When Downsizing Leads to Upsizing

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Well, where to start?

I am Gina, a 29yo Filipina who moved to the USA when I was 17yo to be reunited with my mom who had moved here 10 years earlier. I finished my schooling in the USA and met a fellow Filipino and was married just after my 22nd birthday.

Several years later, unfortunately in the space of 6 months my husband died in an industrial accident and my mother made the decision to return to the Philippines.

So I was left basically alone in the states with very little of my husband’s insurance money left and a mortgage on my apartment that would soon have to be paid. Luckily I found an office assistant’s job with a small finance company in the city. The salary was not so good but at least I could pay all the bills and have a little spending money for my self. The people I worked with we not so friendly – the managers were making a fortune and my fellow assistants seemed not to welcome new staff. Luckily for me the office manager Sharon, a woman in her 40’s, was good to me so I was able to get on with my work without having to worry about others.

Then just before Christmas the financial world came to a complete halt. Panic went through the company and we all knew that our jobs were on the line. We received a memo to attend a meeting on the Friday afternoon. We knew what it meant – job losses. Being the newest employee I knew that I was finished. At the meeting the Chief Financial Officer announced that out of a total of 58 persons only 24 were to remain. Basically 22 managers would have to do their own typing, filing and copying with Office Manager, Sharon as support. Imagine everybody’s shock (including mine) when it was announced that I would be staying to answer the phones and to help Sharon. I rationalised the situation by figuring that I was the lowest paid so they had decided to keep me because I was cheap.

After the first week of the new arrangements I was really happy. Everybody was working with each other really well and it was fun to work in such an atmosphere. At the end of the week Sharon told me that most of the staff was going to a local bar to have a drink. Being a non-drinker I declined but she replied that it was not compulsory to drink but it would be a good idea to attend so as to show everybody that I was a part of the team.

When we arrived at the bar I found that it was dirty and almost deserted. It turns out that it was owned by 2 of the finance managers at my work but they were keeping it more for the property value than the business returns. There was only one person working an older looking black guy who was the brother of one of the partners. The place was so dirty that I asked for a soda in a can as I was not too keen on using one of the glasses provided. The place looked like it had not been cleaned in months.

We all sat around talking and it was quite good to find out about the lives of the managers who had previously had very little to do with me. During the conversations it suddenly occurred to me that Sharon and I were the females in the bar and at the same time I also realised that we were also the only 2 women in the company! A little while later I felt the urge to go to the toilet so I excused myself and was heading towards the ladies when Sharon said that she would join me. When we arrived in the toilet they were so dirty that neither of use felt that we could use them. On our way out we ran into Ross from work coming out of the Men’s. We told him of the problem. He said that the Men’s was quite clean so he would keep guard at the door while we used them. I told Sharon that I did not want to stay much longer and she agreed that we would just stay a bit longer and make our excuses so that we could share a cab home as her place was on the way to mine.

As we approached the table the conversation seemed to suddenly change and it was obvious that they did not want us included in what they had been talking about. I assumed that it was some business that we were not supposed to know about.

As we settled back at the table quite a few of the guys decided that it was time to head home to wives, children and other engagements. This just left 7 guys and us 2 girls as the only customers in the whole bar. The remaining people were James and Robert (the Bar Owners), Carl, Stefan, Richard, Lachlan, Jerome, Sharon and I. Sharon commented to the 2 owners of the bar that they were never going to make a living out of bar that had nobody in it on Friday night. Their reply was that sometimes there were advantages to owning an empty bar, mostly that you were free to do whatever you wanted without the worry of being asked to leave.

Lachlan then asked why only 2 administration staff was kept in the recent restructure and what criteria had been used to determine that Sharon and I were the ones to keep our jobs. Robert who was a part of the selection process blurted out that Sharon and I were selected so that they had covered the opposite ends of the spectrum. Sharon quizzed him to as to what that was supposed to mean. He said to just look at the two of us and it was obvious.

Sharon is a 41yo mother of 2 grown bayan gaziantep escort up children. Her husband and she were recently separated and from what I gather there is not much chance of them getting back together. She is a really tall blonde at 6’1″ and has kept herself in good condition by swimming every morning before work.

I on the other hand am 29yo and am 5’2″ tall with the shape of a pencil. I cannot put on weight no matter how hard I try and struggle at times to stay above 110lbs. I have long straight dark hair that I usually keep in 2 plats.

I was feeling tired and was hoping that Sharon would be ready to leave soon. Carl asked Sharon if she would like to dance. To my surprise she readily accepted so they were up and after selecting some songs from the jukebox were happily dancing away on the poor excuse for a dance floor. The guys remaining at the table were talking quietly amongst themselves and I felt like the odd one out. Jerome got up and as he walked past me grabbed me by the handed and dragged me onto the dance floor. It turned out that he was a really good dancer and was quite proud of his moves. We danced for quite a while and by the time the jukebox finished I was feeling hot and thirsty. We all returned to the table and found that there were fresh drinks at the table. I readily took a large drink from the soda and sat down. After a few minutes I began to feel very tired and the room seemed to be moving around and I could not understand what was being said to me.

My eyes opened and were stinging from the bright lights that now had been switched on. I was sitting up but my shoulders were hurting and I became aware that my arms were being held together above my head and seemed to be taking most of weight. I could hear Richard cursing that they had given me too much and that it would be ages before I would be any fun. I then drifted back off to sleep. Several times I awoke and became aware that my hands were tied together over my head and the rope had been thrown over a beam on the ceiling and was supporting most of my weight. I was sitting on the edge of the table with my feet on the bench seat. I was fully clothed except that my jacket had shoes had been removed leaving me in my blouse and skirt.

I became aware of movements and sounds at the other end of the table. I looked around behind me saw Sharon in exactly the same position except that she was surrounded by all the guys. They had her blouse open and were making all sorts of remarks about her tits while James was bent over obviously sucking at them. Sharon seemed to be in no way struggling against her ropes. She was swaying back and forth slowly and at the same time she let out several hi pitched sounds. Suddenly FLASH – they were taking pictures of this and as they were doing so they joked about getting copies.

I let out a gasp and they all turned towards me. Now look who has woken up to join the fun one of them said. I was too tired to respond. Jerome motioned to them and told them to look after Sharon as he wanted some alone time with me. He approached me and I was frightened. Sensing this he moved beside me and bent down and whispered in my ear that I should just relax and that if I was nice to him then he would be nice to me. He then moved his mouth over mine and began to kiss me. He was trying to force his tongue into my mouth but I resisted, but suddenly he withdrew and I felt his hand under my skirt pulling my panties aside. He quickly forced a finger into my pussy and his thumb searched for my button. As I tried to force him off my butt came off the table and I was basically hanging fully by my hands. This gave him full access to my pussy without me being able to move in any direction. Once again he kissed me and his tongue found its way into mine as I moaned from the treatment that my pussy was receiving.

I saw Stefan behind Jerome holding a Camcorder. He was filming Jerome and me but I could also hear him giving a running commentary of what was happening!

Jerome lifted me back up onto the table which I really needed as my arms were sore and my back was sore from the table’s edge sticking into it. Jerome asked me if I was having a good time. I did not reply and he roughly squeezed his finger and thumb together that we working on my pussy. A sudden jolt went through my body and butt was raised up off the table for a short time. Stefan still holding the camera commented that really got me going and that Jerome should do it again so he could get it on camera. Jerome rubbed his thumb across my button and I responded again.

I must have passed out again but when I awoke I was laying flat on my back on the table with my head hanging over the edge. The rope was now tied around my neck and was connected to each of my ankles that were held apart by ropes that were secured to something solid so I was hardly able to move. The light above the table was bright and I felt very warm. From where I was I could see an upside down view of Sharon who had most of the guys gathered around her. She was not restrained in any bayan escort gaziantep way and was busily sucking a dick at the same time as she was being fucked. She really seemed to be into it and the guys were encouraging each other to fuck her harder. Richard who had is dick in her mouth was absolutely forcing her to take all of him into her mouth.

My attention was bought back to my own position as I felt fingers in my pussy. I looked down my body to see Jerome’s shaved head in between my thighs. He was opening my pussy lips for Stefan to get a better shot on the camera. They we commenting on how my pussy seemed covered in very little hair and that seemed to be natural (they were quite correct – I have never had to shave my pussy as it has always only had a very light cover). Jerome’s tongue began licking along the outside of my pussy lips and traced upward. Then he lapped away at the top before sinking his tongue inside. WOW that man’s tongue was stronger than some guys I had been with when I was a girl in the Philippines. His continued attention to my pussy soon had my juices flowing and of course I began to cum. As my butt lifted of the table to try and take that tongue deeper I realized that I was now a willing participant. I think Jerome sensed this as he was gently stroking my stomach under my blouse and camisole. I looked down to see his 2 large black hands almost totally engulfing my torso. As I began to buck as my next orgasm took hold he strengthened his grip on me making it almost impossible for me get away from his tongue.

As I came to back down to earth Jerome began to stand up between my spread legs and hover over me. He his hand moved up and he unbuttoned my blouse and pulled it apart. Next he pulled the camisole up so that is was bunched under my arms. Stefan let out a groan as my breasts were exposed. Now I must have the smallest breasts on earth (a genuine A Cup) but my areolas cover a large amount of each breast and are quite brown. My nipples are long and thick and stick straight out when I am aroused. Jerome’s hands we covering each of my breasts and he was kneading quite roughly. I was enjoying the attention and was beginning to be quite relaxed after the previous highs. Jerome bent forward and kissed me. I did not resist. I cannot say for sure if it was me that was laying there or it was a drugged version of me, but I did not care, I was at peace.

Jerome asked me very quietly if I wanted to suck some dick. I replied that I was not very good at it. He replied that he did not ask if I was any good. He asked again did I want to suck some dick. I nodded. He say to say it, to which I replied YES.

Jerome beckoned Carl over to the table. He informed him that I wanted to suck his dick so he had better hurry up before she changed my mind. Carl moved around the table at stood behind me with his crouch right level with my head. He unbuckled his belt and pulled his underwear to the side. Standing at attention only inches from my face was the first white man’s dick that I had seen as well and the first circumcised dick that I had seen. I just stared at it for what was obviously too long as I heard Jerome say that I had better get started as it did not come with instructions. I moved my mouth towards the tip and let my tongue touch it. I think moved my tongue around the groove that encircled the head at the foreskin. This seemed to please Mel and he let out a moan, but suddenly he grabbed a handful of my hair and thrust his body forward forcing his dick into totally uncharted parts of my mouth and then throat. I was struggling for air and gagging as he tried to establish a rhythm of fucking my throat. As he established a rhythm I was able to control my breathing and the gag reflex began to subside. Stefan came in for a close up of my face and while he was there he took the opportunity to nibble and suck and eventually bite my nipples. In my life I had never experienced anything like this and I can actually remember thinking that this was going to be a life changing experience.

Then to send my senses into overdrive there was once again a tongue probing my pussy. I assumed that it was Jerome, but as I looked at the screen of the camcorder I could see the blonde hair of Sharon between my thighs. Her head was being held by Robert as he guided her around my pussy. Carl let out a load groan and I felt his cum shooting down my throat. He held his dick firmly as it began to soften even with my mouth and tongue still working it. I heard the sound of Sharon being dragged up to her feet at being pushed onto the table beside me. She lay down on her side and began to stroke my belly as if trying to relax me. Carl was told to move away by Jerome who was now between my legs. As I looked towards him I immediately began to pull against the neck and angle ropes. Jerome was holding and pumping the biggest dick that I have ever seen anywhere in my life. Gina Darling he said, you are about to find out why Sharon here never complains when we ask her to entertain us. Sharon caressed my belly and tits and told me to relax escort bayan gaziantep otherwise it was really going to be bad. All I could do was stare at his dick and words failed to come out of my mouth.

As Jerome was lining up this dick with the entrance to my pussy I really began to tense up. So many things were rushing through my mind in such a short space of time. I felt the tip push past my pussy lips and then stop. I looked at Jerome and he smirked. He then ordered Sharon to leave my side and suck his dick because he wanted in nice and wet for the main event. As Sharon attacked his dick with her mouth Jerome was once again fingering my pussy with his fingers with the thumb on my button. I was again presented with a dick to suck and opened my mouth willingly to take it in. Richard was very gentle as he moved his dick about in my mouth and very quickly he was bucking back and forth till I felt the pulse coming from his dick and then the gushing of cum into my mouth. While his dick was softening in my mouth I felt the tingling of the beginnings of another orgasm. It built up until I was shaking and my butt was lifting of the table trying to get more of the fingers and thumb. As soon as the orgasm subsided my breathing was very heavy and suddenly I felt Jerome’s dick forcing its way between my pussy lips and into the tunnel.

I remember clearly thinking that it didn’t hurt anywhere as much as I had anticipated. Sure it was thicker than anything that I had previously experienced but I was so wet that I was managing to accommodate him. He withdrew to the point that my pussy lips were just holding onto the tip of his dick and then he rammed it back in again. He did this several times and then leaned forward and bit my nipples. He was pulling at each of my nipples in turn whilst fucking my pussy with a slow a deliberate purpose. He then whispered in my ear that he only had about 6 inches in me and that the better half of his dick was yet to come. My eyes widened and the spectators around the table laughed and cheered. Jerome asked me if I wanted his dick to explore new territory in my pussy. I did not say a word but my eyes were locked onto his and he took that as acceptance of his kind offer.

He began to length the strokes of his dick into my pussy. I was filled with the pain of the rather large invader moving into parts of my body that had never been touched. Little by little, inch by inch he fed me more of that hard dick and then I felt his balls touching the crack of my butt. A feeling of achievement overcame me but was quickly replaced by pleasure and pain as he announced that now the real fucking was about to begin and immediately he began to forcefully pound in and out of my pussy. The room quickly became filled with the sounds of my loud grunting as he stroked into my pussy. He really got quite a rhythm going and I was being pulled back and forth on the ropes that were still restraining me. Robert instructed Sharon to untie me as he didn’t think that I was going to struggle anymore.

With my arms, neck and legs now free I was able to move around under the body of Jerome so that I could at least be a bit more comfortable. This allowed him to get me into a position where he got full penetration of my pussy and increase the speed of the pounding. I was grunting and squealing so much that I began to loose my breath. As I was struggling with my breath my body convulsed and my eyes closed tightly in the grips of yet another orgasm. When I had come back down to earth I looked down my body and noticed that my legs were now wrapped around his butt as if they were trying to drag him further into me. This dick was finding spots inside me that I never knew existed.

Jerome slowed the pace and moved his feet back down onto the floor while never once pulling out of me. He then began to give me long slow strokes each time drawing his dick right out to the tip before sliding all the way back in till his balls were tickling my butt. Stefan then moved in over me with the camera. He was zooming in on my stomach where everybody could see the skin moving out as Jerome’s monster dick was inside me at the end of the stroke.

Jerome announced that it was time to change positions. His strong arms picked me up and placed me on my hands and knees on the table. His fingers explored my pussy for a few moments and then his dick entered. This was the greatest feeling that I have ever felt in my life. I could hardly support myself as he began fucking me so hard. Each stroke made my pussy tingle and I was squealing like a schoolgirl as Jerome pulled back on my long hair. Sharon came over and slid under me and began lapping at my pussy as the biggest dick I had ever seen was being used on me. After a while I was really settled into the rhythm and Jerome was commenting on how proud he was of himself for managing not to cum yet in the tightest pussy he had experienced since he was a schoolboy. Lachlan suggested that I should repay Sharon for the licking that she was giving my pussy. Sharon’s pussy was right in front of me, but it was something that I had not considered. Jerome it seems had done the considering for me as I felt his hand on the back of my head pushing it into Sharon’s pussy. As he bucked forward as he was entering me my mouth ran along the lips of Sharon’s pussy. After several strokes my tongue began to probe further and Sharon exclaimed that I had found the spot. After a while I was rewarded with Sharon cumming as my mouth was locked onto her pussy.

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