Welcome Home Pt. 02

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Big Tits

Master looks up at Luc, our pet, who’s still whimpering and shaking by the door. I whimper, too, feeling Master’s cum leaking from my pussy. Still grinning evilly at the pup in the corner, my husband chastises me.

“You didn’t forget our sweet, patient puppy, did you…?”

I moan and chuckle.

“No, of course not!”

I prop myself up on my elbows and catch my husband’s lips with mine. He kisses me deeply, my already smudged lipstick smearing onto his lips. I gasp softly at the feeling of his still-hard cock withdrawing from me.

That fist in my hair again.

“Well. Let’s not keep him waiting.”

He pulls me towards Luc, pushing us close before releasing me. I rise up off my hands to my knees, and hold puppy’s face.

“Kiss me…”

The pup almost leaps forward, whimpering and shaking with renewed fervor as Master circles around him. He rustles the boy’s hair and presses him forward. The movement pushes me back, Luc coming over and on top of me. Master sinks to his knees as pup’s bare ass rises into the air. A chuckle. He pulls my pet’s head up, and away from my lips.

“Are you ready, pup?” My husband’s voice is husky and amused.

A whimper in response.

“P-please… D-Daddy…”

I can hardly hold back my delighted squeal at the sound of pup’s broken, desperate voice. Master releases a deep laugh, filled with sadistic amusement and dripping with love.

“Good boy…”

He shoves pup’s head down, holding it just over my still-dripping pussy. A loud, long, desperate whimper escapes the boy. Almost a sob, really.

“Please, Daddy, please!!”

Master releases our puppy’s hair and reaches for the lube in his pocket.

“Well, go on, pup…”

He pops the bottle open and squirts a generous amount onto his hand.

“Clean your Mistress out. Like a good little cum slut.”

Luc’s head drops and he eagerly begins to lick me. I can’t help myself crying out, or my back arching violently, from the sudden sensation of pup’s warm, wet tongue against my slit. My little pet, ever obedient, eagerly laps Maltepe Escort the cum from my pussy and thighs. It’s not long before they’re sparkling with his drool, no cum left to be found on my skin.

Insatiable, my pup presses his eager lips to my hole, and I can no longer hold back my violent shivers. I cling to his hair as his tongue slips inside me, drinking up Master’s cum mixed with my pleasure, almost as though the taste is pure ambrosia.

I squeal again and tug Luc’s face closer, and my sweet little pet — trained to perfection — begins to use his whole mouth. His tongue continues cleaning and fucking my hole, his lips rubbing my clit and sending me soaring.

He suddenly freezes, whimpering. A knock on the floor as his tail falls to the wood. He shakes, slowly and cautiously returning to his task, forcing his body to relax.

Master’s cock isn’t small. And pup’s had no more stimulation than a plug for a bit over a month. Nothing could’ve made the effect of the combination more clear than pup’s long, deep moan. He slowly relaxes, his shaking easing in favor of a gentle, instinctive thrusting with his hips. I squeak and moan as he slowly suckles on my clit, seemingly for comfort as he moves faster on my husband’s cock.

Master doesn’t tolerate the softness for long. Soon, he’s thrusting into our sweet little pet, going harder and faster by the second. Luc only allows himself to enjoy for a moment, moaning like the good little slut he is, before realization sets in. He squeaks, a little panicked, as his pleasure builds.


He cries out and moans.


A pathetic whimper. He wiggles his hips in a counter-productive attempt to pull away and ease the pleasure.

“Daddy, n-no! I-I-I’m g–“

He grits his teeth and flushes bright red.


Our little slut screams as an orgasm, his first in so long, rocks his body. No longer in control, he thrusts back on Master’s cock, riding out the waves of pleasure we didn’t give him permission to feel. I feel a warm spray Anadolu Yakası Escort on my thigh and chuckle. I have to choke back the praise that jumps to my lips, lest he learn to repeat the misbehavior.

My husband groans, the contractions of pup’s ass no doubt driving him wild, but he forces himself to stop. He pulls out of our panting pup, and reaches for his necklace.

“Are you in enough shape to pleasure Mistress, naughty slut?”

A soothing, affectionate hand runs over Luc’s hair to accompany the question. He continues to pant, but nods. His eyes rise up to meet my gaze, sparkling with love and pleasure. I’m sure he sees the same reflected in mine.

“Come, pet… Come fill me up.”

My whisper is raspy and needy, my body still twitching from the earlier pleasure. Slowly, pup obeys, crawling up my body. Master reaches around him and slips the key into the lock. The cage clatters to the floor.


I tug his head down and kiss him softly. It’s not long before his cock hardens completely, now freed from its prison. He comes down over me, presses his cock to my entrance, waits momentarily for any objection, and then gently slips inside. We moan in unison, and though I’m tempted to praise him, his lips are too delicious to pull away from.

My husband spread’s Luc’s legs from behind, petting his back and sides and ass. He holds pup’s hips and thrusts back inside. He leans over us and kisses the back of Luc’s neck while one of his hands holds mine. He begins to guide the pace. Each thrust presses Luc deeper inside me, Master making slow, easy love to both of us. The pleasure builds slowly. Beyond deliciously, beyond irresistibly, beyond anything imaginable, the pleasure builds and swirls between us three.

My husband had already been close when pup came earlier, so it doesn’t take him long to go over now. He groans and pauses, allowing the older boy to take control of the movements as his cock starts to twitch. Gasping and moaning, Master shivers and releases his cum deep inside our puppy’s hole.

He İstanbul Escort moves to our sides and guides pup’s lips to his. He reaches down, brushing a finger over my nipple. My pleasure mounts and builds higher, my two beloved men doting on my body, pampering me.

Soon, my claws are digging at the floor. My pussy twitches, and puppy’s cock pulses in response. I whimper. My back arches, and I release a long, loud moan. Shivers work their way down my spine, contractions roll through my inner muscles, and somewhere in the back of my mind, I hear my husband whisper to our lover:

“Go on, pup. Fill her.”

Our obedient boy groans, complying almost instantly. My moans grow louder as I feel the delicious rush of cum filling me again, the pulsing of pup’s cock contrasting my contractions as we orgasm together, both of us shaking until he collapses on top of me.

We lay there, panting, for a few long moments, enjoying the feeling of each other’s skin, our heartbeats pressed together, our breath in sync.

Master allows us to lay there until puppy shifts to bury his face in my neck, emotions rushing through him as they tend to do after a particularly strong orgasm. Then, my husband lifts the boy off of me and carries him to the couch. He sits, plopping Luc into his lap and petting his hair.

“Hush… There’s a good boy.”

He turns to me.

“Come here, love.”

I eagerly obey, sitting to my husband’s side to curl up behind Luc. I’m sure we’re suffocating him, not allowing any air to touch him, only our bodies surrounding him. I’m also sure he’d have it no other way. Together, we comfort our sweet little puppy. Even as he shakes and hides his face in Master’s chest, we heap praise on him. We remind him of how good he is, and how much we love him. The bright red flush and face-splitting grin he wears betray his contentment, and it only encourages us to double-down on our affectionate assault.

I’m not sure if it’s minutes or an hour, but Luc’s breaths slowly ease and even out. The whimpers and shakes are replaced with soft snores and sleepy nuzzles. I sit up straight and kiss my husband, who then lifts our boy and walks him to the bedroom.

I stand. Drop my ruined clothes to the floor and head to the kitchen. Both my boys had more than earned their dinner, and I had something special in mind.

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