Vicki Loves – Ch. 05: Cassie

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Chapter 5 – Cassie

…wherein histories are shared, a game ends with two winners, and an education is threatened.


“Hi!… Vicki… I’m, um, Cassie, and… this is pretty weird for me too. But… I’m really happy to finally meet you!”

All Vicki could do was watch as Cassie walked closer and closer towards her. She stood locked in place, the sight of her smiling doppelganger already almost too much for her mind to handle. None of this made any sense. She didn’t have a sister, that would be… no, this was definitely some kind of joke… but…

“She looks just like me…” had barely raced through her thoughts when the long-haired blonde closed the distance between them and wrapped her arms around Vicki in the most reassuring hug the dumbfounded teenager had ever known.

“I always wanted a sister…” breezed like cotton candy through Vicki’s left ear, her sister’s voice so similar to her own, but just so slightly off, which somehow, in ways Vicki would never be able to verbalize, made it all the more pleasing.

Vicki didn’t know how long their hug lasted, or for how long it took for her to reach up and place her own hands across Cassie’s back once it had started. Their chins rested comfortably on each other’s shoulders as they stood together in the silent living room of the Tate household. Their mom, Jeannie, stood off to the side a few feet away, completely forgotten about by both Vicki and Cassie as the two girls held each other close, tears forming in both of their eyes.

Vicki kept her eyelids shut as Cassie’s hands—soft, small hands that felt just like her own—pressed against her body, moving ever so slightly in different directions every few seconds as if to confirm that the girl underneath them truly existed. The new reality that Vicki had a sister, one that looked… and felt… and smelled… just like her destroyed everything that came before, leaving in its wake splinters and half-formed ideas of what the next few hours, days, and even years might hold.

Though ill-prepared for being on the receiving end of her sister’s warm embrace so suddenly after learning about her in the first place, Vicki soon discovered being squeezed by Cassie, and returning her hug in full, felt like the most natural thing in the world. As the freshly-introduced sisters continued to explore the still-unreal tangibility of the other, and especially because the proportions of Cassie’s body matched that of Vicki’s in very noticeable ways, Vicki soon found herself getting lost in the gentle flattening of her chest against her twin’s, the soothing pressure of both of their enormous racks buffeting against each other impossible to ignore.

However, “all good things”, and Cassie finally pulled away from Vicki, her reluctance palpable. The left edge of her lips brushed past Vicki’s cheek, leaving a nearly imperceptible streak of saliva behind, dotting the brunette’s tanned skin.

“I’m… I’m sorry for just glomping onto you like that… I was thinking so much about what I would say, what I would do, when… when, you know, when we met for the first time… simply just giving you a big giant hug wasn’t even part of the plan!”

Standing just a foot away, Vicki gazed at the all-too-familiar face gleaming back at her. Would she ever get used to this?

“Oh?” Vicki replied, matching her twin’s bright smile. “What was the plan, then?”

“I, uh, sort of imagined that there would be more of a… firm-handshake-nice-to-meet-you kind of situation? And now that I say it out loud, I’m really glad I just went in for the hug.”

“Yeah, me too.”

Mentally kicking herself, Vicki hoped that Cassie didn’t notice her eyes’ quick dart downward to the blonde’s similarly oversized chest.

“So…” Vicki began, glancing at her mom, whose face wore a mix of worry, relief, and clear affection for both of the teenage girls standing before her.

“Mom, I… I’m not mad, I’m not, I promise. I’m just… I really need to know what’s going on. When you left on Friday, you said you had a job thing, but now I have a sister, and that is honestly something I’m still wrapping my head around, and I really can’t wait to know everything about you, Cassie, but please… mom… what is…?”

“Okay, right, yes, um, how about we all sit down, and I’ll… I’ll explain. Cassie is already up to date, as, uh, you’ve probably guessed, and um…”

“Here Vicki, sit next to me… please?” Cassie interrupted, taking Vicki’s hands in her own.

“Of… of course, I would love that.”

Cassie and then Vicki plopped down right beside each other on the couch, while Jeannie took a slow and measured seat on the coffee table directly in front of them. Vicki, having had no time to change since she arrived home, was still lewdly squeezed into the tight black t-shirt she had worn to Celia’s, and only because of the current situation the three Tate girls found themselves in, nobody had gotten around to asking her why she was wearing bikini bottoms instead Silivri Escort of shorts or a skirt. Beside her, Cassie’s sky blue sundress billowed about her sister’s body, catching every whiff of air that passed by. It did a slightly better job of downplaying her pronounced curves, but still proved no match for her gigantic breasts, clearly equal to Vicki’s in both size and weight. Like Vicki, she was also currently going braless, and every slight shift of her body caused her spectacular udders to wobble and sway beneath the thin cotton.

Directly before her, wearing a smart white blouse and long navy blue skirt, Jeannie sat with her legs pressed together, her knees angled, and her tiny perfect ankles crossed beneath her. Her hands sat in her lap, and Vicki could see a hidden sheen of nervous sweat coating her palms whenever they tilted towards her. She exuded beauty and elegance effortlessly, and a large part of Vicki’s heart wrenched in agony knowing that if this was any other normal Sunday afternoon, she would have already shed all her clothes and welcomed her mom home with the deepest and longest kisses she could offer, followed by the slowest and sloppiest blowjob that a daughter could provide, fully aware that it all still wouldn’t be enough to lay bare the endless reserve of glowing love and searing lust she always felt towards her mother.

But… clearly she had known Vicki had a sister for, well, her entire life, and had… had… purposefully kept this… HER!… a secret. Wanting to give her mom the benefit of the doubt clashed with brutal pangs of sadness and confusion, and before Jeannie had even started talking, rivers of tears flowed down the teenager’s cheeks.

“It’s okay, Vicki… it’s okay,” Cassie whispered, obviously unable to ignore Vicki’s fragile emotional state, now completely on display.

With the most tender of movements, Cassie brushed aside the hair on the side of Vicki’s face, and kissed her sister on the same cheek her lips had briefly encountered earlier, placing her half-open mouth directly over the stream of tears leaking from Vicki’s reddened eyes.

“It’s alright, beautiful,” Cassie quietly encouraged, before kissing Vicki’s cheek again, and then a third time, her soft lips feasting on the rivulets of salty pearls running down her sister’s face.

Vicki’s growing embarrassment of openly crying in front of her mom and sister (whom she had only known for like ten minutes!) dwindled by the second as Cassie delicately kissed her tears away, the combination of her sibling’s warm breath against her skin, Cassie’s comforting fingers intertwined with her own, and the barely-audible, rhythmic smacks of her sister’s lips echoing through her ears all doing wonders in making Vicki feel like her world truly was as stable as she felt it was before walking through that front door.

“There… feel any better?” Cassie’s look was one Vicki would want to see anytime she was feeling down, and her heart swelled in the knowledge that from now on, she actually could. They both giggled as Cassie bashfully rubbed the tip of her tongue across her lips, which had been completely plastered with a clear wet mix of her own saliva and Vicki’s tears.

“Yeah… I mean, yes, thank you… you’re so sweet, and… and you barely know me.”

“Well, Jeann—, er, sorry, mom and I have had a lot of time to talk already, and especially about you, so I… I feel like you’re not really a stranger at all, just someone I hadn’t met in person.”

“I hope I didn’t disappoint,” Vicki gulped, her face blush red.

Cassie again raised a hand to the side of Vicki’s face and twirled her fingers through the tips of the brunette’s hair.

“God no… you’re even better than I imagined…”

A short, muffled cough punctuated the twin girls’ deepening reverie, and both turned to look at their mom, smiling down at them.

“You two can hang out later for as long as you want, but… Vicki, you deserve an explanation, and hopefully you… you’ll still speak to me at the end of all this.”

Vicki and Cassie shifted their bodies as close together as possible, each sister finding profound comfort in the other’s tight proximity. Cassie tilted her head and nestled it into Vicki’s shoulder, letting out a contented sigh only audible to the two of them.

“So… you’ll be interested to know that Cassie was the one that reached out to me Friday afternoon. That’s why I was late coming home, I was talking to her, confirming that what she said was true, organizing travel and meeting plans… but I didn’t want to tell you until… I don’t know, until I had more concrete information, until I actually… knew it was really my other daughter, your sister… the one I gave up when you two were born.”

“…The one you…?”

“Yes… it was a… decision made by a very young, very scared girl, a first time mom of beautiful twin girls, who felt more alone than any other time in her life, who had nothing, who Şirinevler Escort was barely able to take care of herself, and was terrified that… that… she just couldn’t do it, couldn’t protect, couldn’t provide for two babies. It was a decision I’ve regretted my entire life, and one I’ve tried to hide from you, Vicki, because I couldn’t bare to face your disappointment in me, and for splitting up you and your sister.”

“How… how did you decide which…?”

Jeannie let out a loud sniff, the first of many, the memories of that day clearly still vivid and painful.

“I couldn’t decide on my own, you were both such angels, and… and… just like now, God, you two couldn’t stand to be separated. So I… I flipped a coin.”


“I know… Cassie’s already yelled at me about it, trust me, I know, it sounds awful. It was awful… I was awful…”

“…Mom… no… don’t say that…”

“No, it’s true, and I will spend the rest of my life trying to make it up to you, Vicki, and to you, Cassie… you will never know how sorry I am… I made sure she was taken in by good people… but I couldn’t know any details, I couldn’t bring myself to… this had to be a clean break, for me… and I thought at the time, for her…”

Vicki looked down to her left, where Cassie’s head rested against her. She didn’t want her sister to ever move.

“So… Cassie… how did you… was there something that…?”

Cassie tilted her head up just enough to make eye contact with Vicki. Droplets of tears leaked around the edges of her sister’s lower eyelids, and Vicki wanted nothing more than to return the favor her sister provided before and kiss them away.

“Well… mom already knows, and mom, please, it’s alright, please don’t cry… but I’ve lived in more than a few different foster homes over the years… nothing bad or anything, no creepy weirdos, y’know… but I’ve never felt that feeling that I’m… I don’t know how to put it into words, Vicki… that I’m ‘home’, where I’m supposed to be. No matter where I’ve lived, it always felt… temporary, even if I was there for years. Maybe it was just me feeling sorry for myself, I don’t know…”

Vicki squeezed her body as tight as she could against her sister. “Oh, Cassie, no, I’m sorry, I wish I knew…”

“Yeah, me too… but now you’re here… and mom’s here… we’re all back together again. It hasn’t even been a day, but this already feels like… what I’ve been missing, what I’ve been looking for.”

“So how did you…”

“Find Jea—mom? Sorry, I’m still getting used to that. I was allowed to see my adoption files once I turned eighteen, and once I had a name, which is all I really had, it just took a little bit of internetting to find where she worked, and so I… called her up. I needed to talk to her. I needed to meet my mother.”

A sharp grimace of deep-seated regret flashed on Jeannie’s face as she joined in.

“So we talked, I cried, a lot, and through the tears we figured it was best if I fly out to see her, and go from there. Vicki, I was going to fill you in on everything when I got back… no matter what happened, I promise, and neither of us expected Cassie to fly back with me when we talked, but I think we both knew the moment we saw each other… there was no way that wasn’t happening.”

“It’s true… the moment I saw mom’s eyes, and then her whole face, and then… all of her, walking towards me, I knew… I knew I had found my home.”

Cassie turned her face inward into the top of Vicki’s chest and erupted into sobs.

“…And then… when… and then when I learned I… had a sister… the same age as me… I’ve never felt happier in my… my entire life…”

Though she must have valiantly tried to maintain her composure for Vicki’s benefit for as long as she could once her sister arrived home, Cassie could hold out no longer. Her emotionally-wracked body convulsed in feeble twitches against Vicki’s, and muffled wails reverberated through the upper swells of Vicki’s enormous breasts. Vicki shifted her left arm from between their laps to around Cassie’s shoulder so she could actually hold her, and the two sisters—just like when they were only days old and again upon being reunited—found vital comfort in the other’s heat and touch.

The last thing Vicki expected to be doing this morning was sitting on the living room couch crying into her twin sister’s long blonde locks, as her newly-discovered sibling herself bawled directly into her chest, but in a weird way, Vicki knew she wouldn’t replace it with anything else in the world. If this is what it was going to be like having a sister, one so friendly and supportive and… intoxicating as Cassie, then nothing could possibly be better.

As the berry scent of Cassie’s hair wafted around her head, Vicki wondered how differently growing up would have been with Cassie by her side throughout. Would she and her mom still be as close Şişli Escort as they were if there was another sister thrown into the mix? Would Kimmy Lustergaard still be as awful to her if she also had Cassie Tate to deal with? Would her frighteningly rapid and considerable growth during puberty still have driven her to be a shy wallflower if she had a twin going through the exact same changes right there with her?

What kind of team could the two of them have made?

What kind of family could all three have nurtured?

Doused in the bittersweet knowledge of the time together the three had lost, Vicki’s, Cassie’s, and Jeannie’s cries bonded them together ever more at that moment, beyond their being mother and daughters, and a fire lit within each girl to make up for every day together they had been denied.

“God, what a mess we are,” laugh-cried Jeannie, as she wiped away the two glossy smears traveling down her cheeks.

Still cradling Cassie, Vicki looked up at her mom through misty eyes. Unspoken dialogue raced back and forth between them, about their recent incestuous lovemaking, their shared desire to keep Vicki’s stomach and womb flooded with Jeannie’s potent semen, their dreams of mutual lactation, Vicki’s need to wrap her lips around her mom’s giant girlcock, Jeannie’s longing to fuck her daughter any way she wanted, and the joy they both received from bringing each other to one spectacular orgasm after another.

Vicki knew that none of those things could be addressed in any way for the time being, and silent cues from her mom told her she was on the same page. Plus, there were more pressing matters.

“So, is she staying with us forever, or…?” Vicki lowered her face to kiss the top of Cassie’s head. She smelled so good. “You don’t have to go back, do you? Please… say you don’t…”

As Cassie twisted her body back around to sit back next to Vicki, Jeannie conceded, “That… is entirely up to her. Though, of course, I hope—”

“Of course I’m staying,” Cassie chimed.

She faced her sister directly, their heads only inches apart. Vicki’s and Cassie’s parted lips, each pair so kissable and alluring, matched each other’s perfectly in size and shape, as did their cute noses, and their big blue eyes. Vicki’s again darted all over Cassie’s face, afraid to look like she was staring. It truly was like looking into a mirror, only so much better, because the girl looking back was real, and gorgeous, and was looking back at her with the exact same shy intensity.

“Vicki… now that I’ve seen you, touched you… tasted you, I can’t bear to lose you ever again. I want us to be best friends, to be the closest sisters we can be… I want to share my entire life with you… my secrets, my passions, my loves… and… and you would make me so happy if you felt even a tenth the same way.”

Cassie’s right knee brushed against Vicki’s left.

The tips of Cassie’s fingers skated across Vicki’s palms.

Cassie’s big toe traced a slow circle around Vicki’s left ankle.

A dull buzz radiated through Vicki’s mind as the soft pressure of Cassie’s huge breasts pressed against Vicki’s own heavy tits, the thin fabrics of their t-shirt and sundress imperceptible between their racks. Vicki’s nipples begged and pleaded to be let free from the tight confines of her top with each gentle slide of Cassie’s bulging titflesh across their rapidly-swelling tips.

“Oh God, Cassie, of course… we have so much to learn about each other, so much fun to have together… I’d be the happiest girl in the world if you stayed with us, and I want us to do everything together, every day, from here on out. I don’t think I’m ever going to stop loving having you as my sister.”

Again, the twins embraced, their need to keep in physical contact with each other overwhelming.

“And mom,” Cassie said, as she gracefully pulled away from Vicki, “I know we have a lot still to work through, and I know things might be tough sometimes, and I know you and Vicki aren’t used to having a third girl living here full-time, taking up a bunch of space, but I really want us to be the family… we always should have been, er, oh, you know what I mean, sorry…”

Jeannie wiped underneath her eyes. “No, you’re… you’re absolutely correct. Seeing you and Vicki together, sitting there together, seeing how quickly you two bonded… I can tell that you two are going to make each other very happy, and that warms my heart more than you can know. I don’t want the rest of yours, and Vicki’s, lives hindered in any way, by a rash decision I made all those years ago. Your joy… Vicki’s joy… hate me as much as you want, both of you, I deserve it, but as long as the both of you love and support each other, I will want nothing more.”

“Mom…!” “No, don’t say…!”

Both Vicki and Cassie leapt from the couch towards their mom, her tear-stained face emanating a complicated mix of sadness and pride and regret and solace and hopefulness. The two teenage girls swarmed her body and wrapped their arms all around her as she sat between them on the living room table. Both sisters held their mom tight, their faces nestled into both sides of Jeannie’s warm, sweetly-perfumed neck. Minutes ticked by as both her daughters punctuated a sobby babble of ‘We-love-yous’ and ‘It’s-okays’ with dozens of comforting kisses upon her skin.

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