What She Would Do for Her Man

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Oh how I would love to dress in a thin, silky blouse tucked into a short, leather skirt with a garter belt and stockings, but no panties and no bra … I would pick a dark alley to walk down, one I knew that you would be waiting in, you and ten of your friends…

You would grab me, pull me into an abandoned warehouse where you would have tarps laid out. I would scream and kick, trying to get free of your grip on my neck and mouth as you drag me in and throw me on tarp covered mattresses in a circle of naked men.

“Strip.” I ignore your orders, so you move forward and rip my shirt open, pleased to find my firm breasts naked underneath, my nipples hard from the chilly evening air. I am so terrified that I don’t speak. You lift up my skirt around my waste, finding my shaven, trimmed pussy bare under my garter belt. “I like this. It will make it easier” All of the men laugh with you, their dicks hardening from the scene in front of them.

“What are you going to do to me?” I whimper at my exposed body and the hard cocks pointing at my face.

“You are our toy tonight. You’ll do what we ask, and if you fight it, we’ll force you to do it.” “Do what?” My innocent question mixed with my shaven pussy and puppy-dog brown eyes makes your dick grow another inch.

“Fuck, you’re beautiful. Open your legs.”


You lunge forward and jerk my knees apart, my sweet smelling crotch inches from your face. “Don’t tell me no, bitch. This pussy is ours for the night. You have no right to keep us out. Do you want me to eat it?”


“That means yes. If you resist, it will get rougher.” You lean forward and tongue my slit, “Let me ask you again, do you want me to eat it?”

“No!” I scream in your face.

“Okay.” You take two fingers, rip my lips open, exposing my clit. “It’s beautiful, I can’t wait to violate it.” You tongue it so roughly my body jerks in pleasurable convulsions. “Do you like that?”

“No, please stop.” I am starting to cry, not knowing what will happen.

“You said no again, damn it! You’re suppose to pretend you love it, you fucking bitch!” You take my clit between your teeth and nibble, the men around me begin to cheer, “Bite it! Bite it!” Your teeth move further down my clit to the base, where the sensations overwhelm me and my body cums, making me scream and grab your hair. “You lying slut, you love it! You love being violated! You want this more than we Escort bayan do, you slimy bitch!” You jam three fingers in my dripping wet pussy, showing me my body’s willingness despite my reluctance. “Lick them” You stick the fingers on my lips, “Eat your own cum, slut. You’ll learn to like it.” I turn my head away, “Eat it, cunt! I want to see you taste your own pussy!” I open my mouth and you shove your fingers in, rubbing them all over the inside of my mouth so I am forced to taste my sweet juices. I love it, but I can’t let you know that. Oh, it tastes so good!

“Now, bitch, I am going to fuck you. And so is everyone else here.” Knowing I would protest, four men move forward, each grabbing one limb and pinning me to the ground. You need no lubrication, my hole is dripping with sweet cunt juice for you. You slowly slide it in, enjoying the tightness of my nervous shaft. You have your hand over my mouth so I won’t scream. The entry was gentle, but now you are fucking me so hard it hurts and I am wriggling and squirming, trying to get free. “Keep fighting, it will only make me come faster. I love it.” You lunge one last time, hot cum shooting deep into my pussy. “Next!”

The next man enters me with force, not gently like you did. He turns me over and pulls my ass up and does me doggy-style. “You like that, slut? You like to be fucked like a dog? Deep and painful, right?” He jams his cock in and out of me, widening the hole a little bit more. You sit in front of my face and force your limp cock into my mouth, “It’s your job to get us hard for the next fuck, slave. Now suck it!” I take you in my mouth and suck so hard you scream, it must hurt but you don’t resist, it just makes it grow longer. While I’m busy sucking you, the guy fucking me from behind cums and another takes over. Two men dip their cocks in the cum running from my pussy and grab my free hands to jerk them off. Another guy is fucking my hole from behind, you are ready to come, I can feel it, “Let go, bitch. I want to come on your face.”

I plead, “No, please let me swallow your cum. I like it.”

“Fuck you. I want you to be covered with cum by the time this night is through.” You pull out and come on my face and it runs down my cheeks and chin, dripping on my chest. I am turned over, my back laying on a man I didn’t know was there.

“Alright, slut, let’s see how your ass hole likes being fucked.” My ass hole is more than lubed up Bayan escort from the cum dripping out of me and he slowly lowers me onto his cock, spreading it open and I can feel more of my own juices mixing with the cum shot into me, then I feel a dick in my pussy too, the two going in and out on opposite rhythms.

“No, I don’t want to come!” I scream. I am embarrassed to let you know I like it.

“Your body likes rape, slut. Go with it. We all want to see you come.”

Another voice from under me, “I want to feel your ass hole contract on my dick when you come.” I do let go and my body jerks as I cum harder than I ever have in my life, my hands squeeze the two dicks I am jerking off until they explode onto my stomach and you shove your hard, ready cock into my mouth and shoot your load down my throat, quieting me. “Switch!”

I am riding a huge cock now, someone else in my ass enjoying the rhythm of my swaying hips. Over and over I am fucked in all possible holes, jerked off on and forced to come until I can’t take it. Everyone pulls out, leaving me on the tarp covered in jiz, all holes stretched and aching for more.

“Why did you stop?”

“We’re done, slut. We’ve wore you out.”

“No, you didn’t. I want more!”

“You fucking slut, how could you want more?”

“Please, I want HIS cock in my pussy.” I point to the man with the 10 inch dick, two inches wide. “You sucked him off and jerked him off, what makes you think he wants to fuck you?”

“I want him to stretch my cunt out, damn it!” I turn to the man, “Fuck me NOW!” You kept him from my hole because you thought he would really hurt me, but I am ready for the abuse.

“No.” You motion to someone outside of the circle and a woman walks forward. She is naked and I can see her wet pussy, juice running down her leg from watching. “You fuck him. The slut will be forced to watch.”

The guy lays down, his cock huge and throbbing and the naked woman lowers herself onto it. My head is placed between the man’s legs so I can look up and see the length of his dick being swallowed by her wet cunt. It looks like it feels so good!!! I start touching myself, fingering my clit and bucking my hips. Two more naked women emerge from the shadows, leaking cunts, holding a huge device I’ve never seen. As they come closer, I make it out. It’s a three-way dildo with two 9-inch long, 1.5 inch wide cocks shooting out into a V, attached to Escort an 11-inch, 3-inch wide cock making the base of a Y. They approach me, insert the two smaller ends of the dildo into their pussies, crouch down and with their crotches, push the gigantic cock into my cunt. I feel it tear its way in, spreading my vagina to a width it’s never been. As they fuck their ends of the dildo in rhythm, it shoves the huge shaft in and out of me. It’s so painful, but feels so good. I look up and see that the girl fucking my guy with the huge dick is cumming. Her juices run down his shaft, trickle down his balls and land on my forehead. Just then I cum. I want the girls to stop, telling them I’ve had enough. “We haven’t come yet, you fucking whore. Enjoy it.” The huge cock keeps thrusting in and out of me, faster now since the two girls are hell-bent on coming while they fuck me with it. It’s making my hole raw and sore, but they just keep going. Finally they cum, pulling the huge thing out of me. “Look at this stretched-out slut’s cunt!”

Two of the men with bigger dicks move toward me. I can feel left-over jiz dribbling from my torn up hole, lubricating it for the next. They both stick their dicks in my mouth, rubbing them against my cheeks for lubrication, then they head for my pussy. “It’s stretched just right.” The girls hold my legs spread eagle in the air and the two guys shove their dicks in my hole at the same time. One of them screams, “Fuck yes! You can’t PAY for a whore with a pussy stretched enough to do THIS!” They move in and out in unison, enjoying my stretched cunt until one cums, covering my cunt and the other guy’s dick in his sperm. He goes limp and pulls out, but my crotch is stretched too far for only one dick. “You loose bitch, you’ll just get it in the ass.” He jams his cock in my ass hole and fucks me. It hurts, but it makes me come. The contractions of my orgasm make him shoot his wad into my ass, but he keeps going. He makes a fist and shoves it into my gaping hole, rubbing his own dick through the skin separating my ass and my cunt. “Fuck yeah, I love a loose bitch. I can fuck her in the ass and fist her at the same time. And she fuckin’ loves it!” Everyone around us cheers, waiting for me to come one last time. When I do, everything is taken out of my body, my shirt is tied shut, my skirt pulled down and I am thrown into the alley.

I walk home in a daze. Everyone on the street stares at me, there is cum dripping from my stretched ass hole and my gaping cunt, running down my legs. I have cum all over my body, dried on my face and in my hair. A few men even offer to pay me money to fuck them! If they only knew what I did for free…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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