What I’d Like to Do to My Mother

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I’m an old man now, well 60ish, and both my parents are long gone, but I still have this damned awful fetish about my Mother. I have this fantasy that haunts my thoughts. I am doing it to her … I am making love to my own mother.

I guess it came about because I slept in the same bed with my mother until I was a teenager. It would probably have been longer if she hadn’t woken one morning to find my hand inside her nightdress and fondling her breast. After that I was banned from her bedroom and sadly I hardly ever got to touch her again.

I won’t go into why I was sleeping with her. I thought at the time it was because of my nightmares, but now I think she wanted me there and only relented when I got just a bit too frisky. Long story … won’t bore you!

Anyway the effect of my closeness to Mum at that critical time was to leave me with a deep fetish (or whatever it’s called) for having sex with my mother. In fact it only surfaced after my wife (now ex-wife) started calling me ‘Dad’ (I guess she had a thing about her Dad). I played along and then in returned she played my ‘Mum’.

What a mistake that was. It opened a Pandora’s Box inside me and I wanted it more and more. In reality my Mother had passed on by then so it was only role-play, but I lost myself so much in that ‘play’ I think it began to worry my wife a lot. Sadly we parted (but not just because of that), and now I am old and alone and with a sick fetish I can’t share with any woman. I mean if I told a woman I was dating what I really wanted to do with her she probably vomit over me, and then run like hell out the door. It’s a tough life being a dirty old man.

Anyway enough of the tear-jerking, one day I found this site and learnt it wasn’t just me fascinated with their mother, so I thought I’d write this. First story and probably my last … call it therapy!

So what do I want to do to my Mother?

Well I am young (about 25) and I’d want her dressed up for me in really smart clothes. A long flowing red evening dress with a low neckline, and she’d be wearing high-heeled shoes and tan seamed stockings as sheer as you can get. Her hair would be immaculate and her face made up heavily (but to perfection), and she be wearing a long pearl necklace that rested in and accentuated her cleavage.

We’d be in a hotel, and she would call me to her room and be angry with me (for some reason or other). She’d gaziantep escort numaraları slap my face, and then as she tried to do it again I’d resist and we’d scuffle for a while and then fall on the bed. I’d be on top of her, and as we struggled her dress would begin to slip from her shoulders revealing more and more of her cleavage.

Suddenly I would grab the shoulders of her dress and pull it down over her breasts. She scream at me but I would cover her mouth with mine and try to kiss her, and at the same time my hands would find her ample breasts and paw and fondle at them. Still struggling she would lift me away from her and look me in the eyes.

“What are you doing?” she’d say breathlessly. “I am your mother … you can’t touch me like this!”

With my hands still holding her breasts I’d say, “I can’t help it. I love you mum and I want you. I want to make love to you … I want to fuck you!”

She’d look at me with a strange expression, a mixture of shock and horror … and just a touch of lust. Her mouth, framed by lips ripe with red lipstick, would fall open as if she didn’t know what to say.

I’d look at her open mouth and whisper, “I want to do things to you no boy should ever do to his own Mother. I want to touch you where no son should touch his Mother. I want to fondle and kiss every part of your body.”

She keeps looking at me but says nothing.

“I want to hold you in my arms for ever and make love to you all night long!”

Finally she breathes, “No …”

But my hands are still caressing her breasts and her dress is slipping further and further down.

Suddenly I sit back upright and pull at her dress. It comes away smoothly and evenly, leaving her dressed only in lingerie. She is enclosed within a black Basque which force her breasts up and outwards. Her legs are adorned by sheer stockings held by suspenders attached to the Basque. The area around her stockings-tops draws my attention and I am lost for a moment in the wondrous beauty and symmetry of that vision. The thickening dark brown of the nylon suddenly changing to the virginal white of her thighs, and leading on up to the V of her translucent panties. I can see the shape of her cunt and the darkness of her fine pubic hair.

“Oh Mummy!” I whisper, “I want you so much. Won’t you let me love you?”

She gaziantep escort bayan numaraları lies there on the bed seemingly in a daze. It’s as if she’s caught between her instinct to reject the concept of incest, and her attraction to her son and the sexual promises in his eyes and in his words.

“I can’t … I mustn’t,” she murmurs.

“You can and you will Mummy,” I say softly.

She looks down at her erotically clad body, open to lustful gaze of her son. “Oh God,” she breathes.

As she falters between action and inaction I drop backwards slightly, and my lips fall upon the tops of her stockings. Similarly my hands slide slowly up her legs, sensing fully the feel of her nylons. My face falls down in that magic cleft between stockings and panties, and I kiss and lick her thighs and take in the scent and taste of her sex.

Suddenly her hands curl around the back of my head and slide through my hair (I had hair back then), and she pressures my face down into her cunt. My fingers part her panties and my tongue flicks around the lips of her vagina. My mouth opens and sucks at her Mons of Venus and my tongue darts down seeking her clitoris.

After a while she begins to moan softly, but I stop and get up suddenly and strip off my clothes. I move to the head of the bed and stand there with my hard cock jutting out just inches from her face.

“I want to put my penis in your mouth,” I say. “I want my Mummy to suck my cock.”

Her eyes, half-hidden behind long black lashes, look up at me but she says nothing. For a long time she just looks at me until I realise her eyes are moist with tears. My heart softens and I make to move away but then I see her red mouth is slowly opening. Slowly she lifts her head up and slides those luscious lips over the crown of my penis. Instantly I am engulfed by a soft warmth and a sensation of pleasure I have never known before.

As her eyes gaze up at mine and a crystal tear runs silently down her cheek, I feel her tongue wrap itself around my cock and her head begin to gently move back and forth.

The lust and excitement in me grows and grows as she expertly massages my cock. I start to say disgusting and erotic things.

“Mummy I want you to suck me till I cum. I want spurt in your face and cover it with my white milky lust! Then escort gaziantep numaraları I want to lick it off your face …and kiss you passionately with my cum-stained lips!”

Her eyes sparkle for an instant and I feel her mouth tighten on me. I am close and I want it. I want to cum freely in my Mother’s mouth, but I stop myself. Tonight, for this first time, I want to enter her and love her and show her how much I care.

I move backwards and my cock slowly emerges from the softness of my Mother’s mouth. She looks at me in puzzlement, as if she’d expected me to go to completion in her mouth. I smile at her and gently climb back on top of her.

My hands find the side of her panties and slowly begin to pull them down over her stocking-tops. I expect my Mother to resist or try to stop me but she remains still. My legs slip between hers and my knees smoothly move her legs apart. My penis is at the entrance to her tunnel of love and it slips inside easily. I am surprised at how moist and ready she is. Finally I am inside my own Mother’s cunt! She cries out softly as I enter. Her hands drop down to my shoulders as if to push me away, but they remain there frozen by the depth of sensation she is experiencing. She cries again but this time she is just voicing the arousal growing inside her.

I look in my Mother’s face and I see her eyes have glazed, and she’s drifting away into some magic land of love and erotic joy where nothing is bad or wrong or forbidden. I see clearly now that she has always wanted me as much as I have wanted her.

“I love you Mummy,” I whisper.

“Oh Baby,” she sighs. “I love you too …I’ve always loved you. Take me, take Mummy, do whatever you want to me! I am yours … I have always been yours.”

Slowly I begin a rhythmic motion, pressing deeper and deeper into my Mother’s cunt. I am bubbling and boiling and I want nothing more than to explode inside her, but I hold it and hold it. I want Mother to enjoy this experience as much as I.

Time begins to falter and fade, and after what seems like only moments, but is probably much longer, Mother’s fingers rake into my back and she half-whispers, half-spits in my ear, “Fuck me, Fuck Mummy! Fuck me as hard as you can! Mummy wants you, Mummy needs you. Oh Baby … do it to your Mummy!”

And then she’s clenching me brutally hard and I let go and I’m blowing like Blue whale, and we are forcing ourselves together so violently it’s like we are trying to become one unified being.

Slowly the thunder of our passion begins to retreat, and I am kissing my mother’s mouth softly and lovingly and she’s holding me tight like she never wants to let me go. And then the night dims and passes away, back into the dream from whence it came.

And I am just a sad old man again with a disgusting fetish …


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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