What the Rain Brings

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Annabelle. I hadn’t met another Annabelle in my life. I’d heard of them in books or the movies or TV, sure, but never met one. This Annabelle was one of the office girls at my job. We work for a smallish tech company in the R it sounded like bells in summer.

“Hiya. You were smiling in your dream. You looked so beautiful, I had to come touch you.” I was suddenly self conscious. What else did I do in my dream that she saw? She reached out and drew her fingers across my morning stubble, a smile parted her lips. “What were you drowning last night on the porch?”

“Mojito.” My eyes were closed at her touch. I smiled.

I opened my eyes and she was smiling too. “Not downing smart ass, drowning.”

I took a deep breath and let it out. “You won’t have to give Jodi her copy of Hope Floats back. Ever. She’s staying in New York. She found some artist guy that thinks she’s amazing, and apparently she finds him more amazing than I am.” I closed my eyes and shook my head. I could feel the tears run down my face. When I opened them, I looked into her crying eyes.

“What brought you to my house in the rain?” I asked. We both knew I knew. I reached up and brushed some hair out of her face and over her ear.

“I told Tom about our conversation. He got angry and I realized that…” She sobbed gently. “I realized that it was you I loved…”

I sat up and took her in my arms while we both cried softly.

Long seconds went by. Mountains degraded into hills, rivers cut valleys into rock. She was warm and lovely, and I squeezed her tightly. When the soft sobbing had stopped on both sides we kissed. It was a sweet kiss, soft and all lips. Looking into each other’s eyes. We closed our eyes at the same time. Her lips parted, and softly I licked her upper lip. Our lips came together for a kiss again, this time she softly licked my lips. I brought my tongue out to hers and we teased tongue tips languidly. I raised my right hand to her hair, gently kneading her scalp and neck. My left hand had found hers and we held hands tightly as we continued to kiss.

My right hand moved to her shoulders and back. I softly explored her shoulders and back through her shirt. Running my hands over the muscles in her back and shoulders, I was in heaven. She was soft and firm in all the right places. My fingers kneaded and caressed her while my mouth experienced the kisses I had only dreamed about.

Boldly, I ran my hand down her back, then under her shirt. I ran my hand up to her neck and kneaded the taught muscles there for a few seconds. A low ‘Mmm’ came from her mouth so I continued. We resumed kissing, but with a little more urgency. As my right hand was busy, my left had left hers tecavüz porno and stroked up her arm and to her face, then back down. Her hands were on either side of my face holding my head close.

I ran my right hand down her back, my little finger just teasing at the top of her magnificent ass, barely down the crack I found there. She arched her back so I ran my hand down her pants and grabbed the top of her smooth ass cheek. It was hot and soft. I squeezed, pulled my hand from inside her pants.

Then I stuck my hand under her butt and pulled her further onto my lap. It took a little wiggling but I managed to sit up. She parted our kiss and looked at me with an amused smile. “What are you doing?”

I put my other hand under her legs and stood, lifting her like a bride on her wedding night. ‘Yay working out,’ I thought.

“I’m going to take you to my bed.”

She kissed me harder, and I think I saw a tear fall from her eye. She pressed her head into my neck and nibbled and licked as I navigated the stairs.

Once in the bedroom, I gently placed her onto my pillow topped mattress and she sank into it slightly. With firm hands she tugged at my shirt and it came off easily. She moved to a sitting position and I helped her with hers. I took a step back and marveled at what I was about to do. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen in real life. Now here she was half naked in my bed, looking at me with hungry eyes.

I tugged at her pants. Her shapely thighs held onto them for just long enough, and when her neatly trimmed mound was exposed, I couldn’t help but stare. “Hey, no fair,” She said. “You get to see what you want, but I don’t?”

I smiled. I knew I wasn’t the sight that she was. I kept in shape mountain biking, boxing and lifting, but I carried around a few extra pounds. I looked down at my pants and then back to her. She was looking at the same lewd bulge that I was, but while I was nervous at what she would think, the look on her face was like an excited need or hunger. I dropped my pants like I’d rip off a band-aid, quickly and just to get it over with.

“What? No strip show for me?” Her smile was wide and her eyes flicked from my member to my eyes.

“Sorry, it doesn’t get many visitors…” I paused, a suddenly self conscious in front of her beauty. “And I’m…”

“Shh… I want it.” Her hand reached out and grabbed onto it. It was average in every way. I knew because I measured and was a numbers type guy. Ok, maybe it was a little above average in the diameter department, but only by fractions of an inch. In her hands though, it seemed… perfect.

I closed my eyes as she gently stroked. travesti porno Her hands were soft and explored playfully. Her eyes were on me the whole time. I closed them and soaked in the sensation. I could hear her adjust herself in bed and I felt her other hand on my sack. I kept things pretty trimmed down there, mainly because it was more comfortable when I went on long bike rides. Now it had the effect of making her hands glide more smoothly over skin that was suddenly more sensitive.

She tugged and I stepped closer. I opened my eyes and looked down at her. She met my eyes and slowly guided me into her hot mouth. “Oh God…” I moaned. Her lips were on fire and her tongue worked on the soft underside of me while she kept just more than the head in her mouth. My eyes were closed tight and I had to refrain from thrusting my hips forward. She started working her mouth back and forth, always caressing my thighs or sack. There was almost too much sensation for me to keep track of. Eventually, I hissed out a coarse, “Stop… please.”

She did and looked up at me with a devilish smile. “Mmm that’s nice. I think this thing will do just fine.”

I smiled and reached down and stroked her hair, gliding my thumb over her face and lips. “Oh, If you think that will do, lay back and let me show my favorite talent.”

She laughed one of her beautiful laughs and scooted back into the middle of the bed, wiggling her butt like a kid waiting for a Christmas present. Oh, she had no idea…

I climbed onto the bed laying along side her. My hands found her breasts. I caressed them softly, purposely avoiding the nipples, but kneading the rest of the round warm flesh under my hands. We kissed again, more hunger this time than sensuality. I don’t think I had ever been more hungry for a woman in my life. I ached with need. I kissed down to her neck. I ran my tongue up and down the soft flesh, occasionally nibbling at her shoulder. She ran her hands over my back, and occasionally found my member again for a stroke or two.

I moved my hands down her body, over her flat stomach and over her mound. She raised her pelvis a little, thrusting her breasts in the air. I couldn’t help but devour what was offered, and covered her right nipple with my hungry mouth. My left hand continued to rub her mound in circles, a soft gentle, teasing pressure. I suckled on her nipple for a few seconds then I’d switch it up and gently flick it with my tongue. Her hands ran thought my hair, holding me to her. I continued this for a few seconds, then put my left hand down onto the bed between her legs, leaving it putting pressure on her moist skin there but holding me up. She xhamster porno worked her hips against my arm, testing out the sensation, then continued to grind against me. My right hand then migrated to her left breast and gently pinched the nipple, rolling it softly between my strong fingers. “Oh my…” she said. “That’s… wonderful…”

I kneaded her right breast with my mouth some more, then I adjusted my body and began to lick down her body. I planted kisses every inch or so.I licked the underside of each magnificent breast. I licked where her ribs gave way to her belly. I kissed her perfect belly button. My hot tongue traced a line that followed the peach fuzz from just under her belly button down to the top of where her pubic hair was neatly trimmed into a thin landing strip. It was sexy as hell. I don’t mind when ladies are bald down there, but I guess I just prefer a little hair and hers was perfect.

I moved between her legs. She had grabbed both of my pillows and had placed them under her shoulders so she could watch. Fuck, that was sexy. I put my left hand under her butt and gently kneaded it as I licked the insides of her thighs. My eyes were closed in concentration, I was just enjoying the sensations.

I could smell her sex, it was rich and musky. A wonderful aroma I will never forget. She kept this part of herself bald and I couldn’t wait to plant kisses there. I loved it when women did that. It always made going down on them so much better, for both of us.

I reached out with my tongue and traced the folds of her gently. She was sweet and salty. I was immoderately drunk. I pulled her labia one at a time into my mouth and suckled gently. She moved her hips in little circles, trying to get me to do more. I continued to just lick her labia and thighs, occasionally sucking them in, then licking again.

I paused my licking. “Look,”

I resumed for a second then paused again. “You may think you know.”

I resumed licking, then paused, “What you want…”

“Oh, I know what I want,” she said.

Just as she finished the sentence I covered her clit with my mouth and licked gently from bottom to top, suckling it into my mouth a bit at the end. She took a sharp intake of breath and a low ‘Mmm’ escaped her lips.

I began to explore her with my mouth, running my tongue everywhere, and always giving her button a few licks before moving on. I adjusted my position and sucked on my first and second fingers for a second. I used my index finger to tease her opening for a few seconds as I licked her clit and then slowly pressed it into her. Her hips bucked again.

The sounds coming from her were amazing, and I could feel my self aching against the sheets. I slowly worked my finger in and out, putting steady pressure on her g-spot. After a few seconds, I added my second finger and made smaller movements with more pressure. I was licking almost solely on her clit, small flicking licks from bottom to top at a pretty good pace.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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