Walking the Dogs

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Walking the dogs

I walk my dogs every day, rain or shine. It’s good for them, and for me. Some days, if I have enough time, I pile them into the car and we drive over to the dog park in the nearby County Park. It’s very spacious, five or ten acres I’d say. And, it has a “pool” for the dogs (very shallow, so they can stand up in it) – it’s great for the dogs in summer when it’s really hot. Except that both my pups hate the water and won’t go near it. There’s a doggie water fountain (near the ground) for them to get a drink (though humans have to push the pedal to get the water flowing) and various obstacles for the canines to jump over or run through. The dogs really seem to love them.

And then, there’s all the other dogs to play with – running and chasing and being chased, that’s what they seem to like most. And I get such joy from watching them.

It’s all about the dogs. We humans do get to socialize a bit with other dog owners while we’re there, and I’ve made a few nice friends in the process. Even making doggy play dates with a few pet owners.

On one recent visit to the park, I was sitting on one of the benches placed around the park – the bench nearest the entrance – when I saw a gorgeous Golden Retriever go racing past me. It was a dog I hadn’t seen before at the park. When I looked over toward the entrance, I saw the Golden’s owner. She was also gorgeous, with long blond hair, very tall and slender, and a voluptuous figure, too. She also had the most alluring green eyes and brightest smile. She looked to be in her mid to late thirties – a few years younger than myself.

I couldn’t help myself, there was just something about her. So, I got up from the bench and walked over to her.

“Was that your Golden that just went flashing past me?” I asked. “She’s beautiful.”

“Yes, that’s Lizzy. She’s only eighteen months old, still a lot of puppy in her. She’s still in her chewing phase, so I bring her here to try and wear her out. I’ve lost too many shoes to her already. I can’t wait for her to outgrow it.” She said with a sigh and a bit of a chuckle.

I laughed too, having been through the same with my own animals.

“Thankfully, mine are older and well past that stage. Oh, by the way, I’m Joan, and mine are the two over by the fence … the black and brown one with white paws that looks like a Beagle/Dachshund mix and the one with him that looks sort of like a small Australian Dingo – she’s a Corgi mix. Murphy and Kiah,” I told her.

“They’re both so cute. And my name is Vanessa, so happy to meet you, Joan. If it wasn’t for Lizzy, I don’t think I’d have any social life at all. This dog park is pretty much the only time I get out anymore,” She told me.

“Working from home?” I asked.

“Yeah, the pandemic,” she answered.

“I’m not working at all thanks to that nasty virus,” I admitted.

Just then, both my dogs disappeared from sight, running to the far corner of the dog park which contained some trees and shrubs; a little thicket that was a spill over from the woods that the dog park was situated next to. The effect was to obscure what my two rascals were getting into.

“I rus escort better go see what they’re up to back there,” I told Vanessa.

“I’ll walk with you, I’ve never been back in that part of the dog run. I just discovered this park a few weeks ago.”

When we reached my dogs, Murphy, the part Beagle, was sniffing intensely and running to and fro, meaning he’d gotten the scent of something interesting (to a dog).

“Murphy? What are you up to?” I said, as if he’d answer. Just then, he started his Beagle howl; a very loud braying.

“Oh my, he’s so loud,” Vanessa said, walking up behind me.

“My neighbor says it’s the most obnoxious sound he’s ever heard from a dog.” I told her.

Vanessa was just bending over to pet Kiah, when her own dog, Lizzy, came racing through the wooded area, happily being chased by a Great Dane. Lizzy made a tight turn on her way through, to avoid running into us humans, however, the Great Dane wasn’t so agile. The hundred and twenty-five pound dog slid and ended up clipping Vanessa behind the knees (a fifteen yard penalty in football) which sent Vanessa head long into me, knocking me backward. A tree root caught my foot, and I was upended into a bush. I landed with Vanessa sprawled on top of me, and my arms wrapped around her. Fortunately, neither of us were hurt.

“Oh my god, are you alright?” I heard her say, as she tried slowly to lift herself up off of me. That being made more difficult by me hanging onto her with my arms around her.

Apparently, a branch from the bush we’d fallen into must have snagged the bottom of Vanesa’s blouse and caused it to be pulled up almost around her neck, because, as she slowly rose, I was presented with a gorgeous naked breast just a fraction of an inch from my face. It seemed Vanessa had decided to go braless that day.

Inexplicably, some naughty urge overcame me just then. An evil imp, no doubt a deep dark hidden part of my basic character which seemed to compel me to suck her luscious breast into my mouth and suck on it gently until I heard Vanessa gasp.

“Oh my god! I’m so sorry … I don’t know what came over …”

Before I could finish my abject apology, her lips were locked on mine and her tongue invaded my mouth in the most passionate kiss of my life. It seemed to go on forever. Our tongues wrestled and danced in each other’s mouths, our breath mingled. We moaned with passion until we both felt something very wet and warm on our faces; Lizzy was licking us. No doubt her little doggy brain had concluded we were on the ground to play with her. Her tail was wagging frantically.

“Oh my.” Vanessa whispered as our lips separated.

“I’m really sorry, I …” I again started to apologize.

“I’m not sorry …” And she kissed me again. As she did, my hands went to her naked breasts and I fondled them lovingly as Vanessa moaned. She squealed when I pinched her nipples and I felt them harden.

Again, we were interrupted by a warm wet tongue licking our faces.

“Lizzy, no!”

Lizzy, apparently, was not well trained, as she kept licking both our faces with enthusiasm.

We istanbul bayan eskort both started laughing.



“Will you come home with me?”

“Oh yes, I will.”

We collected our pups and I followed Vanessa’s car to her home, about ten minutes from the park. She had a large fenced-in yard where the dogs played while we went inside.

Vanessa led me inside, straight to her bedroom.

We stood at the foot of her bed and kissed tenderly. Hands caressing each other’s faces. I felt my blouse being lifted and pulled up over my head. Then, my bra straps were pulled down over my shoulders, exposing my breasts.

“Oh my, they’re gorgeous,” she whispered, as she bent to kiss them.

“I suppose I should confess … I’ve never been with a woman before,” I said.

What followed was a tender loving experience and my first with a woman, but it wouldn’t be my last.

That morning, she taught me how a woman can more than satisfy another woman. With her mouth and tongue, and with her fingers inside me. And then, I practiced all those newly learned skills on her.

I went down on my first pussy, spreading her eager thighs and leaning in toward her dripping slit with my tongue extended, just as she had done for me moments before. I relished the sweet taste of her creamy juices oozing from her crease and running slowly down between her ass cheeks. My tongue started at her rosebud then traveled upward, splitting her labia and scooping up her juice. It tasted sweet and tangy. When my tongue found her little hard button and swirled around it, she went crazy with pleasure.

Judging by Vanessa’s moans and screams and thrashing about, I concluded that I was a pretty quick study.

Then, Vanessa introduced me to her newest toy.

“First, close your eyes … it’s a surprise.”

I did.

“Okay, open.”

“Oh my fucking god, Vanessa!”

She stood before me sporting an eight or nine inch penis protruding from her pussy.

“It’s a strapless dildo. I just got it and haven’t had anyone to try it out with. It’s got a vibrator, too,” she said, and reached around behind herself. It started buzzing.

She climbed onto the bed where I was lying and crawled between my legs. I felt the tip touch me just below my clit, my hips involuntarily tilted upward and I moaned. Then, she moved it up and over my sensitive button. I squealed with delight.

“Would you like me to fuck you, Joan?”

“Oh god yes!” I said and squealed again as I felt the large head pressing into my opening. It felt marvelous as it sank slowly into me.

“You’re so fucking tight,” she said.Then without warning, Vanessa slammed it the rest of the way in, up to the hilt, and I screamed. She grabbed my tits and started slamming the large fake penis into my eager cunt.

“God I love your breasts, Joan,” she said breathlessly as she kept pounding my pussy and squeezing my boobs.

I reached down and frantically rubbed my clit, I felt my tension building toward a huge orgasm. It only took seconds before I was screaming and my body was quivering. My legs began shaking uncontrollably ukraynalı escort and my breathing became erratic. My orgasm went on and on as Vanessa wouldn’t stop fucking me. She told me later, she was enjoying the show too much. Of course, with one end of the vibrating toy inserted in her own vagina, she was receiving as much stimulation as I was.

Eventually, I sort of passed out. When I came to, she was licking my pussy, lapping up my cum juices.

“My god I love the way you taste, Joan,” she told me. “Now it’s my turn.”

Vanessa reached between her legs and extracted the strapless dlido that was still lodged in her pussy. It was coated in her pussy juice, so I volunteered to clean it with my tongue.

“Mmmmm … so yummy,” I said.

She took the device from me and began inserting the shorter bulbous end into my well fucked pussy. I moaned as she did so. When she was done, I was left on my back with a large vibrating fake phallus sticking straight up from between my legs.

Vanessa straddled me and slowly lowered her hips over the nearly foot long plastic penis. Her pussy lips enveloped the head and she gradually pressed downward until it disappeared deep inside her cunt.

“Oh fuck, that’s good,” she moaned, her hips beginning to undulate, working the big plastic cock inside her just the way she wanted it.

She lifted her hips and the fake dick came halfway out, then she slammed her hips down hard, ramming it deep into her cunt again as she groaned loudly. She repeated again and again until she was fucking me, or I her, in a frenzy. Her eyes were closed, her head was thrown back, and her breathing became more rapid as she went over the edge into another powerful orgasm. And since her body slamming down on the dildo was simultaneously forcing it rhythmically into my own cunt, I soon found myself cumming along with Vanessa. She lost control and her body collapsed on top of mine. Our bodies shuddered and quivered together as powerful orgasms swept us both away.

My hips involuntarily continued bucking under Vanessa driving the dildo deeper into her pussy as she writhed in ecstasy. I wrapped my arms around her back and held on for dear life. She screamed her bliss, making me wonder if it might alarm her neighbors.

I kissed her sweaty neck and face while our bodies continued to spasm. When she finally became motionless, we both moaned softly.

I held her, loving the feel of her warm slippery body on mine.

“My god Vanessa, that was amazing,” I told her. We kissed, a long tender kiss.

“I can’t believe you’ve never been with another woman before. The way you ate my pussy was awesome,” she said. “I hope we can do this again … and soon.”

“Mmmm … me too,” I responded and we kissed again.

“Let’s go jump in the shower,” she suggested, so we did.

In the shower, we soaped each other up very sensuously. We kissed and fondled and brought each other to more orgasms. We stayed there til we both looked like prunes and the hot water started turning cold.

After we dried each other and dressed, I told her I had to go, but we agreed to meet at the dog park again in a couple days. This became routine. Meeting at the dog then making love at her place after, three or four days a week. Then, she started insisting I sleep over a couple nights a week.

After a couple months, I moved in with Vanessa.

Our pups were very happy about that.

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