Welcome To The Family Ch. 03

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It was only Tuesday and Tom was going crazy with horniness. Debbie had flown to L.A. on Monday for yet another boring seminar for her job. She had called nightly and given Tom some great phone sex, but it was only making matters worse. She was supplementing her calls with digital photos sent to him via e-mail. Debbie would pose out by the pool in her skimpy bikini and get some willing guy to snap her picture. In one photo she was sitting next to a guy who obviously liked what he saw. Tom could see the tremendous bulge in his Speedos. Debbie later told Tom she accompanied him back to his room where she gave him a hot blow job, followed by some good hard fucking. Tom was disappointed when he found out that the man wouldn’t allow her to photograph their activities. Debbie would E-mail Tom photos of her in skimpy lingerie and he would look at it while he jacked off and had phone sex with her. By Wednesday Tom was beside himself with lust. Debbie left a short, intriguing E-mail saying she suspected someone had been in her room. She was going to visit an electronics store and buy a web camera and set a bit of a trap. Tom was told to check in later that evening.

Tom had the idea of going to his in-laws and raiding his father in laws porn stash. He knew his in-laws were on a fishing trip with some friends. Tom hopped in his car and headed over to Bob and Diane’s house. As he pulled into the driveway he was surprised to see a strange car in the driveway. Tom walked around back and quietly let himself in the back door. As he slowly walked through the house, expecting to find a burglar, he was stopped dead in his tracks by what he found in the master bedroom. Diane was home with the neighbor Alexandra, or Alex as she was called. Both women were naked and enjoying the end of a big pink double headed dildo.

Diane just looked up at Tom and smiled.

“I thought you guys were on a fishing trip!” Tom said

“We got bored and decided to come home and entertain ourselves. By the way have you ever met Alex?” Diane said

Tom nodded a greeting in Alex’s direction. She was a sight to behold. Tom guessed her to be near six feet tall. She had milky smooth alabaster skin. And what set this beautiful flawless skin off was her flaming red hair. Tom was quick to notice that her bush was just as red as the hair on her head too.

He liked the way her tits hung oh so perfect too! He judged her to be a healthy D-cup.

Alex asked Tom, “Aren’t you going to join us?”

Tom quickly shed his clothes and let his hard on lead him to them. Alex, keeping the dildo firmly in her and Diane, leaned over and took Tom’s cock in her mouth. He immediately reached for those big tits. Tom pulled and twisted her strawberry colored nipples as she bobbed up and down on his cock.

Diane was enjoying the dildo too and started telling Alex what to do.

“That’s it swallow his cock. Pull back and run your tongue around the head.

Lick on those big swollen balls. Jack him off some.” Diane commanded

Tom was getting close to shooting his load in Alex’s mouth. Diane could see her son in law getting close so she changed the action. Diane removed the dildo from her and Alex’s cunts and told Tom to fuck Alex doggie style.

As Tom got behind that beautiful white ass, Diane directed Alex into position to lick her pussy.

“Now Tom, the harder you fuck her, the better she’ll lick my pussy. So fuck the living shit outta that pussy!” Diane said

Tom obeyed his mother in law’s orders and started slamming his cock in and out of Alex. And just as she had said, Alex soon had Diane cumming over and over again. Before long, Tom felt his cock begin to swell and throb. With several mighty thrusts Tom buried his cock all the way in Alex’s sweet pussy and shot what felt like a gallon of jizz in her. As soon as he had finished, Alex leapt forward and sat directly on Diane’s face.

“Eat your son in laws cum out of me you slut!” Alex ordered Diane

As Diane proceeded to lick Alex’s pussy clean, Alex abused Diane’s nipples. Watching his mother in law go at it with this hot red head had Tom’s cock hard again in minutes. With Alex sitting on her face, Tom lifted Diane’s legs and plunged his cock deep in his mother in law. He could hear her muffled moan beneath Alex’s pussy. When Diane had sufficiently cleaned her, Alex turned around, sat back on Diane’s face and Lefkoşa Escort offered up her big tits to Tom. As Tom fucked Diane and feasted on Alex’s tits, Alex twisted and abused Diane’s nipples and ground her wet snatch down on her tongue. When the ladies detected Tom’s upcoming orgasm, they lay side by said and told him to shoot his load on their faces. Tom pulled his cock from Diane and moved forward and jerked his cock over the ladies mouths. Alex and Diane caught his load on their tongues and very erotically kissed and swapped his cum.

As Tom prepared to leave he remembered his digital camera. He asked Alex and his mother in law if he could get some pictures. They willingly posed with their double dildo. They then got in the 69 position while Tom snapped away. Taking pictures gave Tom another boner, so Diane suggested that she photo Alex and Tom. She got pictures of Tom’s cock in Alex’s mouth, Tom eating Alex, Tom sucking Alex’s big tits, Tom fucking Alex in every imaginable position, and finished off with Tom shooting his third load on Alex’s spectacular tits. The last photo of the day was Diane licking Tom’s load off of Alex’s tits.

As Tom arrived home, anxious to download his camera’s memory card he noticed the message light blinking on the phone. When he retrieved the message he found it was from Debbie in L.A. She had indeed caught someone in her room. She proceeded to tell Tom about a hot 18 year old blonde girl who worked in housekeeping and an equally hot 19 year old Latino guy who was using her room for quickies. She said she hadn’t confronted them about it, but had other plans on how to handle the situation. She had returned to the electronics store for some more equipment and Tom was to log on to the internet tonight at precisely 10 P.M. Tom had 3 hours to kill so he got busy downloading the fuck pictures of himself, Diane and Alex.

At 9:45 as Tom was pacing the floor, the phone rang. Debbie was calling to give him instructions on what web site to meet her. Tom gave her a brief account of his day at her mom’s house and hung up to log on. When everything came on line Tom was amazed. Debbie had evidently bought a top of the line web cam. She had placed it on top of the clothes wardrobe that sat facing her bed. The camera had a nice wide angle which captured the entire room. Tom noticed she was dressed in one of her tight sexy business suits. He also noticed she had neglected to wear a blouse under the form fitting jacket. Her tits looked great straining to get out.

Debbie sat back on the bed and said, “Tom I know you can’t respond because we don’t have web cam at home. So just relax and enjoy the show. I sat up the camera earlier and sure enough I caught the two suspects going at it right on my bed. I captured some still pictures and now my plan begins.”

“I know both are still on duty because I saw them on this floor just a while ago”

Debbie picked up the bedside phone and dialed the front desk. “Hello, this is room 569. I’ve had a bit of a water spill and was wondering, could you send up the bellman to help me? Please send housekeeping with some fresh towels too. Thank you very much.”

Debbie hung the phone up, turned toward the camera and said, “Now let the fun begin.”

For Tom’s enjoyment, she unbuttoned the top two buttons on her jacket. This allowed him a glimpse of those tits he loved so much. Debbie then hiked her skirt up to her waist. Tom could see she was wearing her garter belt and stockings along with her tall black come fuck me pumps. Of course she didn’t bother with panties. As she spread her legs and slowly stroked her clit, Tom noticed she had given her bush a fresh trim. Debbie had left a small tuft of hair right at the top. Tom wasted no time in pulling out his cock and joining her in masturbation. Their pleasure was interrupted shortly however by a knock at the door. Debbie quickly straightened her clothes and went to the door.

As Debbie opened the door she recognized the bellman and the housekeeper as the two she had filmed earlier.

The girl said, “Hello my name is Jodi. I believe you requested some fresh towels.”

The bellman introduced himself as Ramundo but told her everyone called him Ray. Debbie stepped aside and let them enter the room. As both hotel employees walked to the bathroom a puzzled look came over their faces. Jodi Kıbrıs Escort noticed the room still stocked with fresh towels and Ray saw no signs of a mess anywhere. Both turned to Debbie with questioning looks.

“Jodi, Ray, I asked management to send you up here on false pretenses.”

Debbie stated as she walked to the desk area where her laptop sat open and running.

“I wonder what your supervisors would say if they saw these?” Debbie pushed a button on her PC and Raymundo and Jodi’s pictures began to flash on the screen. Ray stood speechless as tears welled up in Jodi’s eyes.

“Please lady, don’t say anything, I’ll get fired and I really need this job.”

Jodi pleaded

Debbie said, “If you two play your cards right, no one will know anything!”

Debbie sat on the edge of the bed and slowly ran her hands up Jodi’s legs beneath her housekeeping uniform. She was pleasantly surprised to find her not wearing panties. Debbie caressed her ass before running a finger along her wet slit. As Debbie removed her wet finger she licked Jodi’s juices from it. She noticed Ray standing there with a big grin on his face and a big hard on making a tent in his pants.

As Tom sat at home furiously stroking his cock, he witnessed his wife pull the boys cock out of his pants and lavish it with kisses. Debbie took her hands away from his cock long enough to unbutton her jacket. Jodi stood up and stripped off her uniform in a flash. As soon as she was naked she went for Debbie’s big tits. Tom knew Debbie must have been flooding her skirt with her juices. He was watching her getting her tits sucked while sucking on a young Latino cock. Jodi stopped sucking tits long enough to remove Debbie’s skirt. She got exited at the sight of Debbie’s lingerie. Jodi wedged herself between Ray’s legs and Debbie’s knees and started licking Debbie’s wet pussy. This caused Debbie to intensify her sucking of Ray’s cock. Just as Debbie reached an orgasm from Jodi’s talented tongue, Ray let loose with a load down her throat. Unbeknownst to them, across the country Debbie’s husband was cumming all over the desk top as he jacked off to their little show.

Debbie stood and turned to return the favor to Jodi. As Jodi lay back on the bed and spread her legs, Debbie got between them and stuck her ass in the air. It didn’t take Ray long to get hard again watching Debbie lick Jodi’s 18 year old cunt. He took hold of Debbie’s hips and slid his cock in to the hilt. Debbie moaned as his balls began to slap her touchy clit. Jodi squealed with delight as Debbie nibbled and sucked her hard little clit. Ray was reaching around and squeezing Debbie’s tits as he continued pumping his cock in and out of her.

“Oh God! I’m gonna cum.” Jodi yelled as she mashed her pussy into Debbie’s face

Debbie kept her tongue to Jodi’s clit as spasm after spasm wracked the young girl’s body. Debbie rose up a bit and drug her tits across Jodi’s wet slit. Jodi jerked as Debbie’s big nipples caressed her clit. Debbie stood up regretfully losing Ray’s cock from her pussy in the process. Debbie did however offer her pussy juice coated nipples for Ray to lick clean. Debbie held his head to her tits with one hand while stroking his cock with the other.

She cleverly winked at the camera for Tom’s amusement while this was going on.

“Ray, I want you to keep Jodi warmed up for me. Ok?” Debbie asked

Ray needed no further instruction as he climbed between Jodi’s legs and plunged his cock in her. Debbie stepped over to one of the dresser drawers and removed a strap-on dildo. Tom’s cock was once again hard as steel as he watched the activities on his computer screen. He only wished Alex and his mother in law were here with him for some hot nasty action.

When Debbie had the strap on firmly secured to her waist, she knelt over Jodi and sucked her tender tits while Ramundo continued fucking her. She would alternate sucking Jodi’s tits and kissing Ray. Every so often she would pull Ray’s cock from Jodi’s pussy and lick it clean before re-inserting it in Jodi.

When she felt the time was right she told Jodi to get on her hands and knees. Jodi did as instructed and Ray entered doggie style. Debbie got in front of her and told her to suck the dildo attached to her body. Jodi was surprised to find it was one of the newer cyber skin dildos. It felt Girne Escort lifelike as Debbie pumped it in and out of her mouth. When Jodi had lubricated the dildo from her own saliva, Debbie told Ray it was time to switch places. Ray came around and stuck his cock in Jodi’s mouth as Debbie eased the dildo in her snatch. Soon Jodi was grunting and moaning with her mouth full of Ray’s meat as Debbie pummeled her pussy from behind. When Jodi Tensed up and screamed with her second orgasm, Ray pulled out and jerked a load over her face and tits. While Jodi was cleaning up Debbie was once again taking care of Ray’s cock. She licked his balls and slowly ran her tongue all around the shaft before taking it in her mouth. In front of his screen at home, Tom was envious of young Ramundo. Tom could tell he was well on his way to another hard on, and quickly at that. Jodi came from the bathroom and knelt with Debbie and helped her suck Ray to another raging erection.

“Now Jodi honey, it’s your turn to fuck Debbie.” Debbie said

Debbie stood and removed the strap on and helped Jodi put it on. With Jodi’s strap on in place, Ray and Debbie stood and sandwiched her between them and kissed and caressed her all over.

When Jodi was good and fired up she lay down on the bed. With the strap on pointing toward the ceiling she said to Debbie, “Get on my cock bitch. I’m going to fuck you good.” Debbie straddled Jodi and eased her pussy down on the dildo. After a few strokes to get things wet and moving Jodi began pounding Debbie hard. Debbie leaned down and offered her tits to Jodi. She sucked Debbie’s hard nipples like a hungry infant. Ray stepped over and placed his cock between the two women so they could take turns licking him. As Debbie approached her second orgasm of the day she became very vocal. This was for Tom’s benefit as much as her own.

“That’s it! Fuck my cunt! Fuck it hard you little slut.” Debbie said

She would lean forward and stick her tongue practically down Jodi’s throat.

As soon as she pulled back, Ray would do the same with his cock. Debbie was sucking Jodi’s nipples and Ray had his cock down her throat as Debbie went over the top. From his vantage point Tom could see his wife had the entire length of the dildo buried in her snatch.

As she wound down, Debbie kept slowly riding up and down on the strap on. Jodi would take turns licking Debbie’s nipples and sucking Ray’s cock.

“What do you two say we finish with something special?” Debbie asked

Ray and Jodi were willing participants. Debbie picked up her pace on the strap on as she told Ray, “Now I want you to fuck me in the ass?”

Tom almost fell out of the chair when she said this. They hardly ever had anal sex together. Now she was going to let this Latino stud butt fuck her while he watched!

Ray retrieved some lube from the bathroom and liberally lubed his cock and Debbie’s pretty puckered ass hole. She and Jodi stopped fucking as Ray slowly slid his cock up Debbie’s ass. When Debbie would groan Ray would slow down and add more lube. As her ass slowly grew accustomed to his cock, Ray began to speed up. Jodi and Debbie began to kiss passionately as both cocks began their rhythm. Ray grasped Debbie’s ass cheeks as he pumped in and out of her ass. When Debbie would try to say something, Jodi would kiss her hard.

“Jodi, I can feel your cock in her while I’m fucking her hot ass!” Ray said

Debbie reached down with one hand and managed to get a thumb on Jodi’s clit. As she rubbed Jodi began to squirm and moan. With Jodi moaning and Ray slamming his cock up her ass, Debbie felt them all fast approaching orgasm. As Jodi went over the top, Debbie felt Ray’s cock swell and fill her bowels with scalding jizz. This was all it took to send her over the top. She actually came a stream as she came on Jodi’s strap on. On the other side of the internet connection, Ray had unleashed another load on their desk top. He had lost count of how many times he had come. All he knew was, their desk needed some major cleaning and polishing. He watched as Debbie remained in bed while Ramundo and Jodi dressed and made their exit. Each one took turns kissing all parts of Debbie’s well used body before they left.

When Debbie was finally alone she said, “Here is a grand finale present for you Tom.”

Debbie got up on her hands and knees, pointed her shapely ass to the camera and expelled Ray’s huge load from her ass. Tom sat transfixed as he felt the stirrings of another hard on. He decided at that instant, the second Debbie’s plane touched down Friday, they would be visiting mom and Alex with the DVD he had just burned of Debbie’s escapades.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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