Visiting My Sister Pt. 03

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“Well, I don’t hear any yelling, that’s got to be a good sign.” I think. Looking up at the bedroom window, the light still illuminated. Pulling my feet out of the water, I stand and about face. Heading toward the door, my heart racing at what I could potentially be walking into.

The sun shades bang against the door as I pull it open. Shutting it behind me, I hear chatter coming from upstairs. Standing in the kitchen trying to listen to the incoherent conversation. My pounding heart flooding my ears. Making it even more impossible to hear. Suddenly the door opens and I hear footsteps approaching the stairs.

After a few steps I notice it’s my sister.

“Everything good?” I question.

“Yeah, the sun and beer got to him. He got sick; I gave him some Tylenol and he’s gonna sleep it off.” She replies.

“Oh.” I stutter.

Still flustered, I walk over and sit on the couch. My sister walking over and sitting a couple of feet away. The silence was deafening, eventually my sister spoke up.

“I don’t think he saw anything.” She quietly says.

Quickly averting my eyes towards her, I utter, “You think so?”

“Yeah, he was on his knees, hovering the toilet. You know how it is when you feel that way.” She responds.

“I guess, still doesn’t mean he didn’t see something.” I reply.

“Trust me, if he’d seen, he wouldn’t be passed out in the bed at this moment.” She giggles.

I nod in agreement. “So, what do you wanna do for dinner?” I ask.

“Want to order a pizza?” My sister replies.

“Yes, that sounds good!” I exclaim.

Getting up and walking over to the fridge for the pizzeria number. I notice my sister had changed clothes. With everything that transpired, it’s no wonder I didnt notice before. Watching her ass jiggle in her sleep shorts, she grabs the magnet and turns to me.

“Pepperoni pizza good with you?” She questions.

I nod affirmatively, my eyes locked onto her nipples poking underneath her white shirt. She rolls her eyes and smirks, as she punches the number into her phone.

“Alright, it’ll be here in about 30 mins.” she says, walking back to the sofa. Plopping closer to me this time.

“Want to watch a movie?” She asks.

“Yeah, not much else to do.” I reply.

She looks at me with a smile and says, “We can finish what we started earlier.”

Looking at her in awe, I was almost too stunned to reply. “You did kind of leave me hanging.” I say with a chuckle.

Without missing a beat, my sister quips. “I’m pretty sure “he” was standing tall when I left.”

We both laugh, I feel the awkward/wrong situation we’re in ease up in a sense.

Flipping through some movies on Netflix, my sister reaches over and puts her hand on my thigh. I put my arm over her shoulder as she snuggles in

closer to me.

“How about this one?” She questions.

Not even looking at the title, I agree. My head is elsewhere at the moment. Her hand slowly making circle motions on my thigh, as I rub up and down on her shoulder. My dick slowly swelling beneath my trunks.

Each pass she makes, she inches her hand closer and closer. I re-adjust slightly, trying to take the tension Girne Escort off my growing member. While doing that she scoots down the couch, so her head is now resting on my thigh. Placing my arm on her side, my hand nestled across her hip.

The movie flashes on the tv, which is just background noise at this point I slide my hand down across her scantily clad ass. Rubbing and gently kneading. Suddenly, I feel a warm sensation press against my cock over my trunks. I look down to see my sister nibbling and kissing my prominent bulge. My hand snakes it’s way underneath her pajama shorts. My fingers sliding down her ass, squeezing as I glide over her tight little rosebud.

Firmly pressing against it, causing her to gently bite my cock in retaliation. Going lower I feel the heat radiating from her sex. I slide my index finger between her soaked slit. Followed by a slight moan, I do it again. Coating my finger in her juices before inserting it. She stops and moans loudly, as I’m two knuckles deep. Seeing her reaction, I coat another finger and insert it. Her motions have stopped momentarily.

“Take your shorts off.” She says hastily.

“You too!” I add.

Leaning up onto her knees, she pulls her shorts down around her knees. I get a quick glance at her clean shaved pussy. Before she bends back down and helps me slide my trunks down to my ankles. My dick springs up with such force. Precum dribbling from the tip. Opening her mouth she takes me all the way down. My cock squeezed firmly between her tonsils. She comes back up, before inhaling me again. I look over to see her ass perched nicely in the air. Running my fingers around her bottom, I head toward her velvety pussy. She’s soaked, I feel her juices running down the inside of her leg.

Plunging two fingers back inside her, I slowly start sawing. Occasionally pulling out to rub her aroused clit. Her moans become sharper with each swipe. She sits up, saliva running down my shaft coating my balls. She stands, kicks her shorts off and stands in front of me.

“I need you inside me.” She sultry says.

“Turn around.” I quickly reply.

Turning swiftly, I place my hands on her hips. Guiding her to sit on my veiny, throbbing member. Leaning forward a little, she starts to squat. Her hand reaches between her legs grabbing my cock for insertion. I see her tight little asshole and dripping pussy before my eyes. A little stream runs down the inside of her thighs, as a couple of droplets land on my cock.

The tip squeezes past her lips, as an audible moan escapes her mouth. She slowly lowers herself onto me as I bottom out in her. We moan in unison at the sensation. She’s so warm and soft. My dick stretching and filling her. It feels so right, even if it is wrong, but we don’t care in the moment.

Watching her pull back up, my cock smeared with her secretions. Then lowering herself back down with more vigor. I have one hand grasped around hip, while the other slides under her shirt. Playing with her nipple, she throws her head back. We’ve got a good motion going, I feel her gripping my cock when she bottoms out.

“I’m not gonna last much longer, Magosa Escort I’m getting ready to cum.” I huskily say.

“Do it little brother, fill me up.” She says between moans.

“You sure?” I hesitantly question.

“Yeah, I had my tubes tied years ago. Remember?” she replies.

Not really acknowledging her, I start pushing harder into her. The wet sounds of our session echoing in the living room. Pulling my hand from under her shirt, I place it back on her other hip.

“Oh, keep going, you’re gonna make me cum!” My sister moans.

Thrusting my hips harder into her, I feel her getting tighter around my cock. Constricting, as I feel my dick start swelling with the anticipation of release. Suddenly my sister starts to shake, then stiffens. Her legs close and lock as I feel her pussy trying to push my cock out. Her juices flood out, soaking the couch and me. My dick gets forced out as another stream shoots from her lovely pussy. Landing onto the coffee table and the rug.

I reach under and put my drenched cock back into her.

“I’m gonna cum!” I exclaim. My sister sits with her full weight on my lap.

“Cum in me, give it all to me.” She screams.

With a final thrust, I feel the cum rushing from my balls. One rope shoots into her. She wiggles back and forth on me, moaning as I pump my sperm inside her. Another rope shoots, filling her tight pussy, then another. My balls tightening with each release.

*Ding ding* the door bell chimes. Bringing both of us out of ecstasy.

“Shit!” my sister shouts.

Quickly standing my sister dismounts me. My cock still jerking, as a little cum leaks from my tip. I see the mess she’s caused, as I watch the mess I caused drip out of her. Swiftly grabbing her shorts and throwing them on, she runs to her purse. Standing and sliding my shorts back on I sit, while she opens the front door. She hands the pizza guy the money and tells him goodnight. She saunters back into the kitchen, placing the pizza on the counter.

“I can’t believe you answered the door like that.” I say smirking.

“Like what?” she asks.

Pointing down at the obvious wet spot that’s accumulated in her shorts. She looks down then back at me with an evil look.

“You know, most of this is all you.” She retorts.

“That is yes, but the coffee table, rug and sofa is your doing.” I laughingly say.

“Yeah, it doesn’t happen often, but I was really turned on. We’ll worry about it later, I’m starving right now.” She adds.

“Me too!” I say agreeingly.

“Grab me a couple of slices, I gotta clean myself.” My sister says.

Walking with hast to the bathroom. Grabbing a couple of plates, some pizza and a towel, I head into the living room. Wiping the table, then trying to dry the rug and couch as best I can. Throwing the towel on the table, I sit down as my sister exits the bathroom.

“I’m gonna have your cum running out of me all night.” My sister quips.

“Hey, it’s what you wanted!” I retort.

“I know, I’m just giving you a hard time.” She replies.

“Pretty sure I just gave you a hard time.” I say jokingly.

“That you did, Kıbrıs Escort so want to find something else to watch?” She asks.

“We can, or we can eat and go for round 2.” I reply.

“Ooh, I’d like that.” she coyly says.

Finishing our dinner, I get up grabbing our plates. As I’m placing them in the sink, my sister’s hand reaches around and grabs my cock.

“Little hard I see.” My sister whispers.

Turning and facing her I say, “That’s why I want another round.”

I lean in, our lips touch in a sensual embrace. Our tongues graze each others, when she pulls back. She gives me a look, as she takes my hand, leading me up stairs. Quietly sneaking by her bedroom, we walk down to my room. The dimly lit hallway seemingly lasting forever.

Entering the room, I shut and lock the door behind us. I turn, grabbing my sister by the shoulders and throw her onto the bed. She gasps as she bounces on the mattress. Quickly crawling up between her legs, I plant another kiss on her lips. Her hand reaching behind my head, running her fingers through my hair. Breaking away, I kiss her neck while she softly moans in my ear.

“I want you back inside me.” She whispers. With a gasping moan, I thrust myself back into her.

I slowly shuffle in bed, opening my eyes to see it’s now morning. The covers strewn all across the bed.

“Holy hell, I can’t believe that happened last night.” I think. I grab my phone to check the time.

“Shit, it’s only 9:00 a.m.?” I say out loud. Leaning up and throwing my legs over the edge, I begin stretching. That’s when I notice all the wet stains on the sheets. Smirking, I get up and grab some clothes to put on.

Walking into the bathroom to relieve myself, I see my sister step out of her room. She gives me a seductive smile and walks downstairs.

Turning the facuet off, I grab the towel and dry my hands. Looking at myself in the mirror. Checking for marks or any evidence from last night. Once I check out, I head downstairs. My sister greets me in the kitchen, with a cup of coffee in her hand.

“Good morning sleepy head.” She says.

“Good morning.” I reply.

“Sleep good?” She questions.

“I did, although, I feel like I got rode hard.” I retort.

With a chuckle, she pulls the mug away from her lips. “And I got put away wet.” She adds.

The bedroom door upstairs opens and closes. The wood creaks as my brother-in-law makes his way down.

“Morning guys, sorry about last night. Alcohol didn’t agree with me.” He says, with a scoff.

We both in unison tell him, “Don’t worry about it, you didn’t miss much.”

“Good, if I get to feeling better we’ll take the boat back out.” he replies.

We all finish our coffee’s before my brother-in-law shoots back up stairs. After a few mintues my sister runs up to check on him. I sit quietly in the kitchen for a bit, replaying last nights session. Abruptly my sister returns.

“I don’t think we’ll be taking the boat; he’s throwing up again.” She says.

“That’s unfortunate, think it’s something he ate or a virus?” I question.

“I don’t know, but he said he was gonna lay down.” She replies.

“I’m gonna go upstairs and change. You and I are gonna go to the beach.” She excitedly says.

She walks over, giving me a kiss on the cheek, before whispering in my ear. “I’ve still got you coming out of me.”

She looks me in the eyes, smiles then turns and runs up the stairs in haste.

To be continued.

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