Veronica , Adam’s Adventures Ch. 01

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Chapter 01: Veronica, Adam…and a Strap On

This is my first submission in a series detailing Veronica and Adam and their experimental sex life:

This was it… the day she had waited for, and dreamt about, for years. Veronica was about to fulfill her greatest sexual fantasy: to use her strap-on and fuck a man. The anticipation was made sweeter because it would be Adam’s first time also. He was petrified she would be too much for him to take. He’d never had anyone insert even a finger into him, let alone 6 inches of thick rubbery plastic. But the thought of being fucked by Veronica made his cock harder than ever before.

They had not been together long, but had enjoyed many experimental nights of wild passion. She was fairly small with a pert, toned body and beautiful full breasts. Long brown hair cascaded down her back and she had piercing blue eyes that would transfix whoever she met. Her skin was milky white and soft, and Adam could spend hours stroking it and just looking at her. He was tall and well built. His soft brown eyes had been the first attraction for Veronica, and she loved to be in his strong, protective arms.

They both knew this would be the night, but they sat together for hours in front of the TV, neither daring to ask the other if it were time. Finally, she succumbed and suggested Etiler escort they go to the bedroom. The burning fire of arousal in Veronica’s eyes stirred Adam’s dick to attention once more. This was going to be a night neither of them could ever forget…

Adam lay on the bed, hiding his eyes, not wanting to watch Veronica attach the strap-on. He was starting to really worry about what was going to happen to him, so he didn’t want to see what his girlfriend was about to fuck him with. Veronica, meanwhile, enjoyed the feeling the fake dick gave her, she felt strong and masculine. So many times had she lain on a bed letting a man fuck her, it was about time she took control.

She so badly wanted to just take Adam roughly, with no mercy, but she didn’t want to cause him too much pain. So, she grabbed a large tube of lubrication and squirted it across her rubbery dick, and rubbed some over her pussy. The beauty of this strap-on was the built in vibrator that would send waves through her clit, and she needed to be wet to feel it properly.

Adam tempted Veronica with his anus. She applied some more lube on to, and into, it. Now she was ready. She could barely wait to do this, even though she had no real idea how it would feel.

She offered the end of the fake cock up to Adam’s tight Beşiktaş escort rosebud, and inserted just an inch into him. He cried out loudly at the pain that shocked through him, but the feeling was intensely pleasurable and the stinging quickly subsided. He was now desperate to feel the full length of her toy inside him. Veronica could barely contain the urge she now felt to stretch him to the limit, and fuck him hard in the ass. No, she had to take this slowly. She gently inched the plastic cock into Adam, until she had reached the hilt. She stayed there for a minute while taking in what she was doing and enjoying the vibrations the strap-on was giving her.

“Is that OK?” she finally asked, breathlessly.

“Yeah, that’s…really…good,” said Adam.

Veronica was surprised to hear Adam say it; she didn’t think he would like it. This only served to encourage her to lose her inhibitions.

“You want me to fuck you, bitch?”

“Yes…fuck me.”

“Ask properly.” She commanded, as she gave him a firm slap across the ass.

“Please Ronnie…fuck me hard…fuck me…cos I’m your little bitch.” He knew by now exactly how to talk to her in order to expose her love to dominate him.

“That’s better.”

She pulled the strap-on out of him, and said “On your knees.”

Adam Taksim escort climbed up on to all fours and offered Veronica his ass once more.

Veronica was so excited by this point she had lost all sense of gentleness and slammed the cock into him as hard as she could. This was met with another loud grunt, and a cry of “Fuck!” from Adam. She grabbed his hips and pulled him into her, penetrating him even further. He cried out this time.

“Uuuuuuuuggh! Oh my god Ronnie, please fuck me hard, I’m gonna cum!!”

Hearing this made Veronica lose the little control she had left and, still holding on to his hips, fucked Adam harder than either of them could ever have thought possible. The vibrating egg in her strap-on sent wave after wave of pleasure through her clit, made more intense by thrusting the cock in and out of Adam, and she knew neither of them was far from cumming. Adam carried on loudly grunting and panting with each stroke of Veronica’s cock.

Veronica let out a loud cry of pleasure as the biggest orgasm she had ever experienced coursed through her body. This tipped Adam over the edge, whose cock exploded with thick wads of white cum that collected below him on the bed. She suddenly realized hadn’t even touched it all through their session, too fixated by fucking him. But he didn’t need her too, it seems.

Veronica withdrew from him, and they laid together, sweat covering their naked bodies, while they reveled in the post-orgasmic glow of their wildest time yet. She knew at that moment that she wanted to do that again and again, as did Adam.

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