Wanda Woman: The Black Amazon Ch. 01

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This will be the first in a series of installments chronicling the adventures of Dedrick and Bridgette “Wanda Woman” Harris. If demand is there, I’ll definitely go deeper into their story. I hope you enjoy!


It wakes him up every morning at 4am. But, unlike an alarm clock, he can’t continue to hit snooze for thirty additional minutes. For once he is aware of it, sleeping through it is not an option. He had once more, been awakened by a throbbing, raging, and massive hard on.

A viagra user would kill to get a stiffy like this; and he himself took no sexual aids of any kind. He exercised, ate good, did his kegels, and limited his alcohol; but, the thing that normally sent blood rushing down to his cock to get it into its current state, was the beautiful round chocolate ass sleeping next to him in all of its naked, uncovered glory; the booty belonging to his wife Bridgette.

He and Bridgette had met in the strip club fifteen years ago where she worked under the name Wanda Woman, The Black Amazon.

They were both in college at the time; he, Dedrick Harris, had attended the larger, more prestigious private university on an academic scholarship. The 5’11 Bridgette Wanda Wilson had a full ride to the local HBCU; or, Historically Black College and University, on a basketball scholarship.

He slips up behind his snoring wife; takes his lubed fingers and slowly rubs the lips of her cunt as she begins to lightly twitch and come alive.

He easily inserts his nine inch cock inside of her tight, yet welcoming opening. She hums with loving approval as he slowly works his way in and out. She loves when he takes his time in her pussy; she also knew that this type of rhythm wouldn’t last long with Dedrick.

Dedrick knew her body as well as he knew his own name. He knew that as long as he could, he had to resist the urge to, beat the pussy up. Ironically though, the very reason why he had to take it slow with Bridgette was so that she could have a fairly spectacular orgasm; but, that fairly spectacular orgasm was what drove him insane with lust, and caused him to beat the pussy up in the first place!

Bridgette was an anomaly to him because she could do what he has never witnessed another woman do. She could produce the longest, most intense, most vocal orgasm ever! And, it wasn’t a series of shorter, consecutive ones that appeared to mimic one much longer one; it was actually one long and continuous climax, and her entire body participated in it willingly.

Dedrick furiously picks up the pace, and really starts to pound away at her pink pleasure center. He wraps his arm around her throat and lightly restricts her ability to breathe; this further intensifies her already over the top nut.

He then whispers into her ear, “make me cum baby. Make me cum hard.”

He relaxed his grip so that she could speak, and then, these words flowed breathlessly out of her mouth, “Fuck this black pussy daddy! Fuck me with that big juicy white dick!”

She only needed to say it once and after hearing those words, Dedrick squirted as hard as he could into his wife’s honeypot. He yelled, cursed, and at one point, he sounded like he was crying. His entire body quivered and shook as if he was naked in a sub zero temperature meat locker.

His nut didn’t last as long as Bridgette’s did, but, in terms of intensity, they mirrored each other to a tee. It was now 5am; Dedricks now rapidly softening dick struggled to remain inside of his favorite spot. He held her as if trying to keep her from floating into the stratosphere.

They both needed to get up, get dressed, and get to their respective places of employment; but Dedrick wasn’t quite ready to relent.

For Dedrick still resided in fantasy land.

In reality, Dedrick wasn’t white. Dedrick liked to fantasize and role play about being a random white man fucking Dedrick’s beautiful ebony wife; he did sport a decent black cock, but the idea of that cock being white and fucking his black queen was for him, the ultimate rush.

He still couldn’t believe how this came about to begin with.

For shits and giggles, on a hot summer night about three years ago, He and Bridgette googled free black porn. Once they found the site of their choice and clicked it up, what met them at the top of the page was a litany of Images of young black, well endowed men who were using those endowments to absolutely drill mature, and very elegant appearing white women while their husbands looked on! Holy fuck! Was this for real?

“These have got to be actors! I mean, who would sit there and watch another man fuck his wife? I mean, dude is just laying next to her holding her hand and kissing her while this cat sticks ten inches of dick in her!” Bridgette said.

“Well, it says in the tags that they are amateurs. So maybe it is real.” Dedrick said in reply.

She turned and looked at her husband quizzically. “Could you,…. Could you watch me? Could you watch another man have sex with me?” Then before he could answer, she Anadolu Yakası Escort switched gears and approached it from a different angle. “In other words……” she said somewhat seductively, “could you watch another man slide his massive dick in and out of my pussy while I held your hand and constantly reassured you that I love you?” She asked him while she gripped his hand, and gently rubbed his arm.

He couldn’t explain in words what was happening to him at this moment; hither to, he had never once considered anything so bizarre; so, violating. He also couldn’t understand why such an idea, which should’ve immediately turned him completely off, was having an opposite effect.

But, he still didn’t get a chance to answer.

A new video caught their attention; only this time, it wasn’t amateurs, but rather professional adult film actors. This time, it was a flick that featured Angel Kelly, one of the most famous black female stars of her day; and the legendary white actor Peter North. The time appeared to be the early 90s, and the caption at the top of the page said, “vintage interracial.”

“Damn! White boy is working with a monster! He’s going to cripple that sister with all of that dick!” Bridgette yelled.

“She seems to be handling him just fine.” Dedrick replied as he stared intently at the screen as Peter went balls deep into Angel as she hiked her legs toward the ceiling to receive him.

“Ok! That white boy can get it! I’d definitely fuck him!” Bridgette said.

By this point, Dedrick was beside himself with lust. Bridgette had pulled off her panties as he dispensed with his underwear. She was like a running faucet, while he was steel beam; there was no need for foreplay; the movie had provided all that they needed.

“Wait!” She said as he readied himself to enter her. “Pretend that you’re Peter North. I’ll be Angel Kelly.” She said to him.

The idea both intrigued and excited him. But he altered it slightly.

“I’ll be Peter North; but why don’t you be Bridgette Harris whose loving and supportive husband is sitting right beside you, taking it all in.”

She laughs, “if you’re Peter North, then I’ll be the one, taking it all in.”

The best laid plans.

For as he begins to fuck her, and she begins to chant, “fuck me peter! Give me that big fat white dick right up my black pussy,” “Peter” falters, and quickly blows his load. This would have been bad in the sense that he had left her hanging; but since she was already in a heightened state of arousal, she quickly followed suit with her own satisfying climax.

“Fuck! I don’t think I’ve ever nutted that hard before!” Dedrick declared, as he tried to gather his wits and his breath.

“Yeah. What was that about? You’re normally good for at least thirty minutes to an hour in the saddle.” Bridgette said to him. “Did that turn you on that much? Or..”

“Or what?”

“Are you turning into a minute man?” She said with a laugh.

“Not on your life! But That shit fucked me up! And now, I feel like a fucking weirdo.”

“No reason for you to feel that way honey. It’s only harmless role play.”

But at times, a seemingly innocuous activity like sexual role play can be a gateway drug to more raucous undertakings.

Back to present day.

Bridgette stood in front of her full length bathroom mirror fully naked, and gap legged; she was wearing nothing but a pair of thong flip flops while curling her hair.

She normally did this morning ritual while nude; not because she was trying to arouse her husband, although, this was usually the end result; but because she would start to sweat profusely while running the hot iron thru her weaved mane.

Dedrick made coffee every morning. Both he and his wife hated coffee shop java. He was old school as fuck with it. He had an old percolator pot that he found when they passed a consignment shop on the way to their beach house one long weekend. They had no children; and while he at one time wanted a son to carry on his surname, he realized that kids were an unneeded liability that neither of them truly wanted.

He walked into the bathroom to see Bridgette grooming herself. As he watched her naked ass twist back and forth, he thought of the events of earlier that night. As intense as his orgasm had been, he found that seeing that pretty black welcoming booty, and the thought of a big white dick sliding in and out of it had made him hard again.

“Hot mocha baby!” He said as he sat the cup of steaming liquid down.

She took the cup; took a long satisfying sip, smiled and sat it back down and said, “Mmmmmm. So, are you referring to the coffee or to me?”

He came up behind her and rested his rigid cock between the crease of her big flappy butt cheeks.

“That’s just some stuff in a cup baby. YOU, are my hot mocha.” He tells her as he attempts to push inside of her as they watch each other in the mirror.

“Ummmm, you’ll have to be quick baby. I have a major audit Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan today at work; and I need to get to the office. So get you some pussy ASAP.” She says as he slides his pecker in.

Ah, Mrs. Certified Public Accountant. I’m bout to wreck dat azz!”

“Promises Promises, Mr. Investment Banker.”

Bridgette grabs the outer sides of the mirror for support. The look in her husbands eyes is the ultimate turn on. It’s also the ultimate opportunity.

“Unnnh, baby?”

“Uhhhh, yes baby.”

“I need a new Chanel bag.”

“A new one? Uhhhh. What’s wrong with the one that I bought you last year?”

“That’s the problem. It’s last years bag.”

“Those things are five grand and up.”

“So? You make three hundred grand a year.”

“Unh Unh, no. I’m not spending that type of money on a purse.”

“Uhhhh, that’s fine. Jeff will get it for me.”

“Oh shit! What?”

Jeff is Bridgette’s coworker. He and his heart surgeon wife Amber have an open marriage. They are a white power couple that live in their building; both are thirty five, and they are Dedrick and Bridgette’s best friends.

Jeff is tall, athletic , handsome and bald. Amber is short, very red headed and extremely cute. If she was placed next to Nicole Kidman in her Dead Calm days, you would have a hard time telling them apart. Jeff often joked that his wife had a rap video vixen ass.; and Dedrick couldn’t disagree.

They once took a weekend trip up the coast to a casino in Jeff’s Range Rover and on the way there, Bridgette and Amber played with each other in the back seat, while the guys took turns driving over the eight hour trip.

After they arrived and checked in, Bridgette wanted to fuck. And while Dedrick and her were engaged in the act, He asked her. “Do you want to fuck Jeff?”

She squirmed and smiled and said, “Fuck yeah! I want his white dick!”

At this point, they were well steeped into having role play; so the thought of her fucking another man wasn’t that earth shattering. But, Jeff was a bit close to home.

Present day.

“Unh uhhhh, You’d fuck Jeff for a purse?”

“Oooo shit! You god damn skippy!” She said as Dedrick continued to fuck her in front of the mirror. “Are you going to buy me the bag?”

As much as they role played, there at times was a hint of realism to the pretense. She really wanted the purse, and she intended to fuck it out of her husband; and she knew when she had made him an offer that he couldn’t refuse.

“Give me the bag, or I give Jeff some of this hot black ass!”

“Fuck you! Shit! Ok. I’ll buy it!” He says as he nuts into her for the second time in the past three hours.

“Good Morning Mr. Harris.” The morning salutations resonated throughout the bank as Dedrick Harris walked to his office.

His investment savvy and vision had been instrumental in guiding them through the 2008 recession; and a lot of the workers knew that they owed their livelihood to those attributes.

His coffee and bagel, and his daily wall street journal was placed neatly on his desk. His routine was fairly routine; he drank his coffee, ate his bagel, and read the latest stock market report with a bit of bemused curiosity. This was all normal; what else was normal was when he clicked onto a black cuckolds xxx video on his desktop.

This was how he occupied his time when he wasn’t picking stocks or betting on football. It literally took him three hours to handle his investment duties; he spent the remainder time staring at the computer screen and watching white men plow black women; both amateur and professional.

He’s interrupted by a most welcomed phone call.

“Hello baby.” He said into the receiver to his wife.

“Hello yourself. What are you doing right now?”

“Thinking about that thing that we never talk About.”

“That thing that we never…….., baby, are you sure that you want to do this?”

“I’m cocksure.”

“Oh that is the highest height of irony.”

“Why? What do you mean?”

“There’s a saying that I heard in college. It says, the wise are full of doubt; while the stupid are all ways cocksure.”

“You calling me stupid?”

“No. I’m just wondering if you know what you’re possibly getting us into. Once that Pandora’s box is open, there’s no way to put the genie back into the bottle.”

“Your mixing of metaphors aside, I have thoroughly thought this through. And you’ve stated that you’d be open to trying it. We’ve seen the husbands in the cuckold videos, allowing their wives to live out their fantasies.”

“Correction. Your fantasy. And those were all white couples bringing black men into their bedrooms; we’re talking about bringing a white man into ours. I just want to be absolutely certain that you know what you’re doing.”

“You won’t regret this!” Dedrick said excitedly.

“I’d better not. And he had better be a cutie.”

“You’ll pick him yourself. Tonight.”

That evening, after dinner, Escort Anadolu Yakası both Dedrick and Bridgette laid in bed and browsed through the various single guy swinging alone profiles that permeated the hookup site that they had chosen.

After clicking through several more, they came upon Marine One; a six foot three, 210 pound blond haired man of twenty eight.

“Reach out to him. He has a nice package.” Bridgette said, as she zeroed in on his photos. Some of the pics showed him in uniform, some posing on a Harley, one showed him shirtless on a horse; since they were paying members on the site, they saw his other pictures which displayed him in the buff and highly aroused.

“He’s handsome, fit, and he has a nice sized cock. Let’s go with him.” She said to her husband.

“I’m good with that choice. I’ll reach out to see if he’s willing to meet our criteria.”

By criteria, Dedrick meant that they would insist that he get tested for any and everything. Just as they themselves would.

Bridgette was allergic to latex; and this is what made getting all of the relevant STD screenings a necessity.

After all the preliminary steps have been fulfilled. They agreed to meet at an Irish bar in midtown. Dedrick agreed to give them plenty of time to get acquainted on their own. He took a seat at a table, while Bridgette waited at the bar for Marine One.

The meet was to take place at 6:30 pm on Friday; the duo was so excited, they actually arrived at 5. They were the only black people in the semi full and noisy bar, the d.j. Played a mixture of country, light rock, and r it was easy to see why; She had chosen for this outing a set of Black Rivets T Strap Open Toe sexy platform sandals, a sleeveless zip up bodysuit that barely went below her crotch, no bra, no undies, not to mention her brand new Chanel bag in hand: her Indian silk weave hung down her back, she never wore makeup; her coffee black skin complexion was naturally flawless. Wanda Woman was back!

Dedrick watched with amusement as different men tried to approach his wife at the bar. He pretended to watch the game, but in reality, he never took his eyes off of her.

It amazed him with the ease at which she handled the attention. Dedrick had often wondered about his wife’s sexual history prior to them hooking up. She had been the most sought after dancer for the V.I.P room at the club where they met, and while she has never admitted it. Dedrick wondered if tonight would truly be her first time with a man of another race.

Promptly at 6:30, Marine One walked in. He wore a Ralph Lauren Blazer, Jeans, starched button down polo, and eel skinned cowboy boots.

He made his way to the bar, and the crowd of men around Bridgette parted and dispersed as if Moses had just raised his staff, and water went in two different directions.

“Hello Bridgette. I’m very glad that I decided to come out tonight. I can already tell that you’re worth it.” He said to her as he kissed her hand, and then pecked her on the lips.

He couldn’t tell, but she was blushing hard from his compliment. Her pussy juices were churning, as were those in her stomach. She was pleased that Dedrick gave her a chance to talk to him alone; there was a good chance that she might say something that Dedrick might not be equipped to handle hearing.

“Thank you. You’re very handsome Marine, Uh, do I call you Marine or Mr. One?” She said, somewhat nervously and not at all composed.

He smiled, took her hand and simply said, “Its ok honey; just call me Eric.”

Bridgette instantly relaxed. Something about Eric’s voice, his demeanor, even the scent of his cologne, had an almost aromatherapy calming effect on her.

The two began to get acquainted; Eric, after his time as a marine, had became a CPA himself; he also worked as a fitness trainer, as well as a male dancer. Bridgette glowed at the things that they had in common.

My kingdom for a parabolic mic! These were the thoughts going through Dedrick’s mind as he watched the scene between the two of them unfold.

Bridgette had placed her hand on Eric’s thigh and her eyes never once left his. This was highly against their established protocol; she was supposed to, ever so often glance toward Dedrick to let him know how things were going between them.

He worked to try and process this. Should he go over there and insert himself? Should he go grab her hand and drag her out of the bar?

This catch 22 was driving him nuts! If he did the former, he’d definitely be viewed as insecure; Bridgette would go back into her shell, and this fantasy of his would never materialize.

If he did the latter, he’d be viewed as a jealous, manic asshole, and this could spell the slow, yet steady decline of their marriage.

Fortunately, both choices were taken out of his hands, as the duo approached his table arm in arm.

“Baby this is Eric. And Eric, this is my loving, and completely open minded husband Dedrick.”

When they shake hands, Dedrick grimaces a bit under the pressure of Eric’s grip. He does his best to hide it; but, at least to him, he thinks that both of them noticed it.

“Pleased to meet you my brother!” Eric says to him. “And I must say, thank you for this opportunity. I’ve always wanted to slip into a little darkness.” He said with a laugh that Bridgette shared.

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