Walking Mel

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(pet play, watersports, breath play, voyeurism, exhibitionism)

It was pre-dawn and the light was beginning to fill my bedroom. I slipped into my Riddler boxers and a nice red lumberjack’s shirt while I tried to find my slippers. Sure enough, they were next to Mel as she lay sleeping on her doggie bed. She was all curled up, likely even have been playing with my slippers before going to sleep. I was able to slip in my feet without waking her.

Needing coffee, I went to the kitchen to start a pot.

Michael had to go out of town for a week and left Mel for me to take care of. I was currently petless and he knew I liked Mel. She was a very good doggie and enjoyed her visits.

I could see it was sprinkling and a bit of a chilly morning. Michael made it clear to walk Mel every morning but my idea of morning was a bit different than his. His doggie was definitely on his schedule, not my 6:30am schedule.

Michael only left me with one leash and collar, a metal choker style. This would not be my first choice but it did help control Mel on walks as she sometimes like to pull and tug. The choker minimized that bad dog behavior, but with Mel, likely encouraged it.

Kneeling down, Mel began to wake up as I snapped it around her succulent neck. The cold chrome steel against her bare throat did have a knack for getting one’s attention. It did look good when it laid on her bronzed skin. With a quick yank, I pulled the small covers off, exposing her nakedness curled up on the dog bed. Her long black hair was surely a mess with bed head.

“Go for walk? Go for walk? Mel want to go for a walk?” I taunted her.

She was very groggy and 6:30 in the morning did not agree with her. Her curvy breasts and well-shaped ass did work wonders on me. Her 24 year old figure was beautiful. She stirred, stretching out on all fours letting her breasts dangle to and fro as she righted herself. Now I was pleasantly hard as were her nipples, the cold perking them up nicely.

Getting up, I began to walk her to the back door. She was slowly shaking off the sleep from her eyes. I purposely walked a bit faster than her, to let the collar tighten, making her walk faster than she wanted. I could not tell if the groan was annoyance or pleasure, nor did I care or would she want me to.

Stopping in the kitchen, I grabbed a cup of the fresh brew.

She kept walking on her hands and knees to the back door. Sipping my first taste of coffee, I watched her naked ass and furry pussy as it swayed side to side. What a view.

I need her to come by more often.

She whined at the door as I watched her. I made sure I gave her a lot of wine and water in her Maltepe escort bayan bowl before bed. Her large kitchen bowl was dry. Pawing at the door, she looked at me. I can only imagine how badly she needed to go.

I did not wait long. She did a happy little doggie dance as I walked over and began to open the door to my backyard. Shortening her leash, I take firm control of her, to keep her from rushing out the door.

My deck had a soft foam mat, to be easier on her hands and knees. Mel was pulling on the collar, gasping a bit. She must really need to pee. Normally she does not want to go into the yard when it is cold and raining.

She wanted badly to head straight to the log I had laid out for her, ignoring her Frisbee or ball. Her breasts swayed and her butt wiggles as she panted, pulling me along. Her face was turning red from the collar. She was in heaven.

I pulled hard on the collar, pulling the leash back, and barked at her “SIT!” Her red face turned to me, pleading look in her eyes but she continued to pull. She jerked back with enough force for me to spill my coffee.

Since I choked up on the leach, I started to slap her ass with my end, snapping the leash handle with fervor. She did not stop pulling towards to log but she did bare her teeth at me.

I yanked her backward to me, turning her around, pushing her down, face first into the grass. Whipping her ass with the leash, I say “Bad girl. Bad, bad girl.” Holding her into the ground, my coffee cup abandoned on the ground beside our little game.

She pulled and fought me for a while but not very long. Her ass turned a bit red. The leach was light and more noise than pain. Mel loved these games but I miss my coffee. At least I got a few good swallows in and it warmed my belly so.

Once she stopped fighting, she rolled over on her back, baring her belly to me. Her breast, belly, and face were smeared from dirt and grass. Naked, dirty and wet, she wallowed on her back with her hands curled up into paws with a cheeky smile and squinting eyes, happily panting.

I let her up and she jumped back up, on her fours. She hopped about all happy. The raindrops glistened off her body. Her darker skin, reddened by the spanking, ran with the rain drops. Her dangling udders had rain dripping from her cold hardened nipples. Mel was a sight to behold as she walked around me smiling and panting.

I did notice some movement ahead of me, something moving over by me neighbor’s house. My eyes quickly focused on his window where the movement was. I saw him standing in his own window watching us. He had his own cup of coffee in his left hand. While I could not Escort Maltepe see what exactly his right hand was doing but there was little else he could be doing other than stroking his cock, just below the bottom of the window sill.

He darted to the side once he saw me notice him. In a moment, he looked back around the corner. I waved. Hopefully letting him know, it is okay. It seemed to work. He stood back in the window, slowly stroking ‘something’ below the window sill. I gave him a thumbs up and turned my attention back to Mel.

Mel was pulling again, trying to get to her log to pee.

I decided to let her know of our voyeur.

“Come here Mel. Who is a good doggie.” I say as I pull her over and kneel down in front of her, dropping the leash.

She all but prances over to me. I take her head in both hands and rub her ears as she pants and licks my face. I unclasp the leash from her collar and she give me a most quizzical look of confusion, too be off leash was not normal.

Reaching under with one hand I play with her breasts but she does still pull a little, looking at the log. She must REALLY have to pee to give up on me playing with her luscious dangling rain soaked breasts.

So I stop fondling her and instead grab the ring of the collar with my finger by inserting it into it. With a sharp yank, I get her full attention as I pull her head to mine.

“You have an admirer.”

She collapses on to the ground, belly down and looks around while cowering. I see terror on her face. The same tan face with rain water rolling down. Then she tries to run back to the house and the open door.

“No!” I say, holding her down with the collar. Choking her and restraining her at my knees. This gets her attention back onto me.

Her panic begins to subside. Choking Mel often does this.

“You’re okay. You’re a good girl.” I sooth her but firmly pulling at the collar, keeping her down on the wet grass.

“He is admiring your luscious coat. It’s okay. Look over to my right.”

Mel slowly turned her head and looked over as I gave her some slack. We both made I eye contact with the neighbor. We both could see the head of a cock bouncing up above the window sill as he stroked himself.

Nonchalantly, he saluted us with his cup and took a sip.

I could feel the tension ease all over Mel. She turned back to me and gave me a big happy lick, it was a bit tentative but a start.

“Does Mel still need to pee? Go to your log. Go get it girl.” I said as I released the collar but I could clearly see the uncertainty in her eyes.

Getting up, I grabbed the leash from the ground and moved so Maltepe Rus Escort that the log was between me and the neighbor.

“Can Mel pee like a boy dog? Can Mel go to the log and look at me while peeing like a boy.”

Realization washed over her face. She knew I wanted her to point her ass at him and give him a full view of her peeing all over the rain soaked log.

At first, she moved her head no but then a smile formed. She began to prance playfully, more tentatively at first but with more exuberance as she walked around me and then around the log. Stopping and sniffing, then walking around it again. She even rubbed the side of her face on the log.

Her log is just a 20 inch tall tree round, 36″ in diameter, laid flat side down. Too thick for me to split and still fit in my wood stove.

She walked around it one more time and then stopped looking at me, straight at my eyes, ass to the neighbor. Raising her legs, she smiled. It took a while before I could see a yellow stream flowing from under her raised leg. I have seen the view and only imagining how he was taking it in as her strong and steady flow poured out.

While I could not see too much from my angle, I could see relief in her eyes as she cleared her bladder. The spray was strong and steady, a long steady spray. A small puddle formed and grew under her as it pooled in the rain soaked ground.

She gave a couple of jerks as she finished draining her bladder. Lowering her leg, she placed it right in the puddle, either intentionally or not. Then gave her ass a wag. Stretching and pawing at the ground with her hands, she let out a very audible sigh.

With that she bolted for the open door. I let her go but turned and yelled just as she was about to get to the deck.

“Mel! Stop! Sit.”

She came quickly to a stop, sitting like a good girl. Rain rolling off her with a question look on her face. Her boobs swaying a little as she panted, tongue out. Grass and dirt was slowly coming off her naked body but I could not let her in the house like that and she knew it but tries every time.

“Stay, stay. Be a good girl.”

I grabbed the hose, turning it on, I lightly ran the cold water over her, cleaning off all the dirt including some bark stuck to her cheek. Grass quickly flowed off her back and face.

“Okay girl. On to the mat. Good girl. Turn around and sit. Sit.”

I hosed off her whole front side including her legs, knees, and breasts. I loved making them dance with the water pressure. She even sat up and with her arms, pressed her boobs together as I hosed them off. She was looking straight at the neighbor as she did that.

“Okay, go into the kitchen. Go on.” But as soon as she turned to walk four legged into the house I gave her pussy a good hard blast of the hose. With a yelp, she scampered in very quickly.

I washed the mat clean, put the hose away, and waved goodbye to the neighbor as I closed the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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