Virginators: College Buddies’ Quest Ch. 02

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Balls Massage

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* * * * * * *

“Her name is notorious through our school, as I’m sure you know. So let’s give her a good show, right guys? She is the one who came to me with the idea, and I’ll let you guys talk to her now, in case you have any questions, alright. Here’s Miss Sierra Cradshaw, senior of class 1999.” Their eyes grew wide when she walked in. They couldn’t believe she’d asked of this….they couldn’t believe she’d offered such a thing.

She stepped up to the podium and cleared her throat, all the men in the room became silent. She smiled and spoke. “Yes,” she said, her voice was so smooth and every word slid into the boys ears like skim milk. She was voluptuous and sweet, every guy almost grew a tent in their shorts when she talked to them.

“I am coming to your fraternity to do a group project to raise funds for both our houses. I’ve known for some time that you guys need a new filtration system on your pool and to rebuild the deck around your hot tub. And I’m sure you guys all know that we have been trying to raise funds to build a parking garage to house our members cars. Both projects would cost thousands of dollars, so my idea that I told Mark I think is the best way to raise funds for both your fraternity and my sorority.”

She paused, looked over the room and smiled. “What do you think guys?”

“Is your house aware of what you have in mind?” a newbie by the name of Zach Houseman asked, he stood with his hands behind his back as he waited for the answer. He learned well, I thought to myself.

“Yes, we put it to a vote after one of our meetings. My house members have complete understanding of what is take place and are fully behind it, over one hundred percent.” She waited, her cute smile still pressed on her face.

Another of the house members stood up, “Ma’am, who is your choice from your house for the project?”

“Well,” she cleared her throat, a bit uneasy at this part, and then looked the man in the eye. “I’m the one that everyone in my house has voted for. I’m sure that will help with the funds to be raised.”

My house members all broke out into murmurs, even one saying, “Yeah right, like she’s a virgin.”

She cleared her throat loudly and I let out a “Eyes forward gentleman, she’s a guest!”

They all shut quickly and waited for her to continue. “Alright, I know what you guys are thinking. Yes, I am a virgin.” She breathed in and continued. “I am offering my virginity to this project. You know with what your house captain said, my house will be raising money for the project, and if we raise more, we win. Those who raised the most funds in my house will get to host a End of Year Bang, a party at our house where your house virgin, who ever you pick, will get to come over and be taken care of.” Some of the guys snickered. “And if you guys win, I will show up here, at your house with the men of your house who had raised the most funds, and I will have a party with you guys.”

She waited for it to sink in. “I feel that you guys should put it to a vote and let me know. If you men aren’t interested, we can go to another fraternity on campus–“

“Ma’am,” a newbie who had just finished the total pledge process, Harrison Oswald, stood up. “There’s no need to put it to a vote, or to ask another fraternity. I speak on behalf of the my fellow members here,” he looked around and then gave her full eye contact, “we will do it.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

With that, the fund raising began. I wasn’t for sure we’d be able to pull it off. The campus looked down on such activity at the frat house’s and sorority house’s and to be almost “raffling” off two school members virginity’s would surely get someone expelled or in big trouble. We did our best to keep a low profile, only talking to those we could trust.

At the final count our house’s did, we found out we won by almost a thousand dollars. Between the two house’s, we earned almost twenty thousand dollars. We were amazed that that much money could be raised, considering what was the prize to motivate us.

Sierra was at the counting and sat there, almost dumbstruck at what the total from our house was. She looked me in the eye, and gave me her sweet smile. “When do you want me at your house?”

* * * * * * * * * * * *

We set up the dinning hall for the special occasion and even had a party at one of the town’s big hotels for the members of our house that didn’t raise enough in comparison. After they left, we finished dressing up the room.

We had white silk draped over the table and each chair a makeshift cover put on it. We hung a tremendously long strand of faux pearls on the chandelier above the table and turned the dimmer down low. It cast off a great look, and when we put over a hundred small candles across the mantle piece above the fireplace, the room was hauntingly sexy.

We all dressed in our house suits, the six of us that raised the most funds, and two others that were there for help with clean up and to şişli escort be the house boys for the night. They were to tend to her needs after she was done, such as helping her with a hot bath, getting her some food or water, and then to drive her home if she wished.

As per her request, we all brought protection, and we sat down on the chairs, waiting for her to show. At almost ten o’ clock, the door bell rang. The house boys went to the door and escorted her in. She came with a “guard,” another girl from her house who was to make sure nothing bad would happen. The guard sat on a chair next to me and Sierra stood at the end of the table.

Sierra had on a black fur coat, most likely one that had once been her socialite mother’s. She took the coat off, getting help from one of our house boys, he scooted off to hang it up in the hallway. Sierra stood before us, in a gorgeous gettup. She had on a red lace thong, thigh high stockings and a red push up bra. She was so hot she could have been a Victoria’s Secret model.

I sat there at the other end of the table, gawking at the site she was putting out to us. She stood there, smiling. “Alright, you guys just going to stare, or am I going to have some fun tonight?”

I smiled. “You will have fun alright. You may choose the order of the men tonight and who you would like to loose your virginity to. After you have decided that, then we shall start.”

Sierra knew of our “club” with in my house. She loved that we were helping girls, and at times guys, loose their virginity’s. She even told me once in confidence that she felt it was good for these kid’s to loose it in front of a group, take away all the awkwardness of having sex on a date and then having no one to talk to after wards. She was best friends with Brittany, and I’m pretty sure it was her who told Sierra about the club.

“I chose you to loose my virginity to you, James.” She stood tall, almost like a sexy statue at the end of the table. I nodded, shocked but did my best to not show it. She had picked me….why? I thought.

“And after that?” I asked.

“Then every one of the men in this room may have a chance.” She said, and then turned to the house boys. “Even your servants for the evening.”

They in turn smiled and then exchanged a look with me. I nodded my approval and then let them boast off to the side of the room.

“Would you like this in private or as a show?” I asked.

“Private with you, please. The rest may watch during the others turns.” The men seated stood up and walked out of the room to the living room, her guard still seated. “You may go too, Charlotte. If I need you–I doubt that I will, but if I do–I will call out.”

Charlotte nodded and then stood up, walking out after the others. The door was closed and left us alone. Sierra walked over to me and stood in front of me, between my legs leaning against the edge of the table.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked her. I wanted to treat her with the upper most respect.

“Yes, I am sure. I want to be a virgin taken by your club’s leader.” She leaned back, resting against the smooth fabric draped over the table. I stood up and began to unzip my pants. “Mmmm,” she moaned to me. “This feels so perfect, I can tell this is the night,” she looked up to me. “This is the night I am to loose my virginity to you,


I pulled my pants down, slipping off my shoes as my pants came off over my feet. I began to take off my tie but she stopped me. “Keep it on, please?” she asked. I left my tie on, loosening it up though, and began to unbutton my shirt. I took off my shirt and felt awkward standing there naked except for a tie and socks, but it didn’t matter. The hottest virgin at my school was laying before me, waiting to be fucked.

She wasn’t putting up a fight, and she wasn’t begging to be easy on her, to be gentle.

She was so sure of what she wanted….now I wasn’t sure how to give it to her. After so many girls I had sex with leading up to Sierra, none of those times made me ready for this.

I leaned towards her and kissed her deeply on the mouth. She kissed me back, her tongue sliding out between her lips and entering my mouth. We kissed for some time, her moans audible and her body lightly trembling below mine. When our kiss ended, I looked at her deeply. She gazed back up, and then pushed me lightly away.

She gasped as my hand felt between her legs, my fingers grazing against her virgin pussy over the sheer fabric. She sighed as my finger moved her thong string aside and found her lips, pressing the tip of my finger between them and finding her clit.

She let out a small squeal as my finger moved away from her clit and pressed hard between her folds. I felt her thong was getting in the way and I tugged my hand against it, letting it let out a loud rip. She didn’t protest, most girls complain about how expensive the set was, but Sierra didn’t. She instead let out a gasp of approval as her panties were ripped from her body, taking away the only shield to her virginity.

I pressed between her legs, she drew them up and let her feet rest on the edge of the table, snugly tucked next to her ass cheeks. I worked my finger in and out of her pussy as my other hand finished ripping the thong from her body. Strings were left on her, tucked between back and the table and little strands that fell to her stomach as I lifted the shreds away.

I blew air down onto her body and watched the red threads fly away, her body responded to my blows and she sucked in air, pulling in her stomach tight. I moved my finger around her belly button as my other hand stroked the entrance to her moist spot. She rocked her hips as my finger masturbated her, getting her ready for a much larger unit to invade her. She gasped as one finger soon turned to two and she felt the two digits work together to loosen up her entrance.

I moved my hand that was at her belly button up to her bra. It was a back closure bra, so instead of having her sit up and me then fumbling with the hooks, I pulled the breasts from the cups. The squished out over the top and looked quite funny in that uncomfortable position, but I didn’t mind, she still looked hot. I leaned down and with my fingers still pressing her open, I drew my tongue out to her left breast.

She moaned and sighed as my tongue slid around her nipple, not touching the tip, just grazing the sides of her aureole. She rocked her hips and pushed her pussy against my fingers as my lips then drew her nipple into my mouth and I lightly suckled the tiny bump of flesh. She gasped as my teeth bit down on her nipple and my lips took more of her white breast into my mouth. I let go of her nipple with my teeth and I flicked my tongue back and forth over her nipple, causing it to harden straight away in my wet mouth.

I felt the moisture grow between my two fingers that were deeply in her pussy and I could feel the tight walls around my fingers, almost crushing it with the force of her muscles as they worked with my hand. I moaned into her breast, thinking of how sweet her pussy was going to taste.

She grunted as I sucked her tit hard as I pulled my mouth away, pulling the nipple with me as I moved away, letting it pop from my mouth and I then dove to the other breast, giving it the same treatment as the other.

She moved her hands to my head and stroked her hands through my hair as I flicked my tongue back and forth over the soon hard nipple and she let out a tiny moan as my two fingers spread her open to let my next finger enter, now three deep in her pussy, getting her wet for my growing erection.

Sierra kept her eyes closed as I looked up at her to see what her face was like as I pulled back on her tit as my head went up from her body. She made a face of pain as I pulled her nipple hard between my lips as I pulled her tit up from her chest then let go, letting it fall back down and ripple on the sides of the fleshy body part.

She opened her eyes slowly as I licked between her two tits, moaning as I felt her smooth skin against my lips. I smiled at when I noticed her eyes open and stood up, looking down at the angel spread out on my dinning table.

“You want me to lick your pussy before I fuck it?” I asked. She laid there, not sure what to say. I began to move down to her pussy. “Just tell me when to stop, okay?”

She nodded. “I’ve had a guy lick my clit before, but never my pussy before. I didn’t want to them to think I wanted to sleep with them.”

I laughed a bit, what she’d just said was so funny. I felt bad for the guy who got to lick her clit but wasn’t able to get a taste of her sweet lips and virgin walls.

I moved my tongue further, finding her clit very red and erect. I passed over it and got to my fingers, still inside her pussy. I drew them out and saw all the juices that her tight pussy had spit onto my fingers and I smoothed the stuff out over my cock as I began to lick between her lips.

I found her to taste very strong, almost like a strong liquor in a way. She quivered as my tongue entered her vagina and I sped it up, drawing it in and out in quick motions. I wanted her to know what it was going to feel like to be fucked soon. I wanted her to be ready.

I held her ass cheeks in my hand and spread her open, gaining a good entrance for my tongue to keep pushing in and out of her. She gasped and moaned as I curled my tongue inside and then moved my head back and forth, pushing my tongue all around inside her tight pussy. She gasped as I pulled away and stroked her clit with my tongue fast and then I stood up. My cock was ready for her, and I was sure she was ready for me.

I grabbed for a condom and opened the package, pulling out the latex and unrolling it on the head of my cock. I smoothed it out on my hard rod and spit down on my hand, smoothing the saliva over the latex. I pushed the tip to the entrance of her wet pussy and held her hips in my hands. I looked down at her and smiled. “You ready, Sierra?” I asked.

“Yes,” she said and nodded. “I think I am at least.”

I kept smiling. “Just keep your eyes open for me baby, I want you to see how much I’m enjoying this as I take away your cherry, baby.”

She nodded again, and I pressed lightly into her body. I was in heaven! Her pussy opened up around my cock but kept a very tight squeeze on my length. She gasped as my cock slowly inched it’s way into her, finding the tight walls close up and hold me still. I stood there, letting her body get used to the part of mine that was gaining entrance into hers. She shivered lightly and I smoothed my hands over her body, soothing away her goose bumps as my cock stayed half way into her.

She drew in a breath and then exhaled and as she did, I slowly slid in the rest of the way into her pussy. I rolled my eyes back and shook, feeling the lovely tightness of her virgin pussy around my cock, and I wanted to hurry and finish as the extreme feeling of her vibrating walls were making my cock want to burst.

I held her hips again in my palms and I pressed as far as I could into her pussy, feeling her walls begin to loosen. I had pushed aside any remnants of her hymen.

I continued to fuck her. I pulled out, feeling the walls keep contracted on my girth, and then arched my back as I began to push back into her. I looked down and watched as my cock disappeared into her tiny body, she took ever inch into her and I loved the feeling of her pussy on my dick.

I moaned as I felt my balls begin to tighten and I wanted to feel every inch of her body shake against me as I kept fucking her, growing in a steady tempo of thrusts. She moaned aloud as I pounded away into her, her eyes kept open, occasionally drawing back as she would feel the glorious pain in her crotch but was enjoying every minute of it.

She gasped as I pulled out and I took the condom off. I jerked off my cock against her lips and when I was ready to explode I pulled her head to me and angled her down, spraying my come across her face. She gasped and wiggled under my hand, but my load kept spraying her face. When I finished my last few drops, I let her stand. I picked up my shirt and let her clean off her face.

“Do you feel okay, Sierra?” I asked. She nodded.

“I’m a little sore, but that was very good, James.” She sat back on the table.

“I’m not done with you yet, trust me.” I smiled. “When you are all stretched out at the end of the night…” I pulled her to me and kissed her. “You will get the fucking you deserve….the fucking that you have earned after what you just gave me.”

She smiled.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

I pulled on my boxers and pants and went to the doors, opening them and letting the others come inside the room. The looked at her flushed body, her cheeks were red and her legs were still open.

I sat back in a different chair and watched as she then took each guy in her pussy. She threw back her head and moaned as each slammed their cocks inside her pussy. She sighed and gasped as they fucked her each in turn, each of them blowing their loads in their condoms as their cocks were stuffed to as far as they could reach.

I found it funny that each guy that fucked her after me had quite smaller cocks compared to mine, and I was glad that they didn’t stretch her out, because I drew in my head of all the fun ways I would fuck her when they were done.

None of them even tried to do a different position with her. Each just stepped up to her after the last guy and put on the condom and had her lay on the table and just take the cock in her snatch. I knew she was growing tired of the fucking, and when the last guy had his way with her, one of the house boys, she laid there on the table.

I told them to all thank her for her cooperation for the night’s event and to go to their rooms and dress, that they were to join their other house mates at the party at the hotel in town.

They each gave Sierra a kiss on the hand and walked from the room. I then told her guard, Charlotte, to go get her car warmed up, I was going to help Sierra dress and walk her out to the car.

Charlotte asked Sierra if it was alright to leave her alone and she nodded a yes. Charlotte left the room and went out the front door to her car and started it up.

I closed the doors and locked them and turned around. Sierra was still sitting up on the edge of the table and she was looking at me from over her shoulder. I walked up to her, placing my hand on her cheek and kissing her gently. My other hand stroked the sides of hip and when I broke off the kiss, I moved my other hand to the other side of her hip. I held her in my hands and pulled her off the table. She stood before me and I turned her around.

I bent her forward and told her to place her hands on the table to steady herself. She jumped when she heard the quick motion of my zipper as I pulled it down, and then took off my pants. I then slid my boxers down and left them on the chair behind me. I stroked her sides, up and down her body and looked down at her perfectly shaped ass. She looked so hot in that position in the light from the chandelier above us and from the few candles that hadn’t burned out yet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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