Wednesday Afternoon

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Wednesday was hump day for Janie in more ways than one. It was the middle of the week, it was the day her mom wanted the kids to visit her, and it was Janie’s day to cruise the Mall. She loved the eye candy at the Mall and the peace of not having a four year old and a one year old climbing and clinging to her.

She dropped the kids off a little before noon and made her getaway as quickly as possible. There were three Malls to choose from and today she picked the closest. Bill, her husband of five years was being a dickhead more than normal and she was ready for something better or at least new.

Janie parked her minivan in an out of the way area of the big parking lot and changed from her t-shirt and shorts to her prowling clothes, as she called them. A short, tight white mini skirt and a gold silk blouse that buttoned up the front. A wide belt and heels completed her ensemble. No panties and no bra were allowed when cruising the Mall.

Once she changed and reapplied her makeup, she moved the minivan around to the side entrance and got out. The breeze blowing on her bare legs felt different from when she had the shorts on. The fact that it blew up her skirt and reminded her that she didn’t have panties on was the main difference.

The silk blouse fluttered slightly against her bare breasts and nipples. She shifted her shoulders as she locked the van and sighed at the way her nipples ached under the touch of the silky material. She had been horny as hell since Sunday when Bill had turned down her sexual advances. If he didn’t want it then she would find someone who did.


The air conditioning in the Mall made her nipples stay hard enough to cut glass. The twin peaks in her shirt rubbed on the material as she walked and sent little waves of pleasure through her body. She placed one foot in front of the other as she walked and felt her lower lips rub together as her hips swiveled. God, she was horny.

She had cover only a quarter of the Mall and had already picked out three candidates for her lust. One was a little young but enthusiasm might just be what she needed today. One was older but very good-looking. The third was the best looking and close to her age of the late twenties but he had a wedding ring.

Janie very seldom fooled with married men or at least ones she knew were married but this one was gorgeous in a tall, dark, and oh so sexy way. She already knew he did not wear underwear and that his dick was hanging down his left pants leg. The loose slacks didn’t give much more information.

He went into a Men’s Shop and Janie took a seat by the fountain. She was trying to decide whether to just go up to him and ask for what she wanted or to play the coy roll and see if he would bite on his own. One way was quick and one way took time. She was in a hurry today.

Just for fun, she flashed her bare clean-shaven pussy at the old man on the bench across the way from her. She left one foot in place and twisted sideways to look behind her. Her knee that moved flopped to the side slightly and spread her thighs and skirt.

When she looked back quickly, his shocked look and then lustful grin made her laugh and it made her shiver. She closed her legs and squeezed her thighs together. Flashing always thrilled her and made her pussy very wet. Even an old fart like the one she had just flashed appreciated the hell out of it.

She glanced at the display window of the Men’s Store. The man was at the register paying for his purchase. She stood up and started that way. She saw the old man watching her closely. She turned her head, smiled and winked at him. She could have sworn he blushed. She wore a grin as she continued on her way.

Her timing was perfect as she ran head on into the man as he left the shop. She grabbed him as he grabbed her. They clung together as she caught her balance, which seemed innocent enough except for her hip pressed tightly to his manhood.

“I’m sorry,” the man said, starting to apologize.

“I’m not,” Janie whispered with a grin as her hip and upper thigh rubbed against him more firmly. “I also hope that’s not a rolled up sock.”

The man’s demeanor changed instantly. “That’s no sock and if you don’t quite rubbing it, there’s going to be a tent show going on for the good people here in the Mall.”

“Then you’ll have to walk close behind me as we leave, won’t you?”

“And if you stop suddenly?” He asked with a grin.

“I love getting rear ended,” Janie whispered breathily. “In fact, since I’m married that’s the only thing down there that’s not reserved for my husband. As far as sticking things in anyway.” She rubbed his dick as she said “things”.

Then he dropped a bombshell. “Only if my wife can watch or participate.”

“Uh…. Now there’s something new I haven’t heard before,” Janie whispered with a giggle. “That is, if you’re serious.”

“I never joke about my wife. Anyway, I think she would just eat you up.”

Janie shivered and whispered, “Promises, promises.”

“Then you’re bi?” The man asked.

Janie bakımlı gaziantep escort grinned and replied, “Not yet, but….”

“I live about three blocks from here. Do you want to follow or ride?” The man asked.

“I had better follow. I have to be somewhere by five.”

“Then we have a few hours to play. Good, I don’t like rushing things,” the man said as he let go of Janie and they stepped apart.

Janie’s eyes dropped to the lengthy bulge in his pants leg. “Oh my, that is going to hurt so good,” she whispered as she turned and started walking away from him.

In two steps, he caught up with her and placed his hand on her shoulder. He was slightly behind her and slightly off to the side. She knew his dick was only inches from her ass as they walked. She started to change strides and see if he was still hard but decided against it.

“Where are you parked?” He asked.

“The North side entrance.” She told him.

“Good. So am I.”

“You and your wife are swingers?” Janie asked a moment later.

“Not members of a group or anything but we both keep our eyes out for someone that looks interesting.”

“I guess I look interesting then,” Janie teased.

“No darling, you look gorgeous and fuckable as all get out. As I said, my wife is going to love you. She is very small and petite but has the sexual appetite of three women combined. She loves men and women and will try damned near anything at least once.”

“She sounds like a woman after my own heart. I just wish my asshole husband would try something that wasn’t just for him and him alone. Would you believe he turned me down for sex Sunday morning,” Janie confessed.

“Some men are just crazy, lazy, or stupid.”

“I think he’s all three.”

They reached the door about then and Janie reached out to push the handle. The man’s hands closed over hers and he held the door shut as he pressed his hard-on against her ass and thigh. “If it was me, I’d fuck you right here and anywhere else the opportunity came up or along.”

Janie gasped at the hardness and heat, not to mention his words. She pushed her ass back and whimpered as she rubbed up against him. “If it wasn’t so crowded today I might just let you,” she heard herself whisper.

He pushed open the door and followed her out to the curb. His hands on her shoulders stopped her right there. His hands moved up and down her arms and brushed the sides of her breasts. “Maybe some other time you can get away in the late evening,” he whispered. “My wife and I have fucked in half the stores in this Mall.”

Janie whimpered softly and shivered as he kissed her neck.

“Go get in your car and meet me at the mid street exit. I’ll be driving a silver truck with a black bed cover on it.”

Then he let her go and walked away across the parking lot.

Janie watched his ass move under the slacks and sighed as she headed for her van.


It was all Janie could do to keep her fingers out of her pussy as she followed the silver truck. True to his word, three blocks later they pulled into the driveway of a small ranch style house. A cute little dark haired oriental woman was on the front porch waiting for them.

As Janie got out of her van, the man got out of his truck. They walked side by side down the sidewalk to the porch. At the steps he paused and said, “This is my wife Amy and I’m Todd and you are?”

“I’m Janie,” she said smiling at the tiny oriental woman and bowing her head slightly. Amy wore the most beautiful dragon robe that Janie had ever seen. It covered the small woman from the throat to her ankles.

“Welcome to our home.” The woman replied and reached out to take Janie’s hand. With a grin, she led Janie across the porch and into the house.

Once inside, the woman turned and came up on her toes for a kiss. Janie had to bend slightly to kiss her. She had intended to kiss her on the cheek but Amy was not having that and kissed her right on the lips. Janie stiffened slightly in surprise and then relaxed and kissed her back.

Janie felt the small woman’s hands on her waist and then they slid up to brush lightly over Janie’s rock hard nipples. The way Amy’s tongue was dueling with her own already had Janie lightheaded. The light brushing against her nipples made her moan softly.

A pair of large hands ran up and down her back for a moment and then something hot and hard pressed against the cleft of her ass. Janie moaned again as Amy squeezed her breasts lightly for the first time. Janie was now between a woman’s soft mouth and hands and a rock hard dick. Her head was spinning with lust and anticipation.

Somewhere along the line, her blouse disappeared and Amy sucked on her nipples. Her skirt also was gone and Todd’s hard hot dick felt marvelous between her ass cheeks as he kissed and nibbled on her shoulders and neck. When she shifted her feet farther apart and bent more, Todd rubbed his dick even harder against her ass.

“We bakımlı gaziantep escort bayan need to move to a more comfortable place,” Amy said as she released the nipple she had been sucking on.

Janie moaned and flexed her hips as Todd’s hands pulled on her shoulders and stood her upright. His dick was pressed to the top of her ass and tailbone. “The bedroom or the couch?” He asked his wife.

“The couch sounds good but I need a few things from the bedroom,” Amy replied as she licked and then nipped Janie’s rock hard nipples. She stepped back and smiled. “I think our new friend is enjoying herself immensely and I want that to continue.”

“You remember her stipulations, right?” Todd asked as his hands came up and caressed Janie’s breasts lightly. He had talked to his wife on the phone on the way home.

“Oh yes, I understand she can only be fucked in the ass by you but I wonder if that applies to toys as well,” Amy whispered. “Do you like toys, Janie?”

Todd was massaging her breasts and cupping them in a delicious way with his big rough hands. Janie heard Amy’s question and moaned deeply. “I love toys but my husband hates them.” She replied with several whimpering moans.

“Good. Good, then I will get my toys,” Amy said with a big smile as she turned and hurried away.

Todd guided Janie to the big overstuffed couch in the living room and she ended up sitting on his lap and kissing him. She was well aware of his hot dick as it pressed against her hip and his hand teased her breasts. A warm mouth on her nipple in place of Todd’s hand announced Amy’s return.

Janie shivered as Todd’s hand slid down her stomach and teased the hair on her mound. Janie raised her right leg and put her foot on the couch. She rolled her left knee outward to give him easier access to her sex. She moaned softly as a fingertip found her clit and rolled it gently.

Being kissed while someone sucked her nipples and having her clit rubbed at the same time was awesome and sent waves of pleasure cascading throughout her body. Janie had already had three small orgasms in rapid succession.

In the position she was in, Janie couldn’t reach Todd’s dick but she could reach Amy’s small breasts. Janie thought of Amy’s nipples as tiny but the woman moaned softly when Janie pinched and rolled one of them. She suddenly had the urge to suck on them as Amy had been sucking hers.

Janie squirmed around on Todd’s lap until she was facing away from him. Their kiss had broken and then Amy was kissing her. Janie had a leg on each side of Todd’s now and his hot dick was pressed to her tailbone and lower back. His free hand now caressed her breasts along with Amy’s hands.

Several more small orgasms rolled over Janie before she felt Todd lift her up off his lap for a moment. Amy’s hands left her breasts and when Janie was lowered back to Todd’s lap, his hard hot dick was now pressing against her sex from behind. His finger returned to lightly caress her clit and another orgasm lashed Janie, this one slightly larger than the last two.

Amy gently pushed Janie back until she was leaning on Todd. Then Amy was back to licking and sucking on Janie’s nipples and Janie rocked back and forth on the hot dick pressed to her opening. She was almost at the point of sensory overload as the largest orgasm yet built in her lower belly.

Janie’s hands found Amy’s breasts again and she caressed and lightly squeezed them. Amy moaned around the breast in her mouth and sucked it even harder. Janie pinched and rolled both of Amy’s nipples and Amy nipped her nipple gently. A jolt of pure pleasure streaked down from Janie’s nipple to her sopping wet pussy.

Todd lifted his hips and scooted both he and Janie forward on the seat cushion. Janie felt her legs spread wider as Todd spread his own legs slightly. Janie dropped one hand to her lap and moaned as she found the head and several inches of his dick sticking out in front of her sex.

He groaned softly as she wrapped her fingers around what she could reach and squeezed. Suddenly she wondered just how much of that she could take up her ass. His was the biggest dick she had ever encountered and it thrilled her. It also scared her slightly and then she wondered how tiny Amy could take such a dick with her tiny body.

Todd scooted forward again and Janie felt her legs go even wider. She was more lying on Todd now than leaning. More of Todd’s dick was in front of her now and she moaned as her hips flexed and she felt the shaft rub her opening and part of her slit. Amy as half lying on top of Janie and her body felt so sexy as Janie stroked her back and ass.

Janie did not remember Amy taking the robe off but then again she had been in a sexual haze since she came through the door. There was a wide belt around Amy’s narrow waist and straps around her thighs. Janie thought this was odd for a second but as the next orgasm rolled over her, she lost her train of thought.

This orgasm had been the escort gaziantep bakımlı bayan biggest one yet and as Janie floated on the afterglow, she became aware of hair tickling her belly. She opened her eyes for the first time in…. Well, it had been a while, and looked down her body. Amy was on her knees and had the head of Todd’s dick in her small mouth.

Janie groaned. She had never seen another woman suck a dick in person before and she found it highly erotic. When Amy looked up at her with that big dick stretching her mouth, Janie groaned even louder and flexed her hips. Amy popped Todd’s dick out of her mouth and smiled at Janie as she ran her tongue over the slick looking shiny surface of the head.

Amy planted a kiss on the very end of Todd’s dick and then pushed it down. Still looking into Janie’s eyes, she stuck out her tongue and leaned over more. Her tongue was only inches from Janie’s swollen, exposed clit. Janie groaned and then whimpered as Amy wiggled her tongue.

“I…. Uh….” Janie started to say but Amy’s hot slick tongue on her clit made her forget what she was going to say. She moaned and flexed her hips instead.

Janie loved to have her pussy eaten. That is what had convinced her to marry her asshole husband in the first place. When they had dated, he had loved to do it and had been great at it. Once they were married and had one child, he had lost interest.

She had fantasized about a woman eating her pussy but she had never actively pursued the matter. If Amy’s softly fluttering tongue and sucking lips were any indication of oral sex and women, Janie was going to check it out, check it out, and check it out. An orgasm was building the likes of which Janie had never even dreamed about.

Amy’s eyes on hers and Amy’s tongue and lips on her clit were pushing Janie to heights never dreamed of in any fantasy. When it got to the point where Janie couldn’t catch her breath, she pushed at Amy’s head.

Todd gently pulled her arms back and held them. He spread his knees, which spread Janie’s legs even wider. Janie struggled weakly; the building orgasm sapped her strength, both in mind and in body as Amy continued to suck and lick at her clit.

The orgasm that rolled over Janie was sudden and very sharp. It made her close her eyes and moan loudly as she flexed her hips up and back. The way her legs were spread limited her movement but she tensed up and strained against Todd’s legs until her hips shook and her stomach muscles jerked.

Amy’s tongue was now sweet torture as it slowly rolled Janie’s clit around. She would have pushed Amy’s head away if she could have. As it was she suddenly became aware of the feels of another orgasm building and building quickly. Janie moaned loudly and flexed her hips in anticipation. A moment later, she whimpered in frustration as Amy quit licking her clit.

Janie opened her eyes to see Amy sucking on Todd’s dick again. The sight made her moan softly. Amy popped the dick out of her mouth with a slurping sound and grinned at Janie. She showed Janie a bottle of lube and opened it.

As she applied the slippery fluid to Todd’s dick she whispered, “Time to see just how good this will hurt going up your sweet little ass.”

Janie groaned and flexed her hips again at Amy’s words and the brush of her hands against her sex. Todd’s hands on her breasts and nipples were just adding to the lust and fire in her belly. She knew she would come her brains out when his dick went up her ass. If Amy went back to licking her clit, she would die from total overload.

Slowly, Todd sat up, lifting Janie easily up off his lap as he did. Janie gasped as she felt the hot slippery head run across her opening several times and then groaned as it centered up against her anus. Amy’s hot slippery tongue on her clit made Janie jump and then her breath was taken away as Todd lowered her body and the head of his dick pierced her asshole. She had played with her biggest toy back there once but this was well beyond that. It didn’t hurt as much as she thought it would and when her inner muscles grabbed a hold on him, it felt wonderful to be so full.

Amy’s tongue on her clit was driving her up a wall as Todd’s big dick slowly went deeper and deeper. Janie was coming and coming hard long before her ass cheeks touched Todd’s thighs. When she realized that he was all the way in she came even harder, her hips flexing and jerking so hard, Amy had to abandon licking her clit.

Janie’s yells of pure pleasure were loud and long. The joy racing along her nervous system was almost painful. Her ass had never been so full. Hands on her breasts and a tongue in her pussy drove her even higher. When Amy’s nose brushed her clit ever so often, Janie would gasp as her orgasm shot back up the scale.

Time and space lost all meaning for Janie. Her orgasm was all consuming. She hardly noticed when something cool and rubbery pushed at the entrance to her sex. Then it was entering her and her eyes popped open wide. She looked down to see a thick red dildo in a harness around Amy’s tiny waist.

As the red dildo went deeper, Janie took a deep gasping breath but couldn’t let it out. With Todd’s big dick in her ass, the dildo entering her vagina felt huge. It did not hurt in the least but it kept filling her and filling her. The feeling was incredible. Suddenly Janie was coming like never before in her life. The trapped breath was now a scream of pure lust and pleasure.

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