Villa Paradiso

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This story is real fiction, though the names of the characters are real.

And all the character’s race is Chinese, so their body measurements aren’t too big. The age of the characters are around 18-19 years old.

* * * *

Bun, Billy, Willy, Supi, Tomy, Indra, and Yulius are friends since the last year of Senior High School. Now, we’re all in different universities, but some still in the same. Bun is a slim-looking guy just like Supi, Tomy and Yulius, Willy is a kinda fat guy, while Billy and Indra are though-looking guy.

By the end of our semester, we planned to take a vacation to the villa, like we did last year. What different is that we’re going to bring girls along. With Stanly’s presence, there’s no hard time to do so, since his girlfriend, Siu Fen, that will be our inviter to the other girls. Stanly is Willy’s best friend, he’s from Australia.

Siu Fen stands 5. 2ft and has a pretty face and slim body, with small tits (only about 30B) and long black hair, but her thighs are so beautiful, with smooth and white skin. Her best friend is Imelda. Imelda stands 5ft. and her face aren’t as pretty as Siu Fen’s but her tits are well-shaped with the size of 34A, her skin is rather brown.

Imelda also has a best friend beside Siu Fen, she is Lina. Lina stands about 5. 4ft. She has a beautiful face also a nice-shaped body, her tits aren’t big just 32A, but well-shaped. Her ass is nice and tight. Her hair as well as Imelda’s is rather long. Lina invited another girl along, she is Inria. She stands almost 6ft and her tits are quite big, 34A, her ass is tight, and her thighs are nice. Her face is rather cute with long black hair.

Willy invited Eliata to go, and Eliata invited another girl, named Fely. Fely stands 5. 3ft and rather fat, with short hair, her tits are big, 34B, and her ass is tight. Bun invited Danu, and Danu invited Janny, a nice-looking girl, with beautiful face, tits and body. Her tits are so beautiful though they’re just 32B. She stands 5. 4ft and among the other girls, she has the finest body.

So, there how it was, ten guys and 6 girls, going to take a vacation to the villa. But on the day, Eliata and Danu cancelled their trip since they turned ill and had to stay home. By Tommy’s and Stanly’s car, they’re going to a vacation. With no one knew what will going to happen.

Actually, almost all of them had a some feeling towards another. Bun and Yulius had a crush on Lina. Fely had a crush on Bun and Willy. Supi had a crush on Siu Fen, though he had lost her to Stanly. Willy had a crush on both Imelda and Janny. While Billy had a crush on Inria. And Tommy had it on Imelda. They had already known how the others feelings towards theirself, but they managed to pretend that they never knew.

The villa is big, with four floor. Once arrived, they agreed that the girls got the first two floor, while the guys got the third and fourth floor. They unpacked their bags from the cars and get in the villa.

Had done with their bags, Billy, Supi and Indra went out and looking around. They saw other villas around, some were occupied while some remained vacant. Then the other guys went out and brought a ball, so they played outside.

The girls heard the noise from outside, so they went out. Fely joined the guys playing ball. Her big tits are bouncing every time she ran, this kinda made the boys felt uneasy. So, Bun quit the game and went upstairs, then got a volley ball and went out again. Thinking that he would take out Fely from soccer, and it’s right. So, the girls played volley, while the boys played soccer.

But some of the boys then joined playing volley with the girls. Billy, Stanly, Willy joined the girls. The weather was so hot, so Inria decided to take off her jeans pants and wore a short pants. Fely and Janny did the same. Their white and smooth thighs were exposed. Furthermore, Janny and Fely take off their shirt also, leaving them in tank top. Their bra left the print on their tanktop. Stanly gazed at Janny’s bra, compared what inside with his girlfriend’s.

The game become hot, and everybody was sweating. Lina’s cheek was so red and her sweat run around her neck, making the boys turned on. In the evening, they got to their room, while some were taking a shower.

Then they got dinner, cooked by the girls. At the dinner, Billy said “This is going to be a long night. Do you have any idea to keep us from sleeping?” Imelda said “How about a coffee?”

“That would be fine, but what are we gonna do the whole night?”, Willy said. bayan escort Inria answered “Watching TV”

“Oh no, that would be boring”, Bun replied. “How if we play a card?”, Supi said. “That sounds fun”, Janny talked. So, after dinner, they gathered at the girls place. Inria, Imelda, Siu Fen, and Lina had already wore their pijamas, with short pants, of course! This’s like the beauty legs contest. Playing cards didn’t help them to felt drowsy after some hours.

Hour later, all the girls had fallen asleep, while some of the boys still woke. They are Yulius, Indra, Willy, Stanly, and Tommy. Then Stanly started by saying, “Did you see how beautiful Janny’s tits are?”

“Of course, I did. It’s fun to play volley with the girls”, Willy said, “Too bad for you who stayed on playing soccer!”

“So, that’s why you quit playing soccer?”, Indra said. “Actually”, Stanly and Willy answered. Their conversation broke when there’s a step-sound climbing upstairs. They looked at the stairs, and found that it’s Siu Fen, wearing her pijamas. She called Stanly to go downstairs with her. And so he did, with the other guys thinking about something. Stanly and Siu Fen went outside, then Siu Fen put her arms around Stanly’s neck and forward her lips to him. Stanly kissed her. Then Siu Fen broke the kiss and almost in tears said, “I know what you were talking upstairs. ” Stanly shocked a bit. Then she continued, “My tits are small and you don’t like it. ” Stanly said, “No, darling, that’s not it. I love you whatever you are. ” While saying so, he began to do massage her breasts with his hands. Siu Fen stood still, no words were spoken that moment.

Her tits began to get hard, and her hands go down to touch Stanly’s dick, which is already semi-erect. Unknown to them, the other guys were watching, Yulius, Indra, Willy and Tommy, are really turned on by the view they saw. They began to rub their own dick. Their breath was so heavy, but not Stanly and Siu Fen, who heard it. There’s someone behind them, it was Imelda. She said suprising them, “What’re doing here?” The boys turned around and saw her, wearing a white shirt and short pants.

Willy waved his hand, ordering Imelda to come closer and to look outside. When Imelda had come, Willy put his hand around her waist. Imelda took a look outside and saw Stanly and Siu Fen are enjoying themselves. Then Imelda realized that something was wrapped around her waist. Then she looked at it then to Willy, who still watching outside while rubbing his dick. She touched Willy’s hand out of his dick, then began to touch it with her hand. Willy felt like he’s flying, he looked at Imelda, who was smiling, then quickly he put his hand on her breasts, fondling it. Then Imelda laid on her back on the floor and Willy began to kiss her, playing with her tongue. His hands went through her shirt to feel her breast more than before.

Tommy, Yulius and Indra had already undress themselves, watching the two hot action performed in the front of them. They’re all naked with the semi-erect dicks. Then Tommy approached Imel, pushed Willy’s head from her, then kissed her. Willy stood up then saw that the others had been naked, so he did the same. Then he unpants Imelda, and saw that her puisy juice had been flooded her underwear. He rubbed her pussy with his dick. Tommy broke the kiss with her and took off her shirt, leaving her in bra and underwear. Imelda looked around and she saw four guys were staying naked around her, with Yulius and Indra stroking themself on the chair. She said to them, “Why don’t you two go up and have fun there. ” Imelda’s word sounded like a permission to them and they got up from the chair and went upstairs in hurry.

Tommy fondling Imelda’s breast, shared it with Willy. Then they opened her bra and underwear. “I want someone eat my pussy”, she said. Willy took the chance and put his mouth on it, licking the juice. Tommy then forward his dick in her mouth, and said”Will you?” Imelda licked the head, and Tommy began to moan, feeling the pleasure. Then she opened her mouth and with her hands, guiding Tommy’s dick into her mouth. Slowly, she took all of the dick to her mouth.

She almost gagged, but she hold it and Tommy began to take in and out his dick to her mouth. Willy can’t hold it anymore, he stood up, then rammed his dick to Imelda’s virgin pussy. It was so tight, and Willy’s dick was big enough to make her scream, though it’s held by Tommy’s dick in her mouth. Willy thrusting his dick deep in her pussy. Suddenly, Siu escort bayan Fen and Stanly came in and they really suprised. But Stanly quickly approached and fondled Imelda’s breasts. This made Siu Fen upset, so she run to the upstairs.

Siu Fen suprised once again, since Yulius and Indra also fucking upstairs. Indra was being deep-throated by Inria, while Lina was on Yulius lap, kissing him deeply. Siu Fen looked so confuse, but her brain started to think that her boyfriend was downstairs playing with another girl, so why can’t she? She went to the boy room upstairs, and found Billy, Supi sleeping. She approached them, then she was shocked by the hand on her shoulder. It was Bun, who had just back from the bathroom. He said, “What’re you doing here?” Suddenly, she hugged her then cried. “What’s wrong?”

“Downstairs, everybody’s fucking!” Bun shocked, then said, “Who?”

“Everyone, our friends, boys and girls. ” Bun hurryly went downstairs and what Siu Fen told him was right. He rushed to Lina, who was still kissing Yulius, then took her from his lap. Slapped her, and yelled, “What do you think you are doing?” Suprisingly, Lina kissed Bun the same way she did to Yulius, who now on her back, rubbing her ass. Bun kissed Lina, without knowing what was going on.

Upstairs, Siu Fen still crying with two sleeping boys. But her sound made Supi woke, then saw her crying. “What’s wrong?” Still crying, Siu Fen gave no answer. Supi hugged her, then asked the same question. Siu Fen asked back whick suprising him, “My breasts are so small, aren’t they?” Supi silenced, then he said, “Though it’s small, but it’s covered by your beautiful face. ” Siu Fen stopped crying then looked at him. “Really?”

“Yes” She then hugged him one more time, and laid him on his back and kissed him. Supi got turned on, his hands rub her ass. She stood up, unbutton her pijamas then laid on Supi, caressing his balls.

Supi can felt her soft skin, her hard nipples on his bare chest. He turned around, then fondled her breast. She unbuttons his pants, revealing that he didn’t wear any underwear. His dick was erect, then she guided it to her juicy pussy. Slowly he thrusting all of the 6in dick to her hole. She screams with passion. Though she has been dating Stanly long enough, she had never had a vaginal sex with him, so she remained a virgin. Billy woke when she heard a moan around him, and found a couple fucking in front of him. He then realized that it’s Siu Fen and Supi. Supi looked at him and said, “Come on, join us!”

With no hesitation, Billy jumped out from his bed, then stripped himself, but then he was gonna slam his dick to her mouth, Siu Fen said, “No, not right there. Take it on my ass!” then she turned around, so her ass facing up, then Billy stroked his 7in dick to her back door. She screamed so loud this time. Trembling of hurt, she said, “Stop it Billy, it hurts. ” But Billy had found his pleasure, didn’t give her a mercy and kept stroking his dick to her. She screamed in every stroke he gave her. Her body was sweating, holding a pain and pleasure. Supi can’t hold it anymore and he burst his load to her vagina. Siu Fen can felt a warm fluid in her vagina, and she moaned, forget about the pain on her ass. Supi took out his dick from her, sperm still dripping out, he said, “Billy, you should take her vagina. Your dick is hurting her ass. “

Billy agreed then he moved his dick to her vagina, which is soaked by the previous rod. Siu Fen told Supi to let her lick his wet dick, so she licked the cum remained on his dick, while her hole was banged one more time. Still Siu Fen felt pain in her vagina being fucked by Billy’s big dick. But it just awhile, because she got orgasm. Then later Billy took out his dick before cumming, and he cum on her body, make it so wet and sticky. Siu Fen still out of breath, said”Thanks guys, you really nice. ” Then they began to pleasure her again.

Downstairs, Imelda had served the three guys on her well. She let Tommy fuck her mouth, Willy fuck her pussy and Stanly fuck her ass. She almost out of breath when Tommy thrusting his dick deeply to her mouth, but that wasn’t long time, because Tommy started cumming in her mouth and she swallowed it all. Tommy then lift his dick from her mouth and fondling her tits again. Stanly screamed, “Here it come!”, then he load his cum to her ass. She felt so many pleasures and she was cumming to Willy’s dick.

“That feels great, babe”, Willy said and he loaded his deposit to her vagina. She felt escort bayanlar great, having a warm cum running in her vagina and she’s cumming again. She really in mess, cum was all over her body, from Tommy, Willy and Stanly. Stanly then put his already hard again dick in her mouth, then said, “Siu Fen does well in sucking mine, let’s see how good you do sucking!” Imelda with no hesitation began to suck Stanly’s dick in her mouth. While the two other guys were watching. Stanly’s dick is bigger than Tommy’s, it’s about 6in, but Imelda can accomodate it all in her mouth, though with little effort.

Willy’s bored with nothing to do, so he invited Tommy to seek out another pleasure upstairs.

So they went upstairs and saw another fucking session. Indra was fucking Inria in doggy style. She smiled to them as they watched her fucked. She said, “Bun and Yulius are with Lina in the room. Fely and Janny are upstairs, with Billy and Supi, as well as Siu Fen. ” Then she fell to the floor as Indra rammed his 7in dick to her hole. “I think i’m gonna join fucking Inria. “, Willy said. Tommy said, “Go ahead, I want Siu Fen this time. ” So Willy knelt in front of Inria, and forwarding his dick to her, “Open your mouth!” She obeyed him and he fucked her mouth. Indra then said, “I’m cumming!” and his cum got in her hole, but some dripping out as he take out his dick. “Willy, you can get her pussy if you want to. “

“No thanks, I had Imelda’s, now I want a beautiful mouth to suck my dick. ” Willy then laid on his back, with Inria on his dick. “Come on, take it deeper, lady. ” Inria nodded then move her head down, so she got all of his dick in her mouth. Indra stood up then looked at the room. Lina was sucking Bun’s dick while being rammed by Yulius at her ass. Indra said, “The pussy is free? I want to take it!” Lina waved her hand, then took out Bun’s dick from her mouth, saying, “No, I want to keep it virgin. ” Then Indra just stood doing nothing. Bun put his hands on Lina’s head and make it move forward and backward, sucking his dick.

“Honey, are you ready to take it deeper?” She nodded so Bun rammed his 7in dick to her mouth. Yulius enjoyed fondling her tits while fuck her ass. “Lina, your tits are mine” then he squezeed them, making her to scream. Her cum was running down to her thighs as Yulius squezeed her tits. Indra came forward and licked it. “I want a bit of your taste, Lina. ” Yulius didn’t ram all of his dick to her ass, because Lina asked so. But he can’t stand anymore so he rammed it all to her without warning.

She screamed, then tried to get up, but Yulius held her by the waist and he began to rock inside her ass. Her face turned red, holding the pain. Yulius then cumming in her ass. Indra licked her pussy and played his tongue on it. Yulius hand lifted her ass up and he took out his dick from her. “Indra, you want her ass?”

“Well, I think I have no reason to refuse” then he took Yulius place behind her and rammed his dick to her assaulted ass. Bun can’t hold no more, he’s cumming in her mouth, and she swallowed the cum, but some are out from her lips, to her cheek, tits and stomach.

Lina then fell forward, as Indra fucked her ass. Bun went outside to see what happened. He saw Willy is mouth-fucking Inria, then he asked, “Where’s Yulius?”

“He went downstairs!”, Willy answered. Approaching to Inria, Bun said, “I want you pussy, may I?” Inria nodded. So Bun rammed his dick to her pussy. It’s so sliperry that Bun had his 7in dick in her pussy already. “It’s not tight” Bun said, while took his dick out. “I’ll take your ass then. ” Inria can’t screamed while Bun rammed his dick to her tight ass. But because of that, Willy’s cum are dropped to the floor, since he was cumming when Inria tried to scream. “Bun, you failed my cumshot to her!”


“I think I’m gonna revenge it to your girlfriend!”


“LINA!” Willy then rushed to the room, where Lina was being fucked in the ass by Indra. Willy was gonna rammed his dick to Lina’ pussy but Indra’s hand cover her pussy, and said”She want to keep virgin, don’t ram it!”

“You want to save it for Bun, huh?” Lina didn’t answer, but her face began to blush. “Bun, you lucky-ass, can you hear that? She want to keep her pussy virgin for you!” Bun can hear what Willy yelled out of the room and Inria smiled to him. “You’d better take it now, Bun! Before she changed her mind”

“How about you?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll have the other to pleasure me” while she yelled Willy and Indra to get out of the room. Indra quickly fast the pace, so he can cum in Lina’s ass before he go. Willy kissed Lina for a moment then he kissed her pussy. And they both got out of the room. Inria brought the guys, except Bun upstairs to join the other. So Bun and Lina were alone there, but with some noise from upstairs.

To Be Continued…

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