Visited By My Wife’s Brother

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Sue, my wife of six years, had been made redundant some months ago due to the pandemic, so was in no rush to get up in the mornings. I had kept my job, but had moved to working from home instead of in town, and kept my normal hours in my little home office. I generally kept the door shut through the day as I often had video conferences to attend. Despite us both being in our early thirties, we’d not had children. We’d talked about it, but Sue wanted to focus on her career first. With redundancy, this felt like a wasted opportunity, and she’d stopped taking the pill on the day she was sent home, telling me that something positive would come out of this. But each month, her period came with regularity and we were beginning to lose help.

Sue had been pretty down since she lost her job, and when her brother rang one evening to check on her, I could see he lifted her spirits as they talked. I left her chatting away and went to bed, and the next morning she had asked if it was okay if he came over and stayed for a few days. I had no problem with that, I quite liked Harry when we’d met at our wedding. He lived half way across the country, so we didn’t get to see him very often. I understood they’d been very close siblings when they were growing up. Their parents often drank too much and fought, and apparently weren’t very good care givers, so Sue and Harry, who was a year older, looked after each other. I could understand such an upbringing forging a strong relationship.

A few days later, at about half nine in the morning, the doorbell rang. I waited for a moment to see if Sue would answer the door, but there was no sound from our bedroom so I guessed she was still asleep. I quickly left my computer and opened the front door. Harry was there, grinning and holding a small rucksack. I waved him in and said for him to make himself at home, and that Sue wasn’t up yet. Then, explaining I was in the middle of work, I left him to make himself a cuppa and returned to my office, shutting the door behind me.

Our house is quite modern, and not very soundproofed – so I could hear him opening cupboards in the kitchen as he found cups, kettle, milk and tea. I heard the kettle boil and click off, and a short while later, his footsteps walking past my office. There was a quiet knock on our bedroom door – obviously he’d made Sue a cup too and was taking it to her. I heard the door open and close, then both their voices – hers in surprise and warmth as she woke to see her brother.

Their voices continued – indistinct through the wall, as I worked. At 11, I had a video call, so joined the meeting promptly. It was a team meeting, with my colleagues, boss and one of the directors. The quarterly objectives were on the agenda, and we were expecting it to take about two hours.

20 minutes in, I heard the first thing that confused me. It was the sound of Sue moaning gently. I recognised that sound – she made it when we first started making love. My face must have registered my bemusement as my boss mentioned my name and asked if I was alright. Apparently I’d been asked a question, but hadn’t heard it, so concentrated was I on the ongoing noises from next door. Sue’s moaning had increased in both volume and frequency.

I apologised and asked them to repeat the question – it was about progress on a project and I mentally tuned out the sounds coming from my bedroom and answered them. Sue’s moaning was really quite load now, in fact she was borderline screaming in what definitely sounded like an orgasm.

My boss addressed me again and asked if there was any problem, as he could hear some kind of… interference coming over our link. It was clear the entire team could also hear Sue’s orgasmic screams and the faces staring at me through the screen were a mix of confusion and leering. I had to raise my own voice to be heard, and just said that it was the neighbours, and the walls were thin – then immediately muted my microphone, only opening it to answer specific questions and I strove to concentrate whilst crazy thoughts about what was happening mere yards away galloped through my head.

Sue’s… what, fifth orgasm? coincided by Harry’s voice joining her as he must have reached his own climax. There was no doubt that my wife, my lovely, pure, innocent and gorgeous wife, had just been royally fucked by her own brother, in her marriage bed, whilst her Taksim Escort husband sat in the next room unable to leave a work meeting.

Silence from them, then, and I was able to unmute my mic and tried to concentrate on the objectives for the next quarter I was being set.

Finally, after what seemed like half a decade, the meeting ended and I disconnected.

I sat there, frozen, as I struggled to put things in order. I heard the bedroom door open and Harry’s heavy tread pass my door again. I decided to take ten minutes away from my computer and go and check on Sue.

I left my office and in a few strides was at my open bedroom door. Lying on the bed, spread-eagled, was my naked wife, feet facing me. Even from the door, I could see her vagina was wet and open, and a grey/white trail of what could only be semen was slowly oozing from the distended opening. Her eyes were shut and her mouth curved in a beatific smile – presumably she had fallen asleep again, and the smell of sex filled my nostrils.

I stood, drinking in the sight of this beautiful woman of my dreams lying there like a used dishcloth, unsure what to do.

Should I shake her awake and demand to know what had happened? Should I storm downstairs and throw Harry out of the house?

But I knew what had happened, it was obvious.

Gradually, as I stood there, a stranger in my own bedroom, I became aware of something else too. I had an erection. My trousers were tenting firmly. This scenario had triggered an unknown need in me – a need to be so shamed, a need to be a cuckold. I hadn’t realised this about myself before but it was as clear as anything that I was turned on by this.

Suddenly I felt the weight of that shame and it was joined by shame at my own reaction to this scene. I silently retraced my steps to my office, quietly shut the door, and – after ensuring the webcam was off, sat down and released my penis. No sooner had I wrapped my hand around it than I came, unspooling ropes of spurting liquid across the floor.

Two minutes later I was back working.

At lunchtime I joined Sue and Harry downstairs and had a sandwich. Sue was wearing one of my long t-shirts – her nipples gently tenting the thin cotton and her long honey-brown legs exposed up to mid thigh. She may have had panties on underneath, or not. Harry had changed into sweatpants and a hoodie. Casual and perfectly relaxed.

I mentioned nothing of what I had heard and seen, and neither acted anything other than as a normal brother and sister.

I soon had to return to my computer, and mid afternoon, I heard the sounds of their lovemaking again, this time fainter as they were downstairs, probably in the lounge. I listened as I continued working and again felt myself harden in response.

That evening, after Harry had fetched a takeaway and we’d watched some telly together, we retired to our bedrooms. Harry was sleeping in the spare room a short way along the hall.

As I watched my bride slip my t-shirt over her head and revealing that she had indeed been naked underneath it for the whole day. She saw me looking and came over. Kissing me, she held my head in her hands and very seriously, asked “Did you… hear us today?”I was surprised – I had expected this to remain unsaid. I nodded, slowly.

She smiled gently and continued, “Did you know Harry and I were lovers?”

I shook my head, still unable to trust my voice.

She sat down on the bed and pulled me down beside her.

“So you probably deserve an explanation. Okay then, let’s start at the beginning. You know our parents were alcoholics, I’ve told you that much. And I’ve told you that Harry and I looked after each other?”

I nodded. She had indeed said that much.

“Well, it was a bit more than that.”

I nodded again. I’d guessed this wasn’t their first time. Finally I decided to try and find my voice. “How did it start?” I asked.

“Our father tried to rape me when I was 14,” Sue said. “He came home drunk and horny, and finding my mother already passed out from her own problems, he came into my room and tried to force himself on me instead.”

I felt devastated she had had to go through that, and reached out and held her hand, silently allowing her to continue.

“I must have cried out as I tried to push him off me, Ümraniye Escort but he was too strong and heavy. The next thing I know is light flooding the room and Harry pulling father off of me. Father didn’t fight him, he was too drunk and Harry was already quite a big lad by then – he just kind of staggered away and passed out in the living room.

“From that night, Harry slept in an armchair in my room, guarding me. Our father came in a few more times, obviously with the same intentions, but each time he was met by a glaring Harry and left quite quickly.

“Harry was a perfect gentleman, he never once tried anything with me – but after some weeks of sharing my room, and being so grateful for his protection, I couldn’t stop myself reaching out to him and before either of us knew what was going on, we were kissing, touching each other, making love. It felt right, it felt good, and neither of us had any shame from it. We’ve often shared a bed since then.”

I understood perfectly. He was her saviour, her knight in shining armour. The Harry that saved her from horrors. I felt a flood of gratitude to my brother in law for saving my wife from her father’s intended rape.

Sue saw my tears and instinctively leaned forwards kissed them away, her breasts brushing my own chest.

“You don’t mind, do you, darling?” she asked.

I shook my head. Strangely, I didn’t mind. What she had said was logical, and even that Harry – having had her before me, had more right to make love to Sue than I did as her husband Almost as if she had cast a spell over me, I felt a wash of rightness, of surety that what they did was just and proper.

Sue embraced me fully, clearly joyed to be able to share this secret with me. Feeling her warm and very alive body against mine, I felt arousal again. I cupped a heavy breast, my thumb instinctively stroking her nipple.

Sue recoiled instantly. “Oh no! Not whilst he’s here!” she said, looking at me in shock.

Now I was confused again – what did she mean? I was her husband?

She read that confusion and continued, “Sorry! But… it just wouldn’t feel right to make love to you now, darling, not when Harry is in the next room. Look, it’ll only be for a few days – he’ll be going home again at the weekend. Do you mind terribly?”

What could I say? I shook my head. I did mind, but not enough to cause a fuss. Not enough to spoil my wife’s obviously happiness. I had been worried she was slipping into clinical depression from her redundancy and not having the purpose that a career brings you. If Harry prevented that, then it was a small price for me not to have sex for a few days.

“Thanks darling!” she leant forwards and kissed me on the lips. “I do love you, I really do. Now more than ever. “

“And I love you too, Sue. Marrying you was the best thing I’ve ever done.” I replied, and meant it.

“Great,” answered my wife. “I’ll just nip across and say goodnight to Harry” and she skipped out of the room and down the hall to his room, still completely naked.

It really wasn’t any surprise when I heard the rather squeaky guest bed start to move rhythmically. I lay there in my own bed whilst my wife and her brother made love in the next room. My cock was hard and throbbing as I shut my eyes and mentally pictured them together.

After a noisy simultaneous orgasm, the bed noises stopped. There was some quiet talking, kissing noises, then Sue was back in our bed. She was covered in sweat and smelled of sex. She lay next to me and drifted off to sleep as I lay there awake.

I had to get up and use the toilet. Sitting there, after waiting for my erection to subside, I emptied my bladder and left the en-suite. Seeing my beautiful wife lying there, again with her legs spread akimbo, I felt the hand of destiny upon me. I stood at the foot of the bed and, placing one hand either side of her waist, leant forwards to take a better look at the incestuous result of their recent coupling.

Sue keeps her pubic hair very trimmed, but her soft skin around her vulva was sticky, swollen and wet. And smelled amazing. I had to taste it. Very gently, I leaned forwards and flicked my tongue from her anus up to her clitoris. Immediately she awoke with a gasp, but lay back, as if processing strange feelings. Bolder now, I pushed my face in closer and slid my nose up her soft folds, sticking out my tongue as I slipped it into her vagina. Sue’s hands grabbed the back of my head roughly and pushed it in towards her and I knew she needed this too. I slurped and guzzled and licked and slobbered her into a quivering orgasm as I cleaned both her and her brother’s sexual liquids from her well used crevices.

Eventually she released me and I surfaced, blinking somewhat in the light. I lay on my side of the bed, with my neck and knees aching harshly, my dick stiff in the air.

I heard a slow hand clapping. Both Sue and myself sat up abruptly to see Harry leaning against the bedroom doorframe. Clearly he’d been watching me clean his sister.

“Well done, well done,” he said to me, in a somewhat patronising manner. “I can see why she likes you. And I’m glad too – a goddess like Sue needs someone to worship her, and you fill that role well.”

His eyes flicked down to my groin, “Although I can see why she still wants me” and grinned evilly.

Harry was naked and his own erection was easily twice the length and girth of my own. I hadn’t seen anything that large on anything other than a pony, and was truly shocked by it. And he’d only had sex a short time ago and was clearly ready to go again!

Sue licked her lips as she looked up at Harry and without a glance at me, she moved forwards and slipped her lips, those very lips which kissed mine so very recently, over the end of his meaty cock.

But Harry wasn’t in the mood for a blowjob. He pushed her roughly back onto the bed and he gripped her hips and turned her over into the doggy position. With one thrust he pushed all of that impressive phallus deep within her. She orgasmed immediately, opening her eyes and locking them on mine as her brother pushed her back and forth with his huge dick. I lay there as his thrusting repeatedly rocked her body, her large breasts swinging below her, firm nipples rubbing on the sheets, all the time Sue stared into my eyes, as if judging my expression, my mood, my state.

Harry kept pushing into her, roughly and hard, striking a fast rhythm that had her screaming his name twice more before he grunted and arched his back as he spewed his incestuous seed deep within his sister. My own, much smaller penis, spurted in time with the lovers and my few jets sprinkled uselessly on the sheets.

Grinning at me, he released my wife and she collapsed lifeless on the bed. By my count she’d been fucked three times today and had multiple orgasms each time. No wonder she was exhausted.

Harry looked at me and said, “Oops, looks like Sue needs cleaning again. Be a good boy…” and I again moved across and performed the duties of a douche as Sue slept, exhausted. After watching me for a few minutes, Harry lay down on my side of the bed and went to sleep – every inch an Alpha male claiming the best place. When I was finished, he was asleep as well, in my place. I left them together and went to sleep in the spare room, in the bed made up for my wife’s brother.

Harry stayed for four more days and they had sex several times each day. As I worked in my office, the two of them spent each day talking and catching up, then kissing, fondling and making love to each other. Once when I went downstairs for lunch, Harry was fucking Sue from behind as she leant on the kitchen worktop. It was quite awkward that I had to make my lunch around these two naked lovers.

Each night I’d lay in the spare room and listen to their noises, often masturbating as I did so. Sometimes Sue would come in afterwards and position her dripping vagina over my mouth, until I had no choice but to lick his semen from deep within her. If I reached for her to drag her down onto my own erection, she wriggled free and giggling, returned to our bed. Well, their bed now. I was left to take care of my own needs.

Sue was very sad when Harry left to go back home. He had a wife and child of his own, and responsibilities back there, but he promised not to leave it so long before he visited again. Sue and I stood on the step and waved him goodbye and she cried into my shoulder as he drove off. I returned to our bed and, after another week or so, Sue reached out for me and we again made love. It was a nice moment and although I knew I could match neither the intimacy nor the size she enjoyed from her brother, I was still her husband and I knew that she loved me. By then, I think she already knew she was pregnant with his child, and after she missed her period, a pregnancy test confirmed it. My wife was going to give us a child. My wife was pregnant with my nephew.

The End

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