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My wife and I had been having sex about once a month with a couple we had met while on vacation in Cancun last year. Helen was a very attractive, tall blonde with a knockout figure that she loved to show off with revealing clothing even though she was a college professor and looked nothing like any professor I had ever had. John was a handsome, very athletically built guy in his late 40’s with a full head of silver grey hair. They told us they had one child, a 18 year old girl who was in London staying with the family of a close friend of hers which gave them the opportunity to get away alone on vacation. The four of us had spent practically all of our vacation sleeping together every night in either their room or ours and occasionally taking an hour or so during the day to grab a quickie.

When we got back to the city, we usually got together for a very sexual evening about once every couple of weeks most of the time at our place since their daughter was around all the time at theirs. This had been going on for about a year when one day I got a phone call from them saying they had something important to discuss with Tyko and I and wondered if we could come up to their place tonight. I told them that we would be there at 8 and told Tyko about it so she could prepare an early dinner.

We arrived promptly at 8 and Helen greeted us at the door with a warm hug and provocative kiss and then led us into the living room where John was waiting. After greeting John and settling down with a cold drink, he mentioned that he didn’t want to waste any time getting down to the reason they wanted us over tonight. Helen began by mentioning that they had given this much thought and both decided that it was what they wanted to do. She told us that their 18 year old daughter, Vicki, had just discovered sex to such a degree that she was becoming addicted to masturbating and they were sure that she would soon be out looking for a cock or cocks to satisfy her and that they would rather have their daughter taught every aspect of sex by an experienced lover rather than some inexperienced klutz.

They want Vicki to know the difference between clumsy sex and great sex and they would like Tyko and I to educate her fully since they have full confidence in our ability to prepare her for a very full and enjoyable hobby throughout her life, just as they do. They also mentioned that they absolutely want us to accept a fee for our services as part of the bargain. I looked at Tyko and she nodded her approval so I was about to seal it when Helen said that before we make up our minds, she wants us to meet Vicki first. John walked back into the room followed by an absolutely gorgeous, fantastically built, young lady with long blonde hair like her mother’s. I immediately told Helen that we accept the teaching assignment with pleasure and no fee would be necessary.

She introduced us as Vicki’s private tutors in the subject of sex who will give her a complete education in the subject and asked her to cooperate fully with us in order to get the most out of it. Vicki seemed very familiar with the idea and I assumed Helen & John had discussed it with her at length for some time. Vicki shook hands with us very warmly and smiled as she told us that she was looking forward to the start of our course. I asked her to give us a couple of days to come up with a curriculum and then we’ll start.

Tyko and I had the entire course laid out within two days and I called Vicki to tell her that the first class would start tonight at 8 and would be over at 11. At 7:55 the doorbell rang and Vicki walked in eagerly, looking slightly flushed, but gorgeous nevertheless. As soon as we were seated in the living room, I asked Vicki if she would like something to relax like a drink or some grass, and she immediately chose the grass with an excited look in her eyes. After we each had a deep hit, I told her that each lesson would be 3 hours and we would have two classes per week from eight to eleven p.m. I also told her that all classes would be conducted in the nude and tonight’s lesson would be on the penis and vagina. I suggested that we all remove our clothes and begin the lesson.

As Vicki stripped, she began to reveal a perfect body for sex…large breasts capped with beautiful, swollen nipples, a gorgeous, firm ass, full, sexy thighs, great legs and a firm, rounded mound covered with curly blonde hair. I asked her if she was still a virgin and she told us that she had sex only a few times thus far with some boys in her school. After questioning her, we found out that she had lost her virginity about six months ago with a boy she dated a few times. She had sucked his cock before they fucked but he had not gone down on her. Her second experience was with another kid from her class who took her to his house one day when his folks were away and gave her, her first eating. The last was with a boy she’s dating now who just fucked her for the first time a week ago. I sat back on the couch and told Vicki to come over and kneel between my legs as I want her to become familiar with the penis and how to illegal bahis handle it properly.

I asked her to gently feel the balls and hold them in her hand to feel their weight. She handled my balls like they were jewels and knew just how much pressure to exert on them as she held the tight, full sack containing the swollen balls. I told her to get familiar with the penis now and she ran her fingers over the length of it from the base to the tip. My cock was fully hard and was cleaving the air in front of me as Vicki put her hand around the head and squeezed it before sliding down to the base of the thick shaft. I told her that she can make almost any man have an orgasm by either masturbation or oral sex or a combination of both and that we would examine them now. I handed her a tube of KY jelly and told her to squeeze out about an inch or so and cover the entire cock with the lubricant. As soon as it was covered, I told her to put her hand around the shaft and begin working it up and down, over the head, paying particular attention to the underside below the head. She took to it naturally and stroked my rigid member perfectly and could have easily made me come if I didn’t stop her.

I told her that she had me on the road to an orgasm which I most certainly would have had if she continued. Now I told her to wipe off all traces of the KY from my cock and her hands since I want her to become much more familiar with the scent and taste of a man. When she tossed the towel aside, I told her to investigate my balls with her nose and mouth and lifted my legs to give her full access to them as she nosed around the tight, full sac breathing in the sexy odors and then flicking her tongue out and licking them as I groaned in approval. I told her to take each one in her mouth and gently suck on it while running her tongue over the tight skin. I told her to move up to my throbbing member and taste it. She took the head between her lips and sucked it gently while running the tip of her tongue into the hole.

After a few minutes of this, I asked her to work her mouth around it and take as much cock as possible and as she began to swallow the head I told her to fully relax the muscles of her throat and work her way down slowly so that she enjoys every minute of it and wants to take more all the time. Vicki was moaning as she swallowed more and more of my penis and then groaned in ecstasy as she relaxed and tightened her throat muscles around the thick shaft. She took to sucking naturally and you could see that she thoroughly enjoyed it. I felt myself coming and told her that I was ready to orgasm and that I wanted her to taste and swallow my juices when they flow and then let go the first, thick spurt which she greedily sucked up and then proceeded to draw deeply on the head as she sucked up each spasm until there was no more and my cock began to relax.

I told her to squeeze from the base up to the head to bring the last remaining cum to her lips and then relax for a while before we continue. Vicki told us that she had swallowed the first boy’s cum and found that she loved the taste and texture of it and now that she tasted mine, she knows that she’s going to look forward to drinking more cum in the future.

I told her that sex could be one of life’s great pleasures and that I wanted her to accept anything we suggest to her and give it a fair try before making a decision about it. We want her to know everything first and then let her decide which she particularly likes. I told her that the next step in this lesson is for her to get very familiar with a mature pussy and find out if she likes sucking cunt. I mentioned that the pussy she was going to examine happened to be the sweetest smelling, best tasting pussy in the world and that I just knew that she was going to enjoy it. Tyko lay back on the couch and spread her legs wide so that Vicki could have complete access to her gorgeous pussy. I told Vicki to kneel between Tyko’s legs and closely examine the cunt before her.

She told us that she had a sexual experience with her girlfriend in London but they only masturbated each other a few times while she was there although they had kissed each other’s pussies a little also. She leaned forward and ran her fingers over Tyko’s outer lips which were gorged with blood by now and throbbing. She then ran her fingers down the slit, past the opening back to her asshole and played with it for a minute or so until moving back to the vagina and inserting first one finger to get it properly lubricated and then, a second to begin a slow, steady in and out motion which had Tyko lifting her hips and fucking the fingers inside her. I didn’t want Tyko to come just yet so I told Vicki to remove her fingers and lie down and taste the sweet pussy before her. She got down on her stomach between Tyko’s thighs and began kissing and licking the inside of her thighs, just below the pussy lips until finally, she began kissing the moist cunt itself.

She was completely lost in sucking pussy and began to moan as she lapped at the pulsating cunt. She casino siteleri slid her tongue inside and licked up all the juices she could find and then worked her way up to the clit where she wrapped her lips around the erect organ and gently sucked it in and out of her mouth until Tyko screamed and went into orgasm. Vicki reacted naturally and slid her tongue deep inside the hole to lick up the juices as Tyko slowly came back to Earth and relaxed back on the couch with Vicki’s mouth still covering her pussy. After a while, she raised her head, smiled at Tyko and told her how much she enjoyed sucking her pussy. Tyko was amazed that it all came so naturally to Vicki and that we didn’t have to make any suggestions to her throughout the whole thing. Vicki said that she loved everything she did to us that night and definitely wants to continue satisfying us in the future. She mentioned that her girlfriend’s pussy was nice but that Tyko’s pussy was so much better that it could be addictive.

I told her that we only had about an hour left in the lesson and this was the part of the class in which Vicki would be orally satisfied by both of us in return for her wonderful performance since we assumed that she was quite aroused at this point in the proceedings. She responded by lying back on the couch and spreading her legs as wide as she could offering us her throbbing cunt. I bent down and ran my tongue lightly from her asshole to her clit and then nibbled on her swollen cunt lips one at a time until they quivered and I moved to her hole and slid my tongue inside tasting her juices which were fabulous. I could get lost in her pussy as it was that good and I knew that Tyko will go wild eating this cunt and I couldn’t wait to see it. I tongue fucked her for a while and then licked my way up to her rigid clitoris and stimulated it with the tip of my tongue before taking it between my lips and sucking it into my mouth.

She gasped as I sucked it back and forth while running my tongue all over it and arched her back as she moaned out her orgasm begging me to keep sucking her pulsating cunt until the last of her spasms subsided and she collapsed on the couch with a smile of gratitude on her face. Vicki looked at me and said that she had been sucked before by the boy she told us about but that she never had been sucked anywhere near as good as I just did for her. I told her to have another hit of grass and get ready for an even better blowjob by my wife. As she exhaled, Vicki relaxed back on the couch and opened her thighs once again as Tyko settled herself between her thighs and began licking all around the pussy without touching the pussy itself. Then she placed the flat of her tongue against the glistening, pink flesh and slowly lapped it back and forth tickling the clit at the top and the warm, wet opening below it.

She slid her tongue into the hole and tasted her juices and began to moan as she got lost in sucking the gorgeous pussy spread out before her. She moved up to the clit and licked it for a while before taking it between her lips and sucking it into her mouth. Tyko didn’t want the sensations she was feeling to stop. She lost herself in it’s texture, taste and smell and began to suck Vicki like she never had sucked pussy before! Vicki reacted immediately and offered as much pussy as she could to Tyko’s greedy mouth and began to talk softly telling us that she loved what Tyko was doing to her and that she would have to cum if she continued. Tyko reacted by sucking the swollen clitoris into her mouth and sucking on it like it was a miniature cock.

Vicki arched her back and asked us to enjoy her orgasm as she moaned her way through a series of spasms until finally collapsing on the couch. Tyko kept her mouth fastened to Vicki’s throbbing pussy sucking up every last drop of her juices before raising her head and telling Vicki how much she enjoyed sucking her sweet cunt. I called class over at 10:55 and Vicki slipped into her clothes and got ready to leave. I told her we’d see her in a few days for lesson 2 and she breezed out the door like a woman recharged.

Tuesday night promptly at 8 the doorbell rang and our eager student waltzed in ready to continue her education into good sex. Tyko and I were wearing robes and removed them as soon as Vicki started to get undressed. When she was naked, I told her that this lesson would show her what she should expect from a lover in order to be fully satisfied. We mentioned that many women go through an entire life without ever experiencing the total satisfaction and extreme pleasures that sex can and should provide. We told her that being a true connoisseur of sex would provide her with many hours of pleasure throughout her life and put her in contact with lovers that are able to make her sex life richer and more satisfying.

I asked her if her parents had asked about our first session and she told us that they had asked her what we did and then told her that she would get the best education in the world from us. I suggested that we all go into the bedroom, after relaxing poker siteleri for a few minutes and smoking a joint, and then asked Vicki to lie back on the bed so I could begin lesson 2. I lay down next to her and began lightly kissing her neck and ear before reaching her full, red lips and slipping my tongue inside. She immediately began sucking on my tongue and spread her legs involuntarily as we kissed. I ran my hands over her large, tight breasts and fully erect nipples before trailing my fingers down to her hot pussy and gently playing with her swollen cunt lips.

I kissed my way down to the huge nipples which I took in my mouth and sucked while I ran my fingers up and down her wet slit playing with her pussy lips and slipping a finger into her receptive hole. Vicki was the perfect instrument for my solo and I felt myself growing more excited with each passing minute. My cock was thick and hard as I felt her hand encircle it and then tug gently at my balls. I moved lower kissing and licking my way down the smooth swell of her stomach to her pleasure mound which I covered with wet kisses as I worked closer to her glistening crack. When I ran the tip of my tongue over her rigid clit, she gasped in pleasure and opened her thighs even wider. When I licked her pussy from the bottom of her slit to the clitoris, she began to moan and toss her head from side to side.

She tasted heavenly and after licking and sucking her hole for a time I wrapped my lips around her erect clit and sucked it into my mouth as I tickled it with my tongue. She held my head in her hands and softly rambled about how good it felt and that I shouldn’t ever stop what I was doing. I positioned her clit between my lips and bit down gently on the throbbing organ. Vicki suddenly screamed out that she was coming and held my head tightly to her pussy as she went into the throes of orgasm. She held my head to her cunt until she finished and collapsed back on the bed with a long sigh of satisfaction as soon as it was over. I kept my mouth on her pussy and slid my tongue inside her dripping wet hole to lick up her juices as she slowly recovered. I gave her a few minutes to relax and then lightly began running my tongue over her clit until she started reacting by slowly and sensuously fucking my mouth. When she was properly prepared, I got up on my knees and fit the head of my now pulsating tool into her hole and slowly fed it in.

She gasped as each inch disappeared inside and by the time it was all the way in, she had wrapped her legs and arms around me and was moaning about how good it felt. I lay down on top of her and fed even more cock inside so that we were locked in a tight sexual embrace. I pulled out only about a quarter of an inch and then went back in and continued this for quite some time as she let me know how good it felt as her legs and arms held me close. It was very subtle fucking and the feelings were indescribable! I felt myself coming and told her that I was going to fill her insides with hot come any minute. My cock swelled even more and then the first spurt poured into her and triggered her own orgasm as I pumped more and more cream into her. She had tears in her eyes as she told me that she had never experienced such a powerful orgasm before. I told her that from now on that was going to be the way she experienced every orgasm and she looked at me and smiled that sexy smile of hers.

After washing up and having a cool drink and another hit or two, I told her that the next part of tonight’s lesson was going to be Tyko’s who was going to show her how a woman can properly satisfy her. Tyko had been watching the proceedings from a chair while playing with herself and was quite horny by now. I knew how much she enjoyed Vicki and could see that she couldn’t wait to get at her after watching both of us for so long. Tyko sat down next to Vicki on the bed and started to play with her breasts and lightly pinch her nipples which were already getting large in anticipation of what was to come. Tyko leaned forward and ran her tongue over Vicki’s full lips before soul kissing her as she covered Vicki’s mound with her hand and teased the hole with the tip of her finger. It didn’t take long for Vicki to get horny again especially with Tyko whispering in her ear that she was going to do the same thing to her pussy as she was doing to her mouth right now and continued sucking and licking Vicki’s lips and tongue.

Then she moved down to those fabulous breasts and worked her way around them licking and kissing them until she reached the huge nipples which she sucked into her mouth. Tyko was good and high from the grass and, like me, could concentrate on something to a much greater degree when stoned. She lost herself in sucking Vicki’s nipples and fantasized she was sucking Vicki’s clit and went back and forth concentrating on each nipple as she sucked. Vicki was in heaven, loving everything Tyko was doing to her and she put her hand on Tyko’s breast and played with the hard nipple as her nipples were being pleasured so beautifully. Tyko moved down slowly kissing and licking every part of Vicki’s stomach until she got to her objective. She made herself comfortable between those sensuous thighs and began kissing Vicki’s cunt the same way she kissed her mouth. She ran her tongue into the opening and licked at the sides of the warm, wet hole.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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