When Dreams May Cum…

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Everyone has to have a hobby, mine just so happens to involve researching, practicing, and perfecting the perfect blow job. Lord, I love the way a cock “melts” in my mouth. To bring a soft and limp fellow to a nice, firm, erect perfection… MMM, makes me wet just thinking about it…

I start with undressing my man. Slowly peeling his shirt off his body, kissing and licking his exposed flesh. I sink lower and lower, torturing my lover. I grab the button to his jeans and show him just how talented I am by unbuttoning and unzipping them with only my mouth.

Looking up into his eyes, I run my hands up his sides. I trace circles around the peaks of his pecks slowly tracing his firm stomach muscles. My hands are now on his hips, I hook one finger into the brim of his boxers slow gentle circles, moving down toward his lower back. I place light kisses, nibbles, and licks on his back as my hands work their magic.

He looks over his shoulder to me through hooded eyes…. I know what he wants me to do, but I feel I have not tortured him enough. I nibble on his earlobe and tweak his nipples. I do so enjoy tormenting tecavüz porno my lover. I take his index finger into my mouth and suck it as I would his throbbing member: running my tongue up and down his finger length, gently nibbling the sides, flicking my tongue quickly over his finger pad; he lets out a ragged sigh.

“Please,” he says, “please.”

“Please what baby?”

He pushes me down his body and directs me to his raging hard-on. The moment I’ve been waiting for. I run my tongue up the crease of his cock, enjoying the pre-cum that he has released. I then stand up in front of him and slowly start removing my clothing (which really isn’t much) swaying to music only I can hear. I intentionally take a long period of time unbuttoning my shirt, dipping my finger into the cleft of my breasts as they slowly become more exposed. Button by agonizing button I remove my shirt. I can see my torture is working well, his cock is twitching and dancing with the rhythm of my own dancing body.

I do so enjoy watching the passion firing in my lover’s eyes. The deep pleading look of “satisfy travesti porno me” turns me on to a degree that I fear no one understands. As I slide my shirt off my shoulders I turn around and give my lover my back. He starts suckling and nibbling my neck. But, being the tease I am, I move away from him so he can admire the black lacy bra and panties I am standing in.

“Girl,” he says, “I have to warn you. If you keep teasing me, those little lacy items currently on your body are going to have to be replaced because I’m going to rip them off your body.”

Giggling, I remove my bra and panties in the same agonizingly slow pace, sliding the bra slowly off my shoulders and holding the cups over my breasts with one hand as I work my panties down with the other. Back and forth my hand works as my hips sway left and right. When my panties finally reach my ankles, I bend over and give him a good ass shot and drop my bra.

Struting over to him again, I drop to my knees slowly, making sure every womanly part of me slides down his body as well. I stand back up, still rubbing myself against xhamster porno him and pull him into a deep passionate kiss that leaves him breathless and panting. Again I slide back down his body and then run my tongue down his manhood. He shudders in surprise and expectation.

I start by slicking him up (there’s never too much lubrcation) gently running my fingers over, around, under his length and girth. Gently circling my fingers on his manhood while massaging his sac ever so lightly. I take the tip of him into my mouth swirling my tongue around and around, over and under, slide him into my mouth to the hilt and wiggle my tongue ring on the sensative underside of his cock, all the while lightly massaging his sac.

I take him deeper and deeper into my mouth, as far as I can take him, I “swallow” him and he sighs… I’ve always enjoyed making a man feel completely powerless and powerful at the same time. Sliding up and down his shaft, moving very fast then tapering off to a snail’s pace, nibbling him up and down, running my tongue ring around and around his manhood; I know he’s in ecstasy because his hands are wrapped in my long blonde hair and his breathing is incredibly ragged.

BUZZ!! BUZZ!! BUZZ!! I am jerked awake by my alarm clock.


Sighing, I slowly drag myself out of bed to shower and dress. I hope I can finish my dream later…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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