Vignettes 05: Claire

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Big Tits

A vignette is a short and descriptive piece of writing that captures a brief period of time, and is more focused on vivid imagery and meaning rather than plot.



claire was an amazingly deep sleeper. she would fall off and it would be quite difficult to wake her. This led to some unusual late night scenes.

Every once in a while, I’d see how deep she would slumber. I’d roll her over onto her back and very gently slide her panties off (if she was wearing any). I’d then spread her legs and lean over to place my tongue over her pussy. I’d bury my tongue and get her as wet as I could.

she wouldn’t react all that much to my licking, but sometimes she would moan and there would be a little twitching of her hips.

After I got her wet enough, I’d crawl between her legs and place the head of my cock over her opening. Leaning on one hand, guiding myself with the other, I’d ever so slowly push deep into her cunt, watching her face for any signs of her waking. I’d fuck her slowly, sliding in and out. Sometimes I would get carried away, starting to thrust harder, and she’d wake, looking at me confused, but realizing what was happening, at which point I would start pounding her hard.

More often though, she’d remain asleep and I’d come deep inside her. she’d not know ensest hikayeler she’d been had until she woke, when she would feel the stickiness of my cum between her thighs.

One night she was asleep, while I read. For some reason I got a nasty thought in my head that I knew I had to try. Slowly, ever so slowly, I rolled her over onto her belly and pulled her arms down by her side. I spread her legs and with lengths of my rope I wrapped each wrist, and then around each thigh, thus securing her arms down and by her sides.

Why did I tie claire? Well, because it was more fun.

she was not wearing panties so all I had to do was lift her nightie up over her ass, up onto her back. I moved between her legs and spread the cheeks of her ass, to reveal her sweet little asshole.

In normal times, claire did not like me touching her there, which was one of the reasons I was doing this tonight. she was asleep; I could do what I wanted, right?

I leaned over and touched her circle of muscle with the tip of my tongue. There was no reaction from her, but I was thrilled to be able to touch her like this. I circled her little star and pressed my tongue a bit into her. There was a slight musky flavor to her and I reveled in my action.

I kept licking and poking, and in just a while I could tell I was actually having an effect on her, as her pussy starting getting wet. I could smell her juices beginning to flow. I dipped down to touch what I could of her cunt and then back to her asshole. I moved to lie on my belly between her legs to be more comfortable with my face in her ass,

claire was beginning to slightly move and shift her hips and shoulders. her breathing was still constant, which told me she was still deeply asleep. I continued tonguing her back side, trying to insert my tongue past her ring of muscle, which seemed to be causing her to move more, I started to hear a little moan, which satisfied me greatly, for it told me that she was unconsciously enjoying this, something she would reject while awake.

I was enjoying this much more than I thought I would. I couldn’t really reach to touch her pussy, much past the perineum, because I needed both hands to keep her cheeks wide. No matter how far I extended my tongue I could barely feel her pussy opening, so I kept on rimming her, starting to moan a little myself.

I’m not sure how long I was there, but it had to have been at least a quarter of an hour, when I got a big surprise. claire started to clinch her cheeks, her muscles moving, and her moans went up a pitch, and then…

she never woke but her cheeks squeezed, causing me to lose contact for a moment. I pulled her cheeks wider and pressed my tongue deeper and I will swear forever that she had an orgasm, her little ring pulsing around my tongue, the lovely scent of her pussy increasing, and she let out a groan, which turned into a big sigh, her hands writhing and pulling on my ropes.

I totally expected her to wake but after a few long seconds she calmed, her hands and hips relaxing, and I had no trouble reaching her with my tongue. I shifted down to her pussy and she was even more wet.

My cock was becoming painfully hard, from pressing against the sheets, and it becoming obvious I needed relief.

I rose up on my knees between her legs, leaned over her and started to stroke my hardness. I pushed it low, in line with her ass, and allowed myself to touch her cheeks with the head of my cock. She was now sleeping deeply again, and I stroked faster and then my orgasm started, my cum shooting over her ass.

It all landed on the crack of her ass, between her cheeks, and after I calmed I spread her cheeks again to allow my cum to flow down and on her asshole and further to her pussy. I helped gravity by smearing a good coating on her and then allowed her cheeks to come together.

I slowly untied her wrists and pulled my ropes away. I pulled down her nightie. I kissed the back of her neck before rolling over to sleep myself, very satisfied.

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