Wedding Day Surprise

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Jeremy watched Cierra intently as she bent over to fasten the clasp on those silver shoes that hugged her beautifully pedicured feet just right. He couldn’t bring himself to get over how beautiful she looked all done up in her bridesmaid outfit. Her silky milk chocolate skin complimented by the lavender toned strapless gown with silver and gold accents. Her beautiful flowing hair curled perfectly to bounce just the way he loved, and her makeup done so flawlessly that it appeared as if she had none on at all. He had no idea how he would contain himself during the ceremony; having to stand across from her and admire her endless beauty.

All throughout the ceremony, all he could focus on was Cierra as the bride and himself as the groom. The thoughts of one day seeing her in a beautiful white wedding dress and them being the center of attention excited him more than he thought it would. Before he knew it, he was undressing her with his eyes and imagining that sexy lace bra and panty set she was wearing and just as quickly as the thought came, he felt his throbbing cock suddenly press against the zipper of his tuxedo.

“Oh no. Of all places for this to happen…please God NO,” Jeremy thought to himself. “But damn she would look amazing. And she would be ALL MINE.”

The thought of her being committed to him for eternity, no longer being able to leave his side sent him reeling even more. All he could at this point Maltepe Escort was imagine what he was going to do to her when they got home. He couldn’t wait to get her alone to himself so that he could slowly peel her clothes off her piece by piece and lick her nipples softly and make her quiver and wriggle the way she does when she’s touched in just the right spot. After that, he would pick her up and hold her on his waist by that perfectly toned and cupped ass she always had hidden under her clothes. Everything after that was history, and the night would end with them both intertwined in each other’s arms gasping for air and drenched in sweat in bed.

Finally, the ceremony ended and the guests all moved into the room intended for the reception. The bride and groom had their first dance, guests gave their toasts, and now, it was time for everyone to socialize and have a good time. Jeremy and Cierra were sitting at a table together finishing up their plates of food. Jeremy rose from the table and extended his hand out to Cierra.

“What?” she looks up at him and flashes that innocent smile of hers.

“May I have this dance, mama?” He stares at her mischievously with those devilish green eyes of his.

She giggles lightly and rises from her seat and takes his hand. She rests her head on his shoulder as they dance slowly to the music, in their own little world. His hands settled softly Maltepe Escort Bayan on her hips. Having her body against his was exciting him again and he was suddenly erect and throbbing again.

“Why Jeremy…” She pauses slightly and looks down towards the zipper on his pants. “I think you like the dress I have on or we’re thinking the same thing right now and it’s exciting you. You wouldn’t happen to be thinking about our own wedding day, would you?”

Jeremy looked at her sweetly and just nodded his head. Cierra pulled away and took his hand and led him out of the reception hall. They walked down a hallway holding hands and discussing their wedding day and their future like two middle school lovebirds. They came up on a hallway that was far enough from the hall and tucked away so that no one would hear the moans unless they were really listening. Cierra started off with pulling Jeremy in by his face and kissing him passionately and raising her dress high enough to expose her pretty, full pussy poking through her pretty panties. Jeremy felt the heat from her welcoming pussy and backed away to admire. His jaw dropped, and he bit his bottom lip the way Cierra loved.

She proceeded to rip her panties off and letting them fall to the floor before undoing the blazer on Jeremy’s suit and tearing it off. Following his blazer, she went to undo his belt and zipper on his pants. All the way Escort Maltepe undone, his throbbing cock springs out, and as if on cue, Cierra drops to her knees and takes him all the way down her throat and the first swallow. Her eyes roll back with ecstasy and she begins to rub her pussy as she pleases her man. Her moans fill Jeremy’s ears and his head falls back, and he puts his hands on her head and without warning, begins to fuck her throat.

His cock is covered now and glistening in spit from Cierra’s welcoming mouth and she is on the verge of exploding all over her fingers and the floor. In the blink of an eye, Jeremy yanks her up by the hair and turns her round and pushes her up against the wall and shoves his fingers inside her warm, halfway gushing pussy. She grabs him suddenly and bites his shoulder to stifle her moans, but then, he speeds up and she can’t contain herself any longer. Her moans of ecstasy echo throughout the halls and she pushes Jeremy to the floor and mounts him in no time. Before they can realize what’s happening, Cierra is on top of him and grinding herself to orgasm.

Jeremy gets a handful of her hair takes control and rams himself inside his woman’s amazing pussy repeatedly causing her to squirt all his cock and the floor. Cierra collapses in a convulsing ball on the floor trying to compose herself in the hallway. Jeremy finds some paper on a table farther down the hallway and the couple wipe themselves down and get their clothes off the floor. They manage to look normal and stand up to hear clapping. They look to the side and three couples were standing there in awe, cheering and whistling. They look at each other and smile big, give each other a high five and walk away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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