Was It A Date?

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Sorry guys– No ANAL no cruelty no oversized boobies. We are all past 18. We did not receive or transmit social disease and did not practice birth control as it was not necessary.


It promised to be a lovely evening. I was dressing for my ‘date’ with Barbara. It wasn’t really a date, a date is a romantic event, a mutual interview to determine sexual compatibility. It hadn’t occurred to think of it as a date until……well my sister Sue called it a date. The thought had started earlier that day when my sister Sue had called.

“Hi Terri. Are you excited about your date with Barbara tonight?”

“Date? Why would you call it a date? Barbara is treating me to dinner for my birthday.” I was a bit taken a bit aback by my sister’s words but also suddenly excited by what she had said.

Barbara was a sophisticated real estate sales agent whose manner and sense of dress I envied. She was a female whose looks and mannerisms sometimes caused a twinge in my pussy. That she had invited me to dinner was a very pleasant surprise. Sue laughed as she said.

“In the first place that’s what Barbara called it. Secondly, I think that she has designs on your body. I told her that I thought that you might be just a little bit bent. That’s how she seduced me. By taking me to a romantic place for dinner. Actually though, I was easy.”

“She seduced you? When? How? You’re a lesbian? Why didn’t you tell me. We’re not supposed to have secrets. Come on sister, give.”

“Terri baby, I’m not a lesbian I’m bi. As for the details, not now, not over the phone, come over for supper tomorrow night, maybe by then we will both have a story to tell. OK?”

After we hung up I began to rethink what to wear for my ‘date’. I settled finally on a silk two piece that fit nicely and showed that I had nicely shaped B sized tits and a reasonably well shaped butt on top of a decent pair of legs. I am 5’5″ and just a hair over weight at 130. A natural light brown my hairdresser high lights it nicely with light blonde.

“It’s a little bold,” I told myself. “but who knows, a little bold may be just right. Who knows, if Barbara plays her cards right she might just get to see.”

I had to admit to myself that I had been bi curious on and off since I first heard that sometimes girls did things with other girls.

With that thought in mind I settled on a wispy bra and panty set in a blue shade that exactly matched the color of my dress. I quickly remembered that the open back did not allow for a bra. I put the bra back into the drawer. I debated about not wearing the panty but decided that being naked except for my dress was really not my style. After I added my favorite perfume. a fine pearl necklace with matching ear rings I was ready to be seduced.

In the moments before the doorbell rang I almost chickened out. “What am I doing?” I asked myself. “Do I really want sex with another woman?”

Then I answered myself. “Yes! Why not? You’ve been curious for years.” Just then the doorbell sounded and ready or not it was time to go.

Barbara looked pretty sexy herself. She was wearing a simple A-line red linen which showed off her 5’6″ 135 pound body to perfection. Like mine it ended at mid knee each of us showing off our uncovered lower legs.

I saw no evidence of a bra under Barbara’s dress either. The thought that it could be only her under that dress caused my pussy to twitch. As we walked I felt Barbara’s hand brush across my backside. Checking or making a slight pass? With that question in my mind I wished that I had also left my panties in the dresser drawer.

When we reached her car she, like a good escort held the door for me. I like an appreciative date flashed her enough to show off my filmy panties.

Barbara chuckled and gave me a wink as she closed the car door. She drove out into the country to a restaurant which was on a hill overlooking the town. We were immediately shown to a window table set in a more private part of the dining room.

The drinks were superb as was the meal. The conversation was light and at times intimate and at other times we were actually flirting. As the meal progressed there was no doubt in my mind that if Barbara wanted me that I would be hers. I was tingling in places and in ways that I had not tingled in a very long time.

After the Valet brought her car Barbara drove out to a very small nicely concealed overlook above the river just south of town. From there the moon reflected off the river as did the lights of the airport just on the other side of the river. We could also see those of the town were off in the distance. It is the most beautiful sight around but for some reason not that well known.

Meanwhile as we made more small talk we somehow had moved closer together.

“Not many people know this place.” I said. “But I must confess to you that I surrendered my virginity just over there.” I pointer to a grass area about 200 feet away.

“Was it a glorious event?”

“Not Kıbrıs Escort really. It was a couple of years and about twenty fucks later before I enjoyed a truly glorious screw.”

Barbara began to laugh gently. “Terri darling. I love it that you told me that. Have you given any of you other cherries?”

“Well if you consider my mouth a cherry I gave that up on the occasion of my first glorious screw.”

“My tongue is still cherry, if that is your question.” Said I feeling suddenly bold.

“Where do you stand on that subject? If I may ask that is?”

I took a moment to frame my answer carefully. “Poor Josh. He had to work on me for weeks. I doubt if Barbara would find me so tough. No promises though.”

Meanwhile Barbara’s arm had found it’s way around my shoulders and her fingers were making designs on my shoulder.

I paused then asked. “Is kissing a girl different than kissing a guy?”

Barb moved close to me and answered, “I can show you if you’d like.” With that she kissed me full on the mouth. Before I could stop myself, I responded kissing her back, thinking first that this was nothing more than ‘kissing practice’.”

Her tongue came out gently as if not to scare me away. My lips felt it first, and then she probed slowly. I opened my mouth. Her tongue touched mine and suddenly my whole body was on fire. Waves of pleasure swept over me. The sensation was like nothing I had ever felt in my entire life.

It was a beautiful kiss, long and tender, yet so passionate, and went on and on and on. Her tongue felt so wonderful inside my mouth. My heart raced. I could feel that she was breathless and I realized that I was too I felt her hand cup my breast through my dress. I almost fainted I loved it so much.

I reached for her hand and when I found it I pushed it tighter to my breast. I heard myself moan into her mouth. She stopped then slid her hand under my top to hold and caress my naked breasts and gently pinch the nipples atop them.. Our lips continued to press together, tongues playing, exploring. I didn’t want to move – I couldn’t move. The feelings that ran through my body were incredible.

After another minute still touching softly I sucked Barbs lower lip into my mouth. Licking it I tasted Barb’s lipstick which reminded me that this was a real female that I was kissing, not another masturbation fantasy..

The anticipation of what this was leading to had me trembling with desire as we spent the next fifteen or twenty minutes kissing and petting without going any further. By then my pussy was throbbing releasing it’s juices. I was ready to strip myself naked, lay back in the corner with my legs spread and shout.

“Take me. Take me. I’m yours.”

Just then she pushed me back against the car seat. She pulled my dress top up bent over in front of me and covered my nipple with her hot mouth, sucking gently but insistently. I had never felt anything so sensuous in my life.

I had never felt so turned on. My hands went to her hair marveling that a girl, my casual friend Barbara, was sucking my breasts. Oh, my God, I could have come just like that, looking down at her beautiful face, her mouth moving from one nipple to the other, sucking, biting, teasing my nipples to a hardness I had never known, her hand molding, stroking my swelling breasts. The emotions that rolled over me were the most intense of my life. Little did I know that the best was yet to come.

Her hand left my breasts, I didn’t notice at first as her mouth was still so erotically sucking my nipple, her magic tongue playing over it. . Then I felt that hand tugging at my panties. My heart soared. I instinctively lifted my hips so she could pull them down my legs, and off.

Making out in a car was fun but I was ready for the real thing. Suddenly bold I slid my hand under Barb’s dress and gently rubbed her inner thigh. I broke the kiss then pulled away just far enough to say.

“Take me into your bed, Barbara, please.”

With that we separated. Barb needed no second invitation.. She started the car and began to drive. As we approached the road she asked.

“Your bed or mine. You said mine but if you’re more comfortable with yours it’s fine with me.”

“Your place is closer I think. Let’s go there.”

My continuing boldness surprised me. I continued to rub my hand up and down Barb’s inner thigh as we drove to her house. Several times I touched her bare pussy with the side of my hand. It felt as wet as I knew mine to be. Approaching her house she remotely opened her garage door and we drove right in. I withdrew my hand and was out my door almost before the car was completely stopped.

My pussy was wet and throbbing and my whole body was trembling with desire now that I had made my decision. I had secretly wanted to do this for a long time but I had always imagined myself doing it with Sue even though she was my sister.

As Barb reached the door to the main house Lefkoşa Escort I was there waiting. She took me by the hand and led me through the dark house to her bedroom. As we traveled I unhooked the only button that kept my top from falling to the ground.

After we entered the bedroom I stopped and let go Barb’s hand. I reached up behind my neck and pulled at my top letting it then fall to the floor seconds later my skirt followed it. As Barb turned on the light I was standing wearing only my pearl choker and ear rings.

Barbara looked at me then said.

“God Terri. I’ve never seen anyone as naked as you are at this moment. Those high heels and with that necklace on you are the most desirable lady I have ever seen. Maybe I should present myself to you the same way.”

She did. A moment later she had done me one better having stripped off her dress to stand naked then adding back a silk tie belt around her waist to make her the most naked lady that I had ever seen.

I could hardly tear my eyes from her breasts, the juncture of her thighs, no longer clad.

We looked each other up and down. I could see the wetness in Barbs pussy so plentiful that it seemed like it was about to drip. There was no doubt now that it was going to be a memorable night. We closed the gap between us and touched our lips together again and stretched out our hands to join fingers.

I was trembling, delirious with desire. This time I did actually say those words.

“Take me, take me Barb, my body is yours.” Silly words I admit, but that is what I actually said in that moment of passion.

We fell to the bed and wrapped each other in our arms. Having her naked, soft woman’s body against mine was so fantastic. Our breasts felt so natural and wonderful against each other, our pussies rubbed together, grinding, exciting. Her lips and tongue played with mine, teaching me.

She broke away and kneeled to straddled my body, then she moved upward till my breasts were under her mouth. She began to work her magic on my breasts again kissing them, fondling them. By now I was desperate to please her. I pushed her away then urged her forward till her breasts were over my mouth. I sucked her breasts feeling the soft skin in my mouth, against my tongue, till her nipples became hard and erect. I licked and sucked them the way I enjoyed mine being worked on. She came.

After it was over she moved upward further still. Then she was kneeling with her pussy over my mouth. I could smell her sweet sexual excitement. I was looking up at another girl’s pussy for the first time in my life. It was so overwhelmingly erotic, to this day I can still remember the sight clearly if I close my eyes, she lowered herself, and I put my tongue between the juicy lips, my tongue touching a cunt for the first time.

From the first taste I was hooked, I couldn’t get enough of her pussy. God, she tasted delicious, smelled divine. I licked and sucked her as if I had been doing it for years. I wouldn’t let her off of me even though she came and came and came again. Finally though she fell to the side her body spent.

When she had recovered, and it was my turn. I was privy for the first time to oral delights being perpetrated upon my body by another woman. Her tongue licked and probed and entered my juicy hole. Barbara’s tongue found places to pleasure that I didn’t even know existed. For me it became one long incredible orgasm.

We made love late into the night. When I finally got home it was two in the morning. There was a message on my machine from my sister Sue. It was just four words long. “Did you do it?”

By then it was two in the morning. I dialed Sue. When she answered with a groggy “Hello” I just said. “Yes.” Then I hung up.

Minutes later my phone rang. Of course it was Sue, now wide awake.

“Come on Terrie. Give me the story.”

“No. Not now. I want to savor it for a while. Come over for supper tomorrow. Bring Chinese.”

The next day I knew I was carrying the glow of a well fucked female. I received knowing looks from several people as I thought of nothing but of my seduction by Barb.

Evening three: I begged off the previous evening both because my body was still somewhat spent and because the glow had not quite worn off.

Sue arrived at six carrying an assortment of Chinese.

Her manner and dress reminded me of times past when she was going on a date which she knew was going to end with her doing the horizontal Hula. In other words there was no doubt in my mind that my sister had sex on her mind.

That was OK with me. Now that I knew that we had both had a lesbian encounter in our history that door was now standing open. I was horny as all get out. It was quite likely, I thought, that we might walk through it together tonight.

We did eat supper. Then we cleared, washed and dried. Then we decided to do the Jacuzzi. Since it’s location was private and it was getting to be dusk Sue Magosa Escort suggested skinny dipping which was not unusual for us. We started out pretty much as normal. We made some small talk, we did some gossip. We avoided touching.

After our second wine cooler we had loosened up a bit. We had moved together. We sat side by side touching from hip to ankle. Soon afterward we each had our hand on the inner thigh of the other. My sister began to finger tease, I quickly followed suit. Before long we began to move our hands up and down the other’s thigh moving ever and ever closer to the target at the juncture of the other’s thighs.

We finally turned our faces toward each other. As if with one mind we each placed a hand behind the head of the other. Slowly we drew together and began to kiss.

It was a wonderful kiss. It lasted for a long, long, time. After all we had waited a long, long, time to begin it. Finally trembling and panting and moaning quietly we rose up and found our way, still dripping, to the overstuffed couch which stood on our back patio.

This time I played the aggressor. I was so turned on I moved my mouth down. I wanted to do this. My mouth soon was sucking her breasts moving from one nipple to the other, sucking, biting, licking, teasing her nipples to a hardness I had never felt before in my mouth. I was shocked at the pleasure I was getting by doing them. After a few minutes Sue came with a full body orgasm that was a pleasure to behold.

Then Sue moved down to where she could spread my legs. She moved between them, lifting them up to rest on her shoulders. My God, I couldn’t believe it, my sister, after all these years of my masturbating to the delicious fantasy of sex with my sister she was opening my thighs, spreading my pussy open, looking inside me. Her head lowered, and I watched as if in slow motion, her tongue came out, and she licked me, from the bottom of my pussy to the top.

The tongue that moments ago had been inside my mouth setting me on fire doing that now was setting an indescribable fire in my pussy. Her tongue was pointed, spreading my lips, wriggling inside me. She was licking and sucking and probing my cunt. Not a word was being spoken, and none was needed.

My orgasm was building. Rushing forward, engulfing me. I came and came and came, yelling out as her tongue did magic to my pussy as she was devouring my clit. Wave after wave of intense pleasure overwhelmed me. I was coming continuously as this lovely girl, my sister, licked and sucked at my wide open pussy.

We lay together letting our bodies rest. After awhile we started to kiss. Quickly Sue turned around and again spread my legs. This time her pussy was close to my face. It was time I knew to join my sister in the mutual oral pleasures of sixty nine.

I could smell her sweet sexual excitement. I put my tongue inside her. I licked and sucked her as if I had wanted to do for years. Now I felt the same things being done to me. Soon we were doing a duet. I would do something to Sue. Then she would do it back to me. Almost each duet ended in an orgasm.

Our orgasms over and our recovery somewhat complete we ended up sitting on the bed facing each other our legs inter tangled.

“Let me show you something darling.” Said Sue. “Stay where you are stretch your legs out full length then lie back on your elbows..”

Sue did herself similarly, soon my right leg was stretched out over her left and her right was over top of my left. Then Sue began to move her body toward me. Our spread apart pussies were moving closer and closer to the other’s until they were then only a few inches apart.

Then I got it I recalled a scene from a porno flick. I eagerly moved my pussy towards Sue’s until they squished together as they made full contact sending shock waves of joy through my body. I could feel our sopping wet labia separate and spread apart so that her inner parts including her clit were touching mine. I could almost feel every detail. I cannot describe the feeling of their touch but only of the total excitment that went through me.

There was pussy juice from both of us in such quantity that we slid around very easily. I could also feel some running down my thigh as we each massaged the other’s pussy with our own.

It took only a minute or two till I felt those trembling’s within my body that told me that I was about to orgasm. Sue must have sensed them because she took that moment to whisper.

“I gonna come. Come with me Terri. Come with me please.”

I did and she did. Right then and there I had a ripping full body orgasm from one end of me to the other. We were both coming and screaming mild obscenities as we trembled and clutched and wrestled each other. It was a brief orgasm but so much more intense than most.

I said. “Wow. That’s some trick. Who taught you that? Or is that TMI?”

“No. My first college roommate and I figured it out all by ourselves only to find out later that we did not invent it. Now girl how about we do it one more time than I’m gonna go home and then sleep till noon enjoying pleasant dreams.”

We did do it again. To my surprise my orgasm was longer and better than I would have thought possible.

We made love all that night and didn’t sleep at all.

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