Welcome to the Club Pt. 01

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Alice opened the big upholstered door for Joe and they went into the club. Mandy came around the hostess podium to greet them. She was naked. Joe stared.

“Alice! Good to see you back, girl!”

Alice and Mandy air kissed. Alice put her hand on Mandy’s pussy and Mandy put her hand on Alice’s hand.

“Is Elaine here yet?” Alice asked.

“You betcha,” said Mandy. “Room 10.”

Alice slid her middle finger through Mandy’s labia and picked up a little juice, then put it in her mouth. Mandy exaggerated a shiver of delight.

“Alice, you old thing you!” Mandy said, laughing and returning to the podium. “Go on in sweetie. They know you’re bringing them something special.” Mandy looked Joe up and down and saw his pants were beginning to bulge already. “Looks like he could start right away.”

Alice smiled, took Joe’s arm, and led him through a door.

“What was that?” he whispered. “What just happened? Did I just watch you finger a naked woman?”

“It’s the club, honey. This is my women’s club. We’re all very familiar here.”


The next room was a long closet full of hanging clothes. Alice found an empty spot and some free hangers. She handed one to Joe.

“Here, honey. Take everything off.”

“This is a nudist club? Oh, I see. I can do a nudist club. Why didn’t you tell me? I wouldn’t have worn laced shoes.” Joe sat down and began untying his shoes.

“Alice!” said a zaftig blonde woman.

“Hi Carol!”

“Is this him?”

“It is.”

Carol crouched beside Joe and put her hand between his legs and began kneading him. Joe stopped untying his shoes and looked at her in wonder.

“I feel potential!” said Carol.

“Now don’t get him going yet,” said Alice, hanging up her bra. “It’s early.”

Carol left. Joe said to Alice, “This is nudism with a little something extra, isn’t it?”

“Well, we’re uninhibited here, that’s true.”

Joe kicked off his shoes without untying them, stood up and started tearing off his clothes. “I’ve never done this. I’ve always wanted to do this. Holy shit, I’ve never done this.” He stood naked but for his socks.

“Joe… you’ve still got…”

He looked at his feet, pulled off his socks, and left them where they lay.

“Now Joe, don’t get ahead of yourself.”

She knelt to pick up the socks and came eye-to-eye with his rapidly engorging penis. She’d fucked him in the shower before they came, hoping to take the edge off, but he wasn’t even out of the cloak room yet and he was ready. She had to get him to Elaine right away before he shot this wad. Looking straight at the eye of his dick made her mouth water, but she couldn’t touch it now.

Alice stood. “You’ve got to be approved before you can be in the Main Room, and neatness counts.” She lined up his shoes under his hanging clothes and put his socks in them.

“Ok. Sorry.” Joe stood stark naked, shaking his hands out and looking at Alice, ready for anything. His dick was at full bonus veren siteler attention.

“Come on.” She led him into the Main Room.

Getting Joe to Room 10 with his erection intact was going to be like running an obstacle course. They had to walk among people in all stages of screwing, and past the nine private rooms, which didn’t have doors. The Main Room was dimly lit, but not dark because a large part of the fun is watching, so he was going to see a lot of stimulating activity on his way to Room 10. Alice thought that maybe if she explained things to him, he’d exercise control.

“Joe…” His attention was on a group of people off to their right who were making an orally connected circle, the head of each buried between the legs of the next, licking, sucking, and rubbing at about the same pace. She recognized Mary and Melissa, but the others’ faces were hidden in their work. They had one man; she thought it was Gus. They were all of them beginning to moan at the same time. Alice noticed a drop oozing from the tip of Joe.

“Joe, listen, look at me,” she put her hands on either side of his head and turned his face to her. “You can’t touch anybody here until you’re approved.” Joe nodded dumbly. “To be approved, we have to make it to that hallway over there behind the bar.” She pointed, he looked, but he didn’t see. “You have to be hard to be approved. If you come before we get there and your dick is soft, you’ll have to wait.”

“Wait for what?”

“Next year,” she said. “Another year. There’s a twenty-minute approval window once a year for men.”

“Not for women?”

“No, only for men.”

“That’s not fair,” he said, his eyes glassy. He was looking over her shoulder and slowly licking his lips. She turned to see what was fascinating him. It was Sheryl. She was on all fours straddled over Barbara who was lying on a low platform beneath her, they had their heads buried in each other’s cunts, and were grinding their hips on each other’s faces.

“There’s furniture,” Joe said. “There’s sex furniture.”

Alice took Joe by the hand and pulled him along. They got as far as the bar, almost to the hallway, when Joe’s hand was yanked from hers. She turned back to see Janey on her knees in front of Joe, her arms wrapping around his hips, her mouth open in a big O, about to swallow his truly ready cock and give him relief.

“Janey! He’s not approved yet!” Alice yelled.

“Shit,” said Janey, letting him go and turning to look for someone else.

Joe watched her back with regret. “There aren’t a lot of men here,” he said, dazed.

“We’re very particular,” said Alice. “You’re going to be extremely popular here, Joe, but you’ve got to make it to Room 10.”

“I have a pretty big dick,” he said, dreamily.

“That’s why I brought you here.”

“Thick, too. Women like that.”

“We do. Come on.”

They made the hallway. There was a lot of noise coming from the rooms. Lots of moaning and grunting bahis and laughing. Joe stopped and looked into the first room. Alice went back for him. In the room were Tanya lying on her back on a low bed, her feet on the floor, Bill, a recruit from last year, on his knees pumping into her, his face turned to heaven, and Ginger sitting on Tanya’s face, rolling her hips back and forth. Alice saw Joe’s cock pulse.

“Run, Joe! Just run!” Alice grabbed his hand again and dragged Joe along the corridor, yanking on him when he’d slow down to look in a door.

There were people ahead of them in Room 10. “Just a minute Alice. Be right with you,” said someone inside.

Running had taken a bit of the edge off Joe’s boner, though it still raged. They could hear someone weeping in Room 10.

“I’m sorry, Rachel. Try again next year,” said someone. A woman led a weeping man with a hard on out of the room.

“Hiya Alice,” she said.

“Hey Rachel. No go?”

They all looked at the weeping man’s dick.

“Nope. Not this one,” said Rachel. They looked at Joe’s dick. “Wow. You shouldn’t have any trouble with that.”

“I got him here quick as I could,” said Alice.

“I can’t wait,” said Rachel, devouring Joe’s dick with her eyes and licking her lips. “Well, ok, see ya.” Tearing herself away, she led the weeping man out of the club.

Someone called from inside the room. “Come in Alice. Show me what you got.”

Alice and Joe entered.

“Hi, Joe, I’m Elaine.” A naked woman who looked a lot like Suzanne Pleshette greeted him by shaking his cock. “My, you are something, aren’t you? But not quite topped up right now.”

“I think the last applicant spooked him,” said Alice.

“Well Alice, would you do the honors, please?”

Alice put Joe’s hand in her cunt. He looked at her vacantly.

“Do that thing you do with your hand,” she said.

On autopilot, he put fingers in her vagina and rubbed her clit with his thumb. His dick started to “top up” as Elaine put it. When Alice was wet, she sat Joe down on a chair designed for girl-on-top seated intercourse and straddled him.

“I see from your application that you were born in Arizona,” said Elaine from behind her desk, looking at his file.

“Application?” said Joe.

“I submitted your application,” said Alice, lowering her pussy onto his dick. He was so large she had to work it a little, she always did, but once it was in, oh baby what a ride. Their very first fuck she’d known he was a good candidate for the club, if his background checked out. She’d started working on it right away.

“Everything looks very good here, Joe,” Elaine said. “Is he about ready, dear?”

Alice rode him until he was seconds from coming, then pulled off. “AH, NO!” he cried, shaking. Elaine got up from her desk and came to him.

“All righty,” she said. “Let’s see here…”

She bent over and looked closely at his quivering cock, handled it, then put it in her mouth and deneme bonusu sucked.

“AH! AH!” said Joe.

She pulled up. “Tastes good,” she said to Alice. “How’s his mouth?”

“I’ve worked with him,” Alice said. “Relishes pussy. Not in the least squeamish. Very good tongue. Could use more practice nibbling.”

Elaine inspected his balls. “Hygiene?”

“Let’s his underwear get too old, otherwise above average.”


“No violence, none. Deferential. Speaks of his parents respectfully. Nice to waiters.”

“He’s so large. Let’s make him a little slippery before I try him,” said Elaine. Both women worked up some spit and bent to deposit it on Joe’s cock with their tongues. Joe watched, dumbfounded. “Ok, let’s see…” Elaine straddled Joe and lowered herself onto him. “Oof. He really is large, but I think I’ve got it… oh… there we go.”

If she pumps me just once, Joe thought, I’ll explode.

“Ahhhh,” said Elaine, wiggling around in Joe’s lap to get the feel of him. “He really is excellent, isn’t he? Do you mind, Alice?”

“Go ahead,” said Alice. “Enjoy.”

“You sure, honey? You’re the one who’s done all the work.”

“Really. I want to watch.” Alice began to finger her clit.

“All right then.”

Joe was wrong, it took two pumps. He exploded. He came from his toes to the top of his head. He came harder and longer than he’d ever come before. He arched up into Elaine and bellowed. Alice enjoyed it thoroughly. She moaned as he came, which made him squirt more. Elaine enjoyed the ride, but she hadn’t been primed, so she watched bemusedly as her protégés orgasmed on either side of her in her office. When things began to wind down, she reached over and patted Alice’s furry cunt.

“Well Alice,” Elaine said, lifting herself off Joe who watched his still stiff but deflating penis plop out of her. “I think you’ve brought us a winner. We’re going to enjoy your membership, Joe, very much indeed.”

Joe felt goofy. He smiled goofily. He was in. Alice grinned at him and gave him a big two thumbs up.

“Here are the bylaws, Joe. Read them when you have time.” Elaine handed him a three-ring binder. “You can participate tonight when you feel up to it. I’m sure a lot of women in the Main Room will be extremely happy to show you the ropes. And then Wednesday is Orientation. You’ll need to be here for that. In the meanwhile, there’s a chair outside in the hall. Why don’t you go out there and sit until Alice collects you. It’ll only be a few minutes.”

Joe stood up. He was a little wobbly, but the chair in the hall wasn’t far. “What’s Alice going to do?” he asked.

“She’s going to service me, Joe. You were too far gone to do it, so Alice will. It won’t take long.”

“I’ll be out in ten minutes, Joe. Leaf through the bylaws while you wait.”

He watched as Alice took a dildo off the shelf and disappeared behind Elaine’s desk.

“Dear, this time if you don’t mind, would you lick me while the dildo’s in, please? I know it’s awkward but my lord I love it.”

Joe would have closed the door, but there wasn’t one. He sat, opened the binder, and read:

“Congratulations! You are one of the few men who qualify to be a member of our exclusive club!”

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