What Happens in Vegas…

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Big Ass

I sat at the bar staring into my 3rd drink of the afternoon, trying to think where I could have improved or done something different. I’d went to Vegas to meet with a potential new client, one that would save my tech consulting firm from going under but I didn’t leave with the signed contract like I had hoped. I decided I’d just go spend the rest of the night watching the free porn, jerk off then have an early night, it was only 5pm but I had another full day the next day.

I picked my drink up and as I turned, a young woman trying to take a selfie with another girl bumped into me and spilled my drink all over my hand.

“Oh my gosh I’m so sorry, did I get any on your clothes?” She said right away.

“No, just my hand, it’s okay.” I replied.

“Well please let me replace it, I’m really sorry.”

“I’d appreciate that, no need to keep apologizing, these things happen.” I said with a smile.

The girl’s friend whispered something in her ear while she looked at me, the girl looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

“My friend Alice wants me to invite you to party with us but I see you’re married.”

“Well it depends on the kind of party, I’m a grown man.”

“Lets get you that drink and we’ll tell you over here, I’m Carla, my friend here is Alison.”

“Nice to meet you, I’m Marcus.”

They replaced my drink and I was led over to the roped off area they were sitting at with friends, they introduced me to 7 other people, all of them a lot younger than me.

“Champagne is ordered, they have to get it from the main bar.” Said Carla to her friends.

“Is Marcus joining us for the main party? I hope so, would give us an even number” Said one of the guys.

“I haven’t spoken about that yet, give me time!” Replied Carla.

“Main party?” I asked.

“Well, you’ve heard the term, what happens in Vegas. Well, do you believe in that Marcus?” Said Carla, getting really close to me.

“I’m not sure I understand.”

“Basically, we’re all married or have boyfriends or girlfriends at home, one or two of them are with us but are playing that they’re not. We’re going to have our champagne, feed each of the men a Viagra then we’re going to our suite to fuck as many of each other as we want or can. If you come along it would make 5 guys to 5 women, Alison would still get her spit roast, I’m sure I’ll still get my double penetration but I guarantee you’ll leave Vegas with a smile and the memory of being inside all 5 of us sexy ladies.” Said Carla with a grin.

I looked at all of the women, Carla was a short and slim with small but pert breasts and an amazing ass (I couldn’t help notice at the bar), the others were all just as pretty and the thought of fucking just one of them had my cock stirring a little.

“I uh, I really shouldn’t.” I said then took a big gulp of my drink.

“Your body is telling me otherwise.” Said Carla, she ran her hand over the growing bulge in my pants.

“I’m Married!” I tried to protest.

“So is Lisa, her husband barely touches her but Escort bayan she’s sexy right? I have a boyfriend, so does Amber. Cole is bi, his boyfriend is one of the other men, Steve is married, his wife isn’t here. Need I go on?” Said Carla.

I looked around the group again and I felt my morals crumble, I’d been married a while, my wife’s idea of frequent sex was twice a month and I found myself jerking off in the shower most mornings after a night of failed attempts to seduce. I finished off my drink and decided why the hell not.

“Fuck it, I’m in.” I said.

“Good, to be fair I’m going to make sure nobody has an objection but I doubt it, you’re cute.” She said.

“Anyone object to Marcus joining us for the main party?” Said Lisa.

Every one of them said no.

“Good, now have fun, I’m going to have Susan go over the rules with you but we’re going to head up about 7. Our suite has an awesome 5 person shower, lots of couches and loungers but it’s going to be amazing.” Said Carla.

“Okay.” I replied.

Susan pulled me by the hand to sit in a booth, she cuddled up close and went over their rules, they were pretty much mostly about respect which I was fine with. She asked me a few questions then pulled me back to the group.

“Carla, how do you always find them?” Said Susan.

“What are you talking about?” She replied.

“He’s bi and kinky, he even passed my test.” Said Susan.

“Oh yummy.” Said Carla with a smile.

“Hey guys, do you mind if we add two more? I just found out my old roommate is in town with his girlfriend, they’re both freaky as hell and pretty hot.” Said one of the guys. Nobody objected.

I was on my second glass of champagne when the couple showed up, my stomach dropped, the woman was the owner of the company I had pitched to, she had seemed real interested but she said it was something they had to think about, business terms for no but we’ll tell you in email so you don’t get pissed off. She smiled when she spotted me and came up to me. She looked like she’d already been drinking.

“Well if I’d known this is how you spend your evenings I’d have signed right there. Some of my other businesses overlap with my computer stuff so I like to research my vendors thoroughly. I could tell when you left you were a little disappointed with my answer but lets leave business until later and have fun. I’ve heard about this kind of party and I look forward to you fucking me.” Said Melissa, she leaned close to me and kissed me on the cheek and gently grabbed my balls then walked away to mingle. I was in lust.

I made a point to not look at the attractiveness of my potential clients though, I would lose objectivity at times when my client was hot. Melissa was stunning, tall with blonde hair and great breasts and a really nice figure.

Our start time finally rolled around, we all made our way to the elevators, per the rules we weren’t allowed to show any hints of what we were going to do but I was horny as fuck. Once inside the suite all of us men were Bayan escort lined up and the women put a Viagra on our tongues and handed us a bottle of water to swallow it with. Susan then put our names in a bowl and each woman picked out a piece of paper and would take that person to shower and fuck them first. I was hoping to get Melissa but got Lisa, she grinned and led me to the room for our clothes, the first couple already leaving as we went in.

“I was hoping I’d get you first, nothing like a hot married guy fucking a hot married woman to get the juices flowing.” She said, taking off her dress.

“I’ve never done this before.” I replied, slowly taking my shirt off.

“Well, nobody will force you sweetie but I promise you not one person will mention what you do here outside that room. I pass you and your wife in the street somewhere and you’re just another stranger, this is my second time here, my husband will never know. My sister in law is one of the other women but she won’t say a word either.”

By the time she’d finished talking she was completely naked, she had a beautiful body, few curves but definately sexy.

“You are beautiful.” I said, admiring her breasts.

“Well hurry up and get naked and you can suck theses instead of just stare at them.”

I stripped off the rest of my clothes and stood before her, she pulled me to her for a passionate kiss, her breasts pressing into my body then led me to the shower. I had a raging boner by the time we were both dry, neither of us saying anything, just rubbing soap on each other and admiring each others bodies. Lisa led us out to the main part of the suite, Carla and Steve were already fucking on one of the loungers, she was riding him as he sucked on her nipples and was clearly enjoying herself.

“Eyes on me big boy, I hope you like eating pussy because I’m not quite ready for your size.” Said Lisa.

She laid on her back on one of the couches and opened her legs, I took the hint and climbed on top of her, kissed her neck then down her body, spending time sucking each nipple then finally between her legs. She was clean shaven and had a pretty pussy, I licked her with the same passion I’d made many girlfriends in my past cum with and Lisa was soon grinding her pussy onto my mouth as she came.

“Holy fffffuck, you’re good at that.” She said, gasping as I wiped my mouth.

“I enjoy it.” I said.

“Only the first guy I’m paired with gets to eat me, I’m glad I got one who knows what he’s doing for a change.. ohhh fuck that feels nice.” She said as I began to enter her.

I pushed into her nice and slow then began a nice steady pace, Lisa was soon moaning pretty hard as I pushed deeper into her with each thrust. Susan had told me all the women were safe, I asked her anyway and got a breathless ‘cum in me’ as she climaxed again. By the time I was ready to explode she had cum a few more times, I pushed in deep and groaned as my cock swelled then sprayed my cum deep into her pussy.

“Th… that was amazing. Thank you.” She Escort said, catching her breath.

“I agree.” I replied. She pulled me closer to her.

“I can see the look on your face sweetie, let it go, when you leave this room it never happened remember. I felt the same the first time but let Carla ride you for a while and that guilt will soon wash away.”

“You’re very perceptive.”

“You’re not the first married man to fuck me sweetie. Now let me up, I need a rest, you have a nice cock and you wore me out.”

“Thought nobody could wear out Lisa.” Said Carla.

“Wait till you try him.” Said Lisa.

“Well Melissa picked him next so I’ll just have to wait. She’s waiting for you in the shower sweetie.” She said, slapping my ass as I headed that way.

Melissa smiled when she seen me.

“Mmm good, I was starting to think you’d gotten lost.” Said Melissa as she embraced me under the water.

She kissed me with quite a passion, I returned it and felt my cock hardening again. We dried and she led me to a chaise lounge and put me on my back, mounted me and began to ride me. Viagra had me like steel and Melissa came about 4 times before I came again. I had another two women then we all rested. I finally got Carla, she had just been fucked by 2 guys at the same time so she rode me nice and slow. To my delight one of the larger chested women came over and put a nipple in her mouth while she was still riding me, kissed her then walked off giggling. My cock ached a little so I looked around while Carla caught her breath and watched Melissa being taken from behind while she sucked another guy’s cock, Lisa was eating another woman’s pussy while she was fucked from behind. Carla started riding me again and smiled at me as she took my cock in and out of herself.

“Sorry, I’m a little sore, my first dp.” She said.

“That’s okay, I’m a little sore myself.” I replied.

After a rest period Susan asked something of me, I agreed and she squealed in delight. I got into position inside Susan then waited while Steve pushed his lubed cock inside me.

I’m not sure what time I made it to my room but I was worn out, I’d had sex with 6 women and 3 men and my poor cock was tender. Carla took my number and promised an invite to the next event, I also woke up to an email from Melissa insisting on a lunch meeting before I left. I met her the next day.

“So I’ve drafted the following amendments to your proposal, if you could read the highlighted sections.”

I read through them, most were about privacy, the others increased their commitment making it the largest contract I’d ever seen and would more than save my company.

“I.. I don’t know what to say.” I said.

“You can join me in Colorado next month, after you sign that of course, I’m opening a new branch and I’d like you to oversee the network install, I have a lovely cabin there we can enjoy too.”

“What happened to what happens in Vegas?” I said with a smile.

“Oh it will, this will be something new, you made quite the impression on me.”

“Well thank you. I look forward to working with you.”

“Oh, work is the last thing you’ll be doing with me sweetie, I have a car taking you to the airport.”

Colorado is a story for another time…

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