter the kitchen. “I couldn’t wait for tonite, baby. I need to cum badly. Please eat my pussy before you go. Please, honey?” she said.

Tom just smiled and took off his suit jacket. “I’d love to, sweetie,” he said.

Tom knelt on the floor and pulled Dawn closer to the edge of the table until her pussy was just inches from his face. Dawn’s pussy spread like a beautiful flower. Ataşehir Escort Bayan The swollen inner lips parted, leaving sticky strands of her juices connecting them like a spider web. Tom leaned in, inhaling the intoxicating aroma. He breathed it in as his heart raced in his chest. He leaned in and stuck out his tongue, moving it gently up and down across the juice covered inner lips. He heard Dawn moan her approval. Tom opened his mouth and took the soft lips into his mouth and sucked them gently.

Dawn sighed. “Oh yes sweetie, now stick your tongue in… ahhh!” Dawn didn’t finish as Tom stuck his tongue into her dripping pussy. “Oh, you’re so good,” Dawn moaned as Tom fucked his tongue in and out of her cunt.

Tom began to suck on her dripping hole, drawing more of her juice into his mouth. The taste of her pussy was making his cock throb in the tight confines of his pants. He had eaten his wife’s pussy more times than he could count, and he couldn’t believe how much he loved the taste of her. His lips and tongue went wild on her pussy, sucking and licking until her hips were bouncing on the table. He had to grab her hips to keep his mouth on her pussy.

“Oh yes, oh, yes, oh yes,” Dawn moaned, her head moving back and forth as her chest heaved up and down. She had always loved the way Tom ate her pussy, he was an expert.

Tom was getting such a thrill out of eating Dawn’s pussy that he didn’t want it to end. Yet, he wanted her to have the orgasm she so desperately needed. After all, she had given him so much pleasure in the last 24 hours.

His mouth opened wide and he took her throbbing clit between his lips and sucked it into his mouth.

Dawn’s body began to shiver, her legs wrapped tightly around his neck. Her hands grabbed Tom’s hair and pulled him tight into her pussy.

Tom sucked the swollen clit in and out of his mouth. Dawn pulled his head to her pussy so hard that she almost suffocated him.

“Ohh suck meee!! Suck me, I’m cumming!! Suck my pussy, suck my pussy!!” she screamed.

Dawn Escort Ataşehir screamed as her body convulsed in pleasure.

Tom kept on sucking until Dawn gently pushed him away.

Tom leaned back on his knees. He was proud of the way he had made his wife cum. He loved her so much. He would do anything for her, just as she would do anything for him. He sat there and watched her bask in the afterglow of her orgasm. Her pussy was still swollen and pulsing. He lifted his hand to catch the juice that was dripping from his chin and glanced at his watch.

“Oh wow, baby. I’m gonna be late for work!” he said. Tom stood up and leaned over to kiss his wife, letting her taste herself on his lips. He quickly washed his face at the kitchen sink and turned to face Dawn. She was off the table, standing on wobbly legs after her explosive climax. Tom kissed her again and headed for the door.

Dawn called after him. “Hey, don’t forget you owe me one more of those tonight!”

Tom stopped at the door. “You know I’m good for it,” he answered. Tom blew his wife a kiss and stepped out the door.


Later that night, the two lovers lay on the bed, covered in sweat.

“See,” Tom said panting, trying to catch his breath. “I told you I was good for it.”

Dawn smiled. Tom had come home hornier than ever that night. He had come in the door, picked Dawn up in his arms and carried her to the bedroom like they were newlyweds on their honeymoon. He stripped her, then himself. He had lain back on the bed, inviting Dawn to straddle his face so he could eat her pussy again. Dawn had happily complied and had turned to face his feet so she could suck his cock in the classic 69 position. After Dawn had cum on his face, he flipped her over on her hands and knees and entered her from behind, his favorite position. After fucking her to another climax, he pulled out and Dawn lay on her back, missionary style. Tom needed desperately to cum, so Dawn urged him to fuck her hard and fast. Just as Tom was about to cum, she reached up and gently rubbed his nipples. That was all Tom could take as he exploded in her clutching pussy.

“You certainly were, sweetie,” Dawn said. “I think were even now, but who’s counting anyway?”

They turned to face each other and leaned into a deep, passionate kiss.

“I love you, Dawn.”

“I love you, Tom.”

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