We are Now One

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I went to bed last night and i dreamed of you fucking me gently. Your loving arms around me, our tongues dancing in each others mouths as your hard, throbbing cock moves gently inside of me. I moan as we kiss passionately. I open my eyes to see your face. I see that you are absorbed into me. You are lost in this beautiful moment with your love. I close my eyes again and I get lost with you. Your hand move gently towards my back. They move slowly down, down towards my arse. I feel your strong hands gripping it. I know what that means. You want to be rough with me. But I feel your cock tensing up.

“Can you cum with me darling?” You say to me.

You put a finger inside of my wet hole. I gasp as I feel your finger moving fast inside of me, but your cock is still moving gently inside of me. I open my eyes and moan loudly.

“That’s it honey, cum with me.”

I cry out as we cum together. “Yyyeeeeess baby.”

You moan as you cum hard with me. Then I feel your hands gripping me tight. Your getting rough with me now. You thrust your hard cock deeper inside of me now. You are fucking me faster, Harder, deeper.

You then growl “fuck me bitch. Fuck your man. Yes! cum again. Cum all over Kurtköy Escort my cock baby.”

I scream as I release another orgasm. You turn me over and put it in my pussy and fuck me so hard from behind. I move like a ragdoll as you fuck me so hard. I hear you roaring out as you dump more cum into me. You turn my head and kiss me so deep. I feel your fingers, rubbing my arsehole.

You look into my eyes and say “Do you want me to claim that beautiful arse of yours?”

“Yes, I do my love.”

“Then bend down for me. Head on the pillow, arse in the air. Hold on baby, this is going to be a bumpy ride. And I’m not going to stop.”

I gasp hard as your cock goes inside my arse hole. As you pound my arse you say “who’s are you?”


“That’s right baby. Your fucking mine. All fucking mine!!”

You fuck my arse so fast you roar again and cum in my arse. You hold my body and turn me so its like your spooning me. We kiss passionately as you now fuck me gently. You gently take it out, then put it back in my pussy. You cuddle into me as you fuck me sweetly again.

You smile at me and say “I love you, so fucking much babe.”

“I really love Kurtköy Escort Bayan you too handsome.” I reply.

We kiss each other as you spoon me from behind. You move deep inside of me with love and care. Your eyes fixed onto me as we make sweet love. You pull it out gently, only to put it back in my tight wet cunt. I moan as i feel you once again. But as you kiss me once again I feel your thrusts getting more vigorous. You want to be primal with me don’t you? You hold me tight as you start to fuck me even harder. You know I love that. Being owned by you turns me on, and you use that to your advantage. You pin me down on the mattress and fuck me so hard! Your cock is penetrating deep inside of me. I feel our orgasms building up. My pussy is clenching your cock, and your cock is tensing up again. Your waiting for me to cum.

I say “yes I’m cumming baby!”

As my legs shake I cry out your name as I cum hard for you. At the same time your growls turn into whimpers.

You look down at me and roar out “MINE!!”

We soar into paradise as we have just orgasmed so hard. You kiss me tenderly on the neck and gently pull out your cock from my wet pussy. We lay Escort Kurtköy on the bed panting hard. I put my head onto your chest. I feel your hand stroking me face with love and gentleness.

Before sleep takes over us I hear you say “I love you.”

“I love you too handsome.”

You put your strong arm around me and pull me closer. As sleep overtakes me, the last thing I hear is your heart beating. Its beats for me as my own heart beats for you. We are now joined as one. Our bodies, our hearts and our souls are now one. We are now one.

I wake up and realise i was only dreaming. My heart yearns to be yours. i want you so bad! As i lay in bed, I think about the dream I just had. It made my cunt so wet! I reach down and place 3 fingers inside of me and close my eyes. I imagine it’s your cock deep inside of me. Then my phone vibrates to let me know i received a text message. To my surprise it’s from you!

“i’ve been thinking about you last night. I need to see you.”

I reply “sure! i would love to see you. Where do you want to meet up?”

Your reply “I will pick you up from your house in an hour. There is something i need to tell you in person.”

An hour later you knock on my door. You look at me and hold my face. Your eyes glued into mine. I see love pouring out of them. And what you say next fills my heart with joy.

You growl “i fucking love you. Lets join our bodies and souls together and become one?”

I smile at you and say “i’m all yours.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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