What Am I Doing Here? Ch. 03

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Two seconds following where we left off on chapter 2:

There she was, surrounded by six of her former students. She was holding the hem of her dress up so that her unshaven hairy cunt was exposed for all of them to see. She pirouetted, grabbed the side of the hem, lifted it, and proudly displayed her globular, gym-hardened ass for their inspection. “Like what you see?” she asked.

MaryJane Huffman, Mrs. Huffman, wondered why she was doing this. What was the point? They weren’t seeing anything they hadn’t seen before. She hadn’t completely made up her mind, but she didn’t doubt that as far as she was concerned they’d be involved in some hot sex with her before the night was over. She had fucked each of the boys right here in this very same cabin just one week ago. She had been cunt-sucked by one of them, Harold McCarthy, less than an hour ago in her car. Her cunt was wet. Her mouth was hungry.

Right now the boys didn’t know what to do. They hadn’t expected this, Mrs. Huffman showing them her cunt, acting like a slut. They had figured that they would have to argue and plead and maybe even get a little rough before they could get to fucking their former teacher at Amazing Holy Mother High School. She lowered her hand and separated her pussy lips. She was showing off the pearly pink inner walls of her cunt. She was eager for sex, hungry for cock and cum. She had been blackmailed, cajoled and even semi-forced into having sex with them before, so it wasn’t her fault, the sex. But deep down she was aware that this is what she wanted. She wanted to be fucked! And she wanted them to know it!

Jeff Bannon, whose parents owned the cabin, had let his mouth go slack. He looked like he did when she described the difference between a preposition and a subordinating conjunction in class. Clay and Augie were staring, their eyes agog. They always had trouble assimilating new facts.

And then there was good old Harold McCarthy who had kindly sucked her to climax in the car those minutes ago and who had removed and hidden her panties in the car. He was sporting that usual shit eating grin on his acne spotted face. The jerk had his hand deep in his pocket, cradling his balls. His prick pressed against the fabric of his trousers, tenting it out with promises of pleasures to come. Last night she had given him the best cock sucking of his life, not the first she had given him, but, by her estimation, the best, She had also fucked and been fucked by him, and had done real well at that too, she thought, at least if the quantity and quality of the orgasms was the test.

Someday she would find out his secret. Was it his not-too-well washed body? Maybe his oily hair? Perhaps his scrawny build? Certainly it wasn’t his gift for clever conversation? What was it about him that unfailingly got her primed to fuck, to suck, to get sucked, to smell and to taste and to press naked body to naked body.

But right now was right now. She had told them she would only stay for a minute, just long enough to say goodbye. But she didn’t doubt that her stay would last much longer. She had raised the testosterone level in the cabin to a level too intense to be denied.

This was their last get together at the cabin before her former students dispersed and went off to college and, because they no longer had the pictures to blackmail her (she had recovered them last week), she wasn’t here in a position so that they could force her to get fucked. She was here, as far as they were concerned, only because of Harold McCarthy’s nagging.

She dropped the hem of her dress, decent (or relatively decent) once again. “You guys think I’m the worse whore in the world, don’t you?”

“Hey, no. You were the best teacher we ever had,” said Jeff.

“We loved you. You are so hot and we learned a lot in your class.” That was Clay Fenner who she thought a good enough human being until she discovered that he had revealed her ownership of a vibrator and dildo to the group, and also told them of the blow job she had given him in her shower.

“Yeah, you’re not such a whore. Milly Alito, now she was a whore, a real slut. She fucked anyone!” Those comforting words came from Harold. The same Howard who had nagged her into attending this get together tonight ‘for just a few minutes.’

Maybe she was a slut. Maybe she wasn’t. Did it matter? For the past more than two months, she had been fucking and sucking these boys singly, twice in pairs and last week as a group. At the moment, she could feel her cunt lips still damp and open from Harold’s sucking and from her own secretions.

She did not like these boys, didn’t like them at all. They were crude, rough, and disrespectful. They weren’t even the greatest fuckers. They got hard easy, but their technique after that left much to be desired.

“Boy’s I’m leaving right now.”


“I said I was leaving right now, but you needn’t have a cow about it. I am not going anywhere. I want to go to my car. I’ve got to think Escort bayan about things. I need to be alone to think, to clear my mind. Ok? I’ll be back in a little while and tell you what I figured out to do. I’ll be in my car. I’m just going to think. I need to be alone, so don’t any of you come out to bother me. Ok?” MaryJane didn’t give them a chance to argue or stop her, she turned around and just walked out of the cabin.

In the car now, she detected a whiff of her pussy smell. Her juice had run while Harold had sucked her cunt. But she didn’t open her window. She wanted the quiet and the privacy so she could think, and the smell was not unpleasant.

A week less than three months ago was when it had started with the boys. It had only been four of them at the beginning.

It started at the school’s Mardi Gras celebration. She had been a semi-chaperone. The boys had been staying at a motel a few blocks from her hotel. She knew when she was hanging out with them at their room that she ought probably not be doing that. They were drinking alcohol. She could smell that they had smoked some weed before. She was getting drunk and she was sure that they had spiked one of her drinks with something. But, although she knew she shouldn’t be staying, she did. She was only human. She hadn’t slept with anyone, had sex with a person for close to three years before that evening. She had had sex only one time in two years before that. After scumbag Martin had divorced her she had stayed away from any relationships.

She had always liked sex, but, discretion being the better part of valor, she had managed her celibacy ok. The school was in a small town and, well, the few men who had come on to her had been either married or too something wrong. The cop who had been the last person she had slept with had scared her. She had been faithful to Jackson, her dildo, and Bud, her vibrator, until that night with the boys.

That fateful Mardi Gras night she had stayed at the boy’s room. She was their teacher. She could control them and she wasn’t likely to get involved emotionally with any of them. When she realized pretty soon that night that things were getting out of hand, she didn’t worry too much. If she was going to have sex, it might as well be with these boys and it would be their fault not hers.

MaryJane put her hands on the car’s steering wheel. It was nice and quiet in the car. She stared straight ahead through the windshield. It was a clear night. The stars were out. She felt at peace (and a bit horny too) as she continued to think about what had happened, what they had done, what she had done that night. She had been pretty obviously three sheets to the wind gone that night. The boys had been getting quite inappropriate. They were telling all sort of exaggerated sex tales. They touched her on the knee, the shoulder, much too often. She had touched them too. In an innocent way, of course, yeah. The smell of sex, of their testosterone, her cunt juice filled the air of the room. There had been too many personal questions and too many awkward pauses when they or even she didn’t know exactly what to say or do. Everything was obviously just a prelude to sex.

But what the hell, she had been horny. Shit, she had been horny for two years. If what would happened was what she thought would happen, well, at least she would have an excuse. She was drunk. She was drugged. They took advantage of her.

She would have had an excuse, but she would get fucked. Their pricks would slide into her cunt. She would feel that beautiful slickness inside her as the walls of her cunt gripped their hard pricks. She would feel their warm bodies on hers. She would see those erect dicks all around her. She would feel their cum splash inside of her. Pricks would fill her. She would taste them! Oh, how she needed a good fucking she thought that night as the dirty talk, the drinking, and the touching continued. Their boners were all so evident poking through their pants anytime anyone of them stood up. She could smell their excitement and she wondered if they could smell the odor from her by then sodden cunt.

She was their teacher and she would be able to control things. That was her main thought that night three months ago.. That was why she stayed in their motel room.

She didn’t stop things when their touches lingered. She didn’t stop touching them. She remembered putting on an innocent look when she jokingly put her hand on their pricks in an innocent game to see if she could judge size through their pants.. It had taken some time, but finally, after she began to act groggy and muddled, they had begun taking off her clothes to ‘make you more comfortable.’ They had totally stripped her naked so that ‘we could put you to bed.’ Even after she was naked and lying spread out and open in their bed they had taken some time. She could hear them arguing until, finally, they had begun, tentatively at first, and then with gusto to fuck her.

MaryJane’s reminiscence Bayan escort had calmed her. Those memories had also aroused her. What to do now? She had to decide. She appreciated the silence. She was not wearing panties, so she felt free and more excited. She could think slutty.

She had just about concluded that she would go back to the cabin and get a grand fuck fest started when a tapping on her driver’s side window woke her from her reverie.

Who else? It was Harold of course. She had asked them not to come out to the car, but Harold wasn’t exactly the greatest at following rules. She gave him a dirty look and with a shake of her head signaled that he should walk around the car to enter the passenger side.

“We were wondering if you were going to come back in,” he said as he slid into the car and sat in the seat.

“Didn’t I ask you not to come out to the car,” she said, “Didn’t I tell you that I had to think?”

“Ah, why do you always get so angry at me?” he whinned.

“Because you’re such a prick,” she said.

“Why do you always say that to me?”

She turned sideways in her seat and stared at him. “Did you tell all of them how you sucked my cunt when we stopped behind the church?”

“What? Why do you ask me that?”

“Did you tell them all about last night in my apartment?”

“See, Mrs. Huffman, you always think that I’m a bad person. You always get angry at me.”

“Did you?”

Harold got that sly look on his face as he calculated whether he could get away with a lie.

“Maybe I told them just a little. Just a little bit.”

MaryJane looked him straight in the eye. “You are a despicable person, you know? You have absolutely no respect for me or, really, for anyone. You’re a liar. You don’t wash as often as a person should. Did you bathe when you got home after we had sex last night?”

He looked sheepish.

She grabbed his cock. He still had that hard on tenting his pants up in the air at his crotch. “For all of your shortcomings….all of them, you know, you’re the best fuck I’ve ever had. You give great head too. I really don’t like you, Harold, but what amazes me is that I really do enjoy having sexual congress with you.”


“Sexual congress. Fucking to you. You get me off Mr. McCarthy. You fuck good.”

Mary Jane Huffman was surprising herself with her talk. But she had come to a decision. She had really gotten off having sex with the group. She had cum as often in the past three months while doing sex with them as she had in all her life before, including the sex with her husband. And, she admitted to herself, she needed the sex. It made her feel good. It eased her body. It quieted her brain. It scratched the itch.

He looked at her for a long time, trying to figure out if she was telling the truth or just playing with him. Well, she was still holding on to his cock. “Mrs. Huffman, you fuck good too,” he said. “You’re the best fucker I ever done it with. And you suck my cock good too.”

“Better than Milly Alito?”

“Yeah, a whole lot better.” He looked at MaryJane with a puzzled expression on his face. “You study that? I mean, they learn you about cock sucking in college?”

MaryJane was still holding on to his prick. She had to resist what was a growing urge to pull it out from his pants and take the foul smelling, sour tasting dirty fuck stick into her mouth. Jesus, why did he do this to her?. Her breasts felt swollen, her nipples taut. Her cunt juice was flowing and her clit was tingling.

But she wasn’t going to do him, not in the car. She had decided what would happen when she returned to the cabin. “Let’s go,” she said and got out of the car.

The boys were sitting around drinking beer when she and Harold walked into the room.

They all turned and looked at her.

“I decided to stay and give you all a proper goodbye,” she announced. They weren’t totally sure what it was that she meant by her announcement. They waited for more. “Are the sheets on the bed clean?” she asked.

Augie and Buck got up and hurried into the bedroom. MaryJane began to unbutton the top of her dress. When they returned from the bedroom and announced that the sheets were fresh, she had dropped the top of her dress and removed her bra. By the time they had finished describing the state of the sheets on the bed, MaryJane had removed her shoes and let the dress fall to the floor.

She held her hands up over her head and stretched. She spread her legs and puffed out her chest. “This is the body you are all going to fuck,” she told the assembled crew, You are going to enjoy it. And I will too. We follow some simple rules. So, all of you, listen up.”

She had their undivided attention. If she had never been this commanding in the classroom, all of them would be going to Harvard now.

She was feeling good. She had been thinking since Harold had come to the car and her thinking had helped her decide on a program for the Escort night. She had wondered often about rape, about its sexual aspect. It wasn’t exactly the fulfillment of a fantasy, but it was close enough to a fantasy that she had visited many times over the years. She was going to get fucked……good! She was going to get fucked….hard! It wasn’t going to be rape, but it would feel as if it was. She guessed that it would be in the nature of an experiment, a discovery, a finding out of something she had thought about.

“I’m going to lie down on those clean sheets. One at a time, you boys will enter the bedroom to have sex with me. One at a time. We will have privacy. One of you will come in and close the door and we’ll begin the sex. When that boy is finished, he’ll leave and the next can come in. One thing, I will lay in bed, but when you come onto the bed, I will not let you fuck me.”

She stared out at them. She had their full attention.

“Even though I will not willingly allow you to fuck me, you will force yourselves on to me. You can wrestle, hold me, use your weight. No hitting, punching or slapping. It will be like a wrestling match. You will enter me even though I am resisting. Are there any questions?”

Francis Locanni raised his hand.

“Yes Francis, ” she called on him just as if they were in her classroom.

“Can we like tie you down. You know, with rope or something?

Mrs. Huffman thought about it for a moment. She visualized the scenario. “No,” she said finally, “you can overpower me with your strength and weight only.” She looked at them.

“Good question, Francis. Any others?”

“Yeah.” Buck Mulligan had raised his hand. “Who’s first? Is there a special order for us to get to fuck you?”

Her clit was swollen and needing tickling. Her juices were flowing. All her body’s nerve endings were on alert. Talking to the boys while she was naked and their big and ready boners were poking against their pants was tremendously arousing. Tremendously! “You decide on the order,” she said quickly. “I think we are ready to start.” “Harold will be the first.” She took his hand and led him into the bedroom, closing the door after they entered.

“Wow, this is really cool,” Harold said as MaryJane Huffman lay down on the bed, her legs open, her arms outstretched. He began to shed his clothes. His pants, his shirt, his underwear were on the floor. He was naked. His prick was attention.

As soon as he got onto the bed, MaryJane closed her legs, folded her arms at the elbow and held her hands palms up in front of her tits.

“What the?” Harold exclaimed.

“You’re going to have to force me, crud face,” she said. Oh jeez, her cunt juice was flowing like never before. It was nearly a torrent. He acted so suddenly, she wasn’t quite ready.

He forced his knee between her legs and managed to spread them apart despite her best effort to keep them together. She felt his hard cock against her stomach as she struggled with her hands to push him off of her. He grabbed her hands and got them over her head. He held both her wrists above her head with one of his hands. She was unable to free them from his grip. She hadn’t known he was this strong. Now both his knees were between her legs and were pushing them apart. He was on top of her. His body was pressing against hers. She continued to struggle, moving her body from side to side, trying to free her wrists from his grip, trying to push her legs closer together, but she was unable to gain any leverage. His bony, rock hard prick was pressing against her vulva, lying between the spread lips of her cunt. She was breathing hard. She could hear him breathing. Good, she was making him work for his fuck.

Everything was happening in silence as each struggled against the other. She could feel her breasts heaving from the exertion. She could feel his prick begin to find the entrance to her vagina. Her juices were gushing. Suddenly it slipped in. His prick had located the opening and had slipped in to her vagina. It was all the way in and he was pressing hard, his crotch against hers. It was simulated rape, but it was really getting to her. She was aroused. She was ready for him to begin fucking her in earnest.

She tried desperately to get her hands free so that she could massage her clit, but he was holding her wrists above her head too tightly. She could feel the bone at the base of his crotch pressing against her bone there. The bottom part of his prick’s shaft was in contact with the top of her cunt just below her clit. She needed to touch there. She tried with all her might, but she couldn’t free her hands. She needed to touch her clit!

“Letme go, let my hands go,” she shouted.

“Fuck you, Mrs. Huffman,” he replied. He was pressing his hips against hers, burrowing his cock as\deep into her cunt as he could get it.

“Let my hands go,” she was pleading with him now.

“Fuck you,” he repeated. “You wanted to get fucked and you’re getting fucked.”

“Let my hands go,” she was demanding it now. She had to touch her clit. It was swollen like she couldn’t remember. It was twitching in its hood. It needed to be touched. “I said to let my hands go,” she was insistent.

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