Wake Up Call

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It was a late night and we were both exhausted, you dropped me off at my house and drove to yours. I knew that you would be over early the next morning. I slipped out of my clothes and took a quick shower, got into my nightclothes and crawled into bed. As soon as my head hit the pillow I was asleep. My dream that night was of you and I, and the fun we had on our date. I dreamed of the dessert that you fed me at the table and the way your eyes shown in the candle light.

I awoke the next morning to find my sheet and comforter on the floor. I grabbed them to cover myself back up, and I heard a voice. ” Don’t do that, I was enjoying watching you sleep.” In the back of my mind I knew it was you, but I was not fully awake yet.

“But I am cold” I said curling up into a ball to keep warm.

“Well then let me warm you up,” you told me as you got into my bed and covered me with your warm body. I rolled over so my back was to your stomach and began to doze off. You had other plans. You put your hand on my hip, pulling it toward your groin and hard cock.

“MMM, I guess you are not as tired as I am” I said with a smile on my face.

“I am NEVER tired when I am in bed with you, my love,” you said, pulling my hip tighter against you. “And besides, you knew that I was coming over this morning to wake you up. And I love to wake you up like this.” I can feel your hand moving over my hip to touch that area between my legs. You kiss my neck so lightly that I can hardly feel it. I love the way you kiss my neck, it sends goose bumps up my spine. I could feel your cock getting harder against my back and I knew that it would not be long before it was buried deep inside me. I slid my top foot along my calf to my knee, giving your wandering hand better availability hd porno to touch me. You moved your hands over my hip, to meet my pussy and create a wet entrance for you. I can feel your middle finger begin to play with my outer lips. You know that this drives me wild, yet you refuse to play with any other place that would give me pleasure. Instead I can feel your breath on my neck and your wet kisses. I move my legs to let you know that I want your touch, but you just laugh.

“You can wait my love, you know you can.” I let out a groan, but you just smile. You continue to move your lips down my neck and chin. I roll to my back and look into your eyes. I see them shining with delight and passion. You bend down to kiss my lips, gently at first, with only your lips. I can feel your tongue rubbing against my lips, and I open my mouth to let your tongue mate with mine. Your mouth and mine dancing with each other. You begin to move your fingers into my wet pussy, over my now wet slit. I move my arm so that I can begin to touch your hard cock with a gentle stroke. I feel your precum on the tip and I smile as I continue to kiss your lips. I know that you are longing to enter me, but you will not. You will continue to torment us both by touching my wet pussy. My legs are now open for you. I want so badly for you to kiss my wet pussy. To run your tongue over my slit and into my pussy. To make it even more wet with your kisses.

“What now my sexy one?” You ask between kisses. For you know the answer but you want me to tell you. You are in a mood to ‘handle’ me.

“I want you to lick my pussy.” I inform you,

“And what if I don’t want to?”

“Then I won’t kiss your cock.” I say with a smile, that tells you I know your game and am willing to go along with sex izle it.

“What if I make you kiss my cock?”

“Then I will, but I will not enjoy it.” At that you stop kissing me and hold onto my hair and gently guide my head towards your hard and rigid cock.

“Now suck it.” You command me. I open my mouth and place the tip onto my tongue. Your hand guiding my movements. I run my tongue all the way down the shaft until I reach your balls, and then I place a kiss on them. I gently pull them into my mouth and suck on them, rolling them around as your moan with pleasure. I then return to your cock, licking all the way back to the head. I pull it into my mouth and begin to suck on it. I know that you love it when I play with your balls as I lick your head, so I have them in my hands. Running my nails over them and pulling your hard cock into my mouth. You know that I can not take all of it into my mouth, but I take as much as I can.

“Oh my God, this is wonderful. I love the way you suck my cock and get it all wet.” You say as my head goes up and down on your hard cock. Your hand still holding onto my hair. “Don’t stop baby, please it feels so good.” I can feel your balls getting tighter and tighter. “If you don’t stop I am going to cum” I look up at you as if to ask if you want me to. I know that you want to fuck me so I pull my mouth off of your cock and begin to kiss my way back up to your waiting mouth. MY hand still on your hard cock. “Get on all fours, I am going to fuck you now.” I don’t have to hear it twice. I know that you will fuck me, hard.

“Like this?” I ask with my ass in the air.

“Yes like that.” You say as you stand behind me. Placing the head of our cock at the entrance to my pussy. I can feel it there, and I know altyazılı porn that you will slam it in, any second. I feel your finger at my entrance, play with my pussy. “How does that feel?” You ask as you place it into my pussy “You like that finger? Just wait until I slam my cock in there. I want you wet. I want you to cum all over my cock. ” You say as you take your finger in and out of my pussy.

“I want to cum, PLEASE put your cock in me. I NEED to cum.” I beg as you move my hips against your thigh.

“You want this?” You ask as you put the tip in. “Is this what you want. What your little pussy needs?” You ask as you pull the tip in and out.

“YES oh PLEASE the whole thing. I need to be fucked.” I beg. It does not take but a second more for you to slam your whole length into my waiting pussy. You slam it in and out making me groan and moan.

“You want to be fucked do you. Well here you are. You like that?” You cock is slamming into my pussy and your balls are slamming against my clit. “Play with your clit. That’s it. Play with it. I want you to fucking cum with me.” You demand as you continue to assault my pussy with your hard cock.

“Oh my GOD I am going to cum.” I say as I feel the juices beginning to flow out of my pussy. “Here it comes. Oh my fucking GOD.” I scream as I cum all over your cock and leg.

“Oh Baby.” You say as you feel it dripping down your leg and all over my pussy. “I never knew it was like that.” Your hands still on my hips, bringing your cock deep into my sopping wet pussy. I can feel you getting close to your own organism. “Here is comes baby. Oh my GOOODDDDDD.” You yell as you deposit your seed into my pussy. Your cock unloads deep into my pussy. I know that you have waited a long time to do that. I look back to you; your eyes are closed as you pump into me. You withdrawal your cock and fall to the bed next to me. You are on your back looking over to me with a smile on your face. “Good morning sexy” You say as you kiss my forehead.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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