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I noticed immediately when she walked in the door. There was a look on her face which I recognized, not from any profound insight on my part but simply because it is so easy to spot. She was waiting for someone, probably just a few minutes late from the manner in which she checked her watch, but he wasn’t here. Yes, I could tell it was a man she was waiting for — that was obvious as well, but I suspect knowing that was based more on my experience with similar situations.

I admit to smiling at her as she scanned the faces in the coffee shop. She hesitated for a moment before ruling me out as the person she was meeting, telling me that it was more than likely a blind meeting. Again, having been there before. But in truth it was because she was so cute that I smiled her way, obviously dressed to be admired.

I went back to my book, though not quite as immersed as I stopped now and then to watch her while she waited. I had all the time in the world, enjoying a free evening while travelling for a course. It’s nice to get out of the hotel room but still find a pleasant place to relax. All the more interesting when there’s a beautiful woman to watch. Time passes much more quickly for me, though I do stop to observe each nervous gesture — checking her watch and cell phone, searching gazes out the window. She does take in the fact that I’m watching her, though it doesn’t seem to surprise or offend.

I can discern the moment when she resigns herself to the fact that he isn’t going to show up. I shake my head at the foolishness of this phantom cad, while considering whether it might be possible to make amends for his sin.

As she makes one final circle of the coffee shop looking out the windows I put down my book and smile at her again, “He’s not showing up, is he?”

A blush and a small laugh precede her reply, “I suppose being stood up for a porno indir blind date does look terribly obvious, doesn’t it?”

“Don’t worry – only to those who have been there.”

“You look terribly relaxed — I could take some lessons from you. I’m feeling like a nervous wreck at this point in the evening.”

“Lessons are freely given — it’s putting it into practice that always costs. My names Rob by the way — why don’t you sit down and join me for a few minutes?”

“Mine’s Kate. A friendly conversation just might help to cut the tension I’ve caused myself.”

We each tell a few stories about our past experiences meeting people in person for the first time after extended conversations online. We open up more than we would with friends, but leave unspoken the intentions of some of these encounters.

“So tell, me. Seeing as I’ve been stood up for my date tonight, would you like to take me out?”

“The thought has most definitely crossed my mind,” I answer with a shy smile. “But I’m terribly worried that would be leading you on. I’m married and wouldn’t want to give you the wrong impression.”

A somewhat deflated look crosses her face.

“I think it would be much less misleading if I were to seduce you instead. Considering how late it’s getting, that’s a more practical idea as well.”

She blushes and makes a slight pretence at being offended by the directness of my suggestion. She composes herself and answers, ” That would depend entirely on whether you’re a good kisser. If there’s anything I can’t stand it’s a lover who cant kiss. And there’s only one proper way to decide that.”

“Kiss me…”

She immediately interrupts, “Don’t say it!”

“Sorry it’s hard to resist a bad line sometimes. But harder to resist a kiss.”

She cuts short the possibility of any further bad lines rokettube with soft kiss on my lips, lingering long enough to savour the taste of each others lips.

“So far so good,” she whispers before kissing me again. I place my hand behind her neck and kiss her more firmly, pressing my lips against hers, teasing just a little with my tongue.

“I’m staying very close by,” I whisper after catching my breath. Without a word she picks up her purse and we walk out together.

Half-way down the block towards the hotel her phone begins to ring in her jacket pocket. “Well it’s a little late for him to call now, don’t you think? Should I just turn my phone off?”

“No — just set it on vibrate — then it won’t bother you.”

We make our way back to the hotel and up to my room. As soon as I close the door she whispers again in my ear, “You were saying something about seduction?”

I lead her over to a small couch by the window, take off her jacket and wrap her in my arms in a tight embrace. We tumble onto the couch while we’re still kissing, this time our tongues entangling vigorously as our hands begin to explore each others bodies.

As we kiss and fondle we hear the distinctive buzzing of the phone from her jacket pocket. “I think I should turn that off after all,” she insists, reaching into her jacket for the phone.

“Oh no,” I say, taking the phone from her. “I’d much prefer it turned on.”

With the phone incessantly bussing in my hand I touch it against her knee. I slowly trace a line up her leg, lifting her skirt. Just as I reach the edge of her panties the buzzing stops.

After a short moment’s silence she bursts out laughing, “That’s terribly, terribly naughty! I love it!”

Our embraces quickly become more passionate as we quickly forget the novelty use for her phone. Deep kisses, hands fondling porno her breasts, clothing beginning to fall away. Her phone buzzes again just as my pants fall to the floor. I grab it more quickly this time, wrapping my arms around her tightly. I lift her skirt and start rubbing the phone in small circles across the front of her panties. I hold her tightly with my other arm as she squirms and giggles until the buzzing finally stops.

She turns around in my arms, pushing me back on the couch and smothering me in kisses. Sitting up, she strips off the last of her clothes, teasing my hard cock against her soft hair as she smiles down at me. With one quick motion she lifts herself up and takes me inside her, dropping back down, squeezing me tightly as she slowly grinds her hips against mine. My hands find her breasts as she closes her eyes in pleasure, moaning softly as her excitement grows.

As she tires on top I carefully flip her over and climb on top, lifting her legs up over my shoulders. With my hands on her breasts I build my own rhythm, gradually intensifying as our excitement grows. When the phone buzzes again she lunges for it, “Oh no you don’t!”

But I have a longer reach from my position and grab it first. As I’m fucking her I reach down between her legs, sliding the buzzing phone over her clit. I thrust harder and faster, excited by the teasing. She screams out as she comes, pounding the couch with her fists, squeezing me tight until the buzzing stops and she catches her breath. Reaching down, she snatches the phone from my hand and tosses it out of reach.

With a quiet laugh she says, “I’m glad he can’t hear any of that while the phone’s ringing.”

I turn her over, kneeling behind her and slip back inside while she grabs the far arm of the couch. As my hips slap against her behind I reach down to fondle her breasts. It doesn’t take long in this position before she screams out again, mine joining her as I collapse in my spent lust.

“Can I call you?” I whisper after catching my breath.

“Only if you’ve got my phone in your hand,” she says, smiling and kissing me once more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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