We Finally had Time Together

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We had been talking for over a month. Long text messages through a secret chat app. Intimate chats til 3 in the morning. Frequent short meetups with lots of kissing. Our spouses none the wiser. She was 40 with 3 kids, her looks were stunning. She had the most infectious smile. She had strawberry blonde hair that was long. Blue eyes with a tint of green and brown around the pupils. I could get lost in those eyes. She stood 5’4″ and had a petite frame. She was thin but it looked good on her. Most women I’m attracted to are quite a bit thicker. She had great breasts, they jut out perfectly and compliment her slight frame.

We have so many things in common. I’ve never met someone I was so in-tune with, both emotionally and physically. The sexual attraction we had for each other was so heavy. That’s what initially attracted us to each other. As we chatted we found more and more that we were similar. Our musical tastes were practically identical.

Her marriage had gone off the tracks several years back. Mine had slipped off slowly several years back. I didn’t realize just how much I missed the physical contact and intimacy until I met her. We could chat for hours and feel safe with each other. It was almost dream like how good we were together.

We finally had the opportunity to get some real alone time. On Sunday we would both be alone all day. We would rent a hotel room for the entire day. No more driving across town so we wouldn’t be seen, no sneaking quick kisses or the occasional feel of each other. We could spend quality time exploring each other.

Sunday morning came we were to meet at the hotel at 8 am, neither of us needing to be back home until after 6:00 PM. I had gone and checked us in earlier so we could go right up to the room. I sent her a text with the room number and got situated and waited for her. She knocked right at 8 AM. I let her in and pushed her against the wall. Our lips coming together like they always do. I could taste her freely this morning. Feeling her tongue against mine, my body pushed up against hers. She’s always intoxicating but now that I had freedom and time, it was over the top. My hands began to roam down her sides, right as they reached her hips I felt her hand on my chest. She pushed me away with an evil grin and said “down boy, we have all day”. She grabbed her bag and went into the bathroom.

I sat on the bed, my cock already straining against my jeans, my heart beat slowly coming back down to earth. It was weird, I was nervous but in a, I’m about to lose my virginity sort of way. We’d already had sex, granted it was a quickie that left both of us longing for more. But the initial jitters should be gone. I was lost in my own thoughts when she came out. She had on a red 2 piece lingerie set that accentuated her perfect body. It popped against her skin, her blue eyes were out of this world in a sea of red. They shimmered as she approached me. I stood up taking in her form. As she came within reach, I put my hands on her sides and groaned. The feel of the silky material and he soft skin was enough to drive me crazy. She smelled better than any scent I’ve ever had the privilege to experience. Our lips joined again. This time slowly with the perfect blend of passion and sexual desire. She put her arms around my neck. I’m 6′ tall and had quite the height advantage over her. I’ve never felt as safe and sensual as the moment I felt her nails scrape against my shoulders. The kiss continued getting deeper and filled with more need.

I felt her pull her hands back and slide them up the inside of my hoodie. With her in her sexy lingerie I was completely overdressed for the occasion. She helped me pull the hoodie over my head. She then went for my t-shirt, pulling it over my head in one motion. I run to stay in shape but by no means am a model. She always rubs my chest and scrapes her nails on the skin just above my pecs. When she does it on my bare skin it feels amazing. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her into me. My swollen Jean clad cock rubbing against her stomach as we kissed again but now I wanted to taste her neck. Pulling back I moved my lips to her neck, kissing and nibbling as I went. She has a spot on her shoulder that if I hit it correctly will make her moan. Searching for the spot, kissing just above her collar bone I began to trace with my tongue back and forth across her shoulder. I first felt her intake a sharp breath, I knew I found the spot. I clamped my lips on the spot, bit and sucked. I felt her nails dig into chest even more as she exhaled and moaned. Something about the way she moans drive me absolutely wild.

I continued to make out with her neck and shoulder kissing and nibbling as I went. I felt her run her hand along the length of my cock through my jeans. I took my hands and ran them down her sides enjoying the feel of her skin and the silkiness of her lingerie. She has a spot just above her hip bone that’s a little ticklish but also makes her shiver. Sliding my hands slowly over that levent escort spot as I pulled my mouth off her neck, making eye contact with her just in time to see her eyes get a little bigger as she gives me the look I love. It’s an intense look filled with lust. It’s hot and makes me yearn to please this gorgeous creature even more.

I slip my hands to her back to unclasp her bra releasing her perfect breasts. Her nipples were already firm. Tracing my hands down her sides to her hips while pulling her to me and kissing her chest. My lips and tongue traveling towards her right nipple as my fingers tease her hip bones. Finally getting to her nipple I tease around it, being careful not to make strong contact. I can feel the sexual tension when I finally clamp my lips over it. She elicited a groan as I sucked while my tongue massaged her nipple.

I pushed her back on the hotel bed, her long flowing hair strewn across the white linens, the red of the bottoms she was wearing popped in contrast to her skin and the comforter. I crawled up on the bed and started kissing her ankle. My lips leaving butterfly kisses up her ankle, traveling along the inside of her leg to just below her knee. I’ve been looking forward to exploring her gorgeous body for weeks. The quickies in my office or the backseat of one of our cars didn’t allow for much foreplay other than kissing. I needed to feel and taste the skin on every square inch of her body. Continuing my exploration on the inside of her knee, my lips kissing followed by smooth swipes of my tongue across her salty skin. Every once in a while I could feel her react to my ministrations empowering me to continue on. Finding spots on her body that drive us both wild.

Once I was in the middle of her thigh my fingers were tracing across her abdomen, sliding back and forth to her hip bones on each side of her torso. There is a spot just below her belly button that makes her writhe when I pass over it. I was try to get close but not actually touch that spot as my lips continued their journey up her leg. My lips were approaching her panty converted center, trailing my tongue along the skin that wasn’t covered by her sexy lingerie. I could smell her arousal as my tongue slid up the ridge just next to her covered pussy. I felt her hands on the back of my head, attempting to pull me to her, I wanted to continue teasing, trailing my tongue up the side of her panties, tasting and smelling her scent as my tongue approached the curve to the top of her thigh. Pulling my head back and moving back down to the other side of her pussy. I kissed and nibbled across the fabric that covered her. Applying enough pressure that the silky/lacey material was pushed against her. I covered the lower half of her pussy with my mouth and first tried to push my tongue through the fabric and inside her. I felt her widen her legs to give me better access, I then I sucked attempting to suck her succulent juices through the lacey fabric. She was wet enough I could taste it through the lace making my mouth water for more. I licked up the seam on the other side next to her pussy, slowly sliding my tongue up the fabric covered ridge, teasing myself just as much as her. I couldn’t wait to actually devour her.

I slipped my fingers into the waist of her panties and pulled down as she pushed her feet into the mattress and arched her hips giving me room to slide them off. Pulling them down and off her feet, I turned my attention to her gorgeous well maintained vagina. I’ve only been able to sneak a quick glimpse and I knew I loved it but getting a good view of her swollen needy lips, spread and glistening in her arousal put me into overdrive. I moved my mouth to the side of her pussy and with a light pointed tongue I traced just on the outside of her lips. The taste was sweet and perfect. I traced all the way up next to her clit. Moving my tongue to the skin above her clit I kissed. My chin lightly teasing her clit as I kissed the skin. Licking again back down the other side getting more of a taste as I placed my palm on the inside of the thigh opposite where my mouth was. Pushing her open, with a wide firm tongue starting at her opening I slowly licked up the center of her pussy. Between her lips slowly tasting her juices as my tongue traveled from her opening, applying pressure while moving up towards her clit. I can feel the tension in her body ratchet up as I approach the sensitive bud. When my tongue was just under her clit I pulled my tongue into my mouth and kissed her clit. A sloppy kiss with suction ensuring that I hit all her nerve endings, with my lips. My tongue making slight contact with her clit towards the end of the kiss.

My chin and cheeks are already coated with her juices. She’s tastes sweet making me dive back in for more. This time my tongue goes as deep inside her as I can get it. Attempting to apply pressure to her gspot with the top of my tongue. It’s a hard reach and I couldn’t quite get it, the tease must’ve been enough as I felt her bayan eskort arch her back slightly and grab onto the back of my head. My hand on her thigh moved up to her hip. That sexy bone that juts out on the side of her torso while I reached up with the other hand and pulled slightly on her right nipple. I pulled my tongue out of her, while pulling as much of her lady cum as I could with it. I wish I could bottle her juices, they turn me on more than any other woman I’ve ever tasted.

Slowly moving my tongue back up between her lips getting over the top of her clit. I heard he intake a sharp breath. Her fingers tensed on the back of my head. I clamped my lips in the shape of an “O” over her clit and sucked like a vacuum on her clit, while simultaneously swiping my tongue back and forth over the top of her clit. Maintaining solid pressure and never losing contact with a portion of her clit, I went to town. Not speeding up, not slowing down. Just maintaining pressure. My fingers were slightly increasing pressure on her right nipple. Looking up her body I couldn’t see much of her face from this angle but I could see she was biting her lower lip. It seemed as though she was holding her breath. With a throaty moan she released the air in her lungs. Her thighs clamped around the sides of my head. I felt a gush of juice run out of her against my chin that was pressed against her opening. My cheeks and tongue were sore but there was no way I was slowing down until she was completely shattered from her orgasm. Her moans were long and slightly muted, she was attempting to be quiet. I felt her legs straighten and tense. Her nipple was as hard as a rock between my fingers. I lost view of her face as her tits were blocking my view with her arched back. She finally released passing over her climax and beginning to come down. She was pushing my mouth off of her, too sensitive to be able to handle more contact. I groaned as I sat up on my knees between her legs.

Backing up off the bed I unclasped my jeans and pulled them off in one motion. My cock was hard and leaking precum as I gazed down at her laying on her back. Her hair spread across the comforter, legs spread and her cum glistening on the insides of both of her thighs. I could still taste her on my lips. Getting back on the bed and leaning over her we kissed. Her smile is so infectious. She has these cute little dimples that barely show when she smiles. Her eyes are lit up in a mix of lust and love. I love to kiss her while she’s smiling. She smiles so hard sometimes she can’t kiss back. This would be one of those times. My lips covered in her cum make contact with hers, sharing the taste of her cum with each other. My cock pressed between her lips, precum spreading across her clit mixing with her juices. I moved my mouth back to her neck as I eased back onto my knees so I could slide the swollen head of my cock to her opening. I was about to slide my married cock into this married woman and it felt as though we were supposed to be the ones that were married.

The swollen head moved just inside her opening feeling her stretch to accommodate me. Both of us moving slowly basking in the feel of each other. The ridge at the base of the head passed through her opening. I grasped onto her shoulder and pulled her down onto me as my hips drove deeper into her. Each second allowed a little more of my hard cock to slip inside this woman that’s married to another man. I finally bottomed out and groaned. She felt so good wrapped around me. It was like her body was made specifically for me. The intimacy I get with this woman was out of this world. We both held still pressed against each other loving the feel of each other.

I slowly pulled back to where just head was inside her before slowly sliding back in. Once fully in again I ground against her. Trying to get her clit to make contact with my pubic bone. I reached under her right knee and pushed it out before moving it into the crook of my elbow. Her left leg spread wide with my cock completely inside her. Not really pulling back any more just grinding with subtle movements back and forth, I could already feel my balls pulled up tight to my body. There was no way I could last inside this perfect woman. The grind against her became faster. The movements became less subtle. Starting to move with definite power.

The bed started to creak more. My moans were getting loud, I knew I needed to be quiet for the other hotel guests but the pull from this woman was so overpowering. I had no control over my body and I only had one care in the world and it was for her. I felt her put her hands on my chest. We made eye contact quickly and nodded to each other. I was going to pass the precipice and she acknowledged my pressing issue. I was going to fill this woman up with my married cum.

Driving my hips even deeper into her I felt the head swell, I was out of my head at this point. I couldn’t think straight. I heard her moan and she snapped me back to reality when she said güngören eskort “fill me up”! Grinding as deep as I could inside her I lost it. I felt the cum shoot from my balls up my shaft and out against her walls. Coating her walls with my hot seed. I was gripping onto her shoulder hard. I’d always told her I liked things soft and sensual. There was nothing soft about this. Several more spurts of cum filled her up and I began to slouch on top of her. I had to let go of her leg as my full body’s weight came to rest on her petite frame. I was too spent to move and her body felt amazing against mine. I kissed the skin on her neck as my fingers traced her collar bone on the opposite side. I asked her why all sex couldn’t be like that. It was absolutely amazing. I then apologized for not lasting too long. She giggled and said “it’s a good thing we have the rest of the day”.

I rolled onto my side and cuddled up to her both of satiated for the moment. I had been dreaming of cuddling with her for weeks. I finally got the chance. I must admit it felt even better than how I imagined it would.

This is continuation of a story, while not necessary to read the first. You may read it here.

Laying in the hotel bed, her head on my chest. Her reddish, blond hard strewn across my body. The smell of her shampoo stimulating my senses. We’re both naked, the feel of her skin against mine is something I’ve been dreaming about for over a month now. Both of us relaxed and comfortable. No pressure to hide from prying eyes, no worries of somebody we know seeing us. Just the two of us enjoying each others company. The sexual chemistry we have is intense. Like a magnet. We’d recently had sex, but we also had the whole day to explore one another.

I felt her fingers trail across my chest. I’m practically hairless, she loves to rub the smooth skin on my chest. The feel of her nails on my skin is one of my favorite sensations. She has the softest touch. The sensual touch in foreplay is way under rated in my opinion. I can never get enough of her touch.

I was playing with her hair running my fingers through several strands, pulling them through until the hair is released from between my fingers. This relaxes her, she told me so and loves the sensation. After getting to the end, I pull my hand next to her scalp, slide my fingers between a few strand of hair and slowly pull them all the way to the end. I can feel her even breathing on my chest. He fingers now trailing down towards my stomach.

I can already feel a rise between my legs. I’d just filled her up but needed to feel so much more of this beautiful married woman. As I pull my fingers towards the end of her hair, I see my wedding ring, vowing me to forever be with my wife, yet here I am, naked in bed with someone other than her. I’m completely in bliss going outside of my vows for intimacy. Intimacy so much lacking in my marriage. I’m snapped out of my trance by movement from her.

She pushed the sheets off of us and lifted her head. She starts licking around my nipple, the coolness of the air and her saliva against my skin is stimulating me. She lightly nibbles against me and I moan. My fingers now tracing circles along her spine. Lightly touching and tracing as I slowly move them up and down her spine. Her fingers have now traced all the way down to my right thigh. She can feel the hard muscle of my quad under her touch. It involuntarily clenches from her touch.

My penis is slowly inflating, laying flaccid against my inner thigh but rising, pointing towards my hip and swelling. Her finger tracing towards it but careful not to touch. Her lips nibbling down across my belly leaving a wet cool trail of saliva behind. My penis rising towards her face as she inches closer. I can feel her fingers trail down between my legs. Drawing small circles on my inner thigh just next to my balls. I involuntarily spread my legs slightly as she trails ever closer to them. I Intake a sharp breath as her touch has my senses going crazy.

I can feel her breath on the head of my cock. It’s already swollen and I’m mostly hard. I feel her fingernails first drag across my balls. Then the feel of her slender long fingers grasp them lightly but firmly. I exhale, she knows my kryptonite is teasing my balls. They’re so sensitive yet I love the feel of her fingers grabbing them. The touch gets a little firmer as she grasps onto them. Sliding her hand up them to the base of my cock. I feel her circle her fingers around the base with a firm grip. I feel her tongue licking with a wide firm touch around the sensitive head. She strokes me from base to mid shaft as she puts the head inside her mouth. She lightly sucks but also swirls her tongue around the head.

My wife refuses to give oral. My cock has only been in one mouth in the last 15 years and that was this woman’s mouth a couple weeks ago in the parking lot of a pizza place. The feel of her lips and tongue on me makes me realize just how much I’ve missed. I feel her slide her mouth all the way down to the base of my cock. I feel my head against the back of her mouth. I’m now completely hard and paralyzed at the feel of her. She’s absolutely fucking gorgeous but even sexier knowing all my little turn ons without me saying a word.

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