When Nature Calls Ch. 03

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Heading into work, Hector was nervous, jostling a little in his truck. It was nearly time to meet June. He had considered wearing some form of protection, padding like a diaper of sorts, to avoid any accidental embarrassment in front of her; but in the end he felt freer without it and avoided it on impulse.

And besides, he reasoned, even if he was forced to expose himself and piss in front of her due to some emergency, it wouldn’t be anything she hadn’t seen already.

Maybe she would even be sympathetic, if he explained that it was due to his workplace accident from before, which was true. She could be the first person he told the entire story to.

But he dismissed this notion, because his hopes were starting to rise uncomfortably high.

He jogged down the last bit of the stretch and around the bend to — ah. There she was.

She was holding a water bottle, wearing good hiking boots, and wearing yet another cute dress with a skirt that only fell to her knee.

“Hey,” he said, slowing, trying not to show that he was out of breath.

“Hey,” she said back.

“Been waiting long?” he asked.

“Nah. Just got here a little early. So what are you going to show me today?”

Hector was aware that he wanted to show June the same thing he showed her yesterday: his rock hard cock, spurting and coming everywhere.

“Uuhh…I’m going to take you on my rounds, so you’ll get to walk through a good part of all five quadrants of the park, while skipping the boring bits with my truck.”

“That sounds nice. How long does it usually take you?”

“It takes three to four hours if you go straight through without interruptions, but considering breaks and the assistance I provide to hikers, as well as trips to the maintenance office, it takes me most of the day.”

“And do you really want me hovering around while you try to do your job all day?” June asked.

“Sure. But you should stay only as long as you want to. It’s nice to have company on my route, and conversation doesn’t distract me from what I need to keep my eyes on. 90% of my job is walking alone anyway.”

“It sounds nice,” said June.

“It is,” Hector said after a minute. “But it can get…”

“Lonely?” she prompted.


“Then I am happy to keep you company,” she said, looking sideways at him and smiling.

Hector nearly tripped over nothing at all. She didn’t even notice, because she was glancing off into the wooded areas.

“Would you mind holding my water bottle for me while I…?” she indicated her head towards the trees. Hector’s bowels quivered with a swell of excitement.

“No problem,” he said. She handed the bottle over, but he looked down at her bare legs and frowned. “You want me to check for poison ivy back there first?”

She laughed. “Don’t bother. I piss on poison ivy,” she said. His cock jumped a little with arousal at her words.

But he insisted. “The bare legs…”

“Don’t worry,” she waved away his fear. “I know what poison ivy looks like. I won’t wade into it.”

She clomped off in her boots and sundress while he waited on the trail, trying to stay perfectly still so he couldn’t be accused of moving to spy on her, but also hoping that she would stop somewhere he might see a glimpse of the scene.

June wasn’t visible from his position on the trail, with not even a scrap of her brightly colored skirt able to be seen, but Hector could hear her — the force of her stream, hissing a little as she soaked the leaves underfoot. His cock stiffened at the sound.

June may not be dressed appropriately for walking through the woods, but she was well-prepared in other areas, especially when it came to hydration. She was constantly drinking water, and frequently took breaks to step off the trail and pee.

It had been several years since Hector’s last long-term relationship, and before any kind of piss awareness he possessed, because he certainly didn’t pay attention to it before his accident — but he did vaguely remember that his girlfriend took more frequent pee breaks, and he had teased her about the plentifulness of her rest room stops. It would make sense if women possessed smaller bladders, on average, he figured.

But if he was being honest, it was nice that June stopped so much: not only because it made him feel a little less weird about his own frequent need to piss (he was leaving the trail even less than June was), but also because she grew more casual and lax about securing a private spot each and every time.

By the fourth time she stomped off to go relieve herself, she did not go to the trouble of making herself invisible from sight. He was able to catch glimpses of knees, elbows, her fingertips holding up the end of her skirt, and so was able to outline and imagine the rest.

The fifth time, he kept his eyes trained on the trail ahead and snuck peeks out of his peripheral vision. June didn’t go that far — she picked her way across the detritus on the forest floor and squatted behind a copse of trees which were spaced some distance apart: Maltepe Anal Escort this time he couldn’t see June herself, but between the tree trunks he did see the arc she gushed forward to strike the ground several feet in front of her.

Shivering around the ears again, he felt the mingled sense of arousal and desperation, so he quickly turned to face the side of the trail away from her and unzipped. He pissed as soon as he was free of his pants, gushing a bubbly froth over the tree roots.

Her footsteps approached the trail again, and then faltered when she realized what he was doing, and approached him slowly; bouncing up and down on the balls of his feet, waiting for his flow to cease, he tried to hurry it out of his bladder to rejoin her. But he kept pissing, and it was several moments before it trickled to a stop. Christ. He hadn’t realized how much he had to release.

“Sorry,” he said, zipping up and swinging back around to face her — June looked up from where her eyes were fixed politely on the ground. Hector could not have described the look she gave him, her cheeks pink and eyes bright, but something new passed between them: an acknowledgment that something existed between them besides yesterday’s embarrassment.

At another time, while pissing ten paces from the path, he heard a noise above — probably just a bird — which made him check involuntarily over his shoulder in time to see her turn her head away quickly, as if she’d been watching him.

And meanwhile June was getting careless about hiding herself from sight, as if she wanted him to see her…

But Hector was on the job, and he reminded himself that she was another person who needed his help. He was here to show her around, give her a tour of the park, and have a good time…along with the pleasure of her company. He needed nothing more.

So he walked her through one quadrant of the park, and then a second. It was possible to make a round in one section with forty-five minute or an hour to arrive back where he had parked the truck so he could drive them both to the next site. But on their way to the third quadrant, June suddenly clutched at the door handle to the truck.

“I need to pee,” she said, a note of desperation in her voice.

“Um,” said Hector. His mind was full of sudden images and he could not voice his advice. “Um.”

“Can you pull over here?” June asked, pointing out. They were on a back road only used by maintenance crew, and were unlikely to be disturbed, but there was a slight chance.

“Sure,” said Hector. He wanted to tell her to brace her feet on either side of the dashboard and just let loose right here. The floor mats could take it. But he doubted this suggestion would be received well.

June was dancing in her seat when Hector pulled over the truck, and she opened the door even before it had finished moving.

To Hector’s surprise, however, she didn’t bound off into the woods to relieve herself, but squatted down on the ground right next to the truck. The door was still open.

Hector could watch her only a few feet away as she hooked her thumbs into the sides of her panties and slid them down, squatted over the asphalt with her knees spread slightly, holding her skirt out of the way with one hand and her panties with the other.

Hector stared down at her, stunned. The stream pattered down. June pissed for several long moments, soaked the road below, and left a puddle on the asphalt, which was already creeping under his truck. And she didn’t even wipe or anything, just stood, pulled her panties up, smoothed her skirt over her legs, and climbed back in through the open door of the truck.

“Sorry about that,” she said. “Ready when you are.”

She was looking forward, so didn’t witness the blush that crept over his neck. He wanted and didn’t want her to see him — maybe he would feel that spark of something that happened before, maybe she would read the look on his face.

But just as likely, he would reveal something vulnerable in his expression and give her a handhold to shatter him later. He was reading into her behavior too much. There was something strange about her habits…but maybe it was wishful thinking, seeing a possibility and an intimacy that wasn’t present, wanting someone to share this struggle with.

Hector put the car back into drive and continued to the third site, explaining, as he had for the previous one, a little of its history and unique flora and fauna.

June was an attentive and engaged audience, bursting with her own questions; it was gratifying to walk with her through sun-dappled paths, and certainly more fun than leading a typical tour group of bored schoolchildren.

And it didn’t hurt that she had shapely hips which swayed when she walked in front of him or that he was able to sneak tantalizing peeks at her when she moved off to urinate in the woods.

He appreciated the fact that she kept up with his hurried pace. As they hiked up and down hills — the terrain in this section of the park was not flat like the Maltepe Yaşlı Escort rest — she strode forward without seeming to be out of breath, only taking occasional pauses to lift her face to a sky framed with tree tops. Even if her wardrobe indicated that she was not an experienced hiker, she certainly had no issues with the exercise.

“Where does that trail lead?” she asked when they reached a fork in the road.

“This way loops back around to the start,” he said, indicated one side. “And this is the trail to the Promontory.”

He pointed to the sign, with a camera symbol to indicate the Photo Op for tourists, as corroboration.

“Can we go see?” she asked curiously.

“Of course,” he said, and led the way. It was a short, five-minute walk to the outcropping, which was invisible from the trail but afforded a fantastic view of the more wild, untamed sections of the state park. A railing around the edge of the promontory kept tourists from falling into the lake below.

“Wow,” she said when they arrived.

“Yeah,” he said, leaning against the railing.

“What’s your favorite place in this park?” she asked. They stood shoulder to shoulder, gazing out at the view.

“Well, this is one of them.”


“Mmhmm. When I first started working here, I’d start and end my rounds in this quadrant, just so I could begin and end my day with this view.”

“I believe it,” she said. “It feels like we’re really high up, but the trees are so big that I don’t have a good perspective.”

“We’re about 55, 60 feet up.”

“Wow. It feels so…freeing.”

“You’d think more people would come here, but it’s usually empty when I see it.”

“No kidding,” she said.

“Yeah,” he said, and then before his conscious mind even realized these words were about to come tripping out of his mouth, he said, “Some of the guys come up here to have pissing contests.”

She laughed while a blush crept up Hector’s neck and he turned away nonchalantly, trying not to bely his awkwardness.

“How does one win a pissing contest?” she asked.

“Oh, you know. Whose stream goes farthest.”

“How do you measure that, if it just ends up in the water? You can’t measure it against the lines on the ground.”

Hector cupped a hand around the back of his neck sheepishly. “I don’t think their game is that precise.”

“Hmmm,” she said. “Well, I’d beat you, regardless.”

“What?!” Hector protested with good-natured indignation. “You think you’d win at this game? I’ve had so much practice.”

“I’ll bet you have,” she said, eying him sideways with a look that made his belly flop.

“But I’ve also been hydrating myself

appropriately, and I haven’t seen you consume any water while we’re out here. What kind of park ranger are you?”

She had a good point. Hector had deliberately been denying himself fluids, in the event of an accident. And now he was feeling a bit parched, on the road to dehydration.

“Come on,” said June, already widening her stance and leaning back a little as she did something under her skirt that Hector couldn’t see. Hastily, he fumbled with his own zipper and withdrew his cock.

June was already pissing off the promontory, and she was right — her stream was forceful with the pressure of releasing all the fluid she had consumed. Hector, however, could only coax up a weak arc.

“Mine is going twice as far,” June commented, while they urinated side-by-side. “I told you.”

“Guess so,” Hector said weakly, attempting to tuck his penis back into his shorts even as it swelled with arousal, fighting attempts at captivity. “What, do you want a prize or something?”

June turned to him, her eyes light with laughter and playfulness. “Maybe,” she said. “Depends what you’ve got to offer.”

And then her eyes fell on his hands in front of his crotch, still trying to suppress his package, and the playfulness in her face morphed into something serious and intense. She looked back at him.

Again, when their eyes met, Hector felt a little shiver that traveled from his ears to his coccyx, and the overwhelming desire to tear his gaze away even though he knew he couldn’t.

June moved closer; Hector removed his hands, letting his erection spring forward; and the two of them flowed together, all tongue and heat and firmness. June was pressing and rubbing her warm, panty-clad cunt against his bare cock as she kissed him. He could feel the molded lines of her pussy under the thin, wet fabric.

“Please tell me you’re some kind of weird piss freak,” Hector groaned as her hand encircled his member and started to stroke him.

“Obviously,” she murmured into his mouth. “Even if I wasn’t, the sight of you bursting into that clearing and leaving your mark all over it would have converted me.”

“Oh, my god,” Hector said, feeling a few drops welling up with need and arousal at her words.

But suddenly she released him, turning her head to the side as if listening. Then she hissed, “Someone’s coming,” and Maltepe Zenci Escort took a step back toward the edge of the promontory as if admiring the view.

Hector hurriedly stashed his cock — now straining against the fabric of his clothes — and joined her as the footsteps and crackling leaves grew louder. She gave him a sly smile.

“Wow,” said a husband-and-wife tourist pair as they entered the area. “What a view.”

Of all the times, thought Hector, for some tourists to finally show up…

He smiled and nodded at the couple, who smiled genially back, taking their sweet time moving around the railing and taking pictures of the view. He inclined his head towards June’s and murmured, “Let’s move on, shall we?”

“Just a moment,” she whispered back, keeping her eyes on the older couple’s backs. “I want to try something.”

Hector looked at her quizzically, but she put a finger to her lips, took a step back into the underbrush that fringed the stone promontory, and squatted. With her skirt on, it looked like she was merely crouching on the ground, perhaps to get a different view of the panorama.

But after a moment Hector heard the hissing sound of her urination and looked down to see a thick stream of pee being released from beneath her skirts.

The husband and wife couple didn’t turn around and didn’t notice as June groaned and relieved herself only a few feet behind them. Hector watched, awestruck and fascinated, as the ground soaked it up, leaving no trace except a large wet ring, by the time June stood up and smoothed out her skirt.

“Now we can go,” she said, taking Hector by the hand.

“Did you just piss into your panties?” he whispered once they were safely clear of strangers.

“Why are we whispering?” she whispered back. “There’s no one here.”

He checked over his shoulder. “Just…making sure.”

June was standing close to him on the trail, so close that her breasts brushed against his arm. She was still holding his hand — and she moved it under her skirt, pressing his fingers against the sodden fabric.

He shivered, and that time he felt a few drops of piss leak out into his boxers in pleasure.

“Does that answer your question?”

“And then some.”

Then June handed over her water bottle, which she had refilled several times at public fountains around the park. “Here,” she said. “Hydrate yourself.”

He took it, and surprised himself by downing nearly the whole bottle.

“Wow,” said June. “You were thirsty.”

When there were a few mouthfuls left in the bottom, he offered it back, but she shook her head. “Feel free to finish it.”

Once hydrated, Hector felt much improved. He followed June through the trails, watching her hips sway, and felt a new spring in his step.

The young woman stayed coyly out of reach, now leading Hector along the path which looped around, back to the truck.

“Shouldn’t you take a break for lunch?” she called over her shoulder.

Hector checked his watch.

“I didn’t realize it had gotten so late,” he said. “Let me just call my supervisor to let her know I’m taking my hour now, and then we’ll find something to eat.”

“I wouldn’t mind going back to that Italian place,” said June.



“Fine by me.”

He called the shift supervisor before they reached the truck on the access road, but as June paused as she touched the door handle.

“Just one second,” she said, turning back toward the tree line. In full view of Hector, where he could clearly see her, she crouched down, lifted up her skirt enough for him to see the white-cotton-daisy-patterned (soaked) panties underneath, and then peeled the crotch of the fabric away.

Hector watched, entranced, as a well-defined stream shot out from her naked pussy; she spread her legs, showing everything on display, as she soaked the ground.

“Ah,” she sighed. “It just feels so much better to go outside, in nature, you know? I hate bathrooms.”

She relaxed, her arms resting on her knees, as she kept pissing. His cock twitched when he considered the possibility of June straddling him, bathing his erection with her piss.

The liquid in Hector’s bladder connected to the center of his brain that registered pleasure at the sight of this lovely woman peeing freely in front of him, and like a switch, something inside him turned on that made him realize how desperately full he was and how immediately he would piss himself if he didn’t yank down his pants in time. Without hesitating, he whipped out his cock.

June’s eyes widened at the sight of him, half-hard with pleasure, and even more so as his cock immediately started spurting. She bit her lip, watching Hector thrust his hips forward and groan with the satisfaction of evacuating his bladder.

“Fuck, that’s hot,” she breathed. Hector’s cock stiffened, shutting off his stream, when he saw how intently June was watching him as she reached her hand down to rub her exposed pussy, still dripping with piss.

Hector took two strides to June, pulled her to a standing position, and kissed her hard against a broad tree trunk. For a moment, his naked cock pressed against her pussy, panties still pushed to one side, and he was overwhelmed with the desire to take her right there — just pick her up and spear her on his cock.

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