Well… Ch. 19

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I did say that we ought to do some serious boating and after a good nights sleep we all rose fairly early and set off.

The day was glorious with a few small clouds in an otherwise clear blue sky and we made slow progress in the direction that had been agreed upon over tea and toast.

After the hectic nature of yesterday everybody was taking things easy, loafing around chatting, enjoying the wonderful scenery and taking it in turns to steer the boat.

It was about mid afternoon when, because of the heat, it was suggested we seek a little shade and the chart was consulted and a small bay found that looked as if it would fit the bill.

It certainly did. The entrance was fairly small but opened up nicely so that there was plenty of room for the Bertram to bob about on her bow and stern anchors. There was a small beach of sorts, with trees behind leading off and up towards some cliffs which were about 100 or so feet high. All in all it was lovely and made all the better by a small waterfall coming off the cliffs and running in a small stream into the bay.

The ‘crew’ decide that they wanted to have a look around so, making all kinds of splashing, they threw themselves off the boat and swam to the shore.

Mary and I sat and watched as the other couples wandered off into the trees and were soon lost to sight.

‘Are you enjoying yourself?’ I asked Mary as she lay on the sand looking at the trees. ‘ Of course I am’ she replied ‘ what’s not to like, a beautiful boat, fabulous location, wonderful people to spend time with and all the sex I can get!’

‘ You’re right, couldn’t be much better, could it?’

Mary was certainly relaxed and glowing because of it. She was laying on her front, elbows on the sand, hands tucked under her chin and displaying a little bit of cleavage just like a photograph I had of her when we were both a lot younger many years ago and on our first holiday together.

I couldn’t resist her any longer and moved onto my side so I could trail a lazy finger up and down her back.

‘Ooh, that’s nice’ she whispered as my light touch swept up and down between the nape of her neck and the top of her very small bikini bottoms.

‘Keep that up and I might get very horny’ she twinkled.

‘ That’ll be good for me’ I replied, relishing the warm feel of the sun on the crotch of my swimming trunks which were beginning to get quite cramped.

Mary’s left hand soon moved down to stroke me as I continued my tickling of her back and it wasn’t long before her delicate touch had me at full stretch and poking out of the top of the extremely constricting trunks.

‘ Let’s make you a bit more comfortable’ she said and sitting up she dragged the small scrap of fabric away.

She knelt next to me, but not at right angles. She positioned herself so that her bum was slightly towards me and it was easy for me to continue running my fingers up and down her back.

Of course, with her playing with my cock, my thoughts quickly turned to running my finger along the wisp of material between her slightly parted thighs and as soon as I did this she moaned quietly and then bent her head down to engulf me in her warm and wet mouth.

She sucked at me gently, so as not to get me cumming too quickly and I moved her bikini bottoms aside so I could slide a finger up and down her already moist slit. Her clit had made an appearance and was crying out for attention as she continued to work on my prick and balls.

The moisture was, by now, dripping from her pussy and I used a little to dampen my finger and run it around her ‘rosebud’ bringing more mewing noises from her as she took me deep in her mouth. Another huge gush of juice was unleashed from her as I gently pushed two fingers into her and rubbed her clit lightly.

‘ I need to be fucked’ Mary gasped getting onto her hands and knees, ‘and I need to be fucked now!’

I moved behind her, my dick bouncing. She rose off her hands and quickly captured me, shoving my aching cock into her waiting cimcif gaziantep escort pussy as she dragged her bikini bottoms aside with her other hand. She felt exquisite. Well lubricated but tight and keen to go as she arched her back and thrust her backside back into me. I wanted nothing more than to splatter her walls with my cum but Tanya had other ideas!

She appeared out of the trees at a trot and nearly fell over the two of us shouting ‘Come on you two, pack that in and come and see this!’

‘We’re busy’ I said a little put out, ‘I can see that’ she replied ‘ but Ann is getting a terrific seeing to over here and you can’t miss it!’

‘ OK, OK’ said Mary ‘but this better be worth it, I was just really getting into it’

Mary slid forward off my wilting prick as Tanya grabbed her hand and mine and led us off quietly into the trees towards the waterfall.

Moving slowly we stopped close to the small pool formed at the bottom of the fall and looked at a terrific sight as Ann took on James and Brian.

She was bent at the waist with Brian savagely ploughing into her from behind, making every move forward an opportunity for her to take James’ cock all the way into her mouth.

The water was flowing over the three of them, making the scene incredibly erotic as the three of us stood watching in silence.

Tanya’s hand slid down to my awakening prick only to find Mary had got there first. Their other hands had slipped into their bikini bottoms and were gently rubbing at dampening pussys but their quiet moaning was as nothing to the noise being made in the waterfall.

Both Brian and James were obviously enjoying Ann very much and seemed to be spurring each other on to their climaxes.

‘Fuck that mouth James, make her take it all’ shouted Brian. ‘ Don’t you worry about me Brian, keep giving her your awesome meat. Make her scream’ responded James.

Backwards and forwards they went, using Ann with, what seemed like, little regard for her needs.

How they kept going so hard and so fast for so long I don’t know, because, after the start Mary had given me on the little beach, and taking into account the action my cock was getting from Tanya and Mary’s hands, I was ready to shoot about a gallon’s worth!

Brian must have heard me moaning because he looked over towards us and smiling told James and Ann that they had company. ‘Shall we give them a show, guys?’ he said and as James nodded his approval, Ann slipped her mouth off his cock and demanded that they cover her face with their cum!

Brian slid his huge prick from her and with James they laid her down on the side of the pool. Kneeling on either side of her head they started to stroke their cocks slowly as Ann fondled their balls and spurred them on by licking her lips and telling them that they both had to come together.

I was being lead forward now by Mary and Tanya. They hadn’t let go of my throbbing dick and pushed me down by Ann’s head as well, matching their strokes of me to the strokes the other boys were making.

‘ Please’ begged Ann ‘ cover me with your juices, I need you so much. When you cum I will as well’

The stroking became faster, the groaning became louder and then it happened. Brian was first; four or five thick strands burst from him and landed exactly where Ann wanted it. James responded at almost the same time and I followed him, emptying my swollen balls all over her face as James drained his over her.

Ann was as good as her word and she roared her approval of our efforts as a huge climax ripped through her and she gushed her own juices into the pool.

As she came down from her high she ran a finger round her face and collected as much of our offering as she could get before popping it into her mouth and swallowing the lot.

Tanya told her she was a greedy bitch, and then smiled and said it was only jealousy talking as she and Mary pulled Ann into the little pool and started cimcif gaziantep escort bayan to wash her off.

Us three men just lay on the bank dabbling our feet in the water and when Ann was as clean as the girls wanted her, we were washed off as well making us all quite uncomfortable when we eventually started off back to the beach.

Although we were chatting quietly as we walked through the trees we all stopped pretty abruptly as we reached the sand. Another boat was moored in the inlet and a beautiful creature was picking up the swimming trunks I had left on the beach.

We all stopped and stared. The girl was just straightening up on a pair of legs that went on forever. She was beautifully tanned and pretty much all over it seemed when she turned round to face us. A very small thong bikini did little to hide her tempting breasts and bald pussy area and the whole thing effect was topped off by a face that positively beamed when she saw us.

‘Hello’ she grinned ‘ and who do these belong to?’ A pertinent question really as us men were all still naked, albeit that James and Brian had there swimming shorts in their hands.

Stupidly all three of us put our hands in front of our privates when she turned, how ridiculous for three men who are regularly naked around each other and women other than their wives!

‘Guilty, I’m afraid’ I responded ‘can’t imagine how they got there!’

‘Well if you want them back you are going to have to do me a favour’ she replied.

We sat on the beach, having replaced our clothing, and chatted to this lovely thing who was called Nathalie, but known as Nat. She was 24, unattached and ‘doing very little’ as ‘Mummy and Daddy had a lot of money’ and didn’t mind her spending it!

Her favour? The shower on her boat had packed up and she said she was getting ‘smelly!’ Could she use ours? Not a problem as far as we are concerned she was told and afterwards would she like to join us for dinner?

‘That would be fabulous’ she enthused ‘ but you have been so kind already, are you sure you don’t mind? My Mum will be here shortly, she has taken the tender off to go and get some things we forgot and she should be back in a couple of hours’.

It was all agreed; the more the merrier and we had plenty of stuff on board to feed an army. Mary was always prepared for these types of situations her father being a chef and all!

We swam back out to the yacht and Mary immediately took Nat down to our stateroom amidships while the others got themselves tidied up.

Mary got out fresh towels and laid them on the king-size berth while chatting to Nat and I decided to check the engines and shower when I was finished.

Looking after the engines was only a formality really, but I am a bit fussy about water filters etc. so it only took me about 15 minutes to fiddle about with what I wanted to do and then I returned to our cabin.

As I walked quietly down the corridor between the other cabins I heard very little apart from some gentle snoring but when I got to our door the exquisite sound of sexual activity greeted my ears. I entered very quietly to find Mary lying naked on the bed with Nat, similarly naked, knelt between her splayed legs and administering an expert tonguing.

Mary’s outstretched hands were clawing at the coverlet, as she rolled her hips gently to gain maximum benefit from Nat’s ministrations.

This was stunning; my lovely wife giving in to this young beauty’s passion and I had to get closer. I crept to the side of the island berth and watched Nat’s clever tongue slowly lapping up and down Mary’s engorged outer lips. She didn’t seem to be exerting a lot of pressure, just a steady rhythm, alternating occasionally with a poke of her tongue inside Mary, which was evidenced by her deep moan whenever it happened.

Mary was totally taken away by this attention and it was several minutes before she became aware there was somebody else in the escort gaziantep cimcif room. I could tell however she was near to a climax. One hand was now pulling at a nipple and the other was in Nat’s hair, pulling her as close as possible to ensure no contact was lost. Mary arched her back and opened her eyes to see me standing there, lost in this fabulous scene, slowly running my hand up and down my prick. She made an ‘O’ shape with her mouth to show me how much she was enjoying this and, closing her eyes, continued pushing her hips towards Nat’s more urgent mouth.

Nat had now placed both her thumbs on either side of Mary’s pulsing pussy and was gently pulling her lips apart to gain access to her inner core. She suckled on Mary’s engorged clit every now and again but sensing that she was close she started in earnest to thrust her tongue in and out of Mary’s sopping gash. Nat moved one hand to keep Mary’s lips apart and the other to between her legs. Two fingers sliced into Mary with ease as her oral torturer realised the moment had come. She took Mary’s clit between her lips and sucked an orgasm from her that had her nearly put Mary into orbit. Nat had a job to keep contact as Mary’s climax hit her. I thought the coverlet would be shredded and that Mary’s back would never get straight after the arch she put in it!

‘I’m cummmiiinnng’ she wailed, ‘please don’t stop, don’t ever stop’

So Nat didn’t, she continued to gently play with Mary’s throbbing pussy until she quietened, stopping only when Mary seemed to go entirely limp and flopped completely drained.

I was nearly as drained as Mary, although I hadn’t cum, I was breathing very quickly and my knees were trembling. These two had been glorious to watch.

Nat sat back on her haunches and looked at me for the first time. ‘Your wife is delicious’ she whispered, ‘ I rather took advantage of her when I finished my shower. Do you taste as good as well?’

So that was how Mary found us when she opened her eyes. Nat was sat on the edge of the big berth with me stood in front of her. Her lips were playing my cock like a delicate instrument and I was desperately trying not to come!

She wasn’t deep throating me but gently running her tongue over the end of my knob and sucking cautiously at me from time to time.

Mary got up and came and stood behind me, like she often does in the shower, reaching round to caress my bulging prick as Nat worked on it.

Her wicked fingers moved me back and forth as she whispered about how wonderful she felt, how deep her climax had been and how lovely it was to have me watching her being loved by this beautiful girl.

‘Are you going to come in her mouth, or on her magnificent tits?’ asked Mary. ‘ Where do you want me to come?’ I said.

Mary and Nat looked at each other and seemed to agree, ‘Cover her tits’ said Mary, ‘ Yes, that way Mary can lick me clean’ gurgled Nat.

As I said I was trying not to come, but it was hopeless! A fabulous girl sucking your cock, your wife playing with it and your balls while talking dirty to you….what chance did I stand!

‘ I’m there’ I sobbed as it hit me, and a huge stream of semen burst up from my balls, along my prick and onto Nat’s breasts.

When I was drained I had a job to stand but I took a step backwards so that Mary could do as Nat wanted and although it was a terrific sight I knew that there was going to be no more ‘arousal’ for me for a while.

We all got in the shower and freshened up and on leaving the stateroom found that the others had all congregated on the aft deck to drink and discuss all the fun that they had heard going on in our accommodation.

A round of applause broke out with lots of ribald comments, all of which were hushed when Nat advised them all with a giggle, ‘Mary and George are wonderful, I hope you are all going to look after me as well!’

Brian and James nearly fell over themselves to make Nat comfortable and get her a drink, ensuring her that ‘her pleasure’ was all they desired!

We chatted and joked for what seemed like ages and then were all stopped at the sound of something hitting the boat.
‘Anybody on board?’ a voice enquired. We looked over the side and there bobbing about in an inflatable was another stunning woman, Nat’s mother.

‘Hello Mum’ called Nat, ‘come aboard and meet these lovely people, you’re really going to enjoy them!’


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