Walk with Lions

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“Listen,” I whispered. I slowly drop to my knees and my two naked companions follow suit. “Can you hear the tree squirrel?” James is a thirty-year old handsome rich kid and next to him is his younger erotic goddess of a wife, Samantha looking petrified. “The squirrel warns the other animals that lions are close by.” Sam’s eyes just got bigger. We have to move with care and a peep now from her might ruin the whole Safari. One cannot be careless in Big Five country. Shifting the heavy caliber rifle to my left hand, I turn to Sam and kiss her on her open mouth, silencing her scream. Caressing her firm, large breast I try to calm her down. Pushing my tongue between her open lips, I slip two fingers past her blond pussy tuff into her wet slit. My naked cock reacts slightly to the situation. Removing my fingers from her cunt, I slowly lick her tasty juices dripping from my fingers. I mouth the words:

“Trust me.”

James has his camera ready. Time to move. Bend over, I grip the 458 Winchester rifle as we move silently through the bush in an easterly direction, into the slight breeze. The soft sand cushions the noise of our boots. The odor of the lions drifts towards us. They are at their kill again, a blue wildebeest. I hear growls and crunching of bones. We slowly move in behind a magic quarri bush and there, ten meters from us are the three lions we have been tracking for the past two hours.

I snake out my hand towards James without taking my eyes off these fierce predators. My hand brushes against his semi-erect penis before I touch his arm. I slowly pull him in front of me; as he passes, my cock slaps his two bum cheeks, reminding him of the seriousness of the situation. Settling in a comfortable position, James presses the viewfinder of the camera to his eye and clicks off the first shot.

In the silence of the bush the clang of shutter and whirring of the camera reaches the lions’ ears. A large lioness’ head swings in our direction. Her whiskers are covered in blood, her yellow eyes ablaze. Before James can take another photo, she gets up and moves in our direction. Time to act.

It al started early this morning before we set off for James’ photo shoot for the day. He wanted to get close-ups of lions. We have a ritual at Camp Tau, the only nudist nature reserve for adults in South Africa or maybe in the world. Before leaving camp, we smear insect repellents on each other’s naked bodies. It creates a bond of trust between the various members of the group. This morning I took the lotion and started with James’ back, over his cheeky bums down to his legs.

“Are you just going to stand there or help me?” I asked Samantha as my hand slipped between his ass crack. This is one of the favorite hiding places of ticks and lice. I massaged his balls with my oily hand and gripped his cock from behind encircling it at the base of his large erection. arap escort Sam was on her knees in front of James, kissing his cockhelmet, before she swallowed his sword to the hilt. As I kept pumping in rhythm with her bobbing head, I became impressed with her technique. Maybe she will do me the same favor.

Our combined efforts had the desired effect on James. Before he could cum, I stopped my stroking. I got up, pulled Sam from his cock and squirted lotion into her hands. James moaned to continue but she ignored him and she finished applying the repellent.

Then James and I turned our attention to Sam. I started with her beautiful bouncy tits, her arms, down her flat tummy to the small patch of fluffy pussy down. Running my oily hands up and down her body, I could hear small pleasure grunts stuck in her throat. My fingers slipped down to her wet slit and into her love canal. Her knees buckled when James ministered the lotion on her beautiful behind and her puckerhole. I was next and both James and Sam took special care with my cock.

Sam started to take my cock deep within her mouth when my naked wife, Janine, appeared from the kitchen, carrying our supplies for the morning. Her allover tan complements her strong muscles and healthy appearance.

“Don’t get Mark too worked up. If he shoots his load now, he might not be able to shoot his rifle when you’re in trouble.” Janine came over and gave me a wet kiss. I love her short red hair and naked pussy, exposing her clit and cuntlips to the observing eye. From her dark areolas, her nipples prayed for my attention. I cannot ignore such a prayer; I licked both beggars before I sucked her one teat into my mouth. When she moved back, her tit plopped out my sucking lips.

“Off you go,” she said, slapping Sam on the behind. “The lions will not wait for the horny.”

“Take care of the Tailors, will you, dear?” I asked before we climbed into the off road vehicle. “We will be back before our other guests arrive.”

“They will be well and truly fucked, I mean, been taken care off.” Janine smiled when she saw my stiffening cock. Since we started this game ranch a year ago, I constantly walk around with a hard-on, ready to fuck any guest. They come here for the same reason with the added bonus of doing in the wild.

Now I have one terrified wife and a gung-ho husband in my care. The lioness sees James and charges. I step from behind the bush, slam a full metal jacket round into the camber and take aim at the charging predator. James is to my right, kneeling.

“GET BEHIND ME!” I feel Sam trembling breasts poking me in the back. James is still taking pictures of the charge. The lioness is now seven meters from us.

“GET THE FUCK BEHIND ME, JAMES.” He takes another couple of photos. The lioness sees that we are not running away. She falters. escort arap Her head becomes enormous in my sights. Six meters. Everything slows down. I hear James’ finger pressing down on the shutter button. In my mind’s eye, I see the shutter open to allow light in, exposing the ASA400 film that fraction of a second needed to capture the queen of beast. I see her paws hitting the ground, sending shockwaves through her body to reach her enormous head, spilling blood and saliva over her face. I can already feel her long teeth sinking into my flesh. Five meters.

ONE MORE STEP AND YOU’RE DEAD, I shout at her. As I start to squeeze the trigger, in a cloud of dust, the lioness finally stops four meters away from us. Her mock charge was a serious warning to us to get the hell out of here.

As she turns around, trotting back to the carcass, I look down over the butt-end of my rifle at James. In the corner of my eye, I see my erection pointing at the lioness and become aware of my throbbing cock. It feels like bursting. Did the lioness turn because she saw my cock or my gun?

Then I hear running water. Sam, with her legs spread, lets go of the fear gushing from her pussylips. The warm yellow liquid cascades down her legs, over her boots and onto the ground. After she finishes peeing, we slowly move back to the safety of a giant sycamore figtree.

James is grinning like an idiot. “Thank you. I’ve got the best pictures ever.”

I ignore his satisfied ranting and turn my attention to Sam. I remove the canteen from my naked shoulders and pour it over Sam’s trembling legs, washing away the stickiness. The cold water brings her back to reality. I step back, waiting for her anger to explode. It never comes. Instead, she drops to her knees and starts licking my cock before she swallows it for the second time today. Shivers of pleasure escape from my engorged member. I don’t care if the lioness charges again. This time I’m not backing off. It doesn’t take her long to get me beyond the point of no return. Then, without warning, relieve shoots from my cockslit into her mouth. She gobbles it up, hungrily without spilling a drop.

“Thank you for the nourishment.” She gets up and kisses me on my mouth. I detect a faint taste of my own cum on her lips. James continues taking pictures, but now of us. I hand her the canteen. She takes a swig, water spilling over her chin onto her breasts. I lap the cascading water from her body, teasing her nipples with my tongue.

Back at camp, Sam and James cannot stop talking about the lions. As we drive up, I can see Janine kneeling between Chantelle Tailor’s legs, inspecting our client’s cunt up close. Bill Tailor is stroking his cock, lazily looking at the two women. The dried cum on Janine’s back, tells me that he has been satisfied at least once. They have been fucking arap escort bayan on the deckchairs next to the sparkling blue pool.

To savor the moment, I slowly remove my boots, while watching Janine open Chantelle pussy lips with both hands. For a moment or two, she dabbles her tongue between the spread those beautiful pink cuntlips before she twirls her tongue around her lover’s clit. Chantelle shakes with lust before she goes into an orgasmic fit.

I dive into the pool washing away the morning’s sweet and lust. Sam and James follow and make a beeline for me. They pin me to the side of the pool, both their hands caressing my cock. James kisses me with an open mouth as an invitation to reciprocate. I knew I was bi since I was a teenager making out with boys and girls. Nature taught me that there are no boundaries, not in nature or in our sexuality. The only requirement is that you don’t hurt your partners.

Janine and I are as happy as can be. She loves entertaining people, catering to their very need, while I love the African bush, teaching people about the wonders of the cycle of life. Here I am, making love to people who pay us a small fortune to help make their bush experience a memorable one. Well, we aim to please and I am sensitive to my client’s needs.

“Get out on the side of the pool,” I order James. He pushes himself out and swings his legs back into the pool. I get between his wet legs and lower my head to his cock. He has a beautiful cock, circumcised with a vein running down the length of his shaft. I nibble at his shiny head and plays with my tongue over his slit. Sam joins me and pumps his cock in her small fist. I deep throat James and feel his cock hit the back of my throat. When James takes hold of my head to force his dick deeper down my throat it is as own cock grows another inch. Sometimes letting go of all control to someone else helps me relax my 24/7 vigilance.

Sam pushes me off her husband to impale herself onto his shaft, reverse cowgirl style. “Lick me while I fuck him.” The order is clear. I am very happy to oblige. As he pumps his cock into his wife’s pussy, I run my tongue up and down his pleasure pole, I first suck on her clit with his cock brushing against my chin. I stick my tongue between her pussylips and his throbbing, pumping cock. They come together, fuck juices running over my tongue, into my mouth and dripping over my chin. I swallow every drop before they collapse backwards.

I still haven’t come and as I turn to see how Janine is doing with our other guests, she dives into the pool and swims towards me. The Tailors are curled up next to each other on one of the deckchairs. It seems as if our guest are well and truly fucked. There is nothing as beautiful as a satisfied customer.

Janine licks the cum from my mouth and chin and caresses my cock. “Ready for more action, sport?”

“Anytime, my love.”

“Well, brace yourself. Here come our other guests.”

There is never a dull moment at Camp Tau. By the way, Tau is the Twana word for lion. I have to be a lion to fuck all our guests. I am not complaining and I promise tonight I am going to fuck my wife in front of all the guests.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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