What Are Friends For?

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When the phone rang, his Mom answered it, then called him over. “It’s Candy for you, son.”

“Thanks Mom. Hi, Candy.”

“Hi, Harry.” There was a giggle on the line. “Harry, you said you have a digital camera, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, a Canon.”

“Great. Can you come round for a swim this afternoon? About two?”

“I’d love to.”

“Bring the camera with you, Harry, it will be worth it. Bye, Harry. Don’t jack off, I need you.” Harry stared at the dead phone in his hand for a moment, then grinned. What now? He and Candy had been an item for almost eight months now, since that magical time at Halloween when Candy had surrendered her virginity to him. From her closing remark it seemed he might just get to sink his prick in her juicy pussy again.

“Mom, I’m going round to Candy’s for a swim this afternoon, okay?”

“Sure thing, son. Will you be staying over?”

“She didn’t say.” He’d stayed overnight at Candy’s a few times. Her dad and mom sometimes were away overnight, because her dad didn’t like driving at night, and on those nights he slept with Candy. A couple of times he’d used the guest room. Candy’s folks seemed to like him, and he was made welcome.

“Ring if you are, otherwise I’ll worry.” Liz smiled at her son. He had never actually said so, but she knew her son and Candy were lovers.

“Will do, Mom.”



Two o’clock found Harry ringing Candy’s doorbell. There was a short delay and she answered the door in a towelling robe, her hair wet, water splashes on her skin. As soon as the door closed behind him she was in his arms, her kiss hot, a promise. Gently, she broke away, a smile in her eyes.

“Mom and Dad are away tonight. Will you stay?”

“Try and stop me. I need to tell Mom, though, or she’ll worry.”

“Plenty time for that. Um, Harry, we have company. Did you bring your suit?”

“I always do, as you know.” Harry grinned. “Mom never asks me why it’s usually bone dry when I go home.”

“Do you think she suspects?”

Harry laughed. “Heck, yeah, I think she does, in fact I’m pretty sure. She likes you, so don’t worry.”

“I like her, too.”

“So, who’s the company?”


“Milly Thornberg?”

“Yeah. She and I, we’ve been talking about various things. She’s the reason I asked you to bring the camera. You did bring it?”

“In my bag. I brought a couple of extra lenses, too.”

“Good. Harry, have you ever done any nude photography?”

Harry was startled. “No, I haven’t.” He grinned. “Now you’ve given me the idea, I’d like some of you.”

“And you shall have them, lover.” Candy’s grin was broad, lewd. “But it wasn’t me I was thinking about, it was Milly.”

“Milly?” Harry was stunned. Candy’s pretty friend didn’t seem the type.

“She wants some for Jackie.”

“Does she now? Why me? And who’s Jackie?”

“Ah. Yes. She thinks I’m going to take them. Jackie’s her Australian pen-pal.”

“She wants you to take them? I guess she’d be shy with me taking them. Fair enough, I’ll show you how to use it and the two of you can play without me.” Harry gave Candy a mock pout, and she grinned.

“Harry, I behead people regularly taking photographs. What makes you think I’ll be any better with yours?”

“Well, it’s a reflex, so what you see through the viewfinder is what you take.”

“That would help.” Candy grinned. “I’d still feel happier if you were the one taking them. We just have to persuade Milly.” She took Harry’s hand. “Come on, she’s out at the pool. We’ve been topping up our tans, naked of course, but she’s probably hiding in a robe by now.”

Harry frowned. “Why does Milly want to send nude photos of herself to her pen pal?”

“Jackie’s a naturist, and she’s been trying to persuade Milly to try it. I think she’s teetering, but she’s shy. Anyway, the only place round here is the beach at Dover Point. Milly certainly wouldn’t go by herself. She asked me, but I said I wouldn’t go without you.”

Harry blinked. “Whoa! Are you trying to get me onto a nude beach?”

Candy grinned. “Why not, it might be fun. You know Kirsty Anderson? She told me she went with Jeannie Evensen. She said it was great.” Candy giggled. “That’s when she started going with Jimmy Perez. She says he’s great in bed.”

“Does she now?” Harry grinned at Candy. “I guess, if you want to get me onto a nude beach, sure, I’ll come.” He made a face. “You two will look right at home, but I’ve still got some tanning to do on the middle bits.”

Candy gave him a quick kiss. “Thanks, lover. I’ll reward you later.” She chuckled. “We might get your prick tanned if you kept it out of my pussy, but neither of us wants that!” Candy paused. “Milly showed me some photos Jackie sent. She’s a knockout!”


“Yeah. She reminds me of me, a little, except she’s bigger in the tits department.”

“No worries there. I love yours just as they are.”

“Me too. Shit! Milly’s still naked! Wait here, lover, I’ll just make sure she knows you’re here.” Candy made her way şişli escort over to the prone figure of Milly and crouched down beside her. Harry couldn’t hear what was said, but Candy stood up and discarded her robe, revealing the slender body that Harry loved to caress. She waved to him to come out and made her way to meet him, laughing.

“Milly says, if you get naked, she’ll stay naked. She’s shy, I think, but she wants to act as naturally as possible.” Candy giggled. “You know what she told me? Today is National Nude Day!”

Harry laughed. “You’re kidding!” Candy shook her head. “You’re not kidding. Practising for the nude beach, then?” Harry laughed again. “I’ll dump my clothes in the spare room, okay?”

“Put them in my room, Harry. Milly’s in the spare tonight.”

“She’s staying over?” Harry was surprised.

“Yeah.” Candy gave him a quick kiss. “We arranged it before I knew Mom and Dad were away, and that you’d be staying. We’ll still sleep together. But for now, shoo, go get naked.”

“I’ll leave the camera and lenses,” said Harry, taking them from his bag. He switched the camera on. “It’s switched on, so point, zoom if necessary, focus – it’s autofocus, so just take up a light pressure on the release – and shoot.”

“Just like that, eh?” said Candy, taking the camera.

“Just like that. Back in a minute.” Harry went back into the house and up to Candy’s bedroom, a familiar place to him now. He grinned to himself as he stripped and took himself back out to the pool. At first there was no sign of Candy and Milly, until he realized that they were in the pool. Candy waved and Milly looked back over her shoulder and smiled, a little awkward, a little flushed.

Harry dived into the pool and swam towards the girls. Candy stopped, letting her feet find bottom, and stood, water level just below her tits, her nipples stiff little buttons. A flush on her face, Milly stood, too. A little bigger in the bust than Candy, and in the hips, she was a very attractive girl. Harry stopped, letting his own feet find the bottom. He leaned over and kissed Candy, brief, but with promise, then turned to Milly. Not giving her a chance to duck out, Harry gave her a quick kiss.

“You look good, Milly, really good.”

“Thanks, Harry. I would say the same about you, except I haven’t seen anything, yet.” Milly grinned, her flush fading.

“As long as you promise not to judge me by my prick size, we’ll get on fine,” said Harry, laughing.

Milly giggled, turning to Candy. “Is that how you judge him, Candy.”

Candy smiled, shaking her head. “No, Milly. It’s not the size of the wand, but the skill of the wizard.” They all laughed. “Milly, those photographs?”

Milly looked uncomfortable for a moment. “What about them?”

“Harry is much better with a camera than I’ll ever be, so why don’t you let him take them?”

Milly gnawed her lip for a moment, then turned to Harry. “You won’t tell anyone?”

“Absolutely not, I promise.”

“Well, okay, but I want to take some of you two, right?”

Candy and Harry looked at each other. Harry shrugged, turning to Milly. “Same promise as I made?”

Milly nodded. “I don’t tell anyone. Okay, but I’d like permission to tell Jackie.”

“Your Australian friend?”

“Yes. She sent me some photographs, so I want to return the favor. She’s coming over on a month’s holiday, starting in two weeks time. Her parents are quite well off, apparently, so they’re paying for a trip over here before she starts her degree course.”

“Lucky Jackie,” said Candy. “Okay by me. Harry?” He nodded. “You’ll have to bring her over here for a swim,” said Candy. “Maybe we’ll get her naked, too.”

Milly grinned. “Why not? She’s a naturist.” She let herself sink back into the water. “I’m going to swim for a while.”

Candy turned to Harry. “Swim, or photos?”

“Nudes of you?”

Candy nodded. “And you,” she said with a grin.

Harry laughed. “Okay. Come on, naked one and let’s get the camera.”

Harry wasn’t sure later if it was his skill with the camera, or whether Candy was just a natural model. They had fun, and Harry knew that the only ones he’d dare show the pictures to were himself and Candy, for she made no coy protests nor awkward poses to hide herself, but was natural and uninhibited, just as she was when they were making love.

“Now you,” said Candy when Harry had finished, “Quick, before that lovely erection goes down.”

“Not likely, while you’re there naked and I’m feeling horny.”

“Just a couple, okay, and then we’ll fuck.”

Harry laughed. “Well, since you put it like that.” He sucked in his gut, turned three-quarter view to Candy and flexed his erection. Candy was laughing, her shoulders shaking, trying to aim the camera.

“Stop it, idiot,” she said, “or no fucking.”

“Cruel. I’m trying to give you a better picture.”

“And you are, sweetheart, you are. Just hold still.” Candy quickly took several pictures, reframing and zooming as she worked, then carefully laid the camera aside, moving into Harry’s embrace and pressing herself against him, her lips coming up for his kiss. She smiled at him as she gently broke the kiss.

“Fuck me, Harry, fuck me here, now.”

“Milly?” Harry began, but Candy put her fingers over his lips.

“Milly can watch if she wants, but I want to be fucked!” Candy grinned. “No need for foreplay, lover, I’m wet and ready.” She held out her hand and drew him down with her onto the colorful beach towel they’d been using. She flung her legs apart and Harry could see the gleam of moisture in her cleft, her labia flushed, ready for him.

He knelt between her legs and leaned forward, weight on one arm, the fingers of his other hand holding his prick, guiding it into her, her soft hiss welcoming him into her body.

“It feels good, Harry, it always feels good,” said Candy, her voice soft and warm. Harry paused, deep inside her, and bent to kiss her.

“For me, too, sweetheart, believe me.” Harry thrust into her, once, twice, deep. “I just don’t have the words to tell you how it feels, but it’s good, fucking great, in fact!”

Candy squeezed down on him with her internal muscles. “No need for the words, Harry, love, just action. Let’s fuck!”

Harry grinned. “Yes, boss.” He began to move, pushing deep into Candy, puling back until he almost left her and pushing deep inside her again. She grinned up at him and blew a kiss. Harry began to move steadily, pushing deep, pulling back until he almost left her, then pushing deep again, pulling back, pushing deep.

Candy’s pussy got wetter and the now familiar swish of his prick moving in her juices came to their ears. Candy grinned up at him, a faint sheen of sweat on her face in the summer afternoon warmth. “We’re getting noisy again.”

“My favorite symphony.”

“I love to feel you inside me, Harry, I just wish I had the words to describe it.”

“Go on, try,” said Harry, never ceasing his rhythmic thrusting.

Candy grinned, squeezing down on Harry as he pushed into her. “Exciting? Yes. Stimulating? Definitely. Satisfying? Of course! They all say part of it, but I think I’d have to settle on awesome.”

The familiar sound of a camera shutter came to their ears. Startled, they paused. Milly was crouched about six feet away, Harry’s camera to her eye. She lowered it and grinned at them, a spot of color burning on each cheek.

“Awesome is definitely the word I’d use.” She pouted. “You’re not stopping there, are you?” she said, raising the camera suggestively.

Harry felt Candy’s pussy pulse around him. He looked down, seeing the sparkle in her eyes, the flush on her cheeks.

“Yes,” she said, her voice hoarse, excited, “I want the pictures, Harry, I want to see you fucking me!”

Harry glanced across at Milly, the camera at her eye again. “Yeah, I do, too,” he said, beginning his rhythmic thrusting again. Candy groaned and her heels hooked behind his ass, pulling him in to her, her breathing deepening. Harry was vaguely aware of Milly moving around them and the occasional noise of the camera shutter, but Candy’s approaching climax, and his own, were the focus of his concentration.

Candy’s climax was violent, her strangled scream loud in his ear, and the clutching spasms of her pussy triggered Harry’s own, his hips bucking in reflexive spasms as his seed jetted into Candy’s pussy. For a few moments, there was only the sound of tortured lungs trying to replenish oxygen supplies.

It was Milly’s voice that broke the silence, awe in her tone, wondering. “I have never seen anything like it,” she whispered. “That was totally fucking incredible.” She giggled, high, nervous. “I am absolutely fucking soaking.”

Candy reached out with her hand and squeezed Milly’s fingers. “Was it good to watch?”

“I told you before. Awesome!”

Candy grinned up at Harry. “Good for you, too, baby?”

“You know it was.”

“Yeah. I thought you were trying to drill through me and into the ground,” said Candy, her tone droll.

Harry laughed. “I thought you were trying to pull me there!”

Beside them, Milly giggled again. “I guess that’s what being nailed means.”

Candy squeezed down on Harry’s now-shrinking erection. “Pull out, lover. We’ll shower and have something to eat, huh?”

“Sounds good,” said Harry, easing back onto his heels, half-erect prick gleaming with his and Candy’s combined juices. He glanced across at Milly, still holding his camera. “How many did you take, Milly?”

“Huh?” said Milly, tearing her gaze away from his erection. “I dunno, maybe thirty.”

“We’ll look at them after we’ve eaten,” said Candy. She laughed. “Anticipation!” Harry grinned and Milly giggled again.

“I hope my hands weren’t shaking too much,” she said.

“We’ll find out soon enough,” said Candy. “Come on, we all need a shower. Harry, come in with me. Milly, you can, too, if you want. The shower’s big enough.”

Milly shrugged, tits jiggling. “Why not. It seems to be a day of firsts for me. First time naked with a guy, even if he is someone else’s. First time seeing sex live. Definitely the first time photographing it!” She laughed. “So why not share a shower with the couple I just photographed fucking?”

“Great! Come on, then,” said Candy, taking Harry by one hand and Milly by the other.”

The shower was fun, because Harry and Candy, used to being together, did what they always did and washed each other, laughing and teasing as they grabbed at each other. Milly, startled at first, surprised them by joining in and Harry was amazed at the shy, modest Milly grabbing his prick and squeezing it. He retaliated by cupping her tits and she winked at him as she pressed his hands to her. Candy laughed, and smacked her friend’s hands down.

“Naughty! He’s mine!”

“Well, can I borrow him?”

Time stopped for Harry as the enormity of what Milly had just asked hit all three of the friends. Candy stared at Milly, who flushed crimson and opened her mouth to speak, stopping as Candy put a gentle hand across her lips.

“Borrow him for what?” Candy asked softly.

Milly gestured helplessly. “I don’t know,” she cried. “I wasn’t thinking straight.”

“Milly,” said Candy, her tone coaxing, “come on, the truth.”

Milly made a face and shrugged. “Okay, to fuck me, that’s what. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it.”

“Then why say it?” said Candy. She turned to Harry. “What about it, lover? Would you like to fuck Milly?”

“Huh?” said Harry, cursing himself for his inarticulate response. “No, of course not!” Candy arched her eyebrows and just looked at him. Harry flushed. “Okay, I’ll admit it. I’d love to, but I’m doing nothing that might spoil things between us.”

Candy looked at her friend, and at her lover. “Milly, are you serious? You want to be fucked?”

“Yes, I do. I think watching you two got me the horniest I’ve ever been. I’m sorry, Candy, I didn’t mean to upset you. If you want me to, I’ll go home tonight instead of staying over.”

“And tell your Mom what? Forget it, you’re staying.” Candy chewed on her bottom lip for a moment, then laughed. “Oh, fuck it! Harry, love, if I say, okay, would you fuck Milly? And let me watch, and maybe take photos?”

Harry stared at Candy for a moment, a strange excitement in him. “Just this once?”

Candy shrugged. “I guess so. I mean, you’re sleeping with me tonight. We usually manage a couple of fucks during the night when you stay over. I guess I don’t mind if one of them ends up in Milly’s pussy. Like you said, just this once.” She turned to her friend.”Milly?”

“Are you serious?” said Milly, a curious expression on her face.

Candy nodded. “I am. I want to see what it looks like. I trust you, Milly. I don’t think you’ll try to steal Harry away from me, and I trust Harry.”

“In that case,” said Milly, her tone hesitant, “I’d like to say, ‘yes, please,’ if you’re both sure it’s okay.”

“It’s okay with me,” said Candy. She glanced at Harry, brows raised. He shrugged and nodded. “And it’s okay with Harry.” Candy laughed. “We’re getting too clinical. It’s going to happen, so let’s all just let it happen at whatever seems to be the right time. Come on, we’re clean, let’s get dried and get something to eat. It’s nearly six and I’m starving, and I want to see those pictures!”

Candy turned off the shower and they all grabbed towels, drying each other’s backs and whatever other portion of anatomy was within range. Eventually, bodies dried, damp hair combed back, the three went down to the kitchen.

“It’s still National Nude day,” said Candy, “so no-one dresses, okay?”.

“Suits me,” said Harry with a grin. “It’s not every day I have such fair maidens to ogle.”

“And fuck,” said Milly, flushing at her friends’ sudden attention.

“And fuck,” said Candy, nodding. “What do we eat? Raid the freezer, or send out for a pizza?”

“Pizza sounds good,” said Harry, and Milly nodded agreement, her flush fading.

“Pizza it is,” said Candy, going to the phone.

The three friends sat chatting, mainly about school, and friends, and who was dating who, and twenty minutes later, the doorbell rang. They were all still naked, and looked at each other.

“Who goes?” said Candy.

“Me,” said Milly, holding out her hand. “Money, please.” Candy gave her the bills and Milly strolled towards the door, still naked, apparently unconcerned, an exaggerated roll in her hips.

“Too much sun,” said Candy, shaking her head. “She’s gone loco! She’s the shyest girl I know. Getting her naked when there was just me, or me and Trudi, was one of the hardest things I’ve tried.” She shook her head again, looking after Milly.

They heard a brief discussion at the door and then Milly came back with the pizza boxes, a spot of colour on each cheek, suppressed laughter sparkling in her eyes.

“Come on!” said Candy. “Tell!”

“You’ll never guess who it was,” said Milly, fighting giggles.

“No, we won’t,” said Candy. “So tell!”

“Charlie Adams.”

“The computer geek?” said Harry.

Milly nodded. “That’s the one.”

“You must have knocked him on his back,” said Harry. “He blushes if a girl even looks at him.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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