Visit to the Hygienist

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I appreciate all your remarks. Thanks to you wwho take the time to the stories in Lit.

I walked down the snow swept street hunkering deeper into my winter coat thinking about my upcoming visit to the dentist. The holiday season was upon us with festive music wafting from the department stores. People filled the street loaded down with packages as they tried to finish their last minute shopping. I needed to finish my own shopping for the family but that all changed earlier in the day. I had a planned visit set for the next day but a phone call to my office from Marge, the receptionist for Dr. Hargrave, telling me Carol had a cancellation. “Could I please change my appointment from 10:00 a.m. tomorrow to 5:00 p.m. today” was the question she asked as if it was a lot of bother. I was only too happy to get my check up out of the way as I never liked going to the dentist ever since I was a kid.

As I walked on the sidewalk in the older section of town surrounded by buildings more than a hundred years old, my thoughts drifted to Carol, a sexy woman with light brown hair and sparkling green eyes. She was the dental hygienist who has cleaned my teeth for the last few years. During that time span we had flirted, but nothing had ever come of the innocent teasing between us. Her breasts seemed to jump from her blouse every time she leaned over me during my examinations. I from time to time fantasized about running my hands up and down her thighs as she sat on the stool next to me, wanting to feel her soft skin under my fingers as they worked their way to the triangle between her thighs.

The last time I saw her, one week ago, at my semiannual cleaning, she had pressed one of her breast against me as she leaned over to check and clean my teeth. I didn’t know if it was an accident or if she was trying to see how far she could go before I would say something. I enjoyed feeling her breast push against my arm, and a few erotic scenes of pure lust entered my mind. I thought of seeing her naked, standing over me as I gently massaged her body, feeling her tits in my hands, taking each nipple into my mouth and softly sucking on them until they were hard nubs, and then laying her down and pushing my cock into her warm vagina.

But I was in no condition to say anything at the time as I had my mouth wide open, not with her nipple lodged inside my mouth, but her instruments. Every so often, during the cleaning, she would push her breasts harder against my arm, moving them slightly up and down then sideways, as if she was gently scratching an itch. When I looked up into her green eyes, I could see the glint of mischief sparkling in them and a smile forming around her mask.

As most hygienists do when cleaning clients’ teeth, she made small talk about the weather and the upcoming holiday season. She teased me by asking if I was done shopping, wanting to know what I had bought her since she was my favorite hygienist. I tried to smile but could only nod and say an occasional yes or no before she would ask me to open wide, proceeding with her work. Carol didn’t wait for an answer and was use to her clients’ only nodding and mumbling something incoherent as she worked on their mouths. When she finished cleaning them, I tried to think of something clever to say but nothing came instantly to my mind. And when I finally got the courage to confront her, we were interrupted by the receptionist, Marge, who stuck her head in the door, telling Carol her next client was waiting in the lobby and that she was already running ten minutes late with her appointments. Carol’s eyes rolled heavenward when Marge’s head disappeared.

“She’s always interrupting me with some little problem. She likes to snoop around everyone’s office to see what gossip she can hear. I think she feels like she owns this place the way she bosses people around” Carol stated, looking down at me, smiling. “You looked like you were going to say something before we got so rudely interrupted. Did you want to ask me anything?” she asked in a sensual tone, knowing she had me thinking about her breasts rubbing over my arm. There was an awkward silence as she stood in front of me, arms crossed under her breasts, waiting for me to say something.

“I aaaa. Well I’m not sure. Would you like to go out for a drink sometime?” I blurted out like a fourth grader who got caught doing something bad and now didn’t know how to get myself out of trouble.

“Wellll I don’t know” she said drawing out her response. “Why don’t you let me think about it and the next time you come in I’ll let you know?” she teased, busying herself getting ready for her next client.

“But that won’t be for six months” I said, instantly dejected as I thought about waiting six months, as I got up from the low slung dentist chair.

She seemed to take pleasure from my dilemma. Looking me straight in the eyes, she said with a slight smirk on her lips “I’ll need to see you in one week to check on your back molar. It appears you might have some decay, from probably grinding your teeth at night. I want to make sure you haven’t worn them down too much. Bostancı Escort Besides I think that if you really want something bad enough, then waiting makes it all the more delicious when you finally get it, don’t you agree?”

“It all depends what you’re waiting for” I said, trying to play her game.

“Well, you’ll have to come back next week and find out, won’t you?”

I noticed a trace of sensually in her voice that seemed to offer a sense of promise that if I ever did have the opportunity to make fervent love to her it would be worth the wait. Somewhat dejectedly I pulled myself up and turned to face her. I wanted to grab her right there in the office, in front of the other clients and the snooty receptionist, Marge. I wanted to take her into my arms and kiss her hard and passionately, letting her feel my lips crush against hers with wanton desire. But I simply said I would look forward to our next meeting and turned to walk out the door.

“I don’t think you’ll be disappointed” she whispered loud enough so I was the only one to hear her.

I turned to see her standing with her hands on her hips, letting her large breasts push out against her uniform, as if tempting me to rush back into the room and take her into my arms. Her smile, framed by her short brown hair, hanging just below her ears, seemed to mask some smoldering fire deep within her. When her tongue slipped between her lips and slowly moved from side to side, a twinge of desire shot through my loins. As I was about to say something, I heard Marge call my name to come to the front desk. I smiled and shrugged my shoulders as I turned on my heels and walked toward the old sinister receptionist.

Marge was all business as I approached the front desk, eager to make my appointment for the following week. She told me the only opening was at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, which I reluctantly accepted. I left feeling dejected and wondering how the early morning meeting with Carol next week could possibly turn into a sexual rendezvous, if there was to be one at all. All day my thoughts were filled with sexual daydreams, wondering how I would approach the subject with her, thinking of all the erotic things we would do to each other to satisfy the hunger in our bodies.

Off and on during the following days I caught myself thinking of our last meeting, wondering what would happen at the next one. Was she just playing a game with me or is she really serious about us getting together for some sensual fun? As I daydreamed, my cock hardened with the thought of sinking it slowly and deeply into her moist tunnel. A couple of times I almost called her office to try and talk her into a date, or try getting her home phone number. But something always stopped me. Was it fear of rejection or the anticipation of the little cat and mouse game she was playing? Besides, she already rejected me somewhat by not agreeing to go out for a drink. My imagination ran wild with excuses and by the time Wednesday rolled around I was convinced that she was only teasing me and she didn’t really want to get to know me better, both mentally and physically. Then the early morning phone call from Marge asking to reschedule to today, made my heart and cock jump a little.

I walked the five blocks to the dentists’ office, thinking about my upcoming meeting with Carol, the holiday season and the cold weather which had engulfed the region. Turning the corner, a northerly blast of cold air sent my body deeper into my coat, trying to find some sense of warmth. I looked up into the biting wind, glad that his office was only a half block away instead of further. I picked up my pace as my destination loomed closer and the thought of a warm office.

I pushed the door open and was greeted by an empty waiting room. At this hour of the day any people there to see the dentist or one of the four hygienists on staff were already being cared for. I saw Marge sitting at the receptionist desk with a frown on her face. It was obvious that if I had not been there, she would be closing the office and heading for home. I approached the receptionist window with a bit of hesitancy wondering if she planned to chew me out.

“Well I see you were able to make it on time” she said with a bit of sarcasm in her voice.

“Yes ma’am” I replied picking my words carefully as too not upset her any more than she was already.

“Carol is just finishing with a client so please have a seat and I’ll let her know you’re here.”

“Thank you” was all I said and dutifully took a chair in the waiting room until Marge came to fetch me.

I heard her and Carol talking and though the words were muffled I got the impression that Marge had somewhere else she was supposed to be by 5:30 p.m. I heard Carol tell her to run along and not to worry about closing the office as she would do it as soon as she finished with my quick checkup. A few minutes later the door to the inner offices opened and Marge, who looked much relieved told me Carol was ready for me. As I walked through the door, an elderly gentleman walked past me, obviously Bostancı Escort Bayan Carol’s last client.

I heard the sound of the other hygienists finishing with their clients as I walked down the hallway to Carol’s office. I saw her standing with her back to me looking over some information on the desk behind the chair. Her outfit framed her hips and my mind immediately thought of holding those globes in my hands, softly squeezing them as I pushed my cock against her ass. She shifted her weight from one foot to the other as though she knew the effect it was having on me and decided to give me a show.

The smile on her face when she turned around was pure delight as she motioned me into her office. Her smoldering green eyes had the same sparkle as last week. Her breasts were held back by her tight fitting uniform and I wondered if she wore the outfit for me. It appeared that the buttons on her blouse would pop off with the slightest cough or sneeze.

“I’m so glad you could change your busy schedule and make it today instead of tomorrow morning” she said sensually, walking toward me.

“It was no problem. I’m only a few blocks away and besides I had nothing pressing tonight”

“Anyway, thank you again. Please have a seat and I’ll check your back molar and you’ll be out of here in no time at all.”

My heart sank when I heard these words. I lowered myself in the chair with a dark cloud of disappointment hanging over my head as she lowered the chair to a reclining position. When she had me positioned where she wanted me, I watched her put on her mask and gloves. She leaned over me to pick up her mirror and pic and as she did I felt her breasts brush against my arm, then over my chest. Her face was near mine and I could smell the faint odor of her perfume she had put on earlier that day. My head swam with erotic thoughts of her naked body plastered against mine.

“Please excuse my reach” she muttered as she leaned further over my body.

“That’s ok. I don’t mind a bit” I replied thoroughly enjoying her body pressing against mine. She had never had to reach as far for her instruments in my previous visits as she was doing today.

Carol seemed to take her time retrieving her tools. I got the impression she enjoyed teasing me as she wiggled her breasts slightly on my chest before lifting her body away from mine, tools in hand. She sat on the stool next to me, looking me straight in the eye. I saw the glint of excitement in her eyes and knew she had rubbed against me on purpose.

“Now let’s have a look at that back molar.”

“Ok” was all I could say before she told me to open wide and placed the instruments in my mouth.

I felt her instrument on my back molar, slightly scraping against the tooth. She muttered “mmmm” a few times as she poked and scraped in the back of my mouth. I heard a noise outside the door and looked to see Darlene, another hygienist standing in the door with her coat on.

“Carol. You’re the last one here. Would be a dear and make sure all the lights are off before you leave?”

“No problem Darlene. We’re almost done here and I’ll make sure the office is secure before we leave. By the way, would you please lock the door on your way out so no one comes in unannounced?”

“Ok” was all she replied, turning and heading down the hallway the front door.

I heard the door open and close, knowing that we were now alone. My mind raced again with erotic thoughts of Carol and me touching each other intimately. I felt my cock throb as the scenes in my head jumbled together into a kaleidoscope of passion. Carol seemed oblivious to my thoughts as she asked me to open wider, continuing her examination.

I felt her body press into my side as she worked her instruments against my teeth. It felt like she was taking an inordinate amount of time to simply check and determine if I had some tooth decay. I looked up into her eyes, watching to see if there was any sign of desire. Her eyes seemed to twinkle as she concentrated on doing her job.

As if reading my thoughts she announced “I’m almost done.”

I wanted to respond but with my mouth wide open, but it was difficult. I felt her breasts push a bit harder as she repositioned herself to look from a different angle. It was almost as if she was teasing me, waiting to see what I would do. I shifted in the chair trying to feel her breasts rub across my chest. As my body moved, hers responded by pressing harder into mine. As quickly as it started, she lifted her body off mine and pulled away.

Sitting straight up on her stool, she removed her plastic gloves and mask, announcing “well Rick, it looks as if you don’t have any serious tooth decay on the back molar.”

“That’s good to hear” I said starting to get disappointed again at being teased.

“But I did notice a growth that needs immediate attention.”

I started to respond, wondering what she was talking about, but her mouth covered mine. It was a soft sensuous kiss, her lips just barely brushing against mine, pressing lightly then harder, her tongue Escort Bostancı slipping out of her mouth, sliding lightly along the length of my lips. I felt her hand on my cock, squeezing it through my pants and knew that it was my cock she was referring to when she mentioned the growth that needed attention. I moaned into her mouth, putting one hand on the back of her head, drawing her mouth hard against mine. My other hand found its way between her legs rubbing up and down each calf up to her thighs just as I had imagined.

Our lips remained locked together as our hands began to explore each other’s body. My hand squeezed her inner thigh, moving up and down until it landed on her covered pussy. Her legs spread open as I pressed my palm against her pants feeling her hips undulate. She moved her pussy back and forth against my hand, moaning into our clenched lips. Her hand slid along my cock pushing it against my thigh before squeezing it harder.

My tongue slipped into her mouth, pushing deeper, feeling her tongue fight back. In the next moment, her tongue was invading my mouth, pushing deeper as my tongue fought for territory. Back and forth our tongues fought, pushing then retreating only to attack again. My head was swimming with desire, wanting to devour her tongue.

She pulled her mouth away and began kissing my neck, moving up to my ear, nibbling softly on the soft flesh, then down my cheek before returning to my mouth. Her breathing had quickened as her mouth again latched onto mine. Pushing her tongue into my mouth, she began short jabs with her tongue imitating a cock fucking a pussy. My mouth responded by letting her tongue plunge in and out as I sucked on it. With each insertion, I sucked harder trying to keep her tongue lodged into the depths of my mouth. She pulled her mouth away, catching her breath.

I looked at her sex filled eyes and said in a low husky voice “Carol, I want to see your naked body. I want to touch and kiss you all over.”

Carol smiled and pulled herself off my prone body only to slip her leg over the low point of the dentist chair and sit on my lap. “Mmmmm, baby I want you to look at and feel my body but I want to see yours too. I want to see that big fat cock of yours hiding in your pants.”

Our hands worked together in unison, unbuttoning buttons, exposing our flesh to each other. Her hands practically ripped my shirt off and when my chest was exposed, her hands immediately clamped on my breasts, rubbing them before taking a nipple in each hand and slowly twisting them. I moaned from the mixture of pleasure and pain. When the last buttons were undone on her blouse, I pulled it open, looking at her breasts hidden by her bra. I reached around her body to unclasp her bra as her hands continued to assault my nipples. Struggling a bit, I heard her laugh at my dilemma as she waited patiently for me to undo her bra. I was finally able to undo the clasp and the waiting was worth it when her breasts fell out in front of my eyes.

My hands flew to her exposed tits, covering them with my palms, massaging each of them with gently loving care. With tenderness, my fingers trailed around the soft flesh until they came to rest on her nipples. Taking each nipple between my forefinger and thumb, I slowly pinched and twisted each one, listening to her soft whimpers of approval. Our hands explored each other’s breasts, massaging one moment, pinching and pulling the next, listening to our mixed moans of delight fill the small office.

Her mouth descended slowly to my chest licking and kissing from one breast to the other. I inhaled sharply when her teeth scraped around one nipple, nibbled on it before taking it between her teeth and slowly biting it. She took her time alternating between kissing, licking, then sucking the hard nipple. When Carol had finished with one nipple, her mouth kissed a wet trail to the other breast, giving it the same treatment. My chest pushed upward, my body responding to her lips as she sucked on my nipples.

My hands moved onto the soft flesh of her breasts, softly squeezing each of them. They moved over the tender surface of each one, lightly touching, feeling the weight of each in my hands as I slowly massaged them. My hands slowly found their way to her erect nipples, rubbing them, feeling the nipples harden more as they responded to my touch.

“Your breasts feel so good in my hands baby. Come up here and let me suck on them” I murmured.

She leaned down to kiss me softly on the lips and I felt the tips of her nipples scrap against my bare skin. As she kissed me harder, her nipples moved over my skin, giving me a tingling sensation. She pulled her lips away from mine and began to slowly move her tits up and down my chest. I loved the feeling of her two nipples just barely touching my skin and my cock throbbed from her stimulation.

Carol lifted her body, placing her hands on the chair behind my head, before she brought her breasts to my mouth. I kissed her cleavage, slowly licking up and down the valley between her two gorgeous mounds. My lips moved to one breast, licking and gently sucking the supple skin into my mouth as I zeroed in on one of her nipples. One hand held the breast I was making love too, squeezing it gently as my mouth licked closer and closer to the hard nipples. My other hand stroked her free breast, grabbing the nipple and rolling it between my fingers.

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